I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 23

Chapter 23

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Ming Yu smiled and shook his head, “Hey! Why is there a need for real swords and spears? It’s just practice, it’s already enough not to overdo it.”

Ming Yu spoke of the overall situation of his idea of practice. Xie Yixiu listened quite seriously, and thought of the feasibility of this matter. The more he listened, the more he became suspicious and bewildered.

He had previously known of Duan Wang’s peculiar way of thinking from Ji You and their letters. There were a lot of things inside their training camp that were unheard of before. After these days of observation from Ji You, these training items were indeed very useful to train the body’s potential.

This method could make the commoners who couldn’t distinguish between left and right to quickly create the formation in a month’s time. And their mannerism after training was basically like a whole different person compared to before. This was just a month or so! If they train for several years, he believed this would definitely become an army full of elite soldiers and strong generals.

Before that, he had never believed that there was such a rapid way to form an army in this world. Since ancient times, even those experts in the art of war, respected by people all around the world, have not had such a great method of training soldiers.

Xie Yixiu absolutely did not believe that the smiling, ill-intentioned Duan Wang in front of him could have this ability. So who is the divine person behind him, a person who is capable of having this kind of skill and not of high reputation? It’s certain that he was not a person who can be manipulated at will, but how can this person be nameless and be willing to hide behind others?

Xie Yixiu was overthinking, and only thought that what Ming Yu was saying just now was also from a written script made by the person behind his back. Now, he was all the more certain of the suspicion in his heart and was determined to find the person in hiding.

With this kind of thought, Xie Yixiu was not in a hurry, and made up his mind to feign civility with Ming Yu. He would have to come in contact with him more in the future to observe, maybe he might be able to find the person behind the scene. He was worried that he could not find an excuse for it, but now that Ming Yu had raised his proposal, he quickly blurted out his agreement.

“Yi?” Regarding Xie Yixiu’s frank and straightforward answer without additional conditions, Ming Yu felt somewhat incredulous. He opened his two eyes wide, looking him up and down.

Xie Yixiu was a little uncomfortable with his gaze. Among all the king’s horses and men, he could maintain a calm expression showing his impressive display of manpower, as motionless as the mountain. However, when he came into contact with Ming Yu’s bright eyes, his face unexpectedly turned slightly warm and a bit stiff.

He bowed his head, restrained his expression, and did not dare to look at that person. He only reached out and took a sip of the tea on the table to hide the slight uneasiness in his heart.

“That’s good! Then, that’s settled between us.” Ming Yu was afraid that this person would take back his words, so he made the final decision at once.

“Since that’s the case, would Wangye mind if Chen goes to take a look at your training camp?” Xie Yixiu deliberately asked.

It was best to take a look at it personally. With this way of thinking and seeing an opportunity, he decided to take advantage of it. Even if Wangye didn’t agree, he can also think of other methods. No matter what, he had to examine it clearly.  

Ming Yu’s peach blossom eyes shone brightly, and he replied very straightforwardly, “Of course! It’s a blessing for them to have General Xie honor them with your presence and guidance. This is their blessing and something they can’t even beg for.”

Xie Yixiu, who was still thinking about how to persuade the other party to agree, did not expect that he would agree so happily. The speeches prepared in his heart were useless for a moment. He was stunned for a while before resuming his indifferent appearance, but in his heart he couldn’t figure it out. If something abnormal happens, could this be counted as a military secret? Easily agreeing to letting other people go ahead and look, does this Duan Wang just not mind or does he still have some other scheme? However, when he inquired and learned about this person, it seemed he had always done things without following any ordinary course of events. So, is he secure in his backing? He narrowed his eyes slightly, looking towards Ming Yu with a somewhat complicated mood. Nevertheless, he was also shaken up by Ming Yu’s bright and shiny eyes.

Seeing that it was already late today, the two agreed to visit the training camp in three days, and discussed the next cooperation matters in the passing. Based on the united friendly attitude and cooperation, the two can be regarded as talking extremely joyously. In the end, Ming Yu reluctantly sent Xie Yixiu out.

Settled on his horse, Xie Yixiu gripped the reins, turned back to look at Mingyu, then having some thoughts, he galloped away.

Ming Yu waved his sleeve at Xie Yixiu, who was leaving, and when he saw he had gone far already, he also breathed a sigh of relief. Sure enough, it is difficult to deal with a big shot. But with his silver tongue, is there anything that can’t be done?

As long as they have the opportunity to practice for the first time, will they be afraid there will be no second time? He just wanted to use this most powerful Red Robed Army to train his army. By the time the guard camp matures rapidly, when that moment comes, their army will be quite useful. At that time, will he still have to go and beg the Red Robe Army to come and help? Hey! General Xie Yixiu, so what if he’s the War General that everyone respects? Wasn’t he still caught up in his scheme, humph! Little guy!

However, before he could be pleased with himself for long, he recalled his promise to get a good and precious horse, then his heart began to throb with pain. This was really a big price. Thinking about it, those precious horses were not something an average person could play and raise in the later generations.

The confrontation between the two seems to be on par, and neither of them can do anything to one another. Ming Yu obviously lost a lot, but Ming Yu was not a character who can suffer losses. He had already made up his mind. However much he loses now, he will definitely have it compensated when the time comes.

While walking and thinking on the way back to the hall, he didn’t go too far before a small figure jumped out of the path next to the road, startling Ming Yu.

The little figure saw Ming Yu and quickly bent down and knelt in the middle of the road. Ming Yu was stunned. Who is this? Before he could ask, the little figure kowtowed, “Ah Bing greets Wangye.” He learned the practice of his subordinates in the mansion and gave Ming Yu a salute. 

These past days living inside the prince’s mansion was simply like living in an immortal palace in story books. There was no beating or scolding, and he no longer had to starve. Everyone here treated him very well, and they taught him a lot of things.

“Ah Bing?” Ming Yu looked carefully, and only then did he recognize that this child was the little boy who had stolen bread and startled his horse when he first entered Liangcheng. Nowadays, this child was already a different person from that time. At that time, he had left him in Qing Ping’s care. It seems that Qingping was very dedicated. In a short period of time, this child was not thin and weak anymore, but also grew a lot taller.

Ming Yu led him up and smiled, “Ah Bing, what are you doing here?”

At first, Ah Bing was still a little uneasy. It was this person who saved him, allowing Elder Sister Qingping to take care of him, give him food, and clothes to keep himself warm. He heard the people in the mansion say that this person was the prince from the capital, but he was not the same as the white-bearded and fierce looking prince he had seen on the stage at all.

The beautiful brother in front of him who was smiling tenderly and warmly made it difficult for him to connect him to the fiend princes on the stage play. Anyways, no matter what, this big brother in front of him was a good person.

Due to Ming Yu’s gentle smiling expression, Ah Bing’s perturbed heart finally calmed down, “Ah Bing, Ah Bing…” He looked up at the person in front of him and gritted his teeth: “Ah Bing wants to learn the skill of killing the barbarians like the guard brothers.” ”

Ming Yu was stunned for a moment and said softly, “Why?”

Ah Bing clenched his fists tightly, “The people in the village, my father, mother, brothers and sisters are all dead. They were killed by the barbarians, I want to learn the skills to kill the enemy to avenge them.” ”

He saw the barbarians on horseback with his own eyes, roaring with laughter, then raising their knives and blades to chop down towards the running villagers. Running forward, they used the horse’s hooves to trample on children’ heads.

He hid in the underbrush in the distance, watching helplessly as one familiar person after another collapsed. The village head, brother in law, third uncle of the Li family, Uncle Zhou, and the little brave young boys that he played with… He was so frightened that he fainted, and when he woke up, those people were all gone without a trace. The village was in a bloodbath and his parents were also collapsed to the ground holding his brother and sister, with long cuts made by blades on their bodies.

Since then, he had no home and drifted about all over the place until he met the man in front of him in Liangcheng.

Looking at Ah Bing’s reddened eyes, Ming Yu couldn’t help but sigh. He reached out and rubbed the top of his head, “You are still young. Now, you just have to learn to read properly, and become a useful person in the future. The Great Yan’s soldiers will help you avenge your parents’ enmity.”

This kind of small child, how could he let him be blinded by hatred?

The top of Ah Bing’s head was caressed by a warm hand, a warm current surged into his heart. He looked towards Ming Yu firmly with his eyes, “Elder Brother Wangye, I have grown up already. I have heard the guard brothers say that Elder Brother Wangye can teach them the skill of killing enemies. I beg you, please, I can also learn. Moreover, I will definitely learn well.”

“This…” Ming Yu was in a difficult situation. He was still a child, he should be carefree without worries and acting spoiled in front of his parents, yet he has to endure the pain and suffering that he shouldn’t at his age.

When Ah Bing saw that he did not agree, he fell to his knees with a thud and kowtowed continuously, “Elder Brother Wangye, Ah Bing begs you.”

Ming Yu wanted to pull him up, but he refused to comply no matter what, a appearance of not getting up if Ming Yu didn’t agree to his request. Ming Yu was helpless, so he had no choice but to say: “You get up first, let Ben Wang think. It’s best to have a method that would satisfy both ways.” Speaking of this, he looked at Ah Bing’s stubborn expression and couldn’t help but laugh: “Alright, alright. Since it’s like this, how about Ben Wang help you find a powerful master to teach you the skills?”

Ah Bing was still a little unsatisfied, what powerful master. Could he be as powerful as Elder Brother Wangye? He heard the mansion guards say that Commander Mo was already the most powerful person among them, but Commander Mo had told him that Elder Brother Wangye was the most powerful one. He was able to teach the guards a lot of skills to kill the enemy. Since this is the case, Elder Brother Wangye must be the most powerful person, right? Thus, he deliberately waited here today to seize the opportunity to make his own request to Elder Brother Wangye.

Ming Yu did not know his position in Ah Bing’s heart. Since Ah Bing was determined to learn the skill, then what he will learn should not be just the method to kill the enemy, but to cultivate his military strategy, the art of war and tactics. In the future, he can grow up to be like General Xie… He remembered the first time he saw Xie Yixiu, that cold disposition of the Red Robed General mounted on the horse while giving out orders. En! it’s decided then.

Since Ah Bing followed him, he had to spare all efforts to cultivate him well. In the future, he can become his left wing and right arm and then he himself would also be able to take things a lot easier.  

After finishing appeasing Ah Bing, he stepped into the backyard.

After he entered the hall, he saw that Qingping had already commanded her subordinates to start preparing dinner. Ming Yu stopped, frowned, pondered, then immediately ordered his subordinates to ask Bu Atan to come and discuss things.

QingPing, who was directing the people to spread the dishes, heard his orders and obviously disapproved of it. She advised him at once: “Wangye, it’s already late today. Wouldn’t it be better to leave whatever matter it is to discuss tomorrow instead?”

Seeing General Xie today has delayed his timing, it was now early evening when lanterns started to lit. If Wangye still had to discuss things with others, will he be able to sleep tonight?

However, Ming Yu couldn’t wait any longer, he was now short of money. He still had debts, and if he didn’t put things in place as soon as possible, he wouldn’t feel at ease in his heart. Even if he had to rest, he still couldn’t sleep! Moreover, it was still early now, most young people in the later generations would only sleep in the middle of the night.

Ming Yu insisted, so how could his subordinates dare to say anything? The little boy servants hurriedly went away and Qing Ping sighed helplessly. She had no choice but to do her utmost to take care of His Highness to have him eat more stuff. It seems that coming to Liangzhou not that long ago, the originally plump Royal Highness has already become thin now. If he continued like this, she was afraid that she would have to die to make up for it.

Ming Yu did not understand the twists and turns in Qingping’s heart. There was something in his heart, and he couldn’t eat the food, so he hurriedly pulled a few bites and pushed the bowl away. Qingping with her swift eyes and quick hands, scooped an extra bowl of ginseng soup for him, persuading him to drink.

Not long after dinner, he heard the report that Bu Atan had requested to see him.

Bu Atan was already ready to rest when he saw the people sent by Duan Wangye. They came to pass on the news of Wangye’s summon. How could he mind anything? He told his wife to rest first, and he hurriedly went out.  

When he arrived at the doorway, he suddenly remembered something. He turned back, rummaged through the boxes and cabinets to find a small green cloth bag, tucked it into his sleeve, and then walked out with a peace of mind.

Once he entered the mansion, Wangye immediately called him. After the respectful salute, Ming Yu smiled, sat down, and started to talk.

“Ben Wang summoned you through the night, I hope the madam isn’t angry.” Ming Yu took a sip of tea and casually made a joke.

“How could that be, Wangye really knows how to crack a joke.” Bu Ah Tan, this crude and wild man unexpectedly blushed at Ming Yu’s joke.

Ming Yu was in a very good mood, and at this time, he no longer teased him. He directly got onto the main topic, “The reason I summoned you today is to tell you that the matter of the caravan’s goods has been settled.”

Bu Atan was overjoyed by this, “Wangye, is this true?” He didn’t expect that the goods of the caravan that he was struggling to get together unexpectedly would be ready so quickly.

But thinking about it, who is this person? He’s the grand prince of the Great Yan! Is there anything that he couldn’t do? His decision at that time was indeed, very correct. Leaning against a great tree will allow him to enjoy the shade. With this golden thigh to hug, in the future, won’t he just have to follow after him and benefit from the profit?

Ming Yu smiled, “They are all placed in the mansion’s warehouse and they can be taken over at any time. It’s just that, has your caravan been set up?”

Bu Atan was very excited. When he heard Ming Yu’s question, he nodded. Wangye had entrusted him with the task of forming a caravan, which had been prepared for so long and almost done now. But… He hesitated for a moment before speaking out, “Reporting to Wangye, the caravan has been formed and it’s almost done, but there’s one thing… theres some difficulties. ”

Ming Yu sat up straight, and listened solemnly, “What is it?.”

Bu Atan organized his words, “Wangye, during the previous peaceful years, the caravan did not need too many manpower, as long as the people were enough, they only needed to depend on the situation to ask some bodyguards to escort them. But now it is not the same as before. Not to mention other things, but even the bandits around Liangzhou territory are already swarming like flies. It is impossible without bodyguards.”

Ming Yu was baffled, “What’s so hard about this? If you need bodyguards, you can directly go and find them. All the expense and so on, you can come to the mansion to get the money for it.”

Bu Atan smiled, shook his head, and said, “It’s not a matter of money, rather, it’s difficult to find someone who can take up this job in Liangcheng these days. Any person who learns that we were going to escort the caravan towards the west would shake their heads, expressing their unwillingness to go. It was because thieves and bandits were rampant. Losing goods was a trivial matter, but a moment of carelessness could lead one to lose their life.”

It is precisely because of this risk, almost no one dared to set up a caravan for business in these past few years. Originally, he was hot-headed, threw caution to the wind and was going to take this risk out of desperation. Unexpectedly, he ran into Wangye, who also wanted to take part in it. Now that there was Duan Wangye’s influence, it was no longer a small scale caravan. This kind of big caravan, there will be more than a few people who will keep an eye on it. In this way, it was too conspicuous, he was afraid that it would be difficult to go smoothly.

Ming Yu understood Bu Atan’s worries, this was indeed a problem. The caravan had no guards, this was no different from sending meat buns at dogs. Wouldn’t he be busy in vain just to make a wedding dress for others?

Ming Yu frowned, and the excitement just now was splashed with a basin of cold water, immediately cooling down. That won’t do, he had been planning this for so long, and it was all up to this caravan to make him money. If the caravan could not make it, all his plans would fail.

“Is there no other way? It still won’t do even if you hire the guards at a high price? ”

Bu Atan shook his head in embarrassment, “There are wars year after year, it has long worsen compared to previous years. Who doesn’t treasure their life nowadays? Those thieves and bandits’ calamities are too grave. They aren’t even afraid of the power of the borderland great troops. It is estimated that in the entire Liangzhou, the only troops that could suppress them could would be the Red Robe Army, this ever victorious army.”

He had lived in Liangcheng for a few decades, he knew more of the situation in Liangzhou compared to Ming Yu, this territory lord.

Listening to his words, Ming Yu fell into contemplation. The Red Robe Army’s fame for their fighting prowess has spread far and wide, so who wasn’t afraid of them? Letting the Red Robe Army be the guards, this matter was difficult to think about. Yi… Ming Yu’s mind turned, but this matter is not impossible to achieve! My caravan has already passed the Emperor’s eyes, thus it can also be regarded as the Emperor’s caravan. Naturally, it should be acceptable for the Emperor’s caravan to use a little bit of the troops’ power. So, wouldn’t it be possible to have the Red Robe Army help and what not?

The idea in his heart just came out and Ming Yu shivered. He suddenly remembered Xie Yixiu’s cold face. It was another big matter to persuade this guy, he still didn’t know how much capital he had to give in order to persuade him. It was a headache just to think about it. Unfortunately, the training time of his guard camp was too short. They were not suitable as the escorts yet, otherwise, he would just dispatch people from the guard camp as the bodyguards and he wouldn’t need to go to such trouble.

Having made up his mind, Ming Yu’s expression relaxed a bit. He said reassuringly: “How about this, Ben Wang will take care of the bodyguards arrangement, and you can act according to the plan.”

Bu Atan’s eyes widened, immediately beaming with joy, “Yes! Xiaoren guarantees that everything will be taken care of properly. It will take only half a month more to embark on the journey. ”

Ming Yu nodded, “That’s fine, but this trip Ben Wang has an extra very important task to entrust to you.” He solemnly said..

Bu Atan’s heart shivered with cold. He immediately solemnly looked at him, cupped his hands and replied, “Wangye just have to order, Xiaoren will certainly do his best.”

Bu Atan’s words made Ming Yu very satisfied, he said at the moment: “I heard that the Western Regions produce an abundant amount of precious horses and there is a kind of rouge horse in the Wan Kingdom where its fur is bright red, and could run for thousand miles a day. And there is Xi Yue Kingdom fine horse, one of the very best horses in the world.”

Bu Atan was stunned for a moment. What is the purpose of Wangye suddenly mentioning the horses? He didn’t understand, but still nodded respectfully, “Indeed, these two horses enjoy a high reputation in all countries in the Western Regions, and they are rare precious horses.”

Ming Yu was overflowing with smiles, it was not in vain that he spent a lot of time understanding this.

“Wangye, your meaning is?” Bu Atan pondered about it but couldn’t understand what Ming Yu meant by raising this topic, so he simply asked it out loud.

Ming Yu calmly tapped on the table and leisurely threw out a bombshell, “I want you to bring back these precious horses in addition to collecting all kinds of crop seeds for this trip.”

Bu Atan was stunned, “This–this-“.

“What? Do you have a problem? ”

It’s not a problem, but a very big problem! Bu Atan complained. Not only are the prices of obtaining these kinds of horses great, but to bring horses back from that far, the risk won’t be small.  

Bu Atan’s face was bitter, “Wangye, the risk is too great to bring these kinds of horses back, not to mention the prices needed to bring these horses over. Even when passing through other countries, it is already inevitable that people will recognize them and we may be intercepted to leave them there. But even if those people are safely evaded, the Suixi Kingdom that we must pass through unavoidably won’t allow those fine horses to smoothly reach Great Yan.”

Ming Yu smiled, “No matter how much it costs, you have to get it. If you’re afraid of people recognizing them, then you can just disguise the horses. Won’t it be fine if people can’t recognize them?”

Ming Yu also had no other choice, he still owed that person good horses. He can’t just promise and not follow through. Moreover,  the Great Yan Kingdom lacks good horses in combat. If they can bring back precious horses that are first-rate breeds, would they be scared they can’t have good offsprings? When the time comes, he will build a pasture on the territory specifically to raise horses. Then, would he still be afraid that the horse supply will not be enough? It was with this idea that Ming Yu familiarized himself with good horses that were famous from far and wide.

Over the last few years, Suixi Kingdom had jammed the horses flowing into Great Yan Kingdom. The Great Yan Kingdom was originally based on agriculture, with the lack of high-quality good horses. In this way, the horses were seriously insufficient. That’s why Great Yan could only form a mere five thousand people for the Red Robe Cavalry in the whole kingdom.

Therefore, Ming Yu thought about it from the root. He could slowly grow and expand animal husbandry. It is necessary to have land to raise horses and a good horse breed. The best way is to form an animal husbandry chain. The barbarians gained victory from high amounts of excellent horses. If these advantages were gone, would they still be able to show off their strength as they are now?

“…… How is this possible? “Bu Atan was speechless, can horses be disguised like humans? Whatever it is, it sounded unimaginable.

Ming Yu saw through his thoughts, “How is it impossible? In ancient times, there was a fine steed that Bo Le met by chance. There were many swift horses, but very few can actually spot them. Not everyone can tell at a glance whether a horse is good or bad. ” 

Bu Atan’s stunned look amused Ming Yu. He simply said his words, “Our caravan carriages and horses, whatever the case, will have several tens to a hundred. When you go, it’s fine to have the common horses to pull the goods. But once you finish trading for good horses, just use them to substitute the common horses. Although there will be some differences in the fur and skeleton framework of the precious good horses, as long as the bright appearance on the outside is covered, who would recognize if they’re good horses or inferior horses?”

Bu Atan twitched at the corner of his eye. What he understood from Wangye’s intention was to use good horses to pull the carriage for the purpose of misleading the public. This way, no one will notice that these are good horses, then there would be no risk this way.

In today’s world, everyone in the world loves good precious horses, they could show off their wealth from having a good horse. Test question, whoever obtained a good horse,  wouldn’t they feed them well and serve it properly? Thus, he was sure that no one will think of actually using such good horses to pull the carriage, right?

It just makes a persons’ heartache from thinking about it.

“Just think about it. As long as you cover the horses’ original furs with mud and starch water, if one didn’t look closely, could they be able to recognize it? ” Ming Yu supported his chin and spoke out his thoughts without reservation, “As for Suixi Kingdom, the horses carrying goods in the caravan, will they intercept to keep them behind?”

Bu Atan thought about Ming Yu’s words carefully, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that the feasibility was very high. In this way, maybe he could really bring the horses back safely.

Looking at him deep in thought, Ming Yu didn’t disturb him. He just quietly drank a sip of tea, with a smile hung on his lips. Under the illumination of the candlelight, his fair white face was stained with a layer of haze, a gentle and lukewarm halo.

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