I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Rainstorm Wild Temple 11 Part 1

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Dim light filtered through the bathroom window, casting a faint glow on the man, revealing his face with some effort.

It was the assistant director.

Without the cap that obscured his appearance, his long black hair fell loosely, forming a natural, slightly wavy arc on his shoulders. The smile in his ink-black eyes diluted the sense of aloofness and sharpness that seemed out of place in the mortal world, breathing life into his exquisitely sculpted features like a meticulously crafted statue. 

His tall figure almost merged with the darkness of the night, resembling an insurmountable barrier.

The man had concealed his presence to the bare minimum, maintaining a smiling gaze fixed on Yan Shixun inside the bathroom. After a while, he lowered his eyes, and his icy gaze casually swept across the darkness beneath him.

There, a black human-shaped figure was trampled underfoot by the man, trembling in fear, yet too terrified to even struggle.

“Just a filthy creature, entangled in a web of karma. Even Fengdu wouldn’t tolerate you, yet you dare to spy here.”

The man’s voice was colder than the rain-soaked wilderness, carrying a weight capable of crushing one’s soul. It made the black figure “thud!” as an invisible force mercilessly pressed it into the earth beneath, causing black fragments to fall from its body as it descended in a sorry state.

Even the mountains not far away fell into instant silence, and all the rustling sounds disappeared.

If that black humanoid figure could speak, it would undoubtedly deeply regret why it came here. But what puzzled it even more was that previously, it hadn’t sensed any dangerous forces. All the newcomers who had entered the Mountain God Temple were clearly just ordinary people. Yet, when it appeared here once again, danger suddenly struck with the force of a mountain, causing it to tremble in fear, unable to resist.

Of course, it didn’t have another chance to ponder this.

The man snorted coldly and ruthlessly pressed his foot down on this thing.

Instantly, the humanoid figure shattered into black pieces, its entire body crushed into the soil. It didn’t even have a chance to scream before being completely ground into the earth.

Disappeared from view.

Inside the bathroom, Yan Shixun suddenly turned his head to look out the window as he sensed something. Before his eyes could make out anything, his body had already sprung into action.

His long, muscular legs tensed instantly, and he covered the distance to the window in just a few agile strides. Simultaneously, he wrapped a towel he had grabbed on the way around himself, while his other hand swiftly pushed open the window. His prepared spell pointed directly at the source of the disturbance he felt.

“Qi Zheng Ba Zhen, Tai Shang Hao Xiong……”

As the syllables of the spell hung in the air for an instant, the water from the showerhead that had yet to be turned off defied the laws of physics. Instead of falling to the ground, it was somehow drawn by an unseen force, drifting straight toward Yan Shixun.

The crystalline water droplets twisted into a chain, no longer gentle and powerless like water. They carried a sharp, weapon-like aura and surged toward the spot indicated by Yan Shixun’s hand gesture.

Any supernatural entity, no matter how malevolent, would be ensnared by this chain of utmost gentleness and strength, allowing Yan Shixun to see what exactly was in the bathroom, constantly touching upon the living’s yang energy.

However, from the darkness came a voice of curiosity.

“What is this, Yan Shixun?”

A somewhat familiar voice made Yan Shixun’s sharp momentum falter for a moment, but he still had reservations, thinking that it might be some sort of trickery by the supernatural entity. He didn’t hastily release the incantation he was holding. Instead, he pushed himself up onto the windowsill from the bathroom and jumped out, preparing to get a close look at the person bound by the chain.

And then, Yan Shixun saw the face that had always irritated him since their first encounter.

The assistant director was currently bound by the chain. His cap, which he always wore, had perhaps been knocked off during the earlier incident, fully exposing his extraordinarily sharp and handsome face to Yan Shixun.

However, he didn’t panic like an ordinary person encountering something unknown. He stood calmly in place, as if he had known it was Yan Shixun’s doing all along. In fact, when Yan Shixun leaped out of the bathroom, the assistant even had the presence of mind to ask with a smile.

“You came out without drying off, huh?”

Because everything had happened suddenly, Yan Shixun didn’t want to let the sensed anomaly slip away. So, he hadn’t had time to dry off the water on his body properly and had wrapped a towel around himself before rushing out of the bathroom.

At this moment, Yan Shixun’s hair was still semi-wet, gathered behind his head, with no loose strands covering his forehead. This exposed his bright, sharp eyes in front of the assistant director.

Water droplets traced down his skin and disappeared into the towel.

The assistant director, far from being angry due to being bound by Yan Shixun, was actually astonished when he saw Yan Shixun’s current appearance. His eyes slightly narrowed, and then, the smile softened the severity and coldness between his sharp eyebrows.

Surprisingly, there was a more intense emotional fluctuation compared to earlier.

As the chilly breeze of the summer night, mixed with raindrops, blew by, Yan Shixun hadn’t yet fully processed the assistant’s question. His body, deprived of warmth due to the evaporation of moisture, instinctively shivered in response to the cold.

Only then did he belatedly react.

Yan Shixun: “…”

Damn! It’s a bit cold.

But what annoyed Yan Shixun even more than the cold was the fact that the expected anomaly he had been waiting for hadn’t occurred.

After confirming that there was a living person, specifically the assistant director, outside the bathroom, Yan Shixun withdrew the spell he had been holding in his hand, wearing a dark expression.

Instantly, the chain around the assistant director transformed back into water, falling and soaking his clothes.

It seemed like Yan Shixun’s petty revenge.

“Why are you here?” Yan Shixun asked with a stern face. “You stood silently in the dark. Are you trying to act suspiciously?”

The assistant director leisurely unzipped his jacket from top to bottom, draping the wet jacket over his arm.

There was no trace of being frightened.

“Before you came to take a bath, didn’t I say that I would make sure no one saw you?” the assistant director said. “Do you think, Yan Shixun, that I’m the kind of person who talks but doesn’t follow through?”

Yan Shixun snorted coldly, “For things like this, there’s no need to perform them at all. Aren’t you afraid of being mistaken for a peeping Tom while standing out here? Or are you suggesting that you were responsible for what happened earlier with Anthony and the others?”

While he asked this question, Yan Shixun was well aware that it couldn’t possibly be this man.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel puzzled by this man.

Ignoring the underlying tension and subconscious urge to drive away the supernatural that he had been unable to ignore ever since he saw this man, Yan Shixun was also struck by the fact that he hadn’t sensed the assistant’s presence or heard his breathing earlier, even though he had been standing just outside the bathroom. It was as if he hadn’t realized that there was a living person present.

But how was that possible?

Yan Shixun had encountered other trained martial artists and had witnessed the extreme stealth that could be achieved through certain breathing techniques during his training with his master. However, none of them had been similar to this man.

It was as if he didn’t belong to the human world.

As Yan Shixun scrutinized the assistant with an inquisitive gaze, the assistant furrowed his brows in disgust, as if Yan Shixun’s words had repulsed him.

“I don’t have a hobby of peeping at others taking showers.” 

The assistant replied coldly. When Yan Shixun mentioned the incident of Anthony and the others being spied on while showering, there was a condescending tone in his voice, as if he couldn’t be bothered to even utter their names.

But then, he relaxed his expression once more, raising the wet clothes in his hand and asking Yan Shixun, “It’s been windy for so long, and your hot bath has gone to waste. Aren’t you going in?”

Yan Shixun turned and began to walk away. “I’m going in now. You can leave.”

He stepped back into the bathroom and was about to slam the door shut behind him, but a pale hand with distinct knuckles grabbed the door.

The assistant leaned against the doorframe.

“My clothes are wet too. If I don’t take a hot shower, won’t I get sick?”

Yan Shixun walked towards the area where his clothes were laid out without looking back. “Then use it. I’m leaving.”

The assistant replied, “Yan Shixun, there’s no need to be so formal. I can wait nearby.”

“Formal my foot!” Yan Shixun threw his coat directly at the man, hitting him square in the face. He smirked and said, “I don’t have a hobby of showering in front of others either. The bathroom’s all yours. Remember, wash well.”

By the time the assistant removed the coat from his face, Yan Shixun had already changed into his clothes at lightning speed, reverting to the image the assistant was familiar with.

Because this trip had been fruitless and he now had a seemingly unwell assistant in tow, Yan Shixun was quite annoyed. Even when he left the bathroom, his steps were full of anger.

The assistant leaned against the old wooden door of the bathroom. The dim light from the incandescent bulb obscured his features, making him appear particularly dangerous and sharp.

He gazed at Yan Shixun’s retreating figure for a long time, until the other man disappeared around the corner of the building. Then, he chuckled softly and whispered under his breath, “Exorcist of the mortal realm… If all exorcists were like this, the existence or absence of Fengdu wouldn’t matter much.”

The torrential rain continued unabated, and the sound of raindrops drowned the man’s low mutterings. 

However, he had no intention of taking a shower. After standing in place for a long while, he straightened his tall figure and began to walk back to where the other guests were resting.

Behind the temple, on the barren mountain without trees, faint crawling sounds suddenly emerged under the cover of the rain.

The man tilted his head slightly, and his cold gaze swept over the back of the mountain, a trace of disgust appearing between his eyebrows.

Then, as he took his first step forward, the imposing aura that had been so imposing just moments ago suddenly disappeared.

As if he had always been nothing more than an ordinary assistant here.

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