I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 23 Part 2

Chapter 23 Part 2

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Bu Atan sobered up and realized that he was disrespectful, and was about to get up and confess his sins, but was stopped by Ming Yu, “What do you think of this method? Can it be done? ”

Bu Atan nodded, “We can try it, but to get good precious horses, the price is significant. Wangye, you really decided so?”

Ming Yu knew this point, he had already thought about it. He wanted the best horses, and the strongest genes so it would breed good offspring. He would choose the right breed to pair. A single spark can start a huge blaze. If they succeeded with one pair then there would be good horses in the future. 

As for the price, Ming Yu believed that the goods sent by His Highness the Crown Prince would definitely set off a storm in the far West. He wanted to make the tea, porcelain and silk of the Great Yan become famous and make the Western countries crave madly for them. He must plan well, come up with the means of marketing in the future, and let Bu Atan arrange it in the western region.

At that time, driven by interests, there will always be some profit-seeking merchants who will come to Liangcheng regardless of difficulties and obstacles. What will Liangcheng look like at that time? It will truly make people yearn for it. He hoped that day could come soon!

Seeing that Ming Yu did not intend to change his mind, Bu Atan had no choice but to accept the orders, “Xiaoren will definitely do his best to handle this matter for Wangye on this trip.”

It was already late at night. Bu Atan was ready to say goodbye when he suddenly remembered the small green cloth bag he had specially brought, so he took it out and presented it to Ming Yu, “Wangye, this is the seed that Xiaoren has specially bought from the foreigners these days. Xiaoren did not recognize it, and did not know whether it could be useful to Wangye, please take a look. ”

Ever since Ming Yu gave him the task of collecting seeds, he had kept his mind on forming a caravan while collecting seeds amongst the foreigners. Wangye solemnly told him to do this, so it must be a very important task. Thus, he started to collect them early, regardless if it was useful or not, it would allow Wangye to see his ability of handling affairs.

He originally didn’t have any hope, but after passing the news out, he did not expect that the next day someone would come to his door bringing seeds from his hometown.

Later, he learned that everyone had left their hometown against their will. Reluctant to leave their homeland, they brought some seeds from their hometown, which could be considered as something to remember it by. Therefore, the seeds in the cloth bag was not many, but there was a wide range, more than ten common and uncommon types here.

For Ming Yu, this was a good start. He said a few words of encouragement and let Bu Atan continue to work hard to show off his accomplishments in the future.

Bu Atan was pleased and happy, vowing to offer his life in devotion and left.  

Ming Yu opened the cloth bag, he didn’t recognize most of them. It seemed like he had to find an expert to come and identify them. He carelessly flicked his fingers through the seeds in the cloth bag, then suddenly his eyes lit up. A familiar black piece laid there quietly.

This is – watermelon seeds?

In the future generations, he had always loved to hold half of a melon and eat it with a spoon every summer. It was both sweet and thirst-quenching, and was his favorite. After coming here, he did not recall seeing such an item, making him miss it for a long time.

Unexpectedly, he actually got a watermelon seed today. As long as he cultivated it, he would finally be able to satisfy his craving in the future.

What a good day today was! All the good things had gathered. Ming Yu’s heart was full of joy, the corners of his smiling mouth grinning to the roots of his ears.

The good mood was maintained until three days later, when Ming Yu saw Xie Yixiu and was frozen up by his cold face.

There was nothing to be done about it. General Xie Yixiu Xie was born with a cold face. Coming out this time, he met with Wen Yuzhao who for the death of him wouldn’t stop talking. Some Hongluan star, some marriage fate, simply nonsense. If it weren’t for their years of friendship, he’s afraid that he would have been slapped away on the spot.

Speaking of which, in the entire Red Robe Army, he was probably only the one who would be shameless in front of him. In his subordinates’ eyes, only Mr. Wen that different individual, wasn’t afraid of his cold face. Naturally, only he had the ability to make Xie Yixiu change his complexion.

Therefore, once he was in front of Ming Yu, Xie Yixiu’s mood had not eased up, and he could directly freeze the people around him into ice cubes.

Since he had made an appointment to go to the training camp today, Ming Yu had to pack up his mood and go with the ice cube Xie Yixiu.

Journeying together with General Xie, Ming Yu simply refused to let the servants move the carriage and simply brought dozens of guards on horseback. Xie Yixiu coldly watched Ming Yu flusteredly get on the horse with the help of his guards. He frowned. Although he was a little impatient, he still slowed down and followed closely behind Ming Yu.

Ming Yu was really not very good at riding horses, and this time he chose to abandon the carriage and ride a horse in order to be able to walk side by side with General Xie along the way, and also to communicate more with him.

Xie Yixiu was cold and reticent. Along the way, only Ming Yu was speaking happily and excitedly. Xie Yixiu occasionally replied, and this situation continued until they reached the training camp’s gate.

Mo Jiang had already been informed and was waiting there with his troops. Nowaday,  he had put all his attention to the management of the training camp. He was trying to understand what kind of training camp His Highness wanted and what kind of soldiers he wanted to train. In order to live up to His Highness’s trust, he had to work very hard to keep up with His Highness’s thinking.

Seeing Ming Yu’s group approaching in the distance, Mo Jiang sorted out his clothes and led everyone to kneel down to greet him.

Ming Yu hopped off the horse, personally supported Commander Mo up, smiled and patted his shoulder, and said very intimately: “Commander Mo, this training camp, you took care of it well!”

These days, the villagers brought by Xu Wen have begun to train in the training camp. Although there was a little friction in the beginning, fortunately, Mo Jiang was able to control it well. According to Ming Yu’s suggestion, a series of adjustment plans were carried out, and finally the two parties were smoothly and steadily integrated into the training camp. Because it was divided into several teams of old and new, there was a vague sense of competition between several teams to see who could scout out new and hard working people more. It was also because of this that the training efficiency had improved a little. He had to say that Ming Yu’s method was very effective, and Mo Jiang’s role in it could not be ignored.

Mo Jiang was an old man who came out of the capital with Ming Yu, and in Ming Yu’s eyes, he was naturally different, much closer to him than others.

When Xie Yixiu saw this scene, he thought of the way this person had come put his arms around his shoulders. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly. It seems that this person was someone who wasn’t concerned with trivial matters, but as a prince, isn’t this kind of manner shameful? 

Mo Jiang was flattered and said humbly, “It is all because of Your Highness’s wise decision-making, this subordinate dare not take credit.” 

Ming Yu smiled and said a few greetings to the others, and introduced them to Xie Yixiu.

The great reputation of the War General, Xie Yixiu was known to everyone present. Being able to see him today was certainly their blessing. Even Mo Jiang, who had seen the wind and waves, secretly rubbed his palms, not to mention the others. One by one, they were extremely excited to get close to express their admiration. However, with Xie Yixiu’s cold face on display, who would dare to make a rash decision in front of him?

They came here for a serious reason, and Ming Yu, the master, had to do his best as a landlord. Mo Jiang immediately led them in front, while Ming Yu and Xie Yixiu grouped around him and headed towards the camp.

Along the way, Ming Yu was quite interested in telling Xie Yixiu what he had seen and heard along the way. These were all put forward by him and handled by Mo Jiang single-handedly, and he was also very pleased to have everything in today’s sight from scratch.

“There’s a training ground ahead.” In the distance, a cacophony of shouts was heard mixed with cheerings. Obviously, the soldiers were all on the training ground at the moment, and Ming Yu’s face had a smiling expression. He said with great interest: “Let’s go and take a look.”

The group did not alarm anyone, and when they entered the training ground, they saw many people sitting in a circle, leaving a large open space in the middle. The voice they had just heard was coming from among these people.

“Everybody! Does anyone want to come up for the test? Don’t hesitate to come up, I, Zhou Dadan, am fearless.” In the open space in the circle stood a burly man, who spoke triumphantly at this moment, while patting his chest.

The words caused a burst of laughter and boos from the onlookers sitting below.

“Zhou Dadan, you should quickly get lost! You’ve already played three games, come down and let the other brothers go up.” Someone laughed at this.

“Thats right, you are a rough Lao Yamen. Everyone here already watched you enough and have found you hard on their eyes long ago! If you have some craving, just go to the side to cool down.” 

Zhou Dadan still refused to come down and give way, but the team leader went up to kick him down, driving him off the field.

“Hey! Hey! Don’t rush me, give me a chance! I’m not satisfied yet!” Zhou Dadan begged for forgiveness. The crowd burst into laughter again

Zhou Dadan was chased down and his face was full of displeasure. He had not yet been satisfied, and was already driven down. What is this broken rule? If you win a battle, you won’t get a reward by playing one more game, bad review!

After Zhou Dadan came down, two more people stood in the centre of the field. The people below were discussing it spiritedly. They assessed them and there was also a faint shout of bids.

“What are they doing?” Ming Yu saw that everyone’s mood was enthusiastic so he couldn’t help but ask. He found that the two generals, Ji You and Cao Jian, were also in the crowd, and even followed after others, participating in the cheerings. 

Mo Jiang smiled, “Reporting to Your Highness, this is the training of the soldiers in the freedom of confrontation battle event. That is, one-on-one, two-on-two or five-on-five, everyone can freely combine to fight in their own way, or compete in punches and kicks, or in weapons, there is even a wrestling competition. Anyways, it is an event to use whatever they’re good at to knock down the other party and win. As for the people below…” Mo Jiang touched his nose and said awkwardly, “I think they have set up a gambling game in private, betting on who loses and who wins.”

Small gamblings would please them and the soldiers were also enthusiastic in this kind of situation. So, their enthusiasm also improved, thus Mo Jiang did not stop it, turning a blind eye to it.

At this time, the two people in the center of the field had already drawn a fist and a leg, and Ming Yu was not in a hurry. Instead he stood in place to watch the battle.

Xie Yixiu originally objected to this. Confrontational training was organized in almost every military camp. This was a very serious training event, and simply not something to be treated as child’s play like them where they could happily gamble away. 

However, after he casually restrained his eyes twice, he couldn’t move his eyes away. The two people in the field were pulling out all their punching and kicking skills. Average person couldn’t see anything at all. But what kind of person was Xie Yixiu? At a glance, he could already see the difference. The hands and feet of the two were fast, strong and powerful without any attractive appearance. It can be seen that each move and each style were both offense and defense. Their movements were concise and practical, each move a move to defeat the enemy, and each shot directly attacked one’s weak points, making a person unable to guard against it.

Xie Yixiu believed that if he used this set of punching and kicking against the enemy, if it was a one on one fight, he would certainly be able to quickly subdue the enemy.

Xie Yixiu looked solemn. He said, “Who created this fighting technique?” The method of fighting between the two had rules and regulations, and it was certain that this kind of performance could only be done after training. So it can be seen that everyone in this training camp knew this fighting technique.

Mo Jiang looked at Ming Yu hesitantly when he heard what he was saying. Xie Yixiu followed his gaze, he saw Ming Yu smiling brightly at him, and asked with some self-satisfaction: “General Xie, I don’t know if this set of martial arts may be able to enter your eyes?”

Xie Yixiu’s cold expression emerged as a surprise expression for the first time, although it died down in a flash. He could also see that his heart was not at peace. How could this fighting technique have come from him? This Duan Wang, who was not even skilled in riding a horse, could actually use this kind of fighting technique that required one’s whole strength? How can this be credible?

Being able to make this ice sculpture unable to control his astonished expression, Ming Yu’s heart was already happy like a blooming flower. But he couldn’t show it too much. Gently flicking the dust that did not exist on the edge of his sleeve, he cleared his throat in a serious manner: “Ahem! Ben Wang had just learned a little superficial knowledge randomly, and thanks to the polishing and supplementation of Commander Mo, this set of martial arts could be put to use. ”

That must be a joke, this was the famous military sport, boxing technique that captured the wrestling technique of later generations. Coupled with Mo Jiang’s martial arts and everyone’s dedication to learning from each other’s strengths, the result was today’s set of martial arts that can even surprise the well-known War General’s fist techniques.

 This set of martial arts was easy to master and was very powerful, thus it was popular in the training camp and was also treasured by the soldiers. Every time they drew punches and kicks, eight out of ten would use this set of punches.

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