I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 57 Part 2

Chapter 57: Rainstorm Wild Temple 19 Part 2

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On the smartphone screen, in Anthony’s split-screen live broadcast, they could also see that the rat that had been attempting to climb in through the roof was blocked by an invisible force. It couldn’t advance any further.

The rat screamed angrily, continuously gnashing its teeth in the air as if struggling against something.

However, the gentle yet resolute force stood in the way, preventing the rat from entering.

Witnessing this scene, Bai Shuang, who had caught it accidentally, was dumbfounded. “This… this…”

But immediately, she thought of her own experience when her soul had been possessed during the previous episode at the Gui Mountain Villa. It was similar as if it was an unknown presence, but it brought her a sense of gentleness and warmth different from other supernatural entities. It felt like that presence was there to protect them, not to harm them.

“Brother Zhao, don’t say that. Maybe we are saved now.”

In the puzzled gazes of the others, Bai Shuang briefly summarized her discovery and her previous experiences from the last episode of the show. She also shared her hypothesis. “Did any of you feel suddenly warmer on your bodies? We were just drenched by the rain, but it was as if the sun suddenly shone on us, making us feel warm. I don’t think it’s an illusion. It’s some kind of presence protecting us.”

“How is that possible?”

The variety show celebrity was skeptical and didn’t entirely believe Bai Shuang’s ghostly possession experience. “Bai Shuang, you must be so scared that you’re making up stories, right?”

After all, although he participated in this program, he came solely to gain followers and attention. As for the talk about ghosts and spirits, he just assumed it was an excuse the production team made up to avoid responsibility after their previous dangerous encounter.

Didn’t you see what the official statements from Binhai City said? It’s not about encountering ghosts; it’s about being attacked by bad people in the mountains which leads to trouble.

Bai Shuang snorted in response, ignoring the variety show celebrity. She focused on grabbing someone who had similar experiences to her and had also been through the dangerous night in the villa garden with Brother Yan, preparing to search for crucial items in the side courtyard, just like the last time Brother Yan found the female ghost item and led everyone out of Gui Mountain.

She tried to recall what Yan Shixun had done in the past and simultaneously searched for the possible reason why that gentle and warm force might be protecting them, attempting to find key clues like Yan Shixun did to resolve their predicament.

After pushing open the dilapidated small house in the side courtyard that looked like it could collapse at any moment, Bai Shuang saw a pile of damp and yellowed papers on the rickety wooden table inside.

An Nanyuan roughly flipped through them, but because the papers had been around for some time, were damp and deteriorated, he didn’t dare to use too much force for fear of tearing them.

Under the faint light of their phones, the two of them huddled together and managed to barely make out the writing on them.

“There is a Mountain God here, rising from the vast marsh, encompassing the mountain ranges. All living creatures of the land look up to it… Dwelling on the Wild Wolf Peak, its marshes are surrounded by mountains and rivers. It controls the wind and rain, and no evil may approach…”

Because the characters were written with a brush and had become blurry due to moisture, An Nanyuan had to exert considerable effort to read the content.

“These seem to be something like local chronicles, probably describing the history of the Mountain God Temple and Wild Wolf Peak.”

An Nanyuan summarized, “It means there’s a Mountain God here that’s exceptionally good to the villagers and animals. It ensures they have food to eat, good weather, and high wheat yields in the autumn. So, the villagers and animals are very grateful to the Mountain God. That’s why, decades ago, they collectively raised funds to build this Mountain God Temple.”

“Mountain God?” Bai Shuang, who had lived in the city and didn’t know much about mountain gods, was a bit puzzled. However, from the name, she could guess that it was some kind of deity and sounded like a trustworthy one.

“So, could the one who helped us be the Mountain God?” Bai Shuang asked An Nanyuan. “After all, this place is originally a Mountain God Temple, right?”

“Although that’s the case… but at the very least, I’ve seen many families place great importance on their genealogy, and local records are managed by specialists. Why would the description here be piled up like junk in a storage room and soaked like this?” An Nanyuan replied.

As An Nanyuan’s words fell, they noticed a spreading water stain on the parchment in front of them. 

This water on the paper immediately blurred out a section of ink, as if it wanted to erase that part of history.

At the same time, several guests felt a “crack!” from outside. 

It was the sound of the metal gate finally being chewed through by the rats.

The soft force that had enveloped everyone and provided warmth, as if it couldn’t hold on any longer, shattered. 

Everyone felt the cold wind again, and the previous warmth was gone.

Several guests who had been sitting on the ground quickly got up, looking at the gate in panic, and then ran towards the house where An Nanyuan and Bai Shuang were.

In moments of panic, people instinctively look for cover, even if they know that even the metal gate can be chewed through, having a door to shield them makes them feel a bit safer.

Several people cowered behind the door, shivering, watching the dents forming on the gate as it continued to be pounded, as if it would be broken into at any moment.

Finally, with a “bang,” the metal gate fell.

Several rats showed their ferocious faces, their facial muscles contorted, and they all aimed at the small house where several people were hiding, making angry and excited hissing sounds, as if they were reveling in their victory.

The variety show celebrity looked desperate. “It’s over, it’s over, we’re really going to be eaten by rats. What the heck is this? Invasive species? Giant rats imported from another country?”

No one answered him, as everyone was tightly focused on the rats, hearts pounding with fear that the rats would actually break in.

But just then, several of the rats suddenly froze simultaneously, then turned to look in the direction behind the small house, as if they had heard some kind of summons.

The guests were puzzled, and in the blink of an eye, the rats that had appeared fierce just moments ago unhesitatingly abandoned the meat they were about to devour and ran back in unison.

The expressions of the guests were immediately filled with confusion.

And Anthony, outside the door, was no different.

“Hey? Where are you guys going? Weren’t you sent by God to fulfill my wishes? Now those people are still here, how can you leave!”

Anthony was bewildered and then fell into a rage. “You’re not allowed to leave! I command you, don’t leave!”

However, no matter what Anthony said, those rats just glanced at him with their crimson eyes and then ran away without hesitation.

It was as if they were saying: Command me? What are you?

Even the people inside the house couldn’t help but laugh inwardly.

But soon, An Nanyuan realized something. “No, those rats didn’t run away for no reason.”

“As for the reason…” Bai Shuang looked at the split-screen livestream of Yan Shixun on her phone and hesitated before showing the screen to everyone. “It should be because of this.”

On the screen, Yan Shixun stood in the towering main hall, surrounded by murals. The figures on the murals blinked and moved as if they were alive.

But in the midst of this horrifying scene, Yan Shixun was holding a golden spear and directly beheaded the several-meter-tall statue. The painted animals on the ceiling seemed to cry out to the sky as if calling for their kind to converge.

“If you look closely, the paintings on it seem to resemble the rats chasing us,” Bai Shuang hesitated for a moment but still voiced her conclusion. “Could it be that Brother Yan drove this rat to a desperate situation, so the rat had to seek help from its companions, and that’s why all the rats on our side ran away?”

“In that case, it seems that Brother Yan solved the problem at its source and directly resolved our predicament.”

Bai Shuang was somewhat dazed. “Brother Yan, once again, he saved us.”

However, the guests, who had experienced a rollercoaster of emotions, were no longer in the mood to dwell on this.

They simply sat exhaustedly on the chairs in the small house, their faces filled with the relief of surviving a disaster.

Only An Nanyuan, after realizing what had happened, exclaimed in delight, “It’s Brother Yan, yes, only Brother Yan could save us in this situation!”

With his heart racing from their miraculous escape, he quickly edited a social media post and shared it.

@AnNanyuan: I forgot to collect my Yan Mai badge, I’m sorry, I’ll make sure to check in under the Yan Mai tag from now on. And also—

Brother Yan, my eternal idol!!!

Fans who saw this post late at night: ???

What do you call this kind of feeling when your own idol to continuously cheer for another person?

Well, it’s all about pampering. After all, this is their own Brother, their choice, their family. Their idol’s idol is their idol!


Many fans who were not interested in variety shows and had never watched “Heart-Pounding Journey of Ninety-Nine Days” were intrigued after searching and seeing the split-screen screenshots posted by “Yan Mai” under the hashtag. They saved them with blushing faces.

Ahem, such a cool and handsome little brother, it’s worth being a fan. Is this Yan Shixun? Alright! From today, he’s also my idol.


Yan Shixun had expected to find darkness when he returned to the resting place of the guests after his mission. 

However, he was surprised to see that all the rooms were brightly lit, and there were voices of conversation coming from them.

“Just now, you ran too fast, and I didn’t have a chance to say it.”

The man strolled casually through the covered walkway behind Yan Shixun, speaking slowly. “I came to find you because these people were attacked by rats.”

“We have rats under our beds.”

Yan Shixun frowned, “Your bed, not ours. Be clear about the subject, don’t make it sound like I’m sleeping with you on the same bed—have you really never received nine years of compulsory education?”


Yan Shixun walked quickly toward the source of the voices, but before he got close, he heard voices filled with fear and sobbing.

Could rats alone scare them like this?

A question arose in Yan Shixun’s mind, and he took a few steps into the light.

“Brother Yan!”

An Nanyuan, who had been on guard upon hearing footsteps approaching, showed a surprised expression when he saw that it was Yan Shixun. He then visibly relaxed and said, “Brother Yan, you’re finally back. Now we’re safe!”

“You guys…” Yan Shixun was originally about to ask something, but when he raised his eyes, he saw that several rooms were left open, and the guests inside looked quite terrible. Several of them had pale faces, showing signs of extreme shock.

One male actor was sitting on the bed, sweating profusely, bending over to tend to a wound on his foot. He looked in bad shape, and his body seemed to be drained.

Without the need for divination, Yan Shixun knew they had just experienced a life-threatening ordeal and had barely escaped.

What kind of rat could do this?

Yan Shixun, who had left too early to see the rat, couldn’t help but feel astonished.

An Nanyuan quickly took out his phone and showed Yan Shixun a screenshot of Anthony’s split-screen live broadcast, briefly explaining the situation they had just encountered.

“Don’t we have something for stopping the bleeding?” Yan Shixun frowned as he looked at the male actor with the injured ankle. The wound appeared to be quite severe, and despite the bandaging, blood was still oozing out, with a dark red tinge, looking ominous.

“It’s in the car,” An Nanyuan shook his head. “Because we didn’t anticipate something like this happening earlier, we didn’t bring all of our food and medicine with us, only some basic and lightweight items. The car is parked outside. We just narrowly escaped a rat chase, so we didn’t dare to go outside.”

“I understand. I’ll go get it in a moment.”

After a brief moment of thought, Yan Shixun gathered all the frightened participants together and openly explained his experiences of the night. He didn’t hide anything from them and said, “We have mistakenly entered a place we shouldn’t have, but it doesn’t mean there’s no way out. So I hope everyone can remember one thing.”

“As long as I’m here, not one of you will be left behind.”

The tall, slender young man stood at the intersection of light and darkness, with a solemn and fierce expression. He seemed like a blade guarding the boundary between the living and the dead, ready to tear apart any malevolent spirits that approached.

However, his tone was so earnest and sincere that those who heard it couldn’t help but believe him.

“There is no ghost in this world that cannot be subdued, even if a god has done evil, they should be killed on the spot.”

“As long as you believe that you can leave, then you will definitely be able to leave with me.”

Yan Shixun’s voice resounded with conviction.

“Because we are human, and ghosts and gods depend on human words.”

The participants stared at Yan Shixun in stunned silence, momentarily speechless.

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