I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 49 Part 2

Chapter 49: Rainstorm Wild Temple 11 Part 2

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When Yan Shixun returned to the residence with a cold face, the guests had just finished their dinner.

However, due to the peeping incident, everyone’s faces didn’t look too good.

Guests like An Nanyuan and Bai Shuang, who had participated in the first season of Gui Mountain, had long sensed something unusual from the unusual reactions of the actress Rourou. After Yan Shixun left, they retreated to their rooms, quietly watching their own screens, not participating in the discussions and activities of the other guests.

Although the audience found the reactions of these two people strange, the fans were delighted to see their favorite person occupying the entire screen rather than a bunch of people on the main screen.

Anthony and Rourou sat together, occasionally speaking gently to her and comforting her. In front of the camera, he portrayed himself as a gentleman who takes care of girls.

Several guests who saw this scene couldn’t help but sneer at the attitude of this young junior who hadn’t officially debuted yet, feeling quite disdainful.

But many viewers fell for this act and were captivated by Anthony. They started following his social media accounts and subscribed to his split-screen.

[Little brother is so polite; he even opened the water before handing it to Rourou. So considerate. Ah, even this old auntie’s heart is moved. I didn’t expect to escape from An Nanyuan but couldn’t escape from Anthony. Their company is really something, signing so many talented artists.]

[Wuwu, my Ni Ni is so good. Clearly, he was also scared, but he still took care of the woman next to him. How amazing!]

[Brother is so handsome. When he debuts next year, I’ll definitely vote for him like crazy!]

[Someone was just talking about Yan Shixun a moment ago, right? Haha, where is he now? Hiding somewhere, who knows why. He’s not like my Ni Ni, who knows how to take care of the female guests in his group. Is he considered a little milk dog? So cute.”

[No need to compare, Brother Yan just went to take a shower. Brother Yan isn’t like someone else who’s desperate for attention, even willing to livestream their shower for some more followers. Tsk tsk, it’s only you people who fall for this. I see a certain someone on the main screen, and I want to wash my eyes. Such a turn-off.]

[Haha, true. Some people go to great lengths, even showering on live streams, just to gain followers. But Brother Yan is something else. He’s something, with tens of millions of fans, and he doesn’t even open social media accounts. Every time he mentions not getting eliminated in the last place, he’s so resentful. Hahaha, what kind of treasure did Yan Mais discover? Now, watching Brother Yan being unhappy every day has become my source of happiness.]

[That’s right! If Brother Yan is unhappy, I’m happy hehehe.]

[Are you guys really Yan Shixun’s fans? Aren’t you worried that he might be upset? Most people are careful not to upset their idols. How come you guys are so carefree?]

[Sisters above, please take a moment to understand our charismatic idol Brother Yan! You see, what makes Brother Yan happiest is when he gets eliminated and goes home. If he really leaves, where can we go to see him? So we have to endure Brother Yan’s mood swings~ Psst, it’s also because Brother Yan looks incredibly handsome when he’s angry!]

[“I’m your fan, can you please be unhappy for our sake?” Yan Mais are so funny hahaha.]

[Ah, someone finally mentioned Anthony. I saw the chat earlier and almost thought I was getting too old and out of touch. Anthony, who clearly had plastic surgery, has people praising his divine appearance. Brother Yan is the real definition of divine looks, right? An Nanyuan is handsome too, even better than Anthony by more than a mile.]

[Anthony’s fans are so annoying. Can’t you go to his chat and shower him with compliments? I’m here to watch the show, not to see you all hyping him up. You forced me to switch to An Nanyuan’s chat, where it’s more peaceful to admire his handsome face. Sigh, where did Brother Yan go? His chat is closed, and I’m feeling so lonely.]

[You guys don’t understand this, do you? I use Antony to come back to reality. I see Brother Yan: Ahhh, he’s so handsome and cool, is this heaven? He’s gone! I saw the animated gif from the Mountain God Temple just now: Oh my god, there are ghosts, is this the underworld? Brother Yan, save me! Then I turn to Anthony, with a cold face: Oh, he’s acting so realistically, I’m still in the mortal world.]

At the start of the show, there were obstacles in the schedule, and Anthony, this relatively unpopular newcomer, garnered the most attention and increased his fan base significantly.

Although many older and more mature viewers started to dislike Anthony for this, his talent agency didn’t mind at all.

As long as he’s becoming popular, who cares about the haters? After all, even negative publicity is still publicity, right? Besides, why bother with those mature viewers? They’re not the ones spending money on idols.

The talent agency was quite pleased with the situation.

“What’s going on with this guy named Yan Shixun?”

The person in charge looked at the program analysis report and wasn’t happy when they saw that someone they’d never heard of was getting the highest discussions and attention on social media and video platforms. They said, “Which talent agency does he belong to? How is it that a nobody with no reputation is outshining Anthony and An Nanyuan? Which company is so clueless that they dare to compete with us for attention?”

A subordinate replied, “This Yan Shixun is an amateur with no official debut. It seems he doesn’t have a manager or a talent agency to promote him. All the discussions and attention he’s receiving right now are from his fans, completely organic.”

After this reality show suddenly became a hit, it wasn’t just a matter of inviting celebrities who agreed or declined. Many celebrities’ information was handed over to the show’s director, Zhang Wubing. Behind each celebrity, there was a conglomerate or a major entertainment company.

Even if it wasn’t for Zhang Wubing’s own prestigious background, which made many companies cautious about taking action, he would have lost control over this show altogether.

In other words, this show had become something that could be traded and manipulated in the eyes of many capital and corporate entities. Whoever stayed, whoever left, who could gain the most attention – it was dictated by capital.

Even on social media, many viewers noticed that other guests who were constantly suppressed on the real-time popularity charts were now seeing an increase in Anthony and Rourou’s related tags while suspecting that there was corporate intervention behind all this.

However, in this situation where capital had made its choices, Yan Shixun, an amateur, managed to break through the ranks and carve out a path of popularity. Tags related to him firmly held a prominent position on the real-time trending list, and nothing could push them down.

This left the head of Anthony’s marketing team quite frustrated. “Since he doesn’t have a company, why not find a way to sign him? That way, we can control him. With a contract under our control, he’d have to follow our lead, right?”

“This guy surnamed Yan has been overshadowing Anthony too much. If it continues like this, our follow-up plans won’t work, and we won’t be able to release any more sensational articles. You should reach out to this surnamed Yan. Being an outsider to this industry, he’s probably never seen a big company like ours. He’ll most likely agree.”

After some thought, the team leader added, “Just in case, if he doesn’t realize what a huge favor it is for him that a big company like ours is willing to sign him, tell him that if he agrees, we can let him participate in next year’s talent show auditions.”

As for anything more? That was impossible. He was nothing more than a stepping stone prepared for Anthony.

Having been immersed in the entertainment industry for a long time and having manipulated many talent shows and debut artists, the team leader had never actually watched this travel variety show. He had no interest in a field he knew little about and had a low opinion of it. He had no intention of wasting his time on an amateur who was destined to be cannon fodder.

However, what was originally meant for program analysis reports had turned the subordinate into a loyal viewer of the show. After the team leader finished speaking, he discreetly rolled his eyes.

He knew something that the team leader didn’t.

Although Yan Shixun was an amateur, he had absolutely no interest in the entertainment industry. The fame and popularity that various entertainment companies and artists desired were probably less important to him than taking a nap at home. Even his decision to stay on the show was a result of fans’ passionate voting.

It was a choice made by the vast audience, completely unrelated to capital.

This made his personality charm and level of attractiveness even more apparent.

The subordinate thought, “Would Yan Shixun sign a contract just for a spot in a talent show? What are they thinking? If we tell him that getting Anthony eliminated now will allow him to go home, there might be a chance.”

However, the fact that Yan Shixun was able to break free from the influence of capital and companies was a source of happiness for many viewers and Yan Mai.

“Have you all noticed that since the show’s team departed for Wild Wolf Peak, Anthony’s tags have been constantly rising, even faster than the rate at which he gains followers on his social media accounts?”

Under the official social media account of the show, an audience member asked with confusion, “Is it just me, or does it feel the same as when I watched talent shows before? It’s as if I’m not the one choosing my favorite person, but various talent agencies are playing with us.”

“It’s not just you. Speaking as someone from within the industry, this is the situation. Because Yan Shixun’s sudden rise to fame was too rapid and he had no established foundation, many big companies saw him as a decoration they could use to enhance their artists’ popularity. But they don’t treat him well.”

The previously irritated subordinate, now filled with enthusiasm, typed passionately, “So, Yan Shixun only has us! If we want him to win against the capital and even make his debut, we have to work even harder! We can’t let the capital overshadow the choice of us, the vast audience!”

The Yan Mais, who had been a bit disorganized and drowsy, suddenly woke up upon seeing this message.

“Who did capital choose? That oily Anthony? Ugh, Yan Mais, let’s go! We can’t let Brother Yan lose to someone like him!”

“Do these talent agencies have nothing better to do? Can’t I just peacefully watch a travel variety show without their interference? Isn’t there enough for them to play in talent shows? Goodness, I’m feeling rebellious now; I won’t let these agencies win!”

“As a newcomer to the fandom, I’m a bit confused. Just voting for Brother Yan is enough, right? But he doesn’t seem to want to stay in the show. Is that okay?”

“What’s wrong with that? If Brother Yan leaves, where will you see him? But if he debuts, it’s a whole different story! You can keep watching him!”

“We have to show the capitalists what the people choose! I used to admire Brother Yan, thinking he must be a very talented person to save everyone in such a dangerous situation on Gui Mountain. But I’m not a fan of the entertainment industry, and I don’t really care if he debuts. But now, it’s different! We must go for it! Brother Yan, debut for us!”

“Go for it!”

Because the main character didn’t even have a social media account, let alone an agent or manager, the Yan Mais spontaneously formed a support group, although they didn’t take it too seriously. They just wanted to keep Yan Shixun and found it enjoyable to chat with other Yan Mais on the official support group’s social media accounts.

However, it’s different now.

When an external threat loomed, all the Yan Mai suddenly felt a sense of urgency, and their loosely organized structure immediately united in solidarity against the outside world.

What used to be a casual, laid-back attitude among the fans, who were satisfied with just catching a glimpse of Yan Shixun and seeing him every day, was completely transformed into a career-driven mindset by Anthony and his talent agency.

“Starting today, I’m officially a career fan of Brother Yan! Not the kind who cares about how many ghosts he catches, but a fan who supports his entertainment career! Brother Yan must debut, and first, he must become famous!”

At this moment, neither Anthony nor his talent agency were aware that their previously tried-and-true marketing tactics, when applied to this inherently unscientific variety show, had backfired and sparked a rebellion among many fans. The fans, who were once carefree and laid-back, transformed into dedicated supporters determined to defy the influence of capital. They had gone from “retirement age Yan Mai” to “Yan Mai of justice,” vowing to resist the choices made by those with financial interests.

Not only did a large number of viewers and passersby convert into Yan Mai, but the internal unity among the Yan Mais had also grown stronger and more resilient. They were actively discussing specific strategies.

As for the protagonist himself—

Because he had lost his phone and didn’t have any social media accounts, he was completely unaware of these developments. 

However, as he entered the hall of the accommodation area, Yan Shixun suddenly sneezed.

“Are you feeling unwell?” A deep voice came from behind not too far away, “The living body is fragile. A gust of wind and getting wet can lead to illness. You just came out with wet clothes; it’s not advisable.”

Yan Shixun hadn’t expected the assistant director to catch up so quickly. He rolled his eyes and retorted, “Next time, if you want to say something like that, start from the beginning. Were you expecting me to come out halfway through my bath when you were standing outside without making a sound?”

The other guests, who had noticed his sneeze earlier and realized he had returned: “!!!”

Wasn’t Brother Yan taking a bath alone? Why was the assistant following him?

And their conversation… something doesn’t seem right. What’s going on?

Except for Anthony, who was focused on displaying his considerate side to the audience, and the actress Rourou, who was still in shock, the other guests unconsciously lowered their voices and discreetly observed the conversation between the two. Even their actions slowed down as they assumed their positions for some gossip.

Seeing that the assistant director was still dry and didn’t appear to have just taken a bath, Yan Shixun asked with curiosity, “Didn’t you say your clothes were wet and needed a bath? How come you’re here so quickly?”

Before the director’s assistant could reply, an incredulous and out-of-tune shout suddenly came from nearby.

“Wet clothes??? Why were your clothes wet??”

Yan Shixun: “…”

Assistant director: Tsk.

Both of them turned their ominous gazes in the direction of the source of the voice.

There stood An Nanyuan, leaning against the door frame with a look of extreme surprise, which had involuntarily raised his voice.

Audience watching the livestream: [?? Initially, when Brother Yan mentioned it, we didn’t think much of it. But when An Nanyuan asked like that, it felt strange, as if Brother Yan did something wrong just now.]

On the other side, the variety show celebrity eavesdropping on the conversation: I didn’t expect An Nanyuan to have such a good sense of variety. With this kind of delivery, it’s a perfect reality show effect.

The variety show celebrity quietly gave a thumbs-up to An Nanyuan: Impressive.

Under the intense and scrutinizing gazes of both Yan Shixun and the assistant director, An Nanyuan finally realized, albeit belatedly, that he had lost control of himself in his surprise and had said something he shouldn’t have.

Yan Shixun’s glare at him looked like he was ready to punch someone.

“Um…” An Nanyuan anxiously glanced around, trying to find an excuse to divert attention away from his previous outburst.

However, all he saw were expressions of admiration from Bai Shuang, the variety show celebrity and others.

Bai Shuang: Farewell, my friend. Let’s meet again in the next life.

“No, I didn’t mean it that way.”

An Nanyuan hurriedly waved his hands. Despite being a top-tier idol with excellent facial and body expressions, he appeared helpless in the face of Yan Shixun’s disapproving gaze. “I- I just…”

He racked his brains, desperately searching for an excuse, and finally, his eyes lit up. “I just wanted to remind Brother Yan to pay more attention to his health and avoid catching a cold.”

The viewers before the livestream: [Is this excuse at a kindergarten level?]

Yan Shixun gave a forced smile. “Do you think I believe that?”

An Nanyuan: “QAQ yes.”

Yan Shixun let out a cold snort, no longer bothering with the assistant director and An Nanyuan.

Meanwhile, the lively noises had alerted two villagers who had earlier brought wine to chat with the middle-aged Taoist in his room.

“Why are you all still up so late? The sleeping schedule of city folks is really different from ours.”

The villagers seemed a bit tipsy, their faces flushed, but their attitude and tone remained warm and courteous. “We heard some noise coming from your side, and we thought there might be something going on, so we came to see if you needed any help.”

The other villager, however, had a deathly pale complexion, almost the color of the paper: “Well, you know, this area is in the mountains after all, and it’s backed up against the hills, so there are quite a few animals around. We even see mice running into the Mountain God Temple sometimes. We thought you might have encountered some of these creatures.”

“Since everything is fine, we’ll head back to sleep. We have to return to the village early tomorrow to prepare for the celebration of the Mountain God’s birthday the day after.”

The variety show celebrity greeted them with smiles, saying, “No, everything is perfectly normal on our end. Thank you for your concern…”

While the variety show celebrity engaged in friendly conversation with the villagers, Yan Shixun’s expression darkened as he continued to watch the two villagers.

Initially, his glance towards them was just a subconscious reaction to the noise, and he didn’t pay much attention. 

However, in that brief moment, a sense of alarm surged within him.

——Upon closer inspection, they didn’t appear similar. However, when he looked from a distance and took a quick glance, it coincided with the scene he had seen when he briefly scanned the main hall of the Mountain God Temple.

The appearances of these two villagers were the same as the ones he had just seen in the murals on the main hall of the Mountain God Temple.

The question that perplexed him was why a temple dedicated to a divine being would depict ordinary villagers in its murals?

Yan Shixun had come across temples that included depictions of real people in their murals, but those were usually local celebrities or donors to the temple, serving a secular purpose of wealth and fame.

But this was the first time he had seen ordinary villagers portrayed in such a manner.

Unable to contain his curiosity, he discreetly observed the villagers as they conversed. 

Both villagers had rather unremarkable appearances, and upon closer scrutiny, an air of slyness emanated from them. Their drooping triangular eyes seemed to hint at their greedy and cunning nature.

As they stood there chatting with the variety show celebrity, their bodies naturally hunched over, and the villager with the flushed face occasionally brought his fingers together to scratch his own face and neck.

It was like the habit of rodents, or animals like weasels, from the rodent family.

Because Yan Shixun’s master liked to travel far and wide, learning classics everywhere, Yan Shixun also picked up many miscellaneous skills. Physiognomy was one of them.

Although he didn’t delve too deep into it, it was enough to read the faces of a couple of unsuspecting villagers who were drunk.

As Yan Shixun carefully examined the physiognomy of the two men, his brows furrowed more and more.

Both men had a cluster of dark energy between their brows, and their temples were deeply sunken. Aside from the obvious sleazy and animalistic aura they exuded, purely based on their physiognomy, in Yan Shixun’s view—

They should have been dead.

But how could dead people appear in front of everyone and be indistinguishable from the living? Moreover, this was the temple of a Mountain God, a divine temple under the protection of the Mountain God. How could ordinary ghosts and creatures enter?

Unless these two villagers, disguised as ordinary people, had even greater power than the Mountain God?

No, that couldn’t be possible.

Unlike other immortals, the Mountain God was a divine spirit nurtured by the land and the people. It could be said that the Mountain God was the chosen deity of all living beings, including plants and animals, on its own territory. 

In the domain of the Mountain God, no one could be more powerful or defeat the Mountain God.

However, now, in the presence of the Mountain God and theoretically within the Mountain God Temple, the most powerful place for the Mountain God, these supernatural creatures had entered brazenly.

The only possibility that Yan Shixun could think of ——

Was that something had gone wrong with the Mountain God, causing it to lose control over its own territory?

Inside, Yan Shixun was in turmoil, but he showed no sign of it on the surface. He maintained his cold demeanor, making it difficult for the two villagers over there to detect anything unusual.

However, he had already discreetly heightened his vigilance, keeping these peculiarities in mind. He planned to wait until the two villagers were asleep, and there was no one in the main hall before he would recheck the main hall.

With the realization that even the Mountain God might be in trouble, Yan Shixun recollected his earlier doubts during his exploration of the main hall and the increasing sense of unease he had felt along the way. Suddenly, everything seemed to fall into place.

As if the last piece of the puzzle had been found, connecting all the logic and thoughts.

Yan Shixun’s heart sank.

If even the Mountain God could face trouble here… What had this place been through?

He made up his mind to visit the main hall once more. Perhaps, by examining the murals, he could find clues about what had happened here and what those two villagers really were.

In that case, the villagers who had brought them to the Mountain God Temple would also become suspicious.

Although Yan Shixun was filled with doubts and caution, he didn’t show any signs of it in front of the villagers.

Meanwhile, the assistant director standing behind him kept his gaze fixed on Yan Shixun, silently observing him.

So, after the variety show celebrity politely escorted the two villagers away with smiles, Yan Shixun turned and headed towards his room. “You all should get some rest too, we have to get up early tomorrow.”

The variety show celebrity looked bewildered. “Huh? We haven’t finished playing the game yet.”

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