I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 32

Chapter 32

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Hearing Ming Yu say that this magical object was meant to be used by the common people, General Wei couldn’t help frowning, what do those villagers know? Isn’t it a tyranny for them to use this? This kind of thing that is very useful for combat, shouldn’t it be used in the army?

“Wangye, listening to you, it seems that more can be done. This thing is of great benefit to the army, and I also ask Wang Ye to think twice and give priority to equipping this thing to the border garrison.” General Wei stepped forward and persuaded bluntly.

“If you want to equip it, you should first equip it with our Red-Robed Army. With this thing, our Red-Robed Army will definitely be able to control the enemy’s situation and defeat the enemy more effectively, so as to increase our victory.” Wen Yuzhao naturally refused to show weakness and followed closely behind General Wei.

At this time, the Red-Robed Army absolutely cannot be left behind. If it is preempted by the border garrison, it will be difficult for him to explain to his brethren after he returns.

“Nope! Everything else can be given priority to the Red-Robed Army, but this one can’t.” General Wei refused to give in the slightest.

“Why not? Only our Red-Robed Army can make the most out of it. ”

“Humph! Does the entire borderline rely solely on the Red-Robe Army? If it were not for the garrison desperately resisting in the frontline, the barbarians would have entered the border a long time ago.” General Wei snorted coldly, he just couldn’t stand Wen Yuzhao’s condescending behavior. If it weren’t for his father being the prime minister of the dynasty, could he have entered the Red-Robed Army?

Wen Yuzhao was naturally unconvinced, General Wei had always been at odds with his father, so he also also looked at him unpleasantly in passing. Although he was young, he won’t submit to bully easily. 

“Back then, when the barbarians entered the border, was it not the Red-Robed Army that was not afraid of death and formed a struggling military group to take the lead in breaking through the enemies’ armies and only then did we repel the barbarians? Therefore, what I’m saying is the garrison only needs to defend, why do you need to use this magical item?”

“You…” General Wei blasted with anger. This stinky boy, in the end does he know how to respect his elders? He glared at him through his beard angrily, this kid even daring to refute in front of elders, he is not at all like his hypocritical father. Although his father was cunning and calculating against others all day long, he was still respectful outwardly, how did he make a b*stard like this?

“I’m just saying the truth. Don’t tell me the old general won’t even let a youngster to voice out the truth now?” Wen Yuzhao straightened his chest and was very straightforward. Don’t assume that you can do whatever you want just because you are old and want to use your seniority to overwhelm others.

Wen Yuzhao was not afraid of him. General Wei didn’t get along with his father, so it is reasonable to say that the younger generation should not get involved. However, when he came to the border alone, he did not expect to fall into the hands of General Wei. When he heard that he quietly escaped to this place, he unexpectedly ruthlessly beat him up and locked him away. He even threatened to send him back to his father for discipline. Later, although he didn’t know why he was released, Wen Yuzhao took this matter to heart, he always wanted to assassinate General Wei whenever he encountered him.

Ming Yu blinked, why are these two quarrelling? The glass experiment has not been completed yet, so how can the thousand mile eyes be made at will? Do they think that this thing is like a cabbage and can be found at a street stall casually?

“I say the two of you, do you know what kind of materials Ben Wang used to make this thousand mile eye? I had used the pair of crystal glasses that my father bestowed for me to make this thousand mile eye. If the two of you have 8-10 crystal glasses, then Ben Wang will let them help you make some for fun! ”

Ming Yu’s words made the two look at each other, not knowing what to say for a while. Others might not know what a crystal glass was, but how could these two people also not know? This was a rare item given by a foreign land for tribute that could be counted with both hands in the entire Great Yan Kingdom. It was highly treasured by the current emperor, so no one expected His Majasty the Emperor would bestow a pair of it to His Royal Highness Duan Wang. This was enough to explain the position of His Royal Highness Duan Wang in the emperor’s heart. It seems that they should all re-examine this Royal Highness Duan Wang.

Ming Yu was very proud when the two were speechless. He shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands and said, “How is it? No one has it? Since this is the case, then Ben Wang is also powerless about it. ”

He was telling the truth, although he could forcefully make one now, the cost was high and he could only produce one of it. The low-cost glass was still being experimented, even if the experiment was successful, he didn’t know when it would be until he could mass produce it. Moreover, his main purpose of glass products was to make money. Even if this thousand mile eye was sold to them, selling to his own people won’t fetch him a high price! The little abacus in Ming Yu’s heart was buzzing with noise.

“I have one, could Wangye help me make this thousand mile eye as well?” Xie Yixiu, who had been watching coldly and did not speak, spoke at this time.

“Cough, cough cough!” Ming Yu didn’t pay attention and choked on saliva. When he finally stopped, he squinted and looked at Xie Yixiu, “You said you have this crystal glass?”

Xie Yixiu shook his head and nodded again, explaining for the first time, “Five years ago, when the barbarians invaded, I led the army to surprise attack their camp, cut off their main banner and kill their left captain. His Majesty evaluated my merits and bestowed me a pair of crystal glasses. I wonder if it can be used to make this thousand mile eye?” 

Xie Yixiu said it simply, but in fact, that battle could not be more dangerous. If it weren’t for Xie Yixiu leading the Red-Robed Army to penetrate the enemy’s heart, Liangcheng would have fallen into the hands of the enemy.

At that time, the Red-Robed Army did not have the scale it had now and its equipment and weapons were not as good as now, but the soldiers regarded death as their home, and the momentum of perseverance and courage was vividly exerted under the leadership of Xie Yixiu.

At that time, the barbarians under the leadership of King Tuoba Ren, broke through the Great Yan’s most relied on, mountain pass——Shi Chongguan in one strike. One must know that Shi Chongguan is the barrier of Liangcheng, and once this border was broken, Liangcheng was a fish on the cutting board, ready to be slaughtered.

Moreover, the barbarian great armies were at a critical juncture while Liangcheng approached a crisis. If Liangcheng was broken through, then the capital would no longer be able to defend itself. The barbarians’ armoured horses could flatten the land it came across on the way and the Great Yan would be exposed under the enemy’s armored horses; the end result would be unthinkable. 

At this critical moment of survival, Xie Yixiu, who was only eighteen years old at the time, led only 3,000 soldiers into the enemy’s great camp. He entered and exited three times, shot and wounded King Tuoba Ren and killed their left commander, Helian Sui. The garrison took advantage of this opportunity to launch an offensive stand and finally repelled the invading enemy. In this battle, the Great Yan army won a great victory.

At the end of the battle, Xie Yixiu was covered in blood, as if he had come from h*ll. After this battle, Xie Yixiu became famous in the First Battle and became a war general respected by everyone in the Great Yan Kingdom. The Red-Robe army also became a local legend in the border areas.

The soldiers were not afraid of battle, they would not be afraid of death, because they werre strong!

Ming Yu had also heard of the tragedy of this battle, but at that time he was still confused and didn’t pay much attention to it at all.

Because of this battle, Xie Yixiu made great achievements in battle, and the emperor personally gave him the title of war general with countless imperial gifts, including a pair of crystal glasses.

Xie Yixiu’s words left General Wei speechless, this was a solid merit that cannot be erased. If Xie Yixiu hadn’t come forward at the beginning, no one would know what it would be like now.

But Wen Yuzhao was extremely proud. Their general become famous after the First Battle, becoming a myth yearned for by many young people. At that time, he seemed to see the light after fighting cocks and lackeys after living muddleheadedly in confusion for 20 years in the capital. He made up his mind, even if he fell out with his family and went to the border alone, he would go follow general Xie Yixiu.

“Yes, it’s definitely doable, but this is an imperial gift, if it is made into other things, I am afraid that His Majesty will blame…” Wen Yuzhao reminded.

“I will report to the emperor and explain everything. His Majesty is magnanimous, he certainly won’t blame me. Your Highness Duan Wang, what do you think?” Xie Yixiu stared at Ming Yu and said.

Ming Yu shrunk his neck, inexplicably hearing a hint of threat from these words. What he meant by this should be that if he didn’t agree, he would report him to his royal father, right?

Speaking of the things that the emperor rewarded, they are not ordinary items and they cannot be trampled by people at will. It would be too late for ordinary people to make use of them, so how could they disassemble and make other things out of it like Ming Yu? It is estimated that only Ming Yu dares to act so willfully in this world.

Ming Yu laughed twice embarrassedly, and echoed: “Father Emperor has always been reasonable, and is an extraordinary wise monarch. How can he blame anyone for this trivial matter? Moreover, the thousand mile eye has many usages, its role is better than a dead object for decoration, don’t you think so?”

“What Your Highness said is exactly correct.” Wen Yuzhao nodded repeatedly.

“I have to trouble Elder Huang now. I will have someone send the crystal glass over tomorrow.” Xie Yixiu looked directly at Elder Huang planning to settle things down.

Elder Huang was a little at a loss. Wangye has not spoken, how could he dare to make his own decisions?

Receiving Elder Huang’s gaze for help, Ming Yu had to stand up, “Okay, if you want the thousand mile eye then you can have it but as you can see, Ben Wang’s craftsmen have a hard life. If you want the fruits of their labor, you can’t treat them unfairly, right? All kinds of bonuses, allowances, subsidies and so on, General Xie has a lot of money, I think he won’t mind giving this bit of money, right? ”

Ming Yu looked like a money grabber, approaching with a big grin on his face. 

Xie Yixiu was simply afraid of this person’s shameless face he directly took a step back, “Conditions?”

Ming Yu’s calculation succeeded. Humph! Sooner or later you will fall into my hands, so why not now? Retribution is coming, the way of heaven is accurate, your retribution is me!

“The conditions are not high, my craftsmen are living a hard life. I want you to pay ten times the salary, is it okay? Also, I heard that the battles of the Red Robe Army over the years have all been sorted into a book, recording all the gains and losses, as well as General Xie’s personal annotations. As a matter of fact, Ben Wang has envied you for a long time. So I want to borrow the book to take a look to let my surbodinates read and learn from your experiences. This is not a difficult matter, right? Ming Yu’s eyebrows curved, looking pure and harmless. If you ignore his words of extortion of taking advantage of somebody’s weakness, this scene can be said to be very beautiful and harmonious.

“What? How can this be borrowed?” Wen Yuzhao jumped to his feet, this was sorted out by him and General Xie after a year of various researches. It can be said that all the battles of their Red-Robed Army have been collected in it, it is also a confidential thing, how can it be shown to people at will?

Ming Yu spread his hands, looking indifferent. Hearing Wen Yuzhao’s words, he pretended to sigh helplessly and said: “Since you can’t do it, Ben Wang won’t force it. Let’s disperse! Let’s continue what we were doing. Look, our cubs have started a new game, let’s continue to watch the drill…”

Before he finished speaking, Xie Yixiu spoke, “Deal!” 

“Huh?” Ming Yu couldn’t react for a while, he was confused for a moment before he understood that Xie Yixiu had agreed to his conditions.

Tsk tsk! It’s a pity, he was still preparing to give the cold shoulder with them and convieniently raise the condition but he didn’t expect Xie Yixiu to agree so easily, does General Xie really not have to think about bargaining anymore? If it’s like this, it will be difficult for him to open his mouth again!

Ming Yu’s regretful expression could be seen at a glance, he was ready to slaughter Xie Yixiu to retrieve the previous stage earlier.

However, his mind had long been guessed by Xie Yixiu, he was bound to gain this thousand mile eye anyway, so why bother with some gains and losses?

Judging from their previous encounters, a quick victory is the way to win.

Ming Yu’s regret and annoyed expression entered his eyes, which inexplicably made him feel happy, “I’ll send the items over tomorrow.”

Since it was decided, Ming Yu had no choice but to nod in agreement.

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