I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 61

Chapter 61

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Ming Yu still thought that he was dazzled, and it quickly turned out the golden yellow that had just glowed earlier. It was not much, it looked like more than ten grains.

Ming Yu carefully held it in the palm of his hand, looking at this thing that was very common and familiar in the later generations, his voice trembled a little, “How did this seed come about?”

Bu Atan was stunned for a moment, he looked carefully and found that there was no recollection of this seed. He shook his head a little blankly. Not all of these seeds were under his control, he just issued the task, and when the people below went out, they paid attention to collecting them, when they came back, they handed them over to him for safekeeping. Otherwise, dealing alone with the trading of goods and trading of horses, he would not be able to do much if everything had to be done by himself.

Bu Atan was a little embarrassed, “Wang Ye, it’s better for me to find someone to ask, the seeds collected in the Western Regions here are both many and mixed, I haven’t seen most of them before.”

Ming Yu nodded, he already affirmed in his heart that this thing is the origin of South Central China, Meizhou, called maize, also known as corn, and in the former Compendium of Medical Herbs, there is also the sentence “maize is planted in the western soil”. Ming Yu originally thought that this thing was difficult to see in a lifetime, but he didn’t expect to see it again today, how is this not gratifying.

You know, corn has strong hardiness, drought resistance and barren resistance, strong environmental adaptability, high output, not only can it be used for food, but also for fodder, with it, the people won’t be afraid of hunger.

Bu Atan brought someone over, the man looked confused, he received so many kinds of seeds, how could he know everything?  However, when he saw the golden seed in Ming Yu’s hand, he thought for a long time before saying: “I recall a bit of it, but I can’t remember it accurately. I heard that the person said that he met a person who was going to the west, who it was, and where it came from is really impossible to verify.”

Ming Yu was actually just curious, he didn’t expect this thing to fall into his hands. As for why the seeds of the Meizhou would fall to the Western Regions, and it happened to appear here, Ming Yu didn’t want to verify too much, there was also no way to verify it.

But since it has fallen into his hands, then he would let this thing carry forward in his hands and play its due value. At the very least, the people of Liangzhou must no longer go hungry.

“Wang Ye, I don’t know when the next trip to the Western Regions will be, so when it’s decided, I will be well prepared.” Bu Atan asked.

This is the issue he is most concerned about at present. Wang Ye had said there will be a trip to the Western Regions in the future, there will be more goods to trade, and he will go to more countries in the Western Regions and go further away.

Their caravan will be the first to take the lead, their every move will gradually attract attention, and will also make more people rush to follow suit, driving more caravan trade. When more people go, under their leadership, they will embark on an unprecedented Silk Road, which can benefit future generations a lot.

The caravans from the south and towards the north, the news brought over will make people no longer be blocked. It can let the people of the Great Yan appreciate the customs and folklore of the Western Regions. It can also let more people know about the Great Yan Kingdom of the East, and understand the silk, tea, porcelain and many other mysterious and beautiful items of the Great Yan Country.

In this way, the mysterious East will attract countless people to come to trade, there will also be people like Bu Atan who are unwilling to accept their ordinary life and move forward to the West to find opportunities.

Liangcheng is a large city on the road between the east and the west, all kinds of caravans will pass through Liangcheng. It can be imagined what a great opportunity this should be for the future development of Liangcheng. The prosperity of Liangcheng will be just around the corner.

Bu Atan has lived in Liangcheng for many years, so he also had a deep affection for Liangcheng. It will be a glorious and great mission to be able to single-handedly drive the development of a state city and even the entire Great Yan Kingdom. If he is lucky, then he may be able to leave a strong mark on future generations in the long river of history.

Bu Atan’s eager eyes made Ming Yu embarrassed, they had just returned, why did they think of leaving again? No matter what, he had to let them rest and relax, and then arrange the follow-up afterwards.

“It’s still too early to mention this matter, you just came back yesterday, you should be very tired too. Reunite with your family, rest and then we can discuss the next trip to the Western Regions.” Ming Yu persuaded with a smile.

Bu Atan also knew that he was a little anxious. Even if he was in a hurry alone, the people below also had to rest! People are not ironclad, and after months of being very scared and on edge, it is time to relax now.

He laughed a few times, scratching his head a little embarrassed, “Wang Ye, if you can, it is better to arrange it as soon as possible. The Western Regions are too far. If it’s delayed too long, I’m afraid I will not be able to finish it in my life. ”

Ming Yu was a little moved, he knew that Bu Atan was speaking from the bottom of his heart. To make the best use of one’s time, don’t waste the good times one has! The people should carry the weight and move forward.

Ming Yu stood up and walked over, patted him on the shoulder, and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long, what is the Western Regions? In the west of the west, there is a wider world, there is the promising endless sea. One day, we will leave footprints on all the lands, even if we can’t do it now, but our children and grandchildren will one day be able to fulfil our dreams. ”

Bu Atan clapped his hands and said with a smile: “What Wang Ye said is correct. I’m just being too anxious. I only want to set foot in rivers and mountains with my own strength, but I never thought that the power of one person is too small. After a generation of hard work, future generations can always step further and into more vast places. I’m really looking forward to that day! ”

Ming Yu was not looking forward to it like Bu Atan, because he knew that there would really be that day. Through the efforts of our ancestors, the accumulation of knowledge passed down from generation to generation will become an irreplaceable wealth.

“However, now while I can still move, I want to go to more places, so I can record what I see and hear along the road and pass it on to the future generations, so that they will not have to take indirect routes.” Bu Atan said expectantly. After listening to Ming Yu’s words, he suddenly had such an idea, so he said it without hesitation.

For Bu Atan’s idea, Ming Yu also agreed, “This is very good!” He even made a few suggestions, and Bu Atan nodded repeatedly.

Bu Atan was excited in his heart, Duan Wang understood him. He benefited a lot from this discussion. After he went back, he had to think about it, sort it all out, and really use it to realize his dream.

The next day, Ming Yu summoned the farmers who were still staying in the prince’s resident early in the morning. If it weren’t for the fact that it was too late yesterday, and Qingping persuaded him to rest, then he would have wanted to summon them overnight to discuss the corn seeds matter.

Elder Liu took the lead to pay respect. Wang Ye summoned him so anxiously, he didn’t know what could be the matter that made Wang Ye summon them. He thought that the watermelon seedlings that Wang Ye fancy had been growing very well, and there was no problem? Is it because of the glass greenhouse? They heard Wang Ye say earlier that after a transparent glass is made, they will replace all the glazed greenhouses with glass greenhouses, and they heard that the lighting is better and the crops will grow better.

They have been farming the land for generations with their faces to the ground and backs to the sky all their lives. Not to mention being proficient in the things in the ground, but they’re more than clear on the growth habits of crops, what kind of weather to plant, when to emerge, when to water and fertilize, they all do it according to their own judgment.

But after arriving here, they realized that this unexpectedly was also a great learning question. What is the temperature, humidity, lighting, pollination, coming from Wang Ye’s mouth is simply a fantasy, what do these things have to do with farming?

Wang Ye had lived in the palace since he was a child, they’re afraid that he can’t even tell the difference between wheat seedlings and weeds, right? It is too ridiculous for a man who has never farmed the land to point fingers and order in front of their group of old farmers. So what if he’s the Wang Ye? Even the emperor Laozi can’t have the old farmers change their farming methods, right?

Wang Ye also could not use farming as a child’s play, food is the god of the people. If they could not grow grain in the field, then everything that was said would be in vain. On the farming questions, several of them reached an agreement but they could not compromise.

However, later on, they were deeply slapped in the face, it turned out that as long as the temperature and humidity are right, even if the weather is reversed, good crops can still grow. Now they wish Wang Ye could explain a few more words about what photosynthesis, what fertilizer trace elements, what grafting skill are. These are all of the things they have never heard of, it’s like a fantasy, but it makes people feel it very reasonable.

They didn’t dare to underestimate Wang Ye now, Wang Ye is a person with great wisdom. He was sent down by heaven to save their Liangzhou people. No matter what, they just have to do what Wang Ye said.

“Wang Ye summoned us here, I wonder what happened?” Elder Liu asked.

Ming Yu beckoned to them, motioning for them to go over. A few people didn’t know why, but they still came together. They saw a piece of silk cloth with a few golden grains on top, what is this? None of them knew what it was, several people glanced at each other and all shook their heads.

“I don’t know what this is?” Elder Liu asked suspiciously.

Ming Yu was happy in his heart and looked at these seeds. His eyes were full of cherished love. “This is corn, it’s also called maize, this thing has high nutritional value, and can be used as a staple food like wheat. The yield is also particularly good, it’s both drought and cold resistant, with a high survival rate. With it, our people in Liangzhou do not have to starve anymore.”

Several old farmers looked at each other, they didn’t know that there was such a good thing. If it is really like Wang Ye said, then the people of Liangzhou can really have a good life.

Wang Ye is really knowledgeable and talented, he seems to know more about crop seeds than these old farmers, just like the watermelon seeds, which are obviously something that has never appeared in the Great Yan Kingdom. But Wang Ye knew, not only did he know, but he also knew how to plant it, even knew the growth habits of this watermelon, as if he was born knowing them.

The thing called corn that appeared here now is also like a watermelon, no one in the Great Yan Kingdom knew, but Wang Ye knew it very well. It also wasn’t known where this corn came from? Wang Ye is really capable of what people cannot do.

“Corn? Is this really as Wang Ye said? Can it be used as a staple food, easy to survive, and even the yield is high?” Elder Liu exclaimed.

Ming Yu smiled, it is useless to say anything now, practice comes out of true knowledge. As long as they are planted, everyone can see them with their own eyes and know whether what he said is true or false.

“If this is the case, the people of our Liangzhou will be blessed.” Elder Liu rubbed his rough hands covered with cocoons, and his heart was full of heroic spirit. They must plant this corn to see if it was really as Wang Ye said, and whether this thing really can save the people from hunger. In short, the addition of a new food crop is a great good thing for poor people like them.

Ming Yu nodded, he wrapped the seeds, and solemnly handed them to Elder Liu, “This thing is not easy to get, it came from the very far west, Ben Wang spent a lot to get this dozen, you must plant them carefully, otherwise if you miss this village, you won’t have this shop, you all should understand the importance of these seeds.”

Everyone’s hearts shivered, they had never seen Wang Ye value something so much. He even instructed so seriously, which showed that this thing was indeed very important in Wang Ye’s mind.

Elder Liu took it carefully, it’s just a dozen seeds in his hands, but it seemed to weigh a thousand pounds. This was entrusted by Wang Ye. At this time, they did not know that Wang Ye entrusted not only a few small seeds, but the livelihood plan of the entire Liangzhou.

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