I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Rainstorm Wild Temple 20 Part 1

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Originally, the guests were all frightened and disoriented by the successive dangers, and there were also those like the variety show celebrity who, after surviving the danger, were brimming with anger.

But before these extreme emotions could converge and confront the production team, they were scattered and dissipated by Yan Shixun’s words.

As the variety show celebrity looked at Yan Shixun’s face, more handsome than any entertainment industry figure he had ever seen, his expression momentarily froze, and the anger he had just felt suddenly subsided.

He had thought that only they had encountered the dangerous situation with the giant rat, but he hadn’t expected that Yan Shixun’s situation was a hundred times more perilous. Just from listening to Yan Shixun’s brief description, he was already breaking out in a cold sweat.

The variety show celebrity silently imagined what it would be like if he were in that situation. He was afraid he would be terrified on the spot, not to mention making a decision to lead the rat on the main hall’s mural into a crisis and having to call his companions to save the other guests.

Moreover, Yan Shixun, as the program tour guide, didn’t just leave them alone. He had gone to investigate the situation as soon as he sensed something unusual. What Yan Shixun had just said didn’t sound like a lie. After so many years in the entertainment industry, he could tell if someone was genuine or not, and Yan Shixun seemed extremely confident. With that in mind…

“I understand,” the variety show celebrity sighed and was the first among the new guests to regain his composure. “Since we’re already here, there’s no use in complaining. The rain is pouring, and it’s dark. At that time, it was indeed the right decision to find a place to take shelter instead of crossing the mountain. None of us could have expected so many strange things in the Mountain God Temple. It’s not the fault of the production team or Master Yan.”

“Since our goal is to leave the Mountain God Temple safely, we are all amateurs in this regard. We should listen to Master Yan’s commands. Master Yan, just tell us what needs to be done. I may not be good at much, but I do have strength, and I’ll do whatever the master says.”

Beside him, someone who had originally intended to praise Yan Shixun had his thunder stolen by the variety show celebrity, An Nanyuan: “…….”

He slowly turned his head and glared at the variety show celebrity with resentment: The first person to praise Brother Yan should have been me—— 

The variety show celebrity: ?? What’s going on with him? Does he have something on his face? He didn’t seem this active when he met An Nanyuan on the variety show before. What’s happening now?

Bai Shuang glanced at the variety show celebrity and said softly, “He was criticizing Brother Yan’s decision before, and now he’s even calling him ‘Master.’ Tsk, tsk.”

The variety show celebrity blushed and cleared his throat, pretending, “Times change, you know? Back then, I, um, strongly believed in science.”

As the guests chatted, their previously tense emotions gradually eased. And the viewers in front of the screen with Yan Shixun, their hearts, which had been hanging high, finally settled back into their chests.

[Oh my goodness, did you all hear what Brother Yan just said? Sobs, sobs, sobs, Yan Mai is crying like crazy. Brother Yan is really, really, really handsome! Brother Yan is so handsome; I feel so relieved with him around.]

[Yes! When they were being chased by those big rats just now, I really thought they were done for. I was crying and calling the official rescue hotline at the same time, and when the operator asked me questions, I was hiccupping from crying so much. But in the blink of an eye, Brother Yan pulled off a brilliant move to distract those big rats and save them. I was completely stunned by that move.]

[Hey, girl in the front, take a seat. This is all Brother Yan’s basic strategy, hahaha. If you watched the last episode, you’d know. I was so scared I thought I was going to die, but Brother Yan just pulled off a move and got them out. I didn’t see it coming; Brother Yan thought of everything, leaving me in awe. Since then, I’ve learned – just follow Brother Yan. So when you guys were screaming “ahhh” in the live chat, I was scared too, but it was actually fine, haha.]

[Darn it! I’m so angry! Where did Anthony come from? I was about to explode just looking at his split screen. Can we please not invite him for the next episode? Is Anthony’s talent agency out of their minds? They released this guy and thought he could debut? You’ve all been watching Brother Yan’s screen and didn’t notice, but Anthony just followed those rats! Now, I have no idea where he went; it’s pitch dark, and you can’t see anything, but there’s a really loud noise that’s hurting my ears.]

[Emmm… If I tell you, Anthony is actually one of the main talents that their talent agency is promoting in the next batch. Don’t be fooled by how he looks now; where the camera can’t see, he’s sweet-talking people, making the female executives at the company think he’s talented. But what do you mean by “followed the rats”? Did he crawl into a rat hole?]

[It’s predicted that a large group of viewers will soon flock to watch Brother Yan’s split-screen. I just escaped from Anthony’s split-screen. Oh my goodness, it scared me to death. The one in the front is running fast. I only heard the sound and couldn’t see the picture. I don’t know; he seems to have run into a grave with the rats! My goodness, the lighting was already dark, and the split-screen camera automatically brightened up. When the camera swept past, wow! It looks a bit like the main hall Brother Yan visited before. I don’t understand folk customs at all, but there were those red and green statues inside, lined up. At first glance, I almost fainted. It’s not just that; there’s another group of people in red clothes shouting ‘repay the debt, repay the debt’ to Anthony. My goodness, I got goosebumps. I literally launched myself on my bed at home! I was saying earlier that I wanted to visit the Emperor’s tomb this year, but now I don’t want to! I never want to go near a grave again in my life!]

[It doesn’t seem like a grave, more like a Mountain God Temple on the ground, there’s another Mountain God Temple underground. And those people in red clothes in front… I didn’t mean to scare you, but those shouldn’t be humans; they look like scarecrows. Honestly, I seriously suspect something is wrong with Anthony. Has he been possessed by something? There was a moment when the camera shifted to Anthony’s face, and that face of his, it didn’t look like a human face! It looked like an animal’s, almost identical to the surrounding rat. And I don’t think those scarecrows are demanding debt repayment from Anthony; they are repaying a debt to Anthony. I captured that scene and posted it on my social media for anyone interested and brave enough to see.]

[Huh? This is making me so confused. Are you guys making up stories for a competition or something? There’s no need for that. I believe in the existence of ghosts or spirits; where do people’s souls go after they die if not? But possessed by rat? That sounds ridiculous. I’ve never seen anything like that around me. It must be fake, and making up stories to this extent is just outrageous.]

[…I don’t know if Anthony has been possessed or not, but I think your ‘I haven’t seen it, so it doesn’t exist’ perspective is problematic. I had never seen a ghost before watching this show. Does that mean ghosts don’t exist? And I just checked the social media of that guy; it really looks like a rat, the expression and movements, it’s almost identical.]

[I’m suffocating! I just ran back from the main screen, oh my god! It’s too scary! Please spare the camera from Rourou; it’s just a child; it shouldn’t be kicked into attending a ghost meeting!]

[Sobs sobs sobs, Brother Yan’s side looks somewhat normal. I’ve come back to life. Rourou, on the other hand, directly took the camera and ran with a group of red ghosts, following behind them, like a night parade of a hundred ghosts. It’s so eerie that I felt chills all over.]

[But don’t you guys feel that Rourou’s camera shots look somewhat familiar? I feel like it’s a bit like the courtyard in front of the main hall that Brother Yan went to just now. However, the camera is shaking too much, because I’m afraid, I didn’t watch it all at once. I would hide under the covers and watch a little bit, then use the blanket to cover my head and take a break before watching a little more. I don’t know if I missed any scenes with Brother Yan. There are ghosts everywhere in the camera! My goodness, there were several times when the camera got really close to those ghosts, and I was so scared that those ghosts might come out of the camera in the next moment.]

[Qiuqiu, please stop talking. I didn’t watch those two screens, and just hearing you guys talk about it is scaring me to death. Oh my god, my house is right next to a graveyard! Outside the window is a former burial site, and I’m home alone. I can’t stand it. The more you talk, the colder I feel. I quickly ran over to close the curtains and then rushed back to jump into bed and bury myself under the covers. Even hiding under the covers among my stuffed animals on the bed, I still feel so scared. What should I do?]

[Hey, you above, quickly become a Yan Mai! This way, Brother Yan can protect you. Then set a screenshot of Brother Yan as your screensaver, it’s very reassuring.]

Yan Shixun didn’t pay attention to the bickering of the people here but, after calming everyone’s emotions, he walked over to the male actor on the other side.

“What exactly happened to your injury? When did it happen? Do you have a clotting disorder? Can you tell me?” Yan Shixun glanced at the wound on the male actor’s ankle, which was still bleeding, and furrowed his brow.

Although the wound on the male actor’s ankle was not too large, it was somewhat deep but did not damage any major blood vessels. However, it continued to ooze blood, staining the medical bandage he had applied anew.

And at the male actor’s feet, there were several pieces of blood-stained bandages scattered around. It seemed that since the disappearance of the rats and their return to the room, the male actor had been trying to deal with his own injury, but it didn’t seem to have been very effective.

In the course of millions of years of evolution, the human body has excellent self-healing abilities. When a wound appears on the body, the blood clotting system is immediately activated to stop bleeding. Cases of bleeding to death, except for when the wound is too large or when there is an underlying clotting disorder, are very rare.

The edges of the wound on the male actor’s ankle were uneven, Yan Shixun could tell that it had been bitten by the rat. Still, he cautiously sought confirmation from the male actor.

This actor, whose name was Zhao Zhen, was a talented actor who hadn’t yet reached thirty but had been in the entertainment industry for over a decade. He had endured many hardships for the sake of acting in TV dramas and movies. Before he became famous, he had suffered many injustices on set, he was not a delicate person.

But at this moment, he was covered in cold sweat, extremely weak. Just sitting on the bed and bending over to tend to his wound had already made him laboriously display a pained expression.

Upon hearing Yan Shixun’s question, Zhao Zhen forced a smile and replied, “Thank you for your concern, Tour Guide Yan. I don’t have a clotting disorder, but for some reason, this bleeding just won’t stop. Everyone gave me the fast-acting hemostatic bandages from their backpacks, but they didn’t work. Maybe it’s because I ran too vigorously earlier, causing the blood vessels to rupture for the second time?”

Zhao Zhen licked his pale, chapped lips and looked in bad shape. Even his pupils seemed a bit dilated, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he went into shock and lost consciousness at any moment.

Yan Shixun noticed this and immediately reached out to support Zhao Zhen’s shoulder.

Zhao Zhen felt a warm sensation on his shoulder, and a strong and reassuring force immediately upheld his body. Warmth continued to flow into him, and it brought back his fading consciousness. His hands and feet, which had been cold and weak due to blood loss, gradually regained strength.

He couldn’t help but look in surprise at Yan Shixun, who was standing beside him.

This felt like something he had seen in TV dramas and documentaries, where Taoist priests and monks practiced some kind of inner power!

“Don’t think too much about it.”

Yan Shixun said, reading what Zhao Zhen wanted to say from his expression. He preemptively spoke, blocking the words Zhao Zhen was about to say, and said in a casual tone, “You really have quite an imagination for someone who has acted in period dramas. How about you try writing a martial arts novel next time? I’ve even come up with a pen name for you: ‘Golden Dragon.’”

Zhao Zhen chuckled awkwardly, not wanting to voice his earlier thoughts, especially with the curious gazes of the other guests on him.

Yan Shixun carefully examined Zhao Zhen’s wound, and indeed, the continuous bleeding wasn’t Zhao Zhen’s fault. The problem had to lie with the rat that had injured Zhao Zhen.

Although Yan Shixun hadn’t encountered the rats mentioned by the other guests, he had already realized from their descriptions that these were no ordinary rats. They grew to over a meter in height, displayed consciousness, and even attempted to break in through doors. These were not normal rats.

But seemed to have gained some kind of power, becoming supernatural creatures.

Therefore, the reason for Zhao Zhen’s unstoppable bleeding must be the malevolent aura carried by these rats. Unless this malevolent aura was eliminated, no matter what methods were used, Zhao Zhen’s wound would have no chance of stopping the bleeding.

But it’s precisely at times like these that all methods seem to fail…

Yan Shixun’s sharp eyebrows furrowed tightly, and for once, he felt a hint of difficulty.

The man who had been silently observing Yan Shixun stepped forward with long strides as if he had guessed what Yan Shixun originally intended to do. He spoke, “You can try again, Yan… Shixun.”

The man’s calm and deep voice carried certainty, “You should be skilled in exorcism and hemostasis spells. Right now, what’s lacking is the response from spirits and gods lending you their power. Try again, I promise you, this time, there will be a response from the spirits and gods.”

Yan Shixun turned around with a hint of skepticism to look at the man standing beside him. He didn’t outright reject the man’s proposal nor did he voice the questions in his mind: Why do you know what I want to do? How do you know the reason I am restricted here?

Instead, his lips moved slightly, but in the end, he didn’t ask those questions. He turned back to Zhao Zhen with a serious expression.

Indeed, Zhao Zhen’s injury could no longer be delayed. It was no longer a matter of insufficient medical supplies. Even if they immediately transferred Zhao Zhen to the best-equipped hospital, the bleeding would likely continue. Moreover, if they couldn’t promptly remove the evil aura and impurities attached to his wound, over time, the evil aura would enter his body. By then, even if they removed the evil aura from his body, his body would be seriously weakened, likely leaving behind lingering weakness and complications.

Zhao Zhen looked at Yan Shixun’s solemn expression and felt a bit uneasy. “Tour guide Yan, is there something wrong with my injury? Is it difficult to treat?”

“Don’t speak, close your eyes.”

Yan Shixun responded, his voice calm and devoid of extra emotions.

Yan Shixun slightly lowered his gaze, focusing on Zhao Zhen’s wound. He quickly adjusted his breathing, entering a state of single-mindedness, without distractions.

Tian Di Tai Xing, Ying Bian Xun Huan. Qu Xie Fu Gui, Bao Ming Hu Shen……

Syllable by syllable, Yan Shixun clearly muttered them in his gradually descending consciousness.

Before the syllables could dissipate into nothingness, a force suddenly surged from bottom to top, firmly supporting Yan Shixun’s descending consciousness and responding to him.

No, rather than a response, it felt more like a long-awaited reception.

Yan Shixun suddenly raised his eyes, there was a storm brewing in the depths of his gaze, a dark intensity.

It’s actually real…

That power surged into Yan Shixun’s meridians, allowing him to wield it at will.

Golden characters began to faintly appear in the air, forming a golden circle that shimmered with tiny, radiant specks of light around Yan Shixun’s well-defined wrist.

Zhao Zhen, who had initially closed his eyes to see what would happen, widened his eyes in amazement when he witnessed this scene up close, his face filled with disbelief.

“I-I-Is this… a projection? LED?”

Ignoring Zhao Zhen’s astonishment, Yan Shixun extended his slender hand, hovering it over Zhao Zhen’s wound, all the while silently reciting a warding-off evil incantation.

Expel malevolent forces, purify, and bring peace… Begone!

Suddenly, the wound that had been continuously oozing darkened blood came to an immediate halt.

And Zhao Zhen himself suddenly felt the previously heavy and oppressive feeling in his body dissipate in an instant. His legs, which had been so heavy he could barely lift them, suddenly felt lighter.

“T-Tour…. this, this…” Zhao Zhen pointed at his own wound, dumbfounded, temporarily unable to find words.

But it wasn’t just Zhao Zhen; although Yan Shixun appeared calm and indifferent on the surface, he was also secretly amazed.

He watched as Zhao Zhen frantically unraveled the bandages to inspect the wound. Not only had the bleeding stopped, but the flesh inside had returned to normal, with signs of scabbing. It now appeared to be nothing more than a negligible minor wound that would heal in a matter of days, requiring no concern whatsoever.

It was a world apart from the injury that had nearly caused Zhao Zhen to go into shock from blood loss just moments ago.

Yan Shixun’s eyes concealed turbulent waves. He slowly withdrew his hand and looked sidelong at the man standing beside him.

The reason there were various types of incantations, each designed for different scenarios with varying effects, and why even the pronunciation and intonation were crucial, was because the essence of these incantations lay in people borrowing the power of the gods from the four directions. They invoked the power of deities, ancestral sect masters, and forebears to intimidate spirits and demons or expel lingering impure forces from the body, making these supernatural entities feel fear.

The different contents of the incantations were akin to humans communicating with the gods, explaining their intentions and the desired outcomes they wanted to achieve. The gods of the four directions would then lend their power accordingly to help humans achieve their goals.

Yan Shixun speculated that the reason he couldn’t use his powers in the Mountain God Temple as he usually did was because this place was cut off from the world, and the rain was the means of isolation. This separation caused the temple to be disconnected from heaven and earth, making it impossible for his incantations to reach the heavens, and the local deities couldn’t lend their power to him.

However, he had clearly not uttered a healing spell just now, yet Zhao Zhen not only expelled the evil energy to prevent it from entering his body but also stopped the bleeding. The condition of this wound seemed as if all the healing spells had taken effect simultaneously.

Yan Shixun looked at the man with deep and guarded eyes, filled with caution and vigilance.

Who was this person? Why did he know so much and actually achieve it after he said it? Was he a direct disciple sent by some sect? No, the completeness of these spells didn’t seem like something a human could accomplish; it’s more like the direct intervention of a spirit or deity that’s originally responsible for lending power. Could this person have the strength to establish a sect and become a founding ancestor?

Which scenario was it?

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