I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 26

Chapter 26

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Wang Si worked very hard, trying to make his every movement more powerful. He knew that the person sitting on the top and watching them training was Wangye. He had never seen Wangye before, but he had heard from the veterans from the former guards barrack that Wangye was the emperor’s son and a very honorable person under the heavens. So they knew that Wangye was a heavenly official, and even the biggest official, Commander Mo, served under him.

Wangye was watching them, so they must show their best side so that they will not disappoint Wangye. Therefore, everyone conscientiously did every movement.

They came to this training ground, just like falling into a honeypot and they never thought there would be such a day. Since birth, hunger, panic, and war happened all the time, they had never had such a peaceful and beautiful day.

Wang Si was very fortunate, fortunate he had decided to come over. If he had listened to his eldest brother, where would he be today? It can be said that after he goes back, he must also persuade his eldest brother to come over. In fact, how could he be willing to go back? It’s just that when he was called that day, he had said that he would train for two or three months. Once the farmers were idle, when the training was over, they would be allowed to go back.

But he also thought it through. When this side called them again, he would come. It would be great if he could stay here forever. He heard the news that the top few people trained would have the opportunity to stay and become real soldiers.

After he came here, he did not do heavy work, did not get beaten and scolded, and after eating and drinking his fill, he was trained by veterans. He usually did farm work or all kinds of physical work, so this training was not a problem for him at all.

However, if he wanted to stand out, he had to work harder. That’s right, he wanted to stay here to learn more skills, and serve Wangye. Moreover, it wasn’t just Wang Si alone who thought like this.

When their practice was over, Ming Yu stepped down from the stage and stood in front of them, his eyes sweeping over this group of young people with dark skin.

Not bad, energetic and full of vitality. The best group of people he would ever wish to meet.

When everyone looked at Ming Yu, they couldn’t help but straighten up and puff out their chests. Everyone’s heart was excited, Wangye was looking at them now. They didn’t understand why Wangye valued them, but they knew that it was this person in front of them who gave them this opportunity and let them see a different path from their father’s generation. This group of people was simple and unpretentious, so all of them thought that they must do their best to repay this person.

Ming Yu nodded satisfactorily, he cleared his throat, and said in a loud voice, “You all are doing a good job, Ben Wang is very relieved to see you like this.” 

The people below were silent. With a smile on his face, he continued, “Do you know why you are here? And why you had to participate in the training?”

Some people shook their heads. At the beginning they also heard that they can eat to their fill and dress warmly here without having to do any hard work. They have been bitter enough with their days, so what if they suffer a bit more? In any case, they came here with that mindset in mind. But they didn’t know why Wangye won’t let them do anything, but just train every day.

Ming Yu looked at them and used the simplest words they would understand: “This is a military camp, and what you have learned here are the skills of killing the enemy.” 

He paused to see how these people would react. Sure enough, the people below showed surprised expressions. They knew that this was a military camp, and Wangye let them learn the skill of killing the enemy, but did he really want them to go to the battlefield?

Some people hesitated for a moment, but became more determined. Then again, even if they go to the battlefield, they were willing. Scholars die for their confidants (willingness to devote themselves to those who appreciate and cultivate themselves). Wangye treats them so well, and even taught them the skills of killing the enemy. They originally were useless, what can they repay him except for their life? Going to the battlefield was going to the battlefield, it’s nothing more than death. When the time comes, Laozi will kill one to be even and kill two to make some compensation. This transaction will not make them lose money in the end.

They were all deeply afflicted by bandits and barbarians, everyone wanted to tear apart those people’s bones, eat their flesh, and drink their blood. In the past, they wanted to be soldiers, to really go to the battlefield to kill the enemy, but there was no way out. Now, it was considered as a good thing for them to be able to kill the enemy with dignity.

The current military system was like the average military household system, that is to say, if a father was a soldier, the son must also be a soldier; that’s why there is a saying that a father and son are soldiers who go to the same battlefield. Under normal circumstances, commoners cannot join the military household, unless there were not enough soldiers, then the government will come forward to forcibly recruit the people into the army.

They knew that there were a lot of people who were forcibly recruited into the army without regarding them as a human being at all. Not only do they need to do dirty work, but they will also be sent to be the vanguard, that is, as a human shield. They would lose their life once the enemy charged in, this is basically just having unarmed people throw away their lives. Therefore, many ordinary people would resist when they hear that the government was forcibly conscripting them into soldiers.

They had been here for more than a month, but they have not done anything except training every day. Their hearts were not at ease, but listening to Mingyu’s words today had made them feel at ease.

“Ben Wang asked you to learn these things, not to send you to the battlefield to die, but to learn the ability to protect your relatives and your homeland behind you.”

“Those who burn and loot, kill our fathers and fellow countrymen, rob our sisters and wives, and the heinous crimes they committed must be repaid, the blood debts must be paid!”

“You tell me. Would you be willing to do your best to protect your brothers and sisters, your parents and relatives? Can you do it?”

Wang Si’s heart was surging with blood. Protecting the village and protecting his family, he must do it! Remembering the numb and desperate expressions that had once been under shining dangling blades, the villagers who had been trampled under their horses that howled in despair, his heart could not be calm.

“Yes!” Wang Si’s mood was agitated, and he shouted out loudly regardless of it.

When the crowd heard this, they couldn’t help but shout in unison, “Yes! We pledge our lives to protect! A debt of blood must be paid in blood! We pledge our lives to protect! A debt of blood must be paid in blood! ”

For a time, the excitement in the field was surging and all the new recruits’ emotions almost reached the highest point.

The audiences outside the venue were touched by this scene, and they were even a little excited. Zhou Dadan even shouted along with them. Li Man glanced at him, but in the end he still did not say anything.

They were the imperial guards. When they first became soldiers, they were also full of enthusiasm, but after a long time, their passionate blood had long been wiped out by the city servants in their bones. But now, why did the hot blood in their body that had been silent for a long time actually start to stir up?

Li Man looked around. The slightly trembling fists of his comrades and the bright light in his eyes proved that everyone was in the same mood as him. It’s just that their parents, wives and children were all in the capital, and he can’t abandon his parents, wives and children because of this blood, right? He moved his lips, but finally did not make a sound.

“Ben Wang does not want you to die, but to keep a useful body and conduct your duty humbly. Therefore, you must study hard and train hard. Only after you have learned your skills can you protect the people of our Great Yan and protect the land of our Great Yan. We will not let others bully us, we will drive out the bandits and barbarians! ”

“Send them away! Send them away!” Everyone shouted with all their might.

Ming Yu squinted his eyes slightly, looking at this group of young people. These people were the hope of the future Liangzhou. Although it was only a small fire now, a single spark can start a huge blaze. He believed it would not be long when these fires were all over Liangzhou, then it would be the day when Liangzhou would be in peace and stability.

Ming Yu waved his hand, signaling everyone to be quiet, then finally said: “Ben Wang believes in you. Ben Wang can also promise you that I will guard Liangzhou and will no longer let the commoners of Liangzhou suffer anymore. After five or even ten years, Ben Wang will give the people of Liangzhou a stable, peaceful, and prosperous living environment. But I can’t accomplish all of these alone, it will need everyone’s support here to create it.” 

Hearing Ming Yu’s words, some people were already moved to tears. Can such a Liangzhou really be achieved? Will they really be able to see this day? If that’s the case, then they’ll have no regrets when they die.

Xie Yixiu, who had just walked out of the training camp, heard the faint sound of movement. He stopped to listen slightly, then his facial expression softened. The corners of his mouth even raised a bit. This Duan Wang is interesting!

Where had his personal guards ever seen Xie Yixiu’s gentle expression before? This almost scared them to jump, was this still their General Xie? That cold-faced war god? Did he get possessed by some evil spirit? If that’s the case, they will need to notify Mr. Wen to exorcize the evil spirit.

The personal guards’ hearts were complicated and entangled into a lump of ball when Xie Yixiu had already jumped onto his horseback, galloping the horse away. The few personal guards couldn’t comprehend what happened just now and quickly chased behind him. 

After intersecting with the soldiers, the soldiers in the training camp were like aroused chickens. They worked harder than before. Not only the recruits, but even the wily old foxes veterans of the escort team were full of energy, spilling their own spirits everywhere on the training ground.

That day, Duan Wang specially trained these new recruits, which made the veterans of the guard put on an unfavorable expression. They had been following Duan Wang from the capital until here, not to mention the rest, they all did their duty to escort. At this point, even if they don’t get credit, they at least made efforts right? But now where were they in Wangye’s eyes? These peasants had only been here for more than a month, but they have already been treated favorably by Wangye, even obtaining Wangye’s encouragement.They have followed Wangye for so long, but they have not yet had this treatment. They were also hot-blooded men, thus they cannot lose to these peasants. 

It was precisely for this reason that they were also full of energy, that is, they want to show off to those new recruits their abilities, so that they won’t be cocky without knowing the immensity of heaven and earth. As long as they were still in Liangzhou for a day, Wangye still needed them and had to rely on them.

Soon after, won’t they still have to train with the Red Robe Army? They had been training well, so when the time came for the training, as long as they could win against the Red Robe Army, Wangye would also notice them. At this time, they did not even realize their thinking had changed slightly.

“I don’t want to go back to the capital, I want to stay here and follow Wangye to drive the barbarians out.” After resting, Zhou Dadan spoke out what he had been thinking about for a long time.

“What? Are you crazy?” Someone exclaimed, Zhou Dadan must have had that muscle not work properly again to speak this kind of thing out loud.

Li Man on the side did not show any surprise, as if he had expected him to say this.

Zhou Dadan’s complexion was very firm, he had thought this through before finally deciding to say this. “I’m not crazy, I have thought about it very clearly. When I was in the capital before, I spent my days drinking and living a peaceful and carefree life, thinking that people all over the world should live such a life. But after arriving here, I realized the suffering of the people in the border areas. I still remember the tragic situation of the village after being massacred by the barbarians when we first came here. Furthermore, take a look at these new recruits, our fellow comrades. Which one of them does not have a blood hatred as deep as the sea against the barbarians? ”

These days them and these new arrivals have already shared their sentiments with each other. From being unable to look them in the eyes to becoming genuine fellow soldier comrades.

Zhou Dadan’s words made many people sigh endlessly, some became silent.

“What Wangye said was quite right. The commoners of the border areas are also the people of our Great Yan. They’re our brothers and sisters. As soldiers, we should be people-oriented. To be able to dedicate oneself to the cause of one’s country is the greatest glory of soldiers.” Zhou Dadan’s face was full of admiration, “I am an uncouth fellow, I don’t understand many things, but Wangye’s words really reached the bottom of my heart.”

The surrounding people nodded. Listening to this, who could stop their blood from burning up? But they calmed down, those people who had the same decision like Zhou Dadan were very few.

“It’s just that, have you ever thought about fighting with those barbarians with real weapons? That fight that can cause you to lose your life at any time…” Someone said anxiously.

Zhou Dadan smiled and did not take the life and death matter to heart at all.

Many people looked at Li Man on the side, hoping that he could come out to say a few words. Li Man’s mind was flexible and always had many ideas. Among their group, they had considered him as the leader. The group believed in him, so everyone earnestly hoped that he could make the decision on a lot of things. 

At this time, Li Man didn’t know what he was thinking, until someone pulled on his sleeve and he came back to his senses. He glanced at the people around him, and finally his eyes fell on Zhou Dadan’s fearless face. His heart trembled fiercely. Perhaps it was a fearless person like Zhou Dadan who would have the energy to express his noble aspiration. Moreover, when did these people become afraid of their hands and feet? At that time, as youngsters, they were hot blooded, opening their mouths wide to drink wine, spouting out bold words, swearing to wipe out those barbarians, and regaining the Qingping River and Mountain to the Great Yan. When he first entered the imperial guard, his hot blood had not yet cooled, but now…

He opened his mouth, his voice a little dry, “Everyone has their own idea, and no one can interfere with other people’s decisions.”

That being said, everyone still regretted Zhou Dadan’s decision. However, they did not find out where the trace of envy hidden in their hearts came from.

Being a person, you must have backbone and ambition. The training ground was buzzing with activity at this moment just like normal. The two sides, neither gave way to another. There was a slight sign of competition. If you run five laps today, then I will run six laps; if you train for one more hour, then I will train for two more hours.

When Mo Jiang saw such a situation, he did not point it out and directly approved of their competitive behavior. When Ming Yu got this news, he smiled like a fox. People will only make progress when there is competition. If you want to confront the Red Robed Army, you must come with your best state, so as not to waste his effort.

Ming Yu had already handed over the entire plan for the training to Xie Yixiu. After Xie Yixiu looked at it, he confirmed that there was nothing missing and after consultation between the two sides, it was decided for the practice to be held in half a month’s time.

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