I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 37

Chapter 37

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When the matter was settled, Ming Yu was also relieved, and immediately took leave.

Wen Yuzhao came to Xie Yixiu while pulling his little eight-character beard, “General, you agreed to this?” Why does it feel like something was wrong? He was puzzled.

Xie Yixiu glanced at him, “Otherwise?”

“Eh…” Wen Yuzhao laughed twice embarrassedly, “It’s okay, anyway, it was agreed that the two armies would exchange people to study, it is just one person as your personal follower, I think it’s no big problem.”

Xie Yixiu said no more, and left with General Wei.

General Wei watched the red-robed army and the escort battalion fight. He was also envious and jealous in his heart, but he also knew that there was really nothing they could do with the garrison on the border. Alas! In the future, it will be good to just follow behind and pick up some leftover soup to eat.

The drill came to an end. The caravan had already been prepared, and an auspicious day was chosen, then Ming Yu personally marched for the caravan.

Bu Atan took the wine handed over by Ming Yu. The excitement in his heart was indescribable, he had waited for this day for too long. He has been a good for nothing nesting in the worn out place of Liangcheng. Now Duan Wang gave him this opportunity, so that he can fight hard and get ahead, which made him grateful.

“Wang Ye, I will definitely live up to your trust and do my best to do things for Wang Ye. The task assigned by Wang Ye will definitely be completed.” Bu Atan finished speaking, and drank the wine in the bowl in one gulp.

Ming Yu nodded and patted him on the shoulder, “Take care of yourself, no matter what put your life first, and do your best within your ability. You must come back with everything intact, I will wait for you!” For the first time, Ming Yu abandoned his identity and waited for an old friend who was about to travel away to return safely.

Ming Yu sighed, the transportation of this time period isn’t as developed as later generations’, even if it’s a distance of a globe, it still felt near. Although from Ming Yu’s point of view, this trip to the countries of the Western Regions won’t go beyond the territory of the magnificant Great Yan Kingdom, at most, it’s just a domestic tour. 

However, it would take about a year to come back from doing business in the countries of the Western Regions. With this long time period, not to mention the time and energy spent, the dangers on the road were also unpredictable. He won’t mention anything else for now, he just hoped that this team can return safely.

Bu Atan was emotionally moved, he made a deep bowing etiquette to Ming Yu. Duan Wang was respectful for the wise and lenient to others, being able to follow such a master was a blessing that he had cultivated through several lifetimes. He made up his mind that he would be loyal to His Royal Highness Duan Wang in this life, and would not hesitate to always be there for Wang Ye.

Ming Yu helped him up, and looked at the guards behind him. There were two hundred people from the red-robed army, and two hundred people selected from the escort battalion integrated together. It was believed that with them, this trip will be a complete success.

“Going west on this trip, I believe that there will be difficulties, but you are all our Great Yan soldiers, you are well-known iron-blooded men, I believe that such difficulties can be perfectly solved with everyone’s concentrated efforts. Your trip is not only for Ben Wang, but also for the future of the Great Yan.” Ming Yu said loudly.

Everyone looked solemn, their shoulders straighthened, they had a heavy responsibility, but they must not be overwhemed

“General Xie has already explained your tasks clearly, you only need to keep those tasks in mind anytime and anywhere. Ben Wang will wait until you return from completing the task, and then personally hold a welcoming party to clean the dust for you.”

After he finished speaking, he took the wine bowl that had been prepared early by his personal guard, “Ben Wang hereby toasts you a glass to wish you a smooth journey. Cheers!” He drank it all in one gulp, revealing the empty bottom of the bowl.

The surbordinate soldiers also took the wine bowl and drank it dry in one big gulp, “We will live up to Wang Ye’s trust and will definitely complete the task!”

Ming Yu nodded with satisfaction, “Remember that you are the Great Yan soldiers. Walking out of the land of the Great Yan, you represent the Great Yan Kingdom, no matter where you go, you must not degrade the prestige of our Great Yan.”

“Yes! The Great Yan is mighty! The Great Yan is mighty! ”

Xie Yixiu on the side looked at the figure of Ming Yu in front of him. Ming Yu at this time was not as round and plump as when they first met, he had lost a lot of weight, and his height had soared, his whole person looked humble as jade that could attract everyone’s attention. These days when he arrived at Liangcheng, he had exhausted his thoughts and ingenuity, sparing a lot of effort for Liangzhou.

The courtesy official glanced at the time and reminded: “The auspicious time has arrived, everyone can set off now.”

Bu Atan glanced at Ming Yu, saw him nod, and then gave a salute. He turned over his horse, raised his hand and waved, “Set off!”

The sound of horses’ hooves sounded. The carriages that have been lined up slowly started to move, heading toward the west.

Ming Yu watched the caravan go away. He couldn’t say what he was feeling in his heart. There was some reluctance, some worries, some hope and expectation, and finally all of it turned into a sigh. Everything is difficult at the beginning, as long as he take this step, everything will develop on the good side.

Xie Yixiu stepped forward, “Can they really succeed?”

Ming Yu looked back at him, his eyes full of confidence, “I believe them, they will definitely hand over a satisfactory result.” 

Xie Yixiu was in a bit of a trance, he didn’t understand why Ming Yu had such confidence. Could it be that Ming Yu had already thought of it this far when he first asked him?

He still remembered that when Ming Yu spread the whole plan in front of him, he was not only surprised in his heart, but also shocked with admiration. Ming Yu was becoming more and more incomprehensible, capable of making such a big move, he does not believe that just Ming Yu alone can design it so perfectly.

He still remembered Ming Yu expounding his thoughts with a proud expression: this caravan was not only going to trade with various countries, they will also have diplomatic responsibilities. It was best to contact the nobles of the countries of the Western Regions, make friends with them, and tell them that in the east, there is a country called the Great Yan, mysterious, kind, civilized, and powerful. Their silk porcelain was the best thing under the sky. The Great Yan Kingdom was friendly to the countries of the Western Regions and was willing to form an alliance with them for long-term commercial exchanges.

If this move can be successful and the Great Yan can get the support of the countries in the Western Region, then the situation in Liangzhou will show unprecedented changes. Long-term commercial and trade exchanges will make caravans from all countries concentrate in Liangcheng, so will Liangcheng still be as barren and desolate as it was now? Thinking deeper, between the Great Yan and the countries of the Western Regions, if they form an alliance, then the Suixi Kingdom will have a situation of being attacked by the back and belly, and at that time, can the Suixi Kingdom still be so unscrupulous?

“I hope so!” Xie Yixiu sighed with hope, and for the first time, he hoped that Ming Yu’s plan could be truly implemented perfectly. His soldiers have always been the best. He, himself, should also trust them.

When they return, it will be when Liangzhou’s situation will change.

“Now the most urgent task was to deal with the bandits in Liangzhou. If the bandits are not eliminated, it will be difficult for the commoners to have a stable day.” Ming Yu finally mounted a horse with the help of his personal guard. He still didn’t dare to gallop a horse alone, so he could only pace slowly.

Xie Yixiu followed behind at the distance of half a horse, looked sideways at him, and said involuntarily: “The bandits in Liangzhou have been a trouble for a long time. It is difficult to annihilate them in one fell swoop. ”

Ming Yu focused his whole body and soul on the reins in his hands, holding the rope tightly. He had to control the direction of the horse. At this time, he nodded when he heard, “I know, but you can’t just ignore it because of its difficulties, right? No matter how cunning and cruel they are, there will always be a way to deal with them, isn’t that right?” He turned around, a pair of peach blossom shinny eyes looked at Xie Yixiu, however, the horse under him snorted violently, startling him to hurriedly turn back, he was afraid that the horse would not be in control and throw him down. Although his subordinates chose a particularly docile and well behave horse for him and even with personal guards looking after him, he was a little nervous and afraid.

Xie Yixiu showed a smile that flashed away in a blink of an eye. He then said in a cold voice: “Don’t hold the reins too tightly, relax your body, don’t be too tense.”

“Huh?” Only then did Ming Yu react. Xie Yixiu was teaching him to ride a horse, so he did as he said by slightly loosening the reins that were tight, but the tense body could not relax.

“If you ride like this, you will be very tired. Relax your body, don’t use too much force in your whole body.” Xie Yixiu said.

Ming Yu suddenly showed a big smile towards him, his eyes looked at him brightly. Xie Yixiu’s heart tightened, he subconsciously reacted, what trouble was Ming Yu causing him again? 

Sure enough, Ming Yu said: “General Xie is proficient in both civil and military knowledge. Riding a horse is nothing difficult for you so why don’t you teach me how to ride a horse!”

Xie Yixiu had a headache, he looked at Ming Yu’s posture while riding a horse. It can’t be taught in a short period of time, if he had known this earlier, he wouldn’t speak so much. 

Xie Yixiu’s first reaction was to refuse, “Wang Ye, I am busy with affairs, I don’t have spare time…..”

“What kind of relationship do we have between the two of us. There is no need to say any polite words. Rest assured, Ben Wang is gifted and intelligent, it won’t take long for me to learn to ride a horse. Thank you General Xie for teaching, Ben Wang will hold on to this favour. It’s a small world; only mountains never meet. This way, we will have more opportunities to cooperate in the future, General Xie, do you agree?” Ming Yu threw out a lot of explanation before Xie Yixiu could completely refuse, making it impossible for him to reject it at all.

What was their relationship? What relationship could they have? As a prince, how could Ming Yu spout such nonsense. Xie Yixiu could only swallow the words at the moment. The cooperation opportunity that Ming Yu said really made him unable to simply refuse. It’s just that this troublesome thing gave him a bit of a headache.

“Ben Wang knows that General Xie is busy with military affairs. In any case, Ben Wang is not in a hurry. When General Xie is free, you can make an appointment with me, what do you think?” Ming Yu smiled and made the decision. In any case, he could be considered as his instrutor now, then he can depend on him for everything.

Xie Yixiu tugged at the corners of his mouth, “Alright, since Wang Ye asked me to teach you horsemanship, then everything will be according to my rules. I don’t know if Wang Ye is willing.”

Ming Yu smiled and nodded, “Of course, why would I not be willing? A teacher like General Xie is difficult to find even with a lantern. Everything depends on you.” 

“Then let’s start now.” After Xie Yixiu finished speaking, he took two steps forward on the horse, parallel to Ming Yu, and then the horsewhip in his hand pointed to all over Ming Yu’s body, “Keep your head and body naturally straight, relax your shoulders, look straight ahead, don’t look down at the horse, straighten your chest, raise your head, put down your legs naturally, and relax your knees.”

Everywhere the horsewhip pointed, it was all the irregularities of Ming Yu’s movements. Xie Yixiu corrected them one by one, but caught Ming Yu unprepared. He had a bitter face, he was not ready, and acted with confusion for a while that he almost fell off the horse.

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