I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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At the beginning, when these matters reached the Emperor’s ears, he just dismissed it with a laugh. But there were more people complaining, thus the Emperor started to have a headache. He wanted to lecture the Fourteenth Prince. However, when he saw that chubby flesh like a stuffed steamed bun’s face weeping and sobbing, looking like he’s been extremely wronged, he couldn’t harden his heart and do it.

It has to be said that Ming Yu inherited the exquisite facial features of Empress Yuan. Later, he was nourished to become white and fat. If there was no foolishness, he would be extremely likable. The Emperor once joked that his Fourteenth son’s face was of good fortune and one that had good blessing. As a result, he could not be beaten or scolded. In the end, he couldn’t reprimand or punish him at all.

Those people suffered a loss, and the Emperor deliberately shielded him. Since there was nothing they could do, they could only break a tooth and swallow their blood. Since nothing could be done to him, they could only stay far away from this little lunatic who couldn’t be reasoned with. Therefore, Ming Yu’s reputation for being domineering, stingy, stupid and crazy was spread.

But Ming Yu didn’t mean to take it back in the slightest, and continued his own way of doing things as before. Because of this, Ming Yu was notorious for his misdeeds, and everyone in the capital knew of it. The Emperor also didn’t have any methods to deal with him. In the end, at the suggestion of Imperial Concubine Shu, when he came of age, they quickly started to arrange a territory for the Fourteenth Prince. Sending him far away like this, it would be out of sight out of mind. This would avoid having him make troubles, cause disturbances, and make people feel as though their head could explode, which would be good for everyone. 

Now that it had been decided, it was put on the agenda. But in the end, it was his own son and the second son of Empress Yuan. In addition to the fact that Ming Yu was a little stupid, having him manage a territory far away wouldn’t put him at ease. If it was too poor it would be failing Empress Yuan. Therefore, he thought of arranging a piece of land nearby the capital city for him to play with. If there were any problems, he, this Emperor, would be able to settle everything for him on time, right?

The land near the capital city was extremely expensive, and the fields were fertile. Even having a small piece of that land, would be like falling into a fortune nest. Many people were jealous when they heard the news, and Imperial Concubine Shu even tore off several pieces of handkerchiefs. For what reason can a foolish prince have such a good territory? 

Just when the Emperor had already decided, Ming Yu suddenly went crazy and didn’t want the Emperor to arrange his paradise land for him. He pointed to the westernmost piece of land on the map and said: He doesn’t want his territory anywhere else, it had to be here.

His stupid son probably couldn’t read a map, right? So, he just pointed to a place and decided on it. The Emperor tried to explain to him clearly. He, himself, had a fatherly heart, and he did that for the good of this stupid son. This was for the future of this stupid son, so he could sleep soundly without any worries. However, Ming Yu was determined not to listen. He did not listen, no matter what good things had been said. He ignored everything. He showed his attitude, stating clearly that either he would make his own territory there on the map, or don’t give a territory to him at all. He can just stay and play freely in the palace.

This stupid son, who was unmoved by force or persuasion, made the Emperor blow his beard and stare angrily. How could any of his other sons dare to make trouble in front of him? Didn’t each and every one of them keep silent out of fear? Only this stupid son, he really could do nothing about him. Sometimes, he really wished he could just personally ruthlessly beat him up with his hands, but he was a monarch under the heavens. Thus, he needed to have manners and couldn’t bother to argue with this foolish son. After doing countless psychological construction, to accept what was previously unacceptable, the Emperor finally compromised. That’s it, fine. A grown up son doesn’t need his dad anymore, so he could only comply with him. Pity his fatherly compassion that no one would feel grateful for.

Imperial concubine Shu smiled until she couldn’t close the corners of her mouth when she heard of this matter. A fool was a fool, haha, don’t want to be put in a good place, but unexpectedly chose Liangcheng. What place is Liangcheng? It was desolate and in the chaos of war, even criminals were unwilling to go into exile there, yet the fool wants to make his own territory there? She was afraid that when he went there, he wouldn’t have a chance to return.

It wasn’t just imperial concubine Shu. In less than half a day, the news spread from inside the palace to outside the palace, all over the capital. Some clapped their hands and quickly applauded, some sighed and lamented, while most of them watched with amusement as he made a fool of himself. A fool was a fool, even if it was a prince. There are not many people who were this foolish to rush to death.

Ming Yu didn’t care about all of this at all. Now that he had succeeded his own intention, he was satisfied. As for what he thought and why he chose this place, he had to say that it was from this novel in his hand, “The History of the Great Yan”. What do ordinary people know? What’s so good about land near the capital? Prosperity is good, but isn’t it only if you have the ability to keep it? Even if the Emperor could somewhat watch over him, the Emperor can’t take care of him for a lifetime, right? When the time comes, wouldn’t he just become the meat on the cutting board of others, to get trampled on? But Liangcheng in the west was different. In the eyes of others, it was a land of turmoil and chaos of war. But in his eyes, it was the only entrance to the Silk Road and, naturally, the lifeline of the economy! Even if there was nothing now, it doesn’t mean that there will be none in the future.

That’s why presently there was the scene where hundreds of them were now marching towards the west.

Ming Yu stretched and extended his long body, kneading his shoulders and arms that were aching all over. Although the carriage was very comfortable and the thick mattress was soft, he couldn’t stand the shakes when staying in it for a long time.

In due course, there was movement outside the carriage, and a voice made a report: “Reporting to Your Highness, it is getting late, and there is a village ahead. Should we go there and camp for the night?”

When Ming Yu heard the voice, he knew that it was the guard leader, Mo Jiang. Mo Jiang was chosen carefully by the Emperor to protect him. Needless to say, the most important thing was absolute loyalty and the ability to absolutely obey the command.  

Ming Yu lifted the carriage’s curtain and looked at the sky. It was indeed not early anymore, so he readily followed the good advice: “All right, Commander Mo can do as you please.” Mo Jiang could be regarded as very familiar with marching, fighting, camping, and so on. He was just merely an amateur, how can an amateur command an expert? Therefore, these matters were all arranged by Commander Mo throughout the whole journey.

Mo Jiang had already figured out Ming Yu’s temperament during these days of interaction, and it was not strange that Ming Yu said such a thing. He had also heard of the reputation of the Fourteenth Prince before. Originally, he thought he was an unreasonable, arrogant and willful person. He didn’t expect that there wasn’t a bit of resemblance to the rumor when interacting with him, instead he was very easy to talk to.

Since the Fourteenth Prince had already said that, it was left to his sole discretion.

Mo Jiang took the order and arranged for the scouts to go to the village to inquire. He had to be careful to ensure the safety of the Fourteenth Prince, especially the closer one got to the western boundary, the more one had to be vigilant. After all, this place was not one of peace and security. It was often invaded by barbarians. 

Although the Great Yan troops were stationed here, they still had to be on guard against the large-scale barbarians troops. There were also a small portion of the barbarians who would escape the eyes of the Great Yan’s stationed troops in the form of small groups and sneak into the interior, burning, killing and looting the local common people. They always appeared and disappeared unpredictably like a ghost, coming and going like the wind. Thus, it was really impossible to defend effectively. The Great Yan’s troops also had nothing they could do to them. It was the most troublesome headache. 

After a while, the scout came back. His face was a little pale, and he reported to Mo Jiang what he had seen and heard.

The more Mo Jiang listened, the more grave his complexion became. His heart thumped. It seemed that what he was worried about was coming quickly now. He thought about it, then decided to look at the situation first before going to look for the Fourteenth Prince.

“What?” Ming Yu’s face changed after hearing Mo Jiang’s report. “Let’s go over and take a look.”

“I’m afraid it’s dangerous here. Your Majesty, this subordinate wants to send someone to the garrison to come and protect you. What does Your Highness think?” Mo Jiang asked worriedly.

Ming Yu had already jumped out of the carriage. He frowned slightly when he heard this, then finally shook his head, “Here we have reached the boundary of Liangzhou. The garrison can protect us for a while, but not for a lifetime. We have to survive steadily in this place in the future and only have ourselves to rely on. So, why should we do more than required, and trouble other people?”

“However, those barbarians, they are cruel and savage by nature. Your Highness’s golden body, if something happens, this…” Mo Jiang was not at ease. Especially after seeing the tragic situation on the scene, he was even more worried. It didn’t matter what happened to them, but if something happened to the Fourteenth Prince, none of the hundreds of them would be able to get away. They might even implicate their family members.

Ming Yu thought for a while, shook his head, and said soothingly: “We may not necessarily come across them, even if we do, I heard that the small portion of enemies that do invade are no more than a few tens to a hundred people. Our guards, in any case, are around five hundred people. It is impossible to be scared of that many barbarians, right?”

Mo Jiang’s face was reddened by these words. To be honest, he was really worried about this bit. Hearsay, although the number of barbarians who invaded were small, each and every one of them were vicious and merciless. If they met, these capital guards, who had never seen the blood of a real fight, may not have ample strength. 

“Your Highness….”

Mo Jiang wanted to continue to persuade him, but Ming Yu waved his hand, “Needless to say, Commander Mo will lead the way. Let’s go observe the village first.”

Mo Jiang had originally planned to persuade the Fourteenth Prince not to go there, but now hearing Ming Yu’s unconcerned words, he had a second thought, then did not prevent it. Maybe it was not a bad thing for him to see it in person. Maybe the Fourteenth Prince would change his mind after seeing it?

Recalling that cruel scene, Mo Jiang pursed his lips and a flash of anger flashed in his eyes. Although everyone in the capital heard that the barbarians were savage, cruel and brutal, these descriptions were too mild. Since no one had genuinely seen their means of doing things, they naturally couldn’t imagine this kind of scenery. However, the scenes he saw, he’s afraid that he would not want to see it again in this life. It was no wonder that when the scout came back to report, his complexion was pale. Even for himself, when he first saw it, at that time, his heart was overturning seas and rivers (overwhelmed). 

Thinking of this, Mo Jiang hurriedly ordered dozens of personal guards. Then he stepped forward to lead the way.

The village was some distance away. Ming Yu and the others had walked for a long time before reaching their destination. At first glance, the village was in a dilapidated condition. After a while, there was a faint smell of blood coming from the air.

Ming Yu frowned. He lifted his foot and walked in.

“Your Highness!” Mo Jiang yelled. When Ming Yu looked over, Mo Jiang reminded him: “If Your Highness really wants to go in, it’s better to be prepared.”

Ming Yu was silent. He closed his eyes, what kind of bad thing could it be? He clenched his fists and walked in, resolutely.

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