I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 48

Chapter 48

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Ming Yu watched the battle from the rear heights, accompanied by Xie Yixiu, Mo Jiang, Xu Wen and others. This was the first time that the guard battalion had a formal battle in a real situation. It can be said that it’s a valuable experience for everyone who was participating in the battle. No matter what kind of battle there would be in the future, this time, it was undoubtedly of great significance.

A few days ago, the people on the watchtower in Wang Village had already discovered the clue because many young strong people in their village had gone to the base to participate in training. The things taught there were very practical on how to defend themselves, how to fight back, how to check the enemy’s situation, and how to organize the people to avoid danger, and so on.

After returning, they organized patrols. In addition to the underground passage, there was a watchtower about three or five meters high, which was convenient to observe the movement a little further out

Every day they took turns to send people to be on patrol while the rest of them worked as usual, so that they would not delay the farming time and protect the village well. Since the discovery a few days ago of strangers sticking their heads out and looking around the village from time to time, it caused them to be alert. The bandits were eyeing their village, but they did not panic, they quietly observed these people, at the same time they also sent people to the base to report the news, and waited for people to come to support.

After several months of training, the young people of the patrol team had a calm and collected response. They did not tell the villagers the news, mainly for fear of causing the villagers to panic.

So they not only let the villagers hide all the food in their homes in the underground passage, but also let the villagers hide in the tunnels every night, saying that in order to train the villagers’ resilience, they need to familiarize themselves with the underground passages in advance to facilitate their skill in hiding in the future.

This tunnel was built by their own family, why would they need to be familiar with it. They could know the way even with their eyes closed. But under the insistence and persuasion of the juniors in the family, the old people who were originally unwilling to toss could not resist, so they had to obey the juniors.

After tossing and turning like this for a few days, everyone was almost impatient, but they did not expect that there were really bandits in the village today.

Thinking of this, the village elders in the village were secretly afraid, if it weren’t for the juniors’ insistence that everyone in the village hide in the underground passage, tonight, their village would only be faced with doom.

Now they also really understood the reason why the government asked for the underground passage to be built. They used to think that it was just a task assigned by the government, and they only needed to complete it. They didn’t think it would come in handy at all, but it turned out that now the tunnel really saved their lives.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Ming Yu and the others moved into the village to calm the people in the village. The elders of the village also led the villagers to greet them at the entrance of the village.

Now Ming Yu has been mentally prepared for the battle and killing scene, compared to the tragic scene that he saw when he just came to Liangzhou and was caught off guard, it was already good. Besides his face being a little pale, everything else was fine.

These people deserved it. If they were not eliminated, more innocent people would suffer, so they cannot be soft-hearted. These people did not deserve sympathy. Ming Yu secretly did some heart construction, he was not Virgin Mary. To mention to the soldiers to not kill those that surrender, it will also deeply influence the future generations. As for these people, even if they are captured, they will never have a good life. The crimes they have committed, they will always have to pay a price.

Xie Yixiu noticed his miserable white face and turned his head to look at him, with a hint of worry in his eyes.

Ming Yu smiled, took out a candy from his purse and put it in his mouth. The sweetness of his mouth suppressed the stuffiness in his heart, which made him feel better. Seeing that Xie Yixiu was looking at him, he took out another piece and handed it to Xie Yixiu.

Xie Yixiu looked at the candy in Ming Yu’s hand, then at his face, but he didn’t move. Ming Yu was impatient, so he put it directly into his mouth, and muttered: “This was what Qing Ping made by herself, it’s sweet and delicious, you willl know when you taste it. Whenever you are in a bad mood, eat some sweets, and your mood will become happy. When I suffer from hypoglycemia and become dizzy and fatigue, taking a few pieces will solve the problem. ”

Xie Yixiu’s mouth was sweet, he rarely ate sweets when he was a child, now his mouth was full of sweetness that can’t help but make him frown since he was a little unaccustomed.

“Delicious, right?” Ming Yu’s eyebrows curved. Xie Yixiu looked at the bulging on his cheeks, and his fingers moved unconsciously, but he controlled it and moved his eyes away.

After entering the village with the villagers, the village head took the lead and knelt down to thank Wang Ye for saving his life. He didn’t know that this underground passage could protect their lives, these were the grace of Wang Ye, how could they not be grateful? 

Ming Yu helped them up, said a few words, and told them to be careful in the future, after all, the bandits have not been completely eliminated, so they should still be on guard.

Everyone respectfully obeyed his order.

Xu Wen was excited, he personally led the construction of the underground passage. This one today allowed him to witness the true role of this tunnel.

At first, when Ming Yu proposed it, to be honest, he was a little hesitant, not believing that the underground passages being built and ordinary villagers alone could change the situation. The commoners have always been a vulnerable group, only Ming Yu really wanted to protect them and let them save themselves.

When the bandits first entered the house to search, the hidden patrol was already waiting for the opportunity. The enemy was in the light, They were in the dark, and it was the easiest to attack. Such training subjects have been practiced countless times when they were in the training base, so they didn’t have any fear, some were just excited, if you met them, then consider yourself unlucky!

Lao Wang was one of the unlucky ghosts, he looked everywhere, but there was nothing, what was this? They busied themselves for a long time, but wasn’t it all in vain? The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he became. He was a little indignant when he saw that the people who searched had gone out. Just as when he wanted to follow the person in front of him out of the house, he heard something in the cabinet behind him, there seemed to be some noise.

He glanced back, a little unsure, then glanced at the others who had left. He gritted his teeth, his heart was unwilling. Maybe there was something in the cabinet. Although it had been searched just now, he always felt that there may be a missing place in the search, otherwise how can a family have nothing of value?

Even a person, he still hasn’t seen anyone so he was a little embarrassed. As he looked at the cabinet that made the noise again, his heart was even more certain, in case it was a person hiding inside, he could catch a living mouth, then he would not worry about the whereabouts of his belongings.

Thinking of this, he turned around alone and came to the cabinet door. As soon as he opened the cabinet door, before he could see clearly what was in front of him, something flew out of his hood, and then his heart hurt, the blade had passed through his chest, that’s how he didn’t even know how he died.

Wang Dachuan looked at the person who fell to the ground. The kitchen knife was stained with blood, he was sure that he was dead. Then he only let out a long breath in his chest, he had just killed someone, and his hands and feet were still weak. Commoners like them, in addition to killing pigs and sheep during the New Year, where else would they have used their knives. This is the first time they have done murder, although the person who was killed deserved it, he still felt uncomfortable. It was a contradiction that was both exciting and nerve racking.

The training method taught by Commander Mo was really useful, you can kill the enemy by surprise, plus the underground passages that extended in all directions allowed for advance or retreat, they can appear and disappear in top secret without anyone knowing it, catching the enemy by surprise.

The blow just now made him feel that this matter was much easier than he thought. Commander Mo was right, it was the mule that was led out by the horse to walk, as long as there was a chance, it was still the easiest to improve his ability in such a real battle. Perhaps in the future, they can condense more combat methods in actual combat.

This idea was consistent with what Xu Wen currently thought, this time the guard battalion was dispatched because the enemy situation was discovered early. If there was an emergency and it was impossible to move to the rescue quickly, then the villagers can only save themselves, which depends on the organizer’s ability to respond.

No wonder Wang Ye was determined to let the young adults in the village go to the training base for several months of training. First, young people are flexible and easy to accept new things, and most of the things taught by the training base were how to protect the villagers and how to fight the enemy.

Wang Ye’s meaning, to sum it up in one sentence: the enemy advances and I retreat, the enemy retreats and I advance, overcome rigidity with softness, and take advantage of your weakness to take your life.

Ming Yu said that this was the fruit of wisdom of his ancestors, and he was just borrowing such advanced concepts to place it here.

Xu Wen was excited. Wang Ye was able to think of the actual combat drill of the guard battalion and the Red Robe Army, and could also borrow it to use it here? Letting the villagers and ordinary people also practice several times and become more proficient and skilled, when the enemy comes, they can deal with it calmly and reduce unnecessary losses. Well, when he goes back, he will present a petition and must let Wang Ye agree and arrange it as soon as possible.

He can now affirm the role of the tunnel, and believed that when the entire village of Liangzhou has built underground passages, by that time, whether it is bandits or the barbarians, they can deal with this with great results.

Ming Yu had checked the situation of the entire village at this time, there were no losses, except for one person who accidentally sprained his foot while hiding in the tunnel.

This was the first time that Wang Village had encountered thieves and bandits robbing the village, but the personnel and materials in the village were very good, of course, this was also the reason why the escort army came in time. Aside from this reason, there should not be much loss in the village. This was very good, proving that this method was indeed feasible, in fact, such a method, Ming Yu also had some drumming in his heart, after all, he had not personally experienced it, he just based it on the experience of some predecessors according to the implementation of inspired imitation. Now that Wang Village was in front of him, he believed it would be much easier to extend this method to the entire territory of Liangzhou.

Therefore, the publicity of this matter cannot be small, it is necessary to make the people of Liangzhou themselves believe that what can protect them is in their hands, so that they can do it willingly without the need for the government to pressure them.

“That’s a great method!” Xie Yixiu praised.

Although he had long known about the underground passages Ming Yu spent a lot of manpower and material resources on, at first he just thought that people like Ming Yu were probably coming up with something new, under the guise of being good for the people, and then tossing the people to do what he wanted.

He’s nothing more than just an idle Wang Ye who had just come to Liangzhou, so how can he have an actual good method for Liangzhou? Does he know what kind of life the people of Liangzhou live? The people have long been miserable, how could there be more opportunities for him to play around?

However, now Xie Yixiu admitted that he was short-sighted and began to examine Ming Yu again, only to find that every time something came out of his mouth and he did it, it was really useful. Obviously they were all very complicated things, yet he can easily deliver them. Like the thief and bandit attacking the village, in the past, it was only after the incident that the government sent officers and soldiers to investigate, but in the end, the losses had already been caused, and no matter how much they traced, they could not recover the losses.

And when Ming Yu handled it, not only can he prevent such a thing, but also effectively launch a counterattack, with the patrol team composed of young and strong people to protect the village wholeheartedly, there was no need to send border garrisons and it can still be very effective.

He really wanted to see how many good things were contained in his little head, Xie Yixiu’s eyes had a hint of softness.

After being affirmed, Ming Yu was happy in his heart, but his face still had to be a little reserved. High-sounding words came when he opened his mouth, “Sigh! I’m only here to blindly play around, the most important thing is the result of the intentions of the people below, everyone working together for a common purpose to achieve this result together. ”

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