I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 54

Chapter 54

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Not only Song Qingfu, but I’m afraid anyone would find it hard to swallow this anger. Who the h*ll is so despicable, piling up rocks on the road? And those imperial guards are such a bunch of sissies, haven’t they grown any hands? Can’t they move the rocks blocking the way? Why take a detour and make them wait for nothing?

“What to do?” Sun Zheng stomped his foot anxiously and asked again and again. Watching the goods slip away, he was really unwilling.

Song Qingfu was also anxious, if only he knew what to do. Obviously, everything was planned, how could something go wrong? He looked at Song Lian, “Mr. Song, now that the convoy has changed route, what should we do?”

Song Lian didn’t mean to speak,  he just frowned and pondered. Sun Zheng saw this scene and felt a little contempt in his heart, this Song Lian was only used to put on an act, he’s nothing but a weak scholar, what can he do? His position now came to be just because their leader treasured him. 

He couldn’t wait for Song Lian’s opinion, and said directly: “Leader, they are only two or three hundred people in total, we can chase after them, kill them and loot the goods.”

Song Lian looked up, “It’s not good! I’m afraid this is a trap! ”

Sun Zheng pulled the corners of his mouth and revealed a contemptuous smile, “What is the trap? Mr. Song is also too careful, right? How many of them are there? Even if there is a trap, so what?”

Song Lian ignored his peculiarity, and said to himself: “What if there is an ambush? ”

“This?” Leader Song frowned, in case what Song Lian said was true, it would indeed be difficult to do.

Unexpectedly, Sun Zheng laughed. “Ambush, a few hundred people ambush us two to three thousand people? Hahaha! What a joke, Mr. Song is really a scholar, your gut is small. During this period of time, being bloat will go to the bold and famine will go to the timid. If Mr. Song is afraid, you don’t have to go. ”

Song Lian’s face was a little displeased. Before he could speak, he heard Sun Zheng continue: “Leader, our spy has already inquired, have you forgotten? The barbarians’ movement outside Shi Chongguan was frequent, now the border garrison is on the lookout at that side tightly, the Red-Robed Army is also guarding against the barbarians in Shi Chongguan, if they can’t get troops from these two sides then who dares to fight with us? ”

Sun Zheng continued his efforts, “With the hundreds of guards under Duan Wang, could we still be afraid of them?”

That’s right! Song Qingfu slapped his thigh, “Even if there is an ambush, we are not afraid of him. Mr. Song, there are just a few hundreds of guards under Duan Wang, there is no need to be too cautious.”

“Shi Dashun’s hundreds of men, weren’t they all annihilated in the hands of those guards?” Song Lian’s intuition in his heart was not so simple, Duan Wang’s guards were really incomprehensible.

Sun Zheng twitched his lips and said dissatisfied: “Can Shi Dashun also be compared with us? Mr. Song, don’t be an alarmist here, wait until we snatch the things back, then we can talk about the rest. ”

At this time, Song Qingfu had completely fallen to Sun Zheng’s side, he really couldn’t bear to waste a great opportunity like this, those gold and silver belongings should be theirs.

Regarding Sun Zheng’s words, Song Qingfu nodded and said: “Exactly, Mr. Song, rest assured, we will catch up, whether they have an ambush or not, even if there is a trap, we don’t have to be afraid.”

After he finished speaking, he instructed Sun Zheng to immediately go to gather the brethren, it was not too late to catch up now.

He was in great joy as soon as Sun Zheng heard this, he hurriedly agreed and withdrew, before leaving, he did not forget to glance at Song Lian proudly.

Song Lian already knew that he couldn’t persuade them, the huge wealth and benefits were placed in front of this group of people who had never seen anything in the world, none of them could withstand such a temptation.

“Don’t worry, in the entire border area, except for the Red Robe Army, our forces are not afraid of anyone. It’s impossible for the Red Robe Army to rush over here. Let’s make a quick decision, and everything will be up to you in the future.” Song Qingfu said soothingly.

Song Lian’s fingers jumped slightly, he pinched a piece of the corner of his clothes, and smiled beautifully, “Then I will be here wishing for leader to achieve a victorious return.”

This smile made Song Qingfu’s heartbeat lose a beat, he must bring the crystal glass to him, only a person as delicate as him was worthy of the best crystal glass in the world.

Song Qingfu did not dare to look at him again, and left in a hurry, to go early so they could return early.

Qifeng River Valley, as the name suggests, was a low-lying valley, Qifeng River meandered out from the mountains and every time the water rises, Qifeng River will flood and wash into the valley, gradually forming this depression.

It’s just a little strange that this season was the season of abundant water, but the water of this Qifeng River was like winter water, the amount of water had not increased.

At this time, when the sun was setting, as soon as the sunset receded, the earth became a little gloomy. The view showed a foggy feeling. In the middle of the valley, more than a dozen carriages were parked there, and swaying figures were vaguely seen.

Song Qingfu’s men did not dare to approach because the area was empty and spacious, as long as people appeared, they could see it from far away.

It was clear that Duan Wang’s convoy supplies were there. Needless to say, it was also known that they were stationed there for the convenience of water sources.

Sun Zheng was very excited, this kind of empty place, there was no hiding place, how could there be any ambush, Song Lian had groundless fear and exaggerated.

“Leader, see what I said was correct, right? What Mr. Song mentioned, where is the ambush? It is simply a joke. It’s a pity, I really should have let him come to see, where are the ambush soldiers?” Sun Zheng did not forget to say a few sarcastic words.

“Alright, Mr. Song was just being thoughtful, there is no need to mention this matter anymore.” Song Qingfu knew that Sun Zheng had never been convinced by Mr. Song, and naturally, he couldn’t hear any good words from his mouth. However, Sun Zheng was a good brother who had always followed him, so he also can’t be too harsh on him. 

Sun Zheng had to shut his mouth ruefully, pulled a stick of grass into his mouth and chewed it, because of the bitter taste of the grassroots, he spit it out again with a few snorts.

Li Man stood behind Sun Zheng, at this time, just like the others, his face was full of excitement. Because he had done a few beautiful things for Deputy Leader Sun, he still had some status beside Sun Zheng at this time.

“Leader, Deputy Leader, when are we going to stop waiting? The brethren are dying of waiting.” Li Man asked in a low voice.

Sun Zheng slapped his backhand on the top of his head, “What’s the hurry? Can we rush when we are doing something big? Rushing up at this time, wouldn’t it mean giving them a chance to escape? ”

Li Man simple-mindedly smiled and touched his head, bootlicking somebody was his top-grade skill, “Exactly, we, your brothers are just pawns, not as good as the strategizing of Leader and Deputy Leader!” 

Sun Zheng listened happily, “Is that right? Just wait until the middle of the night and you guys will also be able to work.” 

“Yes! Leader rest assured when the time comes, I will rush up first.” Li Man said with a happy face: “I will first tell the brothers the news and let them be rest assured.”

Li Man found Wang Si, the two lowered their heads and muttered a few words, and quickly separated. Everyone was looking forward to the arrival of the night, and the night gradually thickened. Everyone stared at the river valley in front of them with excitement and nervousness, although they couldn’t see anything in the dark field, they knew that there was something in their hearts and minds, it was gold and silver belongings that could allow them to live a good life.

Finally, when the time came, Song Qingfu passed on the order, and everyone rushed toward the river valley. Li Man and Wang Si disappeared in the chaos, at this time, naturally no one cared about the whereabouts of these two people, everyone was so attracted by the convoy in front of them that they were about to lose their minds.

However, in the middle of the river valley, there was no movement whatsoever, only the gurgling water rushing in the quiet night.

Almost everyone went crazy, they went into the river valley, originally thinking that they would encounter resistance, ready to kill all sides, but unexpectedly, there was no figure, all the tents were empty.

Before he could react to what was going on, someone looked at the carriage and exclaimed, “Nothing, there’s nothing in the carriage.”

What’s going on? Song Qingfu was frightened, and quickly jumped into the carriage in a few steps. Sure enough, he found that the carriage was empty, there was not even grass on it. He hatefully cut the door a few times with the blade and jumped off the carriage.

Sun Zheng had already cursed, “We were fooled, it must be a plan to move the tiger away from the mountain, they left the empty carriage here, just to attract our attention, and then secretly transferred everything away.” 

He can’t help but say that Sun Zheng’s mind turned quickly, he could think of the plan to transfer the tiger away from the mountain already due to the result of Song Lian’s long-term influence.

The people below were all indignant, the things in their hands disappeared, they were busy for a while but everything was empty, so no one’s heart was comfortable.

Everyone had set their eyes on Song Qingfu, what should they do now?

Song Qingfu was also big-headed, he had never encountered such a thing. He was used to having Song Lian by his side. Song Lian helped him make ideas for anything. It’s a pity that now Song Lian didn’t come with him, so he didn’t even have anyone to discuss with.

“Leader, please immediately send a spy to inquire about the news, they must not have gone far. We can see where they went, we will wait for the specific news, then we will be able to catch up after dawn.” Sun Zheng thought about it, but he was still unwilling, so he suggested.

Song Qingfu nodded, it can only be like this. Now at this time, it’s already so dark that they can’t see the road clearly, even if they wanted to chase, they couldn’t chase them. For the first two days, in order to lie in ambush on the mountain road, the brothers had to guard at all times, then they rushed to the river valley non-stop and endured until this time. Originally, the brethren were thinking about their belongings and could remain in a state of excitement, but now, after working in vain, their hearts were relaxed, and everyone felt extremely tired.

It’s wide and empty here, so they didn’t have to worry about someone’s sneak attack. There were tents that had been set up a long time ago, everyone was also tired for so long, they no longer wanted to toss anymore.

So Song Qingfu discussed with Sun Zheng and directly ordered everyone to rest in place, and to pursue the convoy tomorrow at dawn, so everyone settled down.

In the quiet night, Song Qingfu turned over and over and couldn’t sleep, he didn’t know why, he had an unsteady sense of panic in his heart, maybe it was affected by Song Lian’s words, alas! If only Song Lian was there, at least he was his backbone. Originally he thought that he could do well without Song Lian, but now it seems that he overestimated himself.

“Boom…” A strange sound resounded through the river valley. Song Qingfu rolled over and sat up, he was about to go out to check, when there was already an exclamation outside, “The water is here! The water is here! Run!” 

The water is here? Song Qingfu was still confused, what kind of water was sent at this season? He opened the tent in a few steps, and was stunned by the scene in front of him, the black water upstream rushed down, its speed was so fast that it almost reached his eyes in the blink of an eye.

We’re finished! Song Qingfu had only one thought in his mind, that is, to run away. He took a horse, rolled over neatly, and beat the horse to get out of the valley.

This river valley belonged to the depression, the water flew low, as long as the water was large, the entire depression would be flooded, and no one would be able to run away at that time.

Song Qingfu was glad that he did not fall asleep, he found out that it was wrong early enough to respond in time. At this time, the sky was not clear, he was dizzy while crazily galloping the horse, so he had long been unable to distinguish between southeast, southwest, and northwest, and only knew to run for his life quickly. Behind him there was a flood beast, he did not dare to look back, but the rumbling sound had been endless.

The sky was getting bright, Ming Yu stood in a high place, holding a thousand-mile eye in his hand while looking at the river valley with a cold face.

The river valley was a mess, more than two thousand people, except for a few who escaped, the rest of those who did not have time to escape were struggling in the water.

Xie Yixiu glanced at his face. He heard that this person had not eaten for several days after seeing the scene of the barbarians slaughtering the village, now he witnessed this scene with his own eyes, and even caused such a result with his own hands, he didn’t know if he could bear it.

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