I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 55

Chapter 55

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Ming Yu was looking at the scene in front of him intently, his brows were locked, his fingers were tightly clenched into fists, and he had an indescribable emotion in his heart at this time.

“They only have themselves to blame for this.” A light voice sounded in his ears.

Ming Yu looked at the voice and looked into Xie Yixiu’s worried eyes. Ming Yu was stunned for a moment. Knowing that Xie Yixiu was worried about himself, his heart inexplicably warmed. He didn’t expect that in this lonely world, there were still people who cared about him, this really made him feel a trace of warmth.

He nodded, “I know.” Ming Yu knew that these people had no need for sympathy at all, each of them had the blood of innocent people on their hands, every one of them deserved this end. 

Thinking about the massacre in Ningshi Village and the people who were harmed by them, Ming Yu did not have a trace of sympathy in his heart, nor should he have sympathy.

Xie Yixiu saw that his state seemed to be okay, so he nodded and did not say anything more. He knew that his mental state had to be overcome by himself.

He, Xie Yixiu was called a war general, the barbarians change their expression by just hearing his name. His name could scare children, just by walking step by step past them. When he first picked up the half-broken sword he had lost and was forced to penetrate the enemy’s heart with a sword, his palpitations, panic and nausea at that time can not be forgotten. Until later, fighting on the battlefield, at which time did he not face the enemy in a life or death situation? Thinking of the brothers who died because of him, his heart was as hard as iron, battle after battle. He cannot fail his dead brothers, he must kill the enemy, kill the enemy! If he had the slightest soft-heartedness, he would be afraid that there would be no such person as Xie Yixiu in this world.

Ming Yu tugged at the corners of his mouth, “Kindness to the enemy is cruelty to oneself. This saying has always been the most reasonable, although I have good intentions and cannot see the people suffer, I am not a saint to those who do evil, I will not be merciful. ”

It’s good that Ming Yu can think like this. As a fief lord, being a person who tried to be good to everyone was not necessarily a good thing. Xie Yixiu knew that Ming Yu was open-minded and generous, he seemed to see no distance between the commoners and himself. There was no domineerance from being superior. He can be approachable to servants, subordinates, and commoners, everyone seems to be the same in his eyes.

“This sentence was well said, it was well said, the so-called heaven’s law is clear and one is inevitably punished for their mistake. They ended up like this because of what they did, there is no need to feel sorry for these kind of people.” Although General Wei was grinning usually, he also saw the unusualness of today’s Ming Yu. It’s reasonable, Ming Yu grew up in the palace since he was a child, where had he experienced such a scene? Not to mention that these were personally planned by him. If you can’t get through this level in your heart, it’s really a bit troublesome.

General Wei’s words of encouragement, Ming Yu naturally heard it, he smiled and completely put aside the trace of guilt in his heart.

“And the fish that slipped through the net, will it go according to plan?” General Wei changed the topic and asked directly. This had already come to an end, the rest of the people that escaped were already calculated in Ming Yu’s plan.

It was really a pleasure to see with their own eyes the destruction of the most powerful bandits. These were all the results of Ming Yu and Xie Yixiu’s careful planning behind their backs. Being able to annihilate the bandits without spending a single soldier and pawn had to show that Ming Yu made them wait for so long was all worth it.

As for the remaining remnants of the defeated bandits who escaped, Ming Yu already said he will completely annihilate them all leaving no one behind. 

Ming Yu said confidently: “Naturally, the net has been laid ahead, all we have to do is to just wait for them to pass.” After speaking, he looked at Xie Yixiu and showed a smile, the scene in the river valley had been completely put down by him. Next, he had to firmly move forward, the stumbling blocks on the road will be moved away one by one, and the rest will be used to build Liangzhou’s brilliant future prospects. 

The starry light in his eyes at this moment shook the eyes of another person, to the extent that it was much difficult to forget for a long time.

Song Qingfu finally escaped, looking back at the subordinates wailing in the water for help, besides panic, he could do nothing. Manpower was too small under the power of nature.

So many brothers, many of them had followed him through thicks and thins all the way, now they’re just gone. These were all his painstaking efforts over the years! How was it not distressing? Now with things like this, can he still make a comeback?

Song Qingfu sat on the ground tiredly, but he did not curse the god. It’s gone, everything is all gone. It all happened too quickly and too suddenly, catching him off guard. He couldn’t figure out how things had become like this, obviously, he was only one step away. He could have looted the convoy and enjoyed a few years of blessings but why did the convoy suddenly change the route? Why was the weather clear without rain and then the water of the Qifeng River rose sharply? Where did the water that flooded the Qifeng River Valley come from?

Puzzled, he remembered Song Lian’s words before leaving. Be careful of deception! Yes, Mr. Song was right, there must be something strange in this, these huge waves of water must be planned by someone.

Thinking of this, Song Qingfu jumped up in shock, looking around like a frightened bird, afraid that an enemy would suddenly appear from somewhere. However, until now, he had not even seen a single shadow of the enemy, this made him very much terrified.

What should he do now? The figure of Song Lian appeared in his mind, he regretted his past deeds. If only he had listened to Mr. Song at that time. Right, Mr. Song, he can still go back to Mr. Song. Since Song Lian can support him from a small minion who had nothing to a leader of a great force, he will definitely be able to do it again.

Finally, Song Qingfu picked up a little confidence. To be precise, he had confidence in Song Lian. He thought carefully about the situation at this time, he couldn’t sit still, there were some brothers like him who escaped, although he wasn’t sure how many, he wanted to gather them together. With their support, it was still much better than fighting alone.

In the end, there were only more than 300 people who came together, all of them wounded and extremely tired.

Just like that, Song Qingfu’s heart was dripping blood, it’s afraid that he won’t be able to recover for many years.

“Let’s go back first, we can go rest and recuperate first, and then think of another way. Rest assured, with Mr. Song here, I believe it won’t be long before we can improve.” Looking at the people waiting for him, the leader, to get an idea, Song Qingfu spoke out with difficulty.

It can only be like this, now it was already a great blessing to be able to escape with your life, the main thing now was to get out of here first.

Someone trembled and asked, “Where do we go?”

If they return the same way, it’s the most time-saving, but now that they were like this, naturally, they hope to return to their territory as soon as possible. However, Song Qingfu hesitated, looked around, and finally chose another path.

He also clearly understood now that this was definitely not a natural thing, and that someone was definitely using the Qifeng River to deal a blow to them.

Moreover, this person’s strength was not ordinary, just think about it. First, they lured them with a convoy and let them be fooled. One needed to know, how can they give up if they can’t swallow such a piece of fat meat? They were deceived from about the time in Zhaofeng Mountain. What kind of rocks could block the road that made the convoy take a long detour, in fact, it was to especially lead them to the Qifeng River Valley.

However, the people behind the scenes have already calculated this step, cutting off the water flow upstream and storing water early, which was why the Qifeng River, which should have been abundant water at the beginning of spring, had had less water than usual. As long as they chased to the river valley while they were both exhausted and extremely tired, those people would directly release water, so that they had no escape. Was there a tougher trick than this?

No wonder, they didn’t need to use the manpower from the garrison and the Red Robe Army, it did not take a single soldier to eliminate them. Therefore, Duan Wang’s method was really impossible to guard against.

Since Duan Wang wanted to destroy them, he would definitely not leave behind any of them, so they must be careful. Song Qingfu directly gave up the plan to return the same way and led the remaining group of remnants to leave with difficulty.

It’s just that no one expected Song Qingfu who had a hard time choosing a good path to still be faced with the people from the escort battalion that have long been waiting in ambush there. With a few people with him, falling into the hands of the escort army, how could there be a chance for them to escape? In less than half a day’s work, there was good news ahead. The leader of the largest bandit force in Liangzhou, Leader Song, was to be executed.

As soon as the news came out, the people all rushed to tell each other, it was so thrilling that everyone rushed to spread the news. Some even cried loudly on the spot, just because they have been too affected by those bandits over the years, their evil deeds were too many to count. There were also relatives and friends who died at the hands of bandits, all of whom will have their spirits comforted in heaven.

The total annihilation of Song Qingfu and his group this time was all the result of the planning of Duan Wang and his guards.

For a while, the name of Duan Wang and the guards spread almost all over every household, everyone was chasing him, in order to express gratitude. Some people offered Ming Yu what they thought was the best. After Ming Yu refused a few times, everyone was unwilling, so they directly put things at the gate of the prince’s resident and left, thus Ming Yu could not find anyone when he returned. This time. Ming Yu did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Although these things were not worth anything in his eyes, he knew that this was the best thing the commoners had. Seeing that there were more and more things in front of the door, all kinds of things, it was almost possible to open a grocery store like this. Having no other choice, Ming Yu directly sent someone to block the door to keep an eye on it. Once such a situation was discovered, it made everyone stop.

There were also people who were grateful for the kindness of Duan Wang and directly set up an immortal tablet for Duan Wang to worship every day. Ming Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry after hearing this, he issued a notice so that everyone did not have to do this, the bandits in his territory were rampant, it was he who did not fulfil his responsibility, so eradicating the bandits was within the scope of his obligations, it was due righteousness. Not only the current Song Qingfu, in a few years, he will wipe out all the bandit forces in Liangzhou, then everyone will no longer be harassed by them. Everyone really didn’t need to do anything for him, as long as they all live a good life, it can be regarded as the best reward for him.

As soon as this notice came out, everyone was relieved. Duan Wang said that he would wipe out the bandits, then it must be true, didn’t you see Song Qingfu’s forces all annihilated overnight? They heard that the underground secret passages built in various villages were the method that Duan Wang came up with. It had been several times already that the bandits entered the village without gaining anything, the patrols in some villages even beat the bandits making them cry so that they did not dare to come again.

Song Qingfu’s news was not only spread among the people, but the bandit forces. On the road, it set off waves of horror when they heard the news.

Song Qingfu’s force of more than 2,000 people was completely destroyed by Duan Wang’s escort army, leaving no one behind.

One must know, the escort army consisted of only a few hundred people, no matter how useless Song Qingfu forces were, it was impossible for them to be destroyed by hundreds of people in just one day, right?

After they understood the whole process, everyone was silent, this Duan Wang was a ruthless person! Under such circumstances, it’s afraid that it will be difficult for them to escape, right?

No wonder Duan Wang had to work hard to deal with Song Qingfu. Perhaps after they committed the crime in Ning Shi village, Duan Wang had them on his mind. He was able to endure for months, step by step designing a trap for them, and finally annihilating them in one fell swoop. Is this really the same foolish prince from the legends? Without relying on stationed troops or the Red Robe Army, he single-handedly defeated an enemy five times his size. Just thinking about it is enough to make one shudder in fear.

As bandits, they have always done whatever they wanted. In the past, they were afraid of the Red Robe Army, just because the Red Robe Army had always won hundreds of battles, but fortunately, the Red Robe Army mainly dealt with the barbarians, so they can still have a fluke mentality. But now that there was another escort army, what should they do?

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