I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Ghost Mountain Villa 21

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The sudden turn of events left everyone in a state of panic.

Food had been placed in the room occupied by the staff, and there were people constantly moving in and out of it. However, to the astonishment of everyone present, the food somehow vanished into thin air before their very eyes.

This led the guests to involuntarily start thinking about the unscientific aspects of the situation.

The atmosphere in the living room was tense and stifling, like a string pulled taut to its breaking point, just one more bit of pressure away from snapping completely.

The viewers who had initially calmed down in front of the live streaming screen due to the interactions among the guests couldn’t help but tighten their hearts once again.

Some viewers were even on the verge of tears due to their anxiety.

[Oh no, oh no, just a moment ago, I was telling my friends how lucky it was that Brother has a habit of bringing snacks. We finally found some snacks, and now they’re all gone. What will they do now? God, I don’t even dare to imagine.]

[This villa is truly eerie! It’s got me so scared that I couldn’t even go to the bathroom. Yesterday, I casually clicked on the video platform and confidently said that this show was definitely not worth watching. Today, I take it all back!]

[Friends, we’ve got a big problem! I called the Binhai City rescue team, and I even sent them screenshots of the live broadcast. But both their satellites and helicopters say they haven’t seen anyone from the production team! What’s going on?]

[Huh? What’s happening? Including the guests, there are dozens of people from the production team up and down the mountain, right? The rescue team should be professionals, they shouldn’t miss such a large target, right?]

[For those of you who’ve been glued to the main screen, you might not know, but I just heard on An Nanyuan’s split screen that the director said he can’t reach the production team that stayed behind at the foot of the mountain.]

[No way, right? If the signal is bad, how are we able to watch the livestream? This doesn’t make sense.]

[Actually, this whole thing is very strange if you think about it. At night, it’s fine for the director and the crew to be asleep, but by morning, if they can’t be reached, isn’t that odd? Don’t the people at the foot of the mountain find it strange? If those who went up the mountain have been out of contact for so long, why haven’t they made any distress calls?]

[Given the eerie nature of this villa, the way you put it makes me think of one possibility…]

[Me too… I hope it’s not what I’m thinking. They’re not even part of the live broadcast team, they don’t have cameras or any way to see what’s happening, it’s really worrying. We just hope that the people at the foot of the mountain are safe!]

[Actually, I wanted to say this yesterday. Is the place the production team went to, the place we’re seeing now, really Gui Mountain? I studied geology at Binhai University, and based on the geographical features shown in the livestream yesterday, it really doesn’t look like Gui Mountain! Many of the structural characteristics are the opposite of Gui Mountain.]

[Actually, I wanted to say this from the beginning. Did you guys notice that the weather forecast for Binhai City from yesterday to today was all clear skies? I’m in Binhai City myself, and I watched the livestream yesterday, it got dark in the afternoon just like nighttime. I even went to the balcony to check the sky. It was so strange, there was no rain in Binhai City or its suburbs at all, right?]

[Please don’t say that. I’m so scared, sobs. Where did Bai Shuang and the others go? With Brother Yan there, maybe they’re okay? I’m so sorry, I used to look down on Brother Yan, thinking he was so rude for kicking down Bai Shuang’s door. From now on, I’ll devoutly call Brother Yan! I just pray that Brother Yan can safely bring Bai Shuang and the others out!!!]

Zhang Wubing and the others were still preoccupied with the issue of food and medicine, so they didn’t pay much attention to the comments in the livestream chat.

However, as more and more viewers began to question whether the production team was actually in Gui Mountain, the discussions on social media platforms continued to rise. From last night until now, it finally entered the top ten in real-time trending topics.

This means it became a trending topic!

The hashtag #GuiMountain# quickly exploded in popularity, attracting the attention of both casual onlookers and the show’s audience. People were intrigued by the situation in Gui Mountain.

This incident also caught the attention of the official authorities in Binhai City. Their phones were nearly overwhelmed by enthusiastic viewers. Upon seeing the livestream footage of the lack of food and water, a patient with a high fever, and someone who appeared to be suffering from nervous breakdown, they immediately mobilized the rescue teams to Gui Mountain.

However, on this clear and sunny day in Gui Mountain, there were no red monsters in the forests as described by the viewers, and there was not a single soul on the mountain. 

As for the villa where the show’s production team had been encountering various incidents during the livestream, it indeed existed.

However, this villa, built a hundred years ago, had long been transformed into a modern European-style luxury resort through major renovations. Not only did its interior design style not match the one in the live broadcast, but when the rescue team found the hotel owner, he found them even more peculiar. The owner claimed to have never received any booking from the production team and had never seen these people.

— He was a fan of Bai Shuang after all, and if Bai Shuang came from their family estate, he couldn’t have been unaware.

The official investigation’s statement caused a stir among those who had been closely following the progress of the investigation.

Some viewers, after watching the guests in the live broadcast at Gui Mountain Villa on the left and then reading the official investigation conclusion on the right, were left in a state of bewilderment.

This live travel variety show called “Heart-Pounding Journey of Ninety-Nine Days” also came to the attention of the official authorities in Binhai City.

Just as they were preparing to call the video platform to request the temporary removal of the show for reevaluation by the regulatory bureau, a faster phone call came in.

It’s Haiyun Temple, one of the three major Taoist temples in Binhai City, China.

“There’s no need to shut down the program. The blood-red creatures that appeared in the live broadcast are precisely what we at Haiyun Temple were previously investigating but couldn’t trace. Rest assured, leave this matter to Haiyun Temple; we will keep a close eye on it.”

The Haiyun Temple, which had long closed its doors to visitors, personally held discussions with the Binhai City authorities for a long time, successfully ensuring the continuation of this travel program.

After hanging up the phone, the abbot looked at the printed screenshot of the blood-red creature in front of them and fell into silence.

“Abbot, isn’t this the thing we’ve been searching for on Gui Mountain for a long time?” another Taoist approached. “Should I organize a team and head there right away….”

“Prepare for action, but don’t act hastily; rash action will only startle them. Now that they’ve appeared, seize this opportunity to deal with them once and for all. Don’t let them escape again.”

Abbot’s gaze fell on the live broadcast screen that was synchronized alongside.

Yan Shixun?

Abbot furrowed his brow.

This name… where had he heard it before?

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