I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 25

Chapter 25

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 Xie Yixiu was not in a hurry, but his fingers involuntarily rubbed faster and faster. The exploded Ming Yu really made people want to knead him in between their fingers.

Ming Yu calmed down a little, and finally said reluctantly, “Five more horses, no more.”

“Alright, for the sake of Duan Wang’s face, I’ll give you two hundred troops then.”

Phew! If you really want to save me some face, you won’t even talk to me about all these conditions, Ming Yu scoffed at his statement.

“Two hundred troops is too few.” Ming Yu frowned and said disapprovingly. Taking so many benefits, but not trying his best, how could there be such a good thing in this world? 

“It’s enough.” Xie Yixiu looked at the soldiers who changed their formation confrontation practice on the field and said firmly, “The opportunity is rare, could it be that Wangye doesn’t want them to learn through experience?”

Ming Yu’s eyes lit up, yes, no matter how much they practice, it’s still not as good as the actual battlefield. How is this not a good opportunity? Ming Yu rubbed his chin and began to consider the feasibility of this matter.

Since they had already roped the Red Robe Army troops in, with the prestige of the Red Robe Army in the border area, when the bandits saw them, it would probably already be too late to escape. They certainly would not dare to have any idea to attack them either. Even if there were people who are not afraid of death, as long as they dare to come, can they still go back alive? Letting the guards at the barrack to follow them and go earn some first hand experience, it really was a good idea.

Xie Yixiu saw him thinking, so he did not bother him and concentrated on watching the practice on the field. The soldiers were in pairs, and along with the command of the general, they either changed into groups of four or into groups of six, each group cooperating well. There were spears that attacked from a distance, there were those who slashed and killed enemies at close range with blades, and there were those who held shields to protect the weakest places of their teammates. Each group could attack, retreat and defend.

Later, two groups, three groups, or four groups could be combined into a whole to be a sharp blade or a turtle shell, which made it impossible for the enemy to defend against. It was also difficult to break through. Xie Yixiu calculated in his mind, what would it be like if he encountered such an enemy? If his army was not cavalry, he’s afraid that the outcome would be hard to guess.

He had to say that the person who can come up with such a formation against the enemy is unparalleled.

Xie Yixiu’s eyebrows were raised slightly, and his eyes swept to Mo Jiang, was this really the skill of Commander Mo? But if it was Commander Mo’s merit, why didn’t he reveal even a bit of it in the capital? The current emperor was not incompetent, and he wouldn’t suppress talented people. If such a skill was recognized by the emperor when he was in the capital, obtaining meteoric rise simply would not be in the question at all, but why was he still without any reputation? Why did he follow Duan Wang to the borderlands instead?

Xie Yixiu couldn’t understand the key point, maybe he should secretly investigate this.

Thinking about these trivial matters, Ming Yu on the side said, “Okay, then you can send two hundred people to escort the caravan, and after the trip succeeds I will give you 15 fine horses back to show our gratitude.” He had already figured it out. Borrowing the Red Robe Army, he only needed to have the Red Robe Army’s outstanding military glory, so there shouldn’t be anything wrong with him bleeding a little.

“There is also another condition. If in the future, Wangye will really build a horse farm, I hope that our Red Robe Army will be prioritized for selling and buying.” Xie Yixiu said calmly.

Ming Yu endured the pain of losing fifteen good horses. The second condition proposed by Xie Yixiu was also fine, anyway, it will be the same to whoever he will sell them to. Humph! When you want my horse and come to look for it, see if I don’t cheat your bloody dregs until nothing remains! Thinking that he might be able to cheat him in the future, he was happy again. While agreeing on this side, he held out his right hand to Xie Yixiu, signaling the business was negotiated successfully with a handshake.

Xie Yixiu looked at Ming Yu’s outstretched white and rounded hand, slightly stunned. He did not move for a while. Ming Yu then remembered that this place was not like his later generation, how could there be the etiquette of a handshake? It was Xie Yixiu who made Ming Yu have a sense of having a good chess opponent, so when he was happy, he did not pay attention for a while and used the etiquette of the future generation.

Ming Yu was a little embarrassed, and was trying to retract his hand, when his hand tightened. Xie Yixiu, as if learning without a teacher, gently grabbed Ming Yu’s hand.

“!?” Ming Yu looked confused, fortunately, Xie Yixiu had already withdrawn his hand in an instant, and then sat up straight, no longer looking at Ming Yu.

Xie Yixiu’s hands were clenched into fists. Although there was still no expression on his face, his heart was already in a complete mess. Ming Yu’s fleshy hand shook in front of him, he couldn’t help but want to hold it. The result was obvious, he went ahead and held his hand on a moment of unexplained impulse.

As a general, he had a good sense of self-control. However, in front of Ming Yu, he couldn’t control himself, which made him a little overwhelmed. The temperature of the other party’s palm remained on his hand, which made him even more flustered.

This is not right! Xie Yixiu had experienced countless great battles, and there had never been such a situation like today. For a moment, he couldn’t figure out the reason, so he had to suppress this matter for the time being and wait until he returned.

Xie Yixiu’s thoughts, how could Ming Yu have known? He only found that the atmosphere around him seemed to be cold for a few minutes. Even the temperature around his body dropped by a few degrees.

However, since Xie Yixiu did not speak again, it meant he agreed on the implementation of the matter regarding the caravan escort. Ming Yu relaxed a bit. When the time came, he would send two hundred more guards from the barrack then this trip could be counted as a success already.

Ming Yu was in a good mood making people feel like they’re bathing under the spring breeze. He and Xie Yixiu were a clear contrast, but the two people sitting together looked extremely harmonious.

Ming Yu then raised another question about the general’s practice. Xie Yixiu was not in a good mood now and he did not have the heart to discuss it with Ming Yu. He had already learned something about the battle practice from Ming Yu’s mouth last time, in any case, there was no trouble in doing it. Thinking that he could have more opportunities to get in contact and inquire about the news, he simply agreed to it.

Ming Yu originally thought that he would spend more time talking, but he did not expect that he would agree so easily. There wasn’t even any bargaining, which made Ming Yu a little uncomfortable, but it’s also good this way, it would save him a lot of effort.

“Since this has been decided, Ben Wang will draft a practice plan. When the time comes, you can take a look first. If there is no problem, then arrange the time as soon as possible. At that time, I will be looking forward to the Red Robe Army’s soldiers to come to bestow their enlightenment.” Ming Yu said happily.

“Okay!” Xie Yixiu was absent-minded at this time. He couldn’t stay here any longer, so he simply agreed and got up ready to take his leave, “It’s quite late now, this subordinate will withdraw first.” 

Ming Yu accomplished his wish, nodded happily, and did not have the intention of keeping him. He also had some things to discuss with Mo Jiang.

Xie Yixiu walked to the sidelines, and couldn’t help but look back again. Seeing Ming Yu and Mo Jiang talking and smiling, being incomparably intimate with one another, he felt somewhat indescribably irksome. But without knowing the reason of his feelings, he could only conclude this as the influence from Mr. Wen’s god-nagging attitude. It was really not suitable to come out on a trip today.

Ming Yu didn’t know Xie Yixiu’s thoughts, and as soon as Xie Yixiu left, he talked to Mo Jiang.

“Now that those newly recruited young and strong people have been training for more than a month, is there any problem with Commander Mo’s side?” This was Ming Yu’s biggest concern.

These young and strong seedlings were his reserve strength in the future. In the next few years, he will slowly select the most powerful supplements from these people to enter the guard camp. This was to avoid after 2 to 3 years, if these guards Lao Yemen really will return back to the capital. When the time comes, he will really have an empty shelf here, by then he will not be able to say anything. There were also caravan guards, he had better make use of his own people to feel at ease. 

“Your Highness can rest assured. Everything is going well.” Mo Jiang nodded. Wangye’s method is very good, using the old to bring the new, these new people have quickly adapted to it. “This subordinate will immediately make arrangements, so Your Highness can consult these newcomers.”

Mo Jiang was indeed the person who understood him the most. One of the purposes of Ming Yu’s visit this time was to see how these people were training. This was the idea he first proposed, in fact, he was also a little worried about whether it would be useful, but according to Mo Jiang’s report, the effect was there. It’s just that if he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he still had some uneasiness in his heart.

When Xie Yixiu was there, he naturally had to take out the most elite people, so he wouldn’t be able to look down on them. Not to mention these guards, after being subdued by Ming Yu, they had been training according to the new rules every day for the past few months, and it was no wonder that even Xie Yixiu was very surprised.

Ming Yu wanted to see the training of recruits.  First, to see how the progress was, and second, to see if there were good seedlings.

Mo Jiang had already passed on the order, then Ming Yu suddenly remembered A bing’s request for him that he wanted implemented for him as soon as possible. This also counted as completing a task, so he mentioned this matter to Mo Jiang, “A Bing, this child you have also seen. He was determined to learn some skills. So Ben Wang wants to leave him to you, that way you can both teach and look after him. If he has you as a master, it may be assumed that he will be able to achieve great success in the future.”

Mo Jiang then remembered the skinny boy, and he hesitated: “Wangye, this subordinate is busy with affairs, I am afraid that I will not be able to take good care of him.”

Ming Yu smiled, “That doesn’t matter, this child is already quite old so he’s fairly sensible. It doesn’t mean that you have to take care of him through every step at all times. Staying here is unlike staying at other places. As long as the education in the general direction is correct, he will not take a crooked road. For boys, wrestling with the soldiers is also an experience. ”

“This is also true, but this subordinate’s skills are limited. There are not many skills that I could teach him.” Mo Jiang blushed a little, he had never thought about the matter of teaching a disciple, so he was afraid of leading people astray.

Ming Yu patted him on the shoulder, “Are you saying that Ben Wang isn’t clear about your skills? You don’t have to be unduly humble. This matter is already decided. Actually, Ben Wang also has another plan,  which is to find a few teacher to come over and teach the soldiers every day. ”

“Teach?” Mo Jiang had never heard of a teacher  teaching soldiers. The literati had always despised the military generals, and the military generals also weren’t able to take those nasty literati in their eyes. How could they stay in contact with each other peacefully? So how could they even talk about teaching? Alas! It may be assumed that this is another result of His Highness wild imagination again. 

Mo Jiang’s surprise was expressed on his face, Ming Yu saw through his thoughts at a glance, and it was not convenient to say more at this time, he laughed and said: “Now I just have this idea, so it’s nothing serious. So I won’t talk about it today. Look at the training results of the new recruits under Commander Mo.” He finished speaking and pointed to the middle of the field.

Commander Mo looked over and saw that the recruits had finished lining up. Ming Yu also focused on the field. Mo Jiang had to swallow back the words he wanted to say, and also looked into the training ground. At this time the recruits took neat steps and gradually arranged into a phalanx. It can be seen that the most basic in-place steps today were much better than when they first entered the camp, without distinction between left and right, and with the same hands and feet.

With the slogan of the leading general, the weapons in the hands of the recruits split, slashed, and stabbed … Unexpectedly they also practiced in a similar way. This was even better than Ming Yu had imagined. He originally had thought that it’s already good that they could line up in a good formation. It can be seen that Mo Jiang has indeed trained them with his heart.

These recruits were all villagers, simple and honest, as pure as pieces of white papers. Training was like smearing ink on white paper, not that they have to train what they thought of training. Although at first it was difficult, not being able to understand many of the instructions, they trained in a confused way like a headless fly that can’t find north. However, as long as they started on their journey, these people became much better trained than those veteran wily old foxes. Not to mention other things, just being able to follow orders was already most praiseworthy. 

In fact, for these people, everything was good here. They can eat until they’re full, wear warm clothes, and eat meat every day, which was something they did not dare to dream of in the past. Their idea was simple, they will obey whoever feeds and clothes them warmly. With this mentality, they actively worked hard, afraid that they would be one step behind, in case Commander Mo did not want them. At that time, it would be too late to cry by then.

Ming Yu was very satisfied, “Very good! This is all Commander Mo’s credit! If you hadn’t trained the army for Ben Wang, then Ben Wang would really have been helpless. ”

Receiving a sincere praise from Ming Yu, Mo Jiang was overjoyed in his heart, but he did not show even a bit of it on his face, but said modestly. “This is not Chen’s credit, it is the wisdom of Your Highness…”

Before he could finish speaking, Ming Yu waved his hand and jokingly said, “Commander Mo is too humble. For Ben Wang, you are the right and left arm of Ben Wang, so you can’t be unduly humble.” 

This evaluation was very high, and Mo Jiang’s heart was moved. How could he be both kind and capable? To be able to follow His Highness, in this life, he will certainly live up to the grace of His Highness’s kindness.

“Chen….Chen will definitely live up to Your Highness’s cultivation.” Mo Jiang knelt down and saluted Ming Yu, his eyes slightly moist.

Ming Yu stood up and lifted him up, patting him on the shoulder, “Haha, if we are a ruler and his minister, maybe this can be passed on as a good story.” 

Just like a ruler and his minister, how many people have been able to do this since ancient times? However, Mo Jiang had a bold obsession in his heart. That’s right, this would be the goal he has to achieve in his life. Just like a ruler and his minister, to have the future generations mention the legendary reputation of His Highness and him, his little chess piece, then he would have no more regret in his life.

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