I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 47

Chapter 47

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The two couldn’t think of the reason why Song Lian came to the borderland, so they didn’t think about him. Song Qingfu relied on Song Lian behind him, then the case of Ningshi Village was all Song Lian’s work, no wonder even the final sweep was done cleanly without missing anything.

No wonder, Song Qingfu’s power had been able to leap from a short period of two years to become one of the top forces in the entire Liangzhou, which can be said to be related to Song Lian’s behind-the-scenes manipulation.

“Song Lian, Song Lian!” Ming Yu frowned, it’s a pity, such a smart person was willing to degenerate with bandits, alas!

However, no matter how much he cherished his talents, he could only put Song Lian aside. No matter what, since Song Lian helped to cause abuse, it was impossible to let him go. What was done, cannot be let go, if the forces of bandits are not eliminated, the commoners will never have peace.

Following this, Ming Yu was completely busy. He worked out a battle plan with Xie Yixiu, General Wei and the others on how to lure the lord into the urn, how to arrange an ambush, and how to catch everyone in one net. Everything must be perfect, his determined words have already been spoken, if it fails through the lack of a final effort, then wouldn’t his face be beaten, pow pow?

Since Song Qingfu did the sensational case in Ningshi Village, all the large and small forces in Liangzhou have been alarmed. Everyone was staring in the dark, but they did not expect that the government did nothing, they did not even touch their tails. Seeing that they were full of harvests, there were more red-eyed people.

Since it’s like this and they can do it, they can do it too. Although their own power was not as big as his, Song Qingfu’s, even the manpower was not as much as him, it was completely fine to rob some smaller villages!

Many people thought like this, including Shi Dashun’s team. They have two or three hundred brothers. Song Qingfu was not yet the leader at that time, and he was not as strong as Shi Dashun’s team. Later on, Song Qingfu gradually gained power, only then did his team develop stronger and stronger, leaving them far behind.

Nowadays, many small forces that can’t get by have also turned over to get help from him. Song Qingfu was getting stronger and stronger, while Shi Dashun’s heart was extremely sour since he was inferior to Song Qingfu. The more he compared, the angrier he got.

No, they also have to learn to do something big. In the past, they were afraid, causing the brothers below to complain more and more. As long as they operate like Song Qingfu, maybe some people will come to seek shelter with them, he didn’t believe he was much worse than that kid, Song Qingfu.

Since he decided, then he had to do it. Thus, he chose a village that was not big nor small. He did not dare to look for a village on the edge of Liangcheng like Song Qingfu, he could only find a place that looked good, somewhere not too dangerous, and he could step on for a few days. Shi Dashun gritted his teeth, d*mn it! One who is unwilling to take risks will not achieve great things! He needs to go for it!

In the past, all chaos was small scale. Although there were break-ins to rob, it was just robbing one or two and running. They were afraid that the government would pursue them, but now with Song Qingfu as an example, his courage also fattened up. He had the intention to learn from it, and loot the entire village’s belongings.

“Brothers, if we do this today, we will be able to survive the winter in peace and never have to go hungry again.” Shi Dashun was a little excited, raised the wine bowl in his hand, and saluted to the circle, “Good days are just around the corner, everyone, let’s work together then this trip will definitely succeed.”

Everyone was eager to try it, so they all took their bowls and drank it all in one gulp. “To win instant success! F*ck them! ”

As night fell, when the people in the village turned off the lights and rested, Shi Dashun and his group, who had been waiting for a long time, began to act. They couldn’t contain their excitement for a long time, and rushed in.

Shi Dashun was proud and excited, they wanted to rob property and food. As long as they dared to block it, the knife in their hands would not be vegetarian.

Shi Dashun kicked open a door and scanned the room through the moonlight, there was nothing else in the room except for tables and chairs. Looking around, he felt that something was wrong.

Maybe the family didn’t put their valuables here waiting for people to grab it? Thinking about it, he walked towards the bedroom on the side. With a target, he walked directly to the bed and was just about to grab someone, but the hand detective fished out emptiness, the bed was empty, where was the figure?

What about the people? Shi Dashun was dumbfounded, he couldn’t believe everything in front of him, he obviously saw all the villagers enter the house before dark, but he never saw anyone come out again. Why is there no one now?

However, he was not the only one who suffered this, almost everyone was stunned.

Shi Dashun exited the house. One after another, his own people came out cursing, empty-handed, it seemed that they had found nothing.

“Leader, this is cursed, there is nothing in the house, let alone a grain. There was not even a pot or pan, there was no one inside and outside the house.” Someone saw Shi Dashun and said what he saw.

At this moment, Shi Dashun’s heart was slightly cold. What was the situation? Not just one or two families but the whole village was gone, however, in the evening it was clear that there were people everywhere, he had seen seven or eight children chasing and running out to play when they were shouted at and scolded by adults and reluctantly went home.

How long has it been? How can they not see even one person?

“Leader, have you seen anyone go out of the village?” Someone asked, their voice trembled a little.

They were all bandits on the road, so they often do murder and arson, but they didn’t even blink their eyes on that, however the situation now made these people a little afraid.

Everyone found nothing, so they gathered here. When someone heard these words, they involuntarily rubbed the goosebumps on their arms.

None of them had ever seen anyone come out. That was what was horrifying here, obviously there were so many people, such a lively village but they all disappeared in just a breath.

Shi Dashun’s expression darkened, he didn’t speak.

“Leader, this is… What’s going on, this…this, did we see ghosts?” The person next to Shi Dashun trembled and spoke a sentence.

Shi Dashun slapped him with a wave of his hand, “Shameful thing, what are you talking about? If you dare to say more, I will immediately turn you into a ghost. ”

The man covered his face and did not dare to speak, neither did the others.

Shi Dashun frowned and thought about it, the matter was definitely not simple, “These people can’t disappear out of thin air, they must be hidden. Go search for me, search separately.” He didn’t believe he couldn’t find these people. Even if no one was found, some food will definitely be found.

Someone led the way, ready to search every house.

“Ah! Someone died!” A group of people ran out in a panic. They went to Shi Dashun, and pointed to the house over there, “Leader, Lao Wang, Lao Wang seems to be dead.”

What was so terrible about the dead? Shi Dashun just wanted to open his mouth to curse, but he was not calm when he heard the latter sentence. Lao Wang was their old buddy, how can he die here for no reason?

He hurriedly followed over to check, and saw a pool of blood in the house. Lao Wang fell in a pool of blood, with a kitchen knife stuck in his chest. Who killed him? They killed people so quietly under their noses?

However, after a while, news came of several deaths. At this moment, everyone was panicking, no matter how angry Shi Dashun was, he couldn’t calm everyone’s emotions.

“How good would it have been if we had defected to the power of Leader Song? We can follow them to eat and drink well, but what is the situation now?” Some people complained on the spot, which attracted many people to echo.

Shi Dashun was depressed. When he proposed this plan, no one stood up against it, yet now when there was a problem, they begun to regret his decision. A group of easily swayed people. Since the plan failed, there was no point in staying any longer. More than ten brothers were lost, this trip was purely suffering a double loss after trying to trick the enemy. Shi Dashun could only let everyone retreat, they can always talk about things when they return.

Just after exiting the village, intending to leave, there were many people outside the village, it seemed that there were people everywhere. Before they could understand, someone lit a torch in front of them.

Shi Dashun’s pupils constricted, this… This was the government’s troops? Shi Dashun secretly cried in his heart but he had never heard of the garrison coming here. In order to guard against the troops, he also specially picked a slightly more remote village to attack, how can this also attract the soldiers?

The black pressure with torches in front of them pressed the group. Dressed in armour, their movements were uniform. With them just standing there, the aura of a blade had already spread out.

An official at the front stood up, smiling proudly, tilting his head, “Shi Dashun, we have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Shi Dashun couldn’t help but take a step back, the people below all nervously clenched the weapons in their hands. They couldn’t figure it out even if they thought until their heads broke, how can they run into soldiers after making all the preparations for this trip?

“Who are you?” Shi Dashun boldly asked, “You… You are not from the garrison?” He has seen the other party’s people clearly. The armour was clear, the action was orderly, everyone was like a sword out of the sheath, no matter who he touched, he would only be strangled.

“Naturally, I am not from the garrison. You may know that we are the escort of Duan Wang. If you lay down your arms and surrender obediently, we will spare your life, if not, you will surely die! ”

If it was not the garrison, then it was good. Besides the red robe army in the entire border area that can make them fearful, they were not afraid of the garrison, not to mention that they were not the garrison at all.

Escort guards, they had also heard of them, they were the imperial guards who escorted Duan Wang to the borderlands. However, they knew that the imperial guards from the capital were just some flower racks, donkey dung eggs, and shiny surfaces. They were left here just to scare people, not to mention they were outlaws with many lives on their hands, will they be afraid of these embroidered pillows? Moreover, their numbers were close, if they fight together, they may still have a chance to survive.

In any case, they would not believe that these people would let them go just because they laid down their weapons, they would simply be meat on the chopping block to be slaughtered. They were not fools, how can this kind of nonsense be believed?

Shi Dashun made a gesture towards the brothers and pulled out a broadsword, “Brothers, go! They are small fries, let’s fight with them, there will still be a way to live! Kill! ”

“Hehe!” Shi Dashun’s reaction made the soldiers of the guard battalion get excited, they have already explained the intention of the higher up. It was these people who were unwilling to cooperate and looked for their own death, so it can’t be blamed on them. 

These bandits were all guilty of terrible crime, they should all be annihilated as soon as they are seen, only Wang Ye was benevolent, saying that as long as they surrendered, he would give a chance for them to reform. Well, they have been given a chance, who was it if it’s not them who did not cherish it?

Everyone was ready to roll up their sleeves for battle. The previous training exercises were not enjoyable at all, now that there was a target for training, this opportunity should naturally be cherished!

The battle soon fell into a one-sided situation. In less than a cup of tea’s time, the battle was already over, this was the result of the guards’ desire to accumulate actual combat experience. It’s a pity that these people were not worthy of beating.

Shi Dashun didn’t figure out until he died, how his actions were exposed, how the people in those villages disappeared, and how the said imperial guards embroidered pillows who were just good for nothing had combat power more terrifying than the garrison, just like madmen? But he would never figure out all of these forever.

Everything went smoothly, the escort army cleaned the battlefield cleanly. As soon as the battle was over, someone had already gone to report to Ming Yu and the others who were watching the battle not far away.

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