I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Although he had made psychological preparations, Ming Yu was still shocked when he saw the scene in the village. What kind of purgatory was this?

There was blood everywhere, corpses in all directions. No matter whether it was an elderly man in his 70s or 80s or a child of two or three years old, none of them escaped.

It had been several days and the bloodstains had dried up and turned black, while the corpses were already rotten and smelly. Several vultures hovered high in the sky, staring at the corpses on the ground.

Ming Yu’s eyes were red. For the first time in his life, he felt anger that overflowed his chest. These were not humans at all, they were worse than beasts. He clenched his fist tightly, his nails were already deeply pinched into his palms, but he didn’t feel the pain as he should. He took a deep breath, then looked up at the gloomy sky. He felt heavy, pressure that made him unable to breathe.

“Your Highness, are you okay?” Mo Jiang couldn’t bear to see Ming Yu look like this. The Fourteenth Prince, who had always been in the palace and been pampered, how could he ever see such a bloody scene? He really shouldn’t have let him come over. Mo Jiang felt a little regretful in his heart.

After getting along with the Fourteenth Prince for quite a long time, he learned that this white, fat and soft bun-like figure was actually the most kindhearted person. Although there were many things he seemed to be very ignorant about, as long as he understands it, he can deduce many things from one case. He was much smarter than the average person. He didn’t know why everyone would say that the Fourteenth Prince was a fool. 

To be honest, Ming Yu grew up in a stable environment in the later generations without any disturbances. He had never seen a chicken being killed before, at most, he had seen such scenes in movies and TV shows. However, everyone knew that those were fake. But these scenes before his eyes were real. There was a bloody and rancid smell around the tip of his nose, and his eyes were filled with black and red colors. All of this was real.

Only then did Ming Yu come back to his senses. He shook his head with a pale complexion, “Commander Mo, you go and cover them.” Having it like this, with no one to look over, isn’t a plan. Since we came across them, then we can at least give these people a place to rest. 

Mo Jiang agreed. Ming Yu couldn’t stay anymore at this time. He turned and returned to the entrance of the village. He was about to go back to the carriage and calm down, when he saw smoke and dust billowing not far away. 

Mo Jiang also saw it. There were dozens of horsemen and horses coming here. His heart was raised. It was not clear whether this was an enemy or a friend. If the barbarians who killed the villager returns, how can this be good?

“Your Highness, these people, we don’t know if they are friends or enemies. Your servant here will protect you, please hurry and leave here.” Mo Jiang said anxiously. The guards who came were only a few dozen people. If they came across those barbarians, he was afraid that they couldn’t thoroughly protect the Fourteenth Prince. 

Ming Yu also thought of Mo Jiang’s worries. He had already seen the ferocity of those barbarians, and he was probably not their opponent. However, these people came too fast. They were just small figures in the smoke, but they seemed to arrive in front of them in the blink of an eye.

It was too late. Mo Jiang shouted: “Everyone, stand guard! Take precautions!”

As soon as the voice fell, the guards protected Ming Yu in groups. Ming Yu was a little speechless. This formation, wouldn’t he become a living target? The enemies would know who’s the most important person to target at a glance! 

Ming Yu didn’t have time to say anything. Dozens of riders had already gathered around him. Ming Yu could see clearly that these people wore red-clothes and silver-armour, everyone was full of strong killing intent. 

“Who are you people?” The incoming young military commander held his whip in his hand and asked Ming Yu and the others guardedly.

Mo Jiang saw the visitor clearly and was relieved. He took two steps forward and asked: “Are you from the Red Robe Cavalry?”

As soon as he said this, the surrounding guards were all pleasantly surprised. They looked at each other. What did their commander just say? Red Robe Army? Is it really the Red Robe Army who was here? Everyone’s eyes were all shining with the light of worship. Ming Yu thought that if it were not for them having a mission at hand, surely they would have already rushed forward and asked for an autograph like a fan. He really didn’t expect that just a name can make people excited like this.

Ming Yu looked at Mo Jiang. Along the way, he heard Mo Jiang say that the most aggressive troops in Liangzhou was the Red Robe Cavalry, cultivated and led by the general Xie Yixiu. This mere army of 5,000 troops were invincible, and the only existence that had the ability to make the enemy hear their wind and lose their gall, fleeing at the mere sight of them. If it weren’t for this cavalry, the barbarians would be even more unscrupulous, and today’s Liangzhou city would have fallen into the enemy’s hand long ago.

It was precisely because of this that the Red Robe Army’s fame spread far and wide and was known to everyone. Moreover, the leader of this army, Xie Yixiu, was a legendary figure. He was the general that all the common people in the Great Yan Kingdom respected. Even more, the Emperor bestowed him the title of the Battle General. From this, it could be seen that he had both honor and glory.

At this moment, it seemed that the spirit front of this Red Robe Army was indeed different. Looking at the Red Robe Army who were all still sitting straight on their horses covered all over in stern and solemn air, then looking at the trembling guards around his ankles, Ming Yu really couldn’t bear to look. These people could be said to be among the elites among his guards, and were carefully chosen to come here. Comparing the two, it is indeed comparing oneself to others will only make one angry. (not everyone has their own strengths, do not blindly compare, otherwise it will be mediocrity, learn to be content and happy) 

The young military commander overlooked them and sized them up and down. He asked, “Who are you people? Why are you here?” This time, his tone had become much better.

Mo Jiang glanced at Ming Yu. When he saw him nod lightly, he clasped his fists and gave a soldierly courtesy, “I am the commander of the Imperial Guard’s Left Guard, Mo Jiang. Today, I am escorting His Highness Duan Wang to the territory of Liangzhou City. We passed by here and came to have a look.”

“Duan Wang?” The young military commander thought for a moment, then in a flash, he remembered he heard people mention it a few days ago. It seemed that there was indeed a prince who had been entrusted to Liangzhou. Hearing them speak, this Fourteenth Prince was a fool. In fact, what they said was right. If he were not stupid, who would want this Liangzhou as their territory? He looked around, and his gaze was fixed on Ming Yu’s body, carrying a little doubt. So, this one, is it?

“You mean the Fourteenth Prince?”

Mo Jiang nodded, “That’s right.” After speaking, he showed his identity card.

The young military commander looked at the identification card carefully, then let down his guard. He jumped down from the horse, and cupped his fists and greeted Ming Yu, “Your Highness, please rest assured. This humble self is Ji You, a direct subordinate soldier under General Xie. This humble self is wearing armous, thus, it’s inconvenient to prepare the royal courtesy for you now. Hoping Your Highness can forgive me.” 

Ming Yu smiled and waved his hand. He was losing patience with these kinds of cupping fists and bowing down courtesy. This manner was actually better, “You don’t need to be over courteous. What are you guys doing here?”

The young military commander, Ji You, didn’t expect Ming Yu to be so easygoing, so he was taken aback for a moment, then he spoke his purpose for coming here.

It turned out that they received news that a small group of barbarians had invaded, looted, and slaughtered several villages already. They tracked it all the way, and arrived here at last. He spat a mouthful of saliva hatefully, “D*mn it, these bast*rds! Wait until Laozi catches up and arrests them! I will certainly peel off their skins, break down their bones, and drink their blood!”

He said what everyone was feeling in their hearts. Indeed, those deranged people, even if their bones were broken and shattered into dust, their anger still wouldn’t be dissolved. 

Ming Yu heard that several villages had already been slaughtered like this, and he was anxious in his heart. Afraid that the delay would cause even greater losses, he hurriedly said: “Then why don’t you guys hurry and follow their trail now. Otherwise, even a step later, I’m afraid that more people will suffer.”

Ji You didn’t seem to be worried. He smiled confidently: “Your Highness Duan Wang doesn’t need to worry too much. Our general has already anticipated the possible escape routes of these people, and we have divided our troops to chase and block them already, so none of these bast*rds will be able to escape.”

He had 100% confidence in their General Daren*. Since their General Daren had already said to take these bast*rds for sacrifice flags (kill them), then certainly they would not be able to run away. This is because he had never seen General Daren have a slip of the tongue before. A debt of blood must be paid in blood, how could their Great Yan Kingdom be easily bullied?

(Daren: word of addressing high-ranking people.)

When these words were spoken, everyone put down their hearts a bit. General Xie was a well-known and always victorious general. Thus, he would never shoot without aim. If the barbarian invaders can be wiped out in one fell swoop in the future, they also would not have to worry about the safety of the Fourteenth Prince.

In fact, this kind of small group of barbarians was not enough for the Red Robe Army to set out for. Only because of the matter with His Highness Duan Wang coming to the territory, the prefectural magistrate of the Liangzhou prefecture was so worried, he nearly turned his whole head of hair white. Why did this little ancestor have to choose Liangzhou as his territory? It was well known that this place was not peaceful, and if His Highness Duan Wang met with any unexpected misfortune, he must also be held responsible.

After thinking about it, he found the frontier garrison Great General Wei to consult with. Duan Wang absolutely cannot have anything happen to him. The prince’s golden body, if there was a little damage, they, the officials will also be met with the end.

The highest civil and marital official of this Liangzhou land also cursed in silence, endlessly in his heart. He really didn’t know what that foolish prince was thinking. Not properly staying at the central plain, but come running to this place to throw his life away? If you want to die, don’t drag other people down with you! 

After a round of discussion, they could only decide to send troops and horses to protect him as soon as Duan Wang entered the boundary of Liangzhou. However, before they could act, they already received a letter from Duan Wang, saying that there was no need to instruct the army to move. They had five hundred guards, so there was no need to bother the local garrison.

Dang! Sure enough, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. This place was the borderland and fights can occur at any time. Did they think they were here to see the scenery? The two of them had not finished complaining, but just at this moment, they received a report from their subordinates saying that a small group of barbarians had invaded. These two people felt as though their heads could explode. If they didn’t deal with this properly and these barbarians met with Duan Wang’s troops, thinking of this outcome, a feeling of sorrow and distress rose in their hearts. 

Great General Wei decisively ordered Xie Yixiu to be summoned, so that General Xie could wipe out this small group of barbarians.

To dispatch the Red Robed Army for such a small group of barbarian invaders, it should have been overkill. Their Red Robed Cavalry and the barbarian cavalry fought a tough battle. The previous small group of barbarians could be resolved by just dispatching a troop from the garrison on the frontier. Even if they were met with strong resistance, they can be driven out by sending out more troops. Xie Yixiu squinted slightly, rubbing his index finger with his thumb, as if he was weighing something. He did not agree or say he wouldn’t agree.

Great General Wei had no choice but to tell the whole story. This Xie Yixiu was the general he relied on most. He had the ability to lead military operations with extraordinary skill. His great name resounded through Suixi Kingdom at a young age. Hearsay, the people of Suixi Kingdom can stop their children from crying by scaring their children with his name.

Facing this important subordinate general, Great General Wei did not dare to fool around. He promised a lot of benefits, only then did General Xie relaxed and accepted the task. Therefore, the group of subordinates from the Red Robe Army who were following the barbarians’ trail came across Ming Yu.

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