I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 31

Chapter 31

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Ming Yu brought the end of the cylinder close to his eyes, and looked around everywhere. His face showed a look of joy. That’s right, this is it, this is the telescope that he polished with the crystal glass bottle that his Royal father gave him. It took more than a month to make it. Well, it’s more apt to call it thousand mile eye here.

General Wei finally couldn’t bear it and asked, “Wangye, what is it? What is its usage?”

Ming Yu put down the thing and smiled mysteriously: “I can’t see through it here, so it would be better for us to go out and try this item’s effect.”

After he finished speaking, he took the lead and walked out. Everyone was a little unclear but since Wangye had gone out, it was not good for them not to keep up, so everyone also walked out of the tent one after another.

Because of the confrontation drill, they chose to stay on a hill higher in the terrain. In this way, they can look at the overall situation with a better observation, facilitate timely adjustment of the layout, and better convey the command.

At the bottom of the mountain was the place where the red and blue sides were facing each other. Mo Jiang had already passed on the order, and both sides had entered a state of readiness.

Ming Yu used a telescope to look over, the effect was there, but probably because of technical reason, it was far less powerful than the later generations’s. The later generations’ one is the true thousand mile eye, but as long as it is within sight, it can be seen clearly.

This was only the initial version of the telescope, for Ming Yu. Although it was a little unsatisfactory, in terms of current conditions, this was already the best, he really did not dare to be too demanding.

Elder Huang was still a little worried in his heart, waiting for Wangye’s affirmation with anticipation. In his opinion, such a divine object was given by Wangye. Made from the hands of these craftsmen, if it could be affirmed by the prince, their hard work would not be in vain.

“You have done a good job. With this thing, our soldiers have another layer of chance of winning against the enemy. When we return, Ben Wang will surely reward you satisfactorily!” Seeing Elder Huang’s worries, Ming Yu acknowledged it frankly.

When Elder Huang heard this, he was truly relieved. It didn’t matter what the rewards were, what matters was that the prince was satisfied and they could really be affirmed. Everyone will be inspired. In this way, the craftsmen will be full of energy and will make better objects for the prince in the future.

“What the h*ll is this? Why is it so mysterious? Is it possible for Wangye to show us?” Wen Yuzhao couldn’t bear it any longer and asked Ming Yu directly for it.

Mingyu did not refuse, he handed him the telescope in his hand, and explained along the way,”Just use this to look at the distance, you will understand what this is.”

Wen Yuzhao did as he was told. In accordance to Ming Yu’s appearance, he put the cylindrical object on his eyes and looked down the mountain.

“Dang, what the h*ll is this?” Wen Yuzhao was so frightened that he almost threw out the thing in his hand, but fortunately, he stabilized his mind in time, which did not cause a catastrophe; otherwise, he’s afraid that this thousand mile eye that had just been made would be scrapped in his hands.

Looking back, he saw Ming Yu looking at him with a smile. There was a look of scorn on his face. It seemed that his heart was palpitating: “Wangye, what is going on here? Why is it that from this cylinder, the people and things at the foot of the mountain seem to be extremely clear in front of me? I wonder what kind of immortal law this is? ”

Ming Yu had not yet replied, but General Wei on the side was already itching, he couldn’t wait to hear Wen Yuzhao’s statement at this time. He grabbed the telescope in Wen Yuzhao’s hand, “How can there be such a miraculous thing? Let me see.” After saying that, he can’t wait to pick it up and look at it.

Fortunately, Wen Yuzhao’s words had laid the foundation before, which somewhat gave General Wei a psychological preparation. However, when he saw the scene in front of him, he was still surprised. Wen Yuzhao was right, obviously there were people at the foot of the mountain and grass, trees and rocks, but at this time, it seemed that they were within reach in front of him.

“This… This! What is this? It’s really weird.” General Wei was amazed, he said to Xie Yixiu next to him: “General Xie is experienced and knowledgable. Have you ever seen this kind of magical thing before?”

Xie Yixiu did not speak, he calmly took the object in the hand of General Wei.

Ming Yu placed his hands behind his back and tilted his head to look at Xie Yixiu. The corners of his lips slightly revealed a look that seemed to be smiling. He wanted to see what kind of expression Xie Yixiu would have after using this telescope. Will the face of the 10,000-year-old iceberg be moved, it may be assumed that the changed expression of General Xie will be interesting. Ming Yu looked expectantly. 

Xie Yixiu was not as anxious as the two people before. After he took the thing in his hand, he carefully looked over and over inside and out, and waited until he looked at it enough before putting it on his eyes and aimed like Ming Yu into the distance.

“How’s it going? What do you think?” Wen Yuzhao circled around him, hoping that Xie Yixiu could have some opinions. 

Xie Yixiu looked for a long time, he kept changing the angle and position to watch, and did not pay any attention to Wen Yuzhao, who was jumping around him.

Ming Yu also thought that he could see something different from Xie Yixiu’s face. Unexpectedly, he wasn’t a bit surprised but the more he used it the better he became at using it. 

This made Ming Yu a little unhappy, but he had to admit that an evildoer is an evildoer, he could not be treated with common sense.

After a long time, Xie Yixiu put down the telescope in his hand. He looked at Ming Yu with some complicated eyes and asked bluntly, “Who made this thing?” 

Ming Yu nodded in the direction of Elder Huang, “Here, far away in the horizon but actually right under one’s nose.”

Xie Yixiu took a deep look at him before turning his head to look at Elder Huang and asked in a very calm tone, “Is this what you made?”

The eyes of the big shots present all fell on him. How could Elder Huang have been in this kind of situation before. So his speech was a little stuttering, “Yes… Oh, no… It’s His Highness…”

Ming Yu couldn’t look anymore, and stepped forward to smile and put his hand around Xie Yixiu’s shoulder, “Whew! It doesn’t matter who made this, what matters is whether General Xie can see what it is? Any other good suggestions? ”

This scene shocked everyone, making them drop their jaws. Wangye actually hooked his arms around Xie Yixiu, a person who was cold as ice and frost and as distant as a thousand miles distance? When did these two people have such a good relationship?

Xie Yixiu stiffened his back, his heart was hopelessly embarrassed. For a moment his face was so dark that he could almost drip water but there was nothing he could do about Ming Yu’s repeated approach. He was completely helpless. This man was a prince, so he can’t just throw him out right? It’s just that with this kind of appearance, what will come next? 

Ming Yu was secretly smiling. Last time he found out, Xie Yixiu did not like people to be close, looking at his black face, Ming Yu’s dark heart turned bright. Who told you to act like that?

“Cough cough!” Wen Yuzhao, who was frightened by Ming Yu that his three views got destroyed could not help but come back to his senses. He could only cough twice in embarrassment to remind him, Wangye! How can you be so unbothered about the trifle?! You are no different from the stupid goons in the capital who call on friends everywhere! Look at their general who has always been cold and majestic, who has been so angry that he dares not speak out.

However, seeing Xie Yixiu’s helpless expression for the first time, he was inexplicably happy in his heart. He suddenly remembered a sentence, the wicked have their own wicked grinding, and it is also a good thing that General Xie has his nemesis named Duan Wang. Finally, he saw a little bit of his character now.

A certain person’s face full of smile was being swept over by Xie Yixiu’s cold eyes, so in the end, he received his general’s glance at an opportune moment. He was a passerby, so the account should not fall on his head, right? However, Wen Yuzhao was frozen and shivered from his glance, Oh my! If he didn’t stop Wangye and give their general a break from the siege, their general will really be mad. General Xie didn’t dare to blow his anger on Wangye’s head, but could it be the same for these minons’ heads? Those who dare to see the general being made into a joke must be ready to be innocently implicated at any time.

For the sake of his own life, Wen Yuzhao took the first two steps. His brain turned quickly, and quickly thought of countermeasures. He planned to distract Wangye while rescuing his general, “Wangye, why does this thing….oh!” He couldn’t find the word for a moment, and after thinking about it, he continued: “Why is it that the foot of the mountain is so far away, but it looks like it is close at hand? Moreover, it is so clear that even the eyebrows of the face can be seen. I would like to ask Wangye to please expel my curiousity.”

General Wei repeatedly nodded his head after hearing what was said. Recalling what he had just seen, it was really unbelievable. In addition to the immortal magic and the like, they thought about it back and forth but still can’t find the answer. So they could only ask Wangye to explain it to them. After all, Elder Huang was the one brought by Wangye from the capital, and this thing was made by Wang Ye, so only Wang Ye knew the origin of this thing.

Ming Yu was finally willing to let go of Xie Yixiu. When Ming Yu stood up straight, Xie Yixiu immediately moved to the side without a trace. From where Ming Yu had just been stuck, the layers of fabric were all hot. There seemed to be Ming Yu’s temperature on his body, which made him feel an inexplicable palpitation in his heart. Since he had become of age, no one had ever approached him, Ming Yu was the exception. In his memory, he had never experienced this feeling before.

“Because this thing is called ‘thousand mile eye’!” Ming Yu put his hands behind his back and looked up smugly, “As the name suggests, this thousand mile eye can see objects in the distance, and it is best used to detect the enemy at a distance.”

Xie Yixiu’s slender fingers clung to this thing called thousand mile eye, which was almost what he imagined. With this thing, there was no need for people to take risks to go close to inquire into the enemy’s situation, and only needed to observe the ingenuity of the barbarians from a distance, so as to come up with a more effective plan against the enemy.

Obviously, this was not just Xie Yixiu’s thought, which one of the people present was not an old fritter who had been immersed in the battlefield for many years. Everyone’s eyes were glowing. Staring dead at the thousand mile eye in Xie Yixiu’s hand, if there was such a thing in his own army, it might be the key to defeating the enemy.

Ming Yu did not perceive everyone’s strange appearance at all, and said to himself: “Ben Wang intends to use this thousand mile eye in the stockaded village. When the time comes, if there are bandits or barbarians invading, they can see it from a distance, so that they can also warn people in advance. There will be sufficient time for the people to evacuate and transfer or discuss strategies against the enemy.” 

Although he had such a plan, this material was not easy to be implemented for a long time. This telescope, he spent a lot of money and polished the crystal glass bottle given by the emperor. One needs to know, this crystal glass bottle was offered as a tribute from a foreign land. So there are few in the whole Great Yan. He has one because his father emperor loved him so dearly that he bestowed it as a gift for him.

If he wanted to produce it in large quantities, he had to make cheap glass. Unfortunately, he only knew that glass is made of sand through high temperatures, but the specific steps were not very clear, so he could only provide a general direction for the craftsmen at the bottom to slowly explore and create.

Fortunately, these craftsmen still had the spirit of research, and they had heard reports before that they had made a little progress and made colored glass. It’s just that what he needs is pure glass, and this will probably take some time.

Ming Yu squinted, if the glass is good, this thing can be made. Whether it is a thousand mile eye or glass mirror, it could become expensive. If he sells them out, whether it is the western region or the south of the Great Yan, this thing will be able to earn him a lot of silver money. At that time, he really did not need to do anything, he just needed to move his fingers, lie on the money to count the money, then sleep, eat and drink to live a stable life.

Thinking about the beautiful life in the future, Ming Yu’s mood turned bright. The corners of his mouth rose, becoming softer and brighter

Xie Yixiu shook his head, inadvertently there was an imperceptible gentle smile in his eyes.

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