I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 36

Chapter 36

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Looking at Xie Yixiu’s indifferent appearance, Ming Yu was still a little angry. Isn’t this person conveniently obtaining more benefits? What’s important was that he had no other choice but to agree to it. If he could make suggestions or something, he would have to be grateful to him, but he would have taken advantage of everything! D*mnit!

Ming Yu won’t suffer loses easily, he must find something else to make up for it.

Feeling depressed in his heart, he pulled a smile on his face with difficulty, “Since that’s the case, you can also see how good our relationship is, that we can be considered as one family already. Ben Wang’s guard battalion cubs are all lacking in experiences, so why don’t we choose some good seedlings to go to each other’s army every year to learn from each other. With this back and forth going on a long term, we can also exchange and learn to absorb the good side of each other, what does General Xie think?”

Xie Yixiu thought about it, and felt that this idea was quite interesting, but then again, Ming Yu’s thinking is novel. All kinds of strange ideas came out endlessly, it was really difficult to figure out how his little head came up with it.

“Okay, Wangye can leave these things to Wen Yuzhao to handle.” He directly threw these trivial matters to Wen Yuzhao.

Seeing that he did not prevaricate, Ming Yu finally relaxed the depression in his heart. Good, this can be considered as him succeeding!

Wen Yuzhao still didn’t know why the two people made a deal, but why they left the adsurd work to himself. It can’t be played like this.

Today was already getting late, the practice was basically completed. The rest was only their summary reports respectively.

Ming Yu also didn’t want to stay longer. Today while the iron was hot, he had to sort out the results of this practice, so that everyone can understand their shortcomings, and learn to face it and learn as a lesson so there will be no mistakes when they practice next time. 

The hot blood of the soldiers of the escort camp had not yet dispersed. They were so d*mn refreshed this time. They have never went all out in a carefree manner like this for many years. 

A real man was a manly man so which one among them didn’t have hot blood? Shedding sweat like this, the bold spirit of attacking the enemy with everything they have, they will never ever feel this with the pleasurable life in the capital. 

No wonder they’re appreciated, a man should be like a machete living up to the youthful  energy.

They originally missed the luxury life of the capital. But these days, Duan Wang treated them with generosity and benevolence. The living conditions were no worse than that in the capital. Many of them seemed to have forgotten the past life of the capital, but occasionally when they thought of it, they would still sigh when they thought of their families in the capital.

Perhaps, it was not bad to make the decision to stay like Zhou Dadan? Family and country in the world, it is always difficult to have both. If you can make meritorious deeds and grant your wife a title as well as making your son the heir, then you have lived your life. And even if Duan Wang agreed to promote them to a higher rank when they returned to the capital, they will still be imperial bodyguards. What great achievements could they achieve? When their children grow up in the future, will they blame themselves for this decision? Now that they have followed Duan Wang here, why not take it as an opportunity? At least not to allow themselves to regret it.

Many people’s minds began to waver.

The new recruits who were watching their drill were full of envy at this moment. They can compete with the legendary red-robed army in the border area, which was a great blessing in their opinion, who in the border area does not know the famous red-robed army? Even if their escort battalion lost this drill, they were still proud of them.

In the face of the envious eyes of the new recruits, the soldiers of the escort battalion straightened their backs and held their heads high. As men, they should establish otherworldly and receive people’s admiration; such thoughts took root.

“We can send some outstanding guards and soldiers to the red-robed army to exchange and study, this is a good opportunity to learn from each other’s strong points and let our escort battalion grow at a faster speed.” Ming Yu lowered his head and whispered to Mo Jiang.

Mo Jiang understood what Ming Yu meant, and nodded yes, but when he thought about it, he said with some embarrassment: “Wangye, I have something in mind, but I don’t know if I should say it or not.”

Ming Yu patted him on the shoulder and said very trustingly: “What is there to not talk about, just say what you have in mind.”

Mo Jiang thought about it before saying. “Wangye, the child you handed over to me before has a good natural understanding and is a good seedling, but I am really busy with affairs that I do not have much time to teach him properly. Moreover, in terms of his talent and understanding, I am of humble talent and shallow learning, and I’m afraid of delaying a good seedling.” 

When he mentioned this, Ming Yu remembered that the child he gave him to teach and train a few days ago, Ah Bing. Ming Yu frowned. In his opinion, putting Ah Bing here under Mo Jiang was the best choice at present, but Mo Jiang’s words did not seem to be the same as his thought.

Listening to his words, there seemed to be an unfinished meaning, Ming Yu pondered for a while and asked, “What are your thoughts, Commander Mo?”

Mo Jiang cupped his hands and said, “Didn’t Wangye mentioned about sending someone to the red-robed army to exchange and study? I suddenly had an idea, but I don’t know if it will work. ”

“What is it?”

“I secretly thought that there is another place that is very suitable for Ah Bing, where he would definitely learn much more than in the escort camp.” Speaking of this, he glanced up at Ming Yu.

Ming Yu raised his chin and signaled him to continue.

“What I am talking about is the red-robed army. If we can hand over Ah Bing to General Xie to study under his careful teaching, Ah Bing’s achievements will definitely not be under me in the future. In the future, Wangye will definitely have one more trusted aid.” Mo Jiang completely said what he thought in his heart.

Ming Yu’s eyes lit up, why didn’t he think of this? General Xie’s skills were beyond doubt. Who else in this world can compare to a famous war general? Sending Ah Bing to General Xie to teach, even if the learned skills were no good, they will still be of some use, right? The more he thought about it, the more reasonable it became. Ming Yu said with a smile: “It’s still Commander Mo who thinks thoughtfully. Thanks to you reminding Ben Wang, I would really have missed this opportunity.”

Ming Yu clenched his chin, thinking that he had to ask for his opinion on this matter, so he ordered people, “Go and bring Ah Bing over.” After speaking, he said to Mo Jiang: “Let’s ask him his own opinion first, if he doesn’t want to, it’s not good to force it.”

Mo Jiang just made a suggestion, seeing that Ming Yu agreed, he was relieved in his heart. Ah Bing, he really liked this kid. If he can be in a good place, his future performance will be much stronger than him.

Ah Bing had already arrived not too long ago, he naturally wouldn’t miss the battle between the escort battalion and the red-robed army. Although it was not his turn to play, he gained a lot from watching the battle.

At the moment, like everyone else, he still had a flush of excitement on his face. Seeing Ming Yu, he was happy and excited, but he did not dare to act rashly, he hurriedly saluted according to the rules.

Ming Yu saw that he was a lot taller, his originally thin body also had strong tension, it seems that he had trained very effectively these days.

Ming Yu asked him about his recent training results, asked him with concern whether he was used to living in the escort camp, then finally mentioned Mo Jiang’s proposal, “Ah Bing, this is your own affair so we can’t make decisions for you, you can think about whether to go or not.”

Ah Bing knew that Wangye and Commander Mo were sincerely thinking about him. What kind of place was the red-robed army, it was not something that people could enter if they wanted to, let alone follow General Xie.

He was originally reluctant to leave the escort camp, but he knew that Wangye and Commander Mo had high hopes for him; only when his own strength is strong could he serve Wangye well in the future.

“Ah Bing is willing! Ah Bing will definitely cherish this opportunity, learn the skills well, and serve Wangye in the future. “Ah Bing’s heart was like lightning, he had made his decision. 

Ming Yu touched Ah Bing’s head with great satisfaction and said with a smile: “In the future, you don’t have to serve Ben Wang, but serve the country instead and protect the commoners behind you, understand?” 

“Yes! Ah Bing will remember!”

It was just in time to take this opportunity to strike while the iron was hot and set things up. Ming Yu raised his head with a smile and looked at Xie Yixiu. Xie Yixiu’s heart tightened, he took two steps back without a trace, afraid that this Duan Wang would not play his cards according to reason, and he would be sticky to him again.

“General Xie, Ben Wang still has something to discuss with you, don’t worry, this is a great thing for you.”

Wen Yuzhao pouted, since the words came out of Ming Yu’s mouth, they should be discounted a lot, if there is really a great thing, why would he find their general to bring it up?

Xie Yixiu looked at him quietly. When he saw the sincere expression on Ming Yu’s face, he knew that there must be something troubling for him. He cupped his hands towards Ming Yu and said, “There is no harm in speaking what order Wangye has for me.” 

Ming Yu waved his hand. “What orders! It’s just a trivial matter, Ben Wang has a child named Ah Bing. He’s smart and studious, a good seedling. You should know that if a good seedling is not taught by a good teacher, it will grow crooked in the end. In order to save the seedlings, Ben Wang thought of finding him a good teacher, after I thought about it, only general was compentent.” 

“……” Xie Yixiu never expected that Wangye would find him a student.

He frowned and was about to refuse when he heard Ming Yu smile and say: “General Xie, don’t be too quick to reject. Ben Wang knows that this request is a bit excessive, but for the sake of General Xie, I have no choice but to mention it. Just think about it, what a pity would it be if there was no one to inherit your skills! When you are a hundred years old from now, there cn be those who follow in your steps, even if you die, you will also have no regrets. ”

What did Wangye say? What kind of curse is this to curse someone after a hundred years. Wen Yuzhao quietly looked at Xie Yixiu’s face, their general was really extraordinary, hearing these words, his face did not change at all. If it’s him, he would be very angry already. 

“Wangye can hire another famous teacher, I am not suitable for this position. I am of humble talent and shallow learning. I absolutely cannot hamper a student’s progress.” Xie Yixiu’s refusal was obvious.

“Don’t be unduly humble, how can you not be suitable? Where was there a second war general under the sky? Who here is not clear about General Xie’s skills? No matter what, you can’t value the broom as your own. If we can cultivate a talent like General Xie in the future, there will be successors to the war general. This will be a great fortune for the country.” Ming Yu said everything, so it seems that if Xie Yixiu still did not agree then he would disppoint himself and also disappoint the country.

Xie Yixiu knew that he would definitely not be able to refute to Ming Yu’s words, but it was not a trivial matter to accept a student disciple. If he agreed, he must teach with all his might, but where could he find so much time to teach a child himself?

He was still thinking about how to make Ming Yu give up this idea when Ming Yu seemed to already know his thoughts, and said with a smile: “In fact, General Xie does not have to personally teach, but it is enough to put this child in the red-robed army and be able to follow General Xie. That’s not too much to ask, right? ”

Xie Yixiu was visibly relieved when he heard this, so he might be able to accept it. He looked at Ming Yu’s bright smile and nodded to agree, but why did he feel something wrong in his heart?

It was not surprising that Xie Yixiu was uneasy in his heart, but Ming Yu’s words contained a small trick. Because he knew that it was impossible for Xie Yixiu to suddenly agree to accept a disciple, at the beginning, he put forward such conditions in order to raise the difficulty, and then lowered the conditions himself, lowering the personal disciple to a personal follower. With this much contrast, the person would know what to choose.

Ming Yu smiled like a fox. Since he promised, then the affairs was settled. Ah Bing was a very smart child. Ming Yu created these conditions to let him follow Xie Yixiu. Under his influence, he didn’t believe that Ah Bing would not learn anything.

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