I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 62

Chapter 62

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“Wang Ye, we will do our best. But, regarding this corn, we have never seen it, let alone planted it…” Elder Liu’s eyes were full of hope as he looked at Ming Yu, since Wang Ye knew it so well, he thought that he also knew the characteristics of this thing very well.

They have planted the land for most of their lives, but they’re not as good as Wang Ye, who has not been on the ground for a day. They now, except for occasionally sighing and lamenting about Wang Ye’s talent, they can only humbly seek advice to learn from him. 

“Eh! In fact, Ben Wang only knows theoretical knowledge that is worse than useless in practice. I have never planted this seed myself.” Ming Yu was a little embarrassed, he had only seen the later generations of farmers planting, so he more or less knew the process.

Elder Liu and the others trusted him obsessively, how could Wang Ye personally go to the ground, but even so, didn’t Wang Ye still grow watermelons that he had never planted? Now they have a lot of watermelon seeds remaining, and they have planted the next batch. If it goes on like this, it won’t be long before the people of Liangzhou start growing it too.

Against the expectant gazes of several people, Ming Yu was still a little stressed, he nodded and said: “I will sort out the planting conditions and growth habits of this corn for you, you only need to plant according to your own farming experience.”

In the later generations, corn has been cultivated for hundreds of years. When it first came in, wasn’t it also planted by great farmers before it spread and carried on forward? There is no reason why it can’t be done here, not to mention that he still knew the specific planting conditions.

Only then did several people put down their worries and promised to plant it, then they took their leave.

The goods brought back from the Western Regions went all the way to the capital. Ming Yu had already begun to look forward to the influence of this batch of goods. Although the items are rare, people must be able to recognize the goods. He knew the preciousness of the goods, but the people in the capital did not know. Ah, if no one appreciates them, the goods cannot be sold, then it will be troublesome.

Ming Yu was both worried and expectant, his heart was like it was hanging seventy to eighty buckets of water. His state of mind was a mess coping up with uneasiness making him unable to sleep well for several nights. Qingping saw this and was worried in her heart. She persuaded him to no avail, but later Xie Yixiu stood up and pulled Ming Yu to learn to ride a horse, which made him gradually forget about it.

Well, for so long, although Ming Yu wanted to learn to ride a horse in his heart, he had been recovering from his injuries since the first time he rode the horse. Then he was busy dealing with Song Qingfu’s mess. Later, the weather became colder, and he was reluctant to go out because of the cold, plus General Xie was keeping an eye on the barbarians’ matter in Shi Chongguan that he also put off the horse riding lesson. Therefore, Ming Yu had not made any progress in learning to ride a horse for several months. Now that spring is blooming, is it not a good time to ride a horse?

In this way, Ming Yu’s anxious state of mind also calmed down, he no longer thought about the goods sent to the capital, and he relaxed a lot. After studying it for a few days, he finally rode the horse a little more decently, and he was able to trot on horseback.

In the capital, the crown prince’s study companion, Xu Xi checked and counted over dozens of truckloads of goods sent to the capital, there was also a letter sent by Ming Yu.

After reading Ming Yu’s letter, Crown Prince Ming Ye handed it to Xu Xi, “This is the marketing and selling plan written by fourteenth brother, you should take a look first, if it is feasible, you can follow this.” 

The things entrusted by Ming Yu, as a crown prince, he studied government affairs every day and was too late to deal with official affairs. So it was impossible to personally do things for Ming Yu, so he could only leave it to his own henchmen.

Xu Xi has been a study companion with him since he was a child, the two seemed to be master and servant, but they look like brothers, the friendship from childhood to adulthood made Ming Ye trust Xu Xi the most.

Xu Xi had been smart since childhood, the city government was very calculating and shrewd, he had helped the crown prince solve several crises, so Ming Ye did not hide anything from him.

The last time Ming Yu wrote a letter to ask the crown prince to help promote the caravan of the Western Regions, it was Xu Xi who advised Ming Ye on the side, which made Ming Ye decide to stand on Ming Yu’s side and convince the emperor.

Xu Xi was also not restrained in front of Ming Ye. The crown prince handed him the letter, and he didn’t say much as he directly took the letter. In fact, he was also very curious about the fourteenth prince, oh not right, he should call him Duan Wang. What exactly is the marketing plan being mentioned?

The fourteenth prince was once in the palace, hiding himself, being stupid like a transparent person. But a few years ago, after having fallen into the water, the whole person seemed to have changed. According to the imperial doctor, because he was frightened, his mind had changed. Since he had been using medicine all these years, the foolishness of the fourteenth prince also had slowly improved. This was suddenly stimulated by fright, this change in psychology is also normal.

Xu Xi often followed the crown prince. Because of the relationship between the crown prince and the fourteenth prince, he had also seen him many times. For this prince who cannot threaten the status of the crown prince, he (Xu Xi) still had a bit of tolerance for the fourteenth prince, after all, he is also the brother of His Royal Highness the crown prince. There was always the psychology of love me, love the people around me. For the fourteenth prince’s change, Xu Xi himself was also happy to see it. At least for now, the fourteenth prince has become the Duan Wang, so he can also become the help of the crown prince Ming Ye.

Xu Xi quickly finished reading the letter in his hand, and then propped his chin to think. Seeing him like this, Ming Ye did not bother, he sat on the side and slowly tasted tea.

After half a day, the corner of Xu Xi’s mouth hooked a curve after reading the letter, a trace of essence flashed in his fox-like eyes. Interesting! This Duan Wang is really interesting, so ingenious to capture the minds of the public, who dares to believe that this is a method that a fool had come up with? Now he couldn’t help but wonder in his heart, was the fourteenth prince really stupid? Or maybe his dementia has already been completely cured?

He was pondering whether to send someone to check it out for himself when he heard Ming Ye’s voice ringing, “How is it? What do you think of what fourteenth brother said? ”

Xu Xi returned to his senses, seeing Ming Ye’s concerned eyes, he shook his head and said, “What Duan Wang said is very good, I think we can give it a try.”

Having thought so much, what to do now? Although Duan Wang is the younger brother of the crown prince, now that he has gone to Liangzhou, there is no threat to the crown prince. The crown prince also had brotherhood affection for the fourteenth prince, so why would he bother become an evil person, making it difficult for the crown prince instead. (he meant being a bad person for trying to dig Ming Yu’s past for being studpid fr or fake)

Regardless of whether Duan Wang is still stupid now, it has no effect on the crown prince. Maybe it is a good thing that he has recovered. The trade of the Western Regions is the cooperation between Duan Wang and the crown prince, half of this batch of goods belongs to the crown prince, the more benefits of selling are of course, the better.

He should put his mind on this first, as long as he made a successful reputation out for the first time, would he still be afraid that the items from the Western Regions will not become the best selling items in the future?

Ming Ye seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, since Xu Xi already agreed, then there is no problem. Fourteenth brother’s goods, in his opinion, is a rebel against orthodoxy. From Ming Yu’s thought of building a caravan to trade in the Western Regions, to now that the caravan has returned and wants to find a way to sell the coarse items of the Hu people in the Western Regions, these are all Ming Yu’s fooling around in his opinion.

However, no matter how much you mess around, as his brother who is the crown prince, he can be more tolerant. It may be assumed that it wasn’t easy for the fourteenth brother to go to Liangzhou, otherwise he would not bother to go to the Western Regions to trade, hai! What else can be done? If he can help out then he will help! 

Ming Ye was in a happy mood, he was obviously relieved, and nodded: “Then this matter will be entrusted to you. If there is any problem, you don’t have to find me, you can just take a look and decide it yourself.” It’s good to just get rid of this hot potato, he can’t wait to push the task that Ming Yu gave him to Xu Xi now.

At this time, how could he know how much benefit the things sent by Ming Yu brought him in the end. Because even the third prince who had been not dealing with him also begged him, not to mention other princes and princesses, even the concubines of the harem could not sit still, letting the emperor to come out and ask him for something he wanted, but it felt like his head could explode.

Xu Xi shook his head, thinking it’s funny in his heart, the crown prince is still the same as before, everything he is unwilling to do is pushed to himself, alas! Should he be glad that the crown prince trusted him, or should he lament his labor?

“So be it, I still have to go to see Royal Father to send the tributes being paid by the fourteenth brother to him.” Ming Ye stood up and waved his hand, letting people carry a large wooden box and go to De Yu Palace.

The emperor was criticising the memorial being presented in the De Yu Palace at this time. When he heard the report, he let people in without thinking.

After paying respect, the Emperor saw the large crimson wood box behind the crown prince, he did not know what it was.

“Royal Father, this is something sent by fourteenth brother to present to Royal Father, please check it.” Ming Ye explained.

The Emperor suddenly realized. He patted his head, and finally remembered that the caravan that Old Fourteen had returned from the Western Regions had arrived in the capital. “These are the things from the Western Regions sent by Old Fourteen?”

Ming Ye nodded, the Emperor said with a smile: “This b*stard, I don’t know what he got this time after going to the Western Regions. Putting up a great fanfare as if he’s afraid others don’t know about this. But it’s good if he came back safely to prevent him from causing more trouble.”

“Exactly, fourteenth brother has always had filial piety. Although the Western Regions belong to the barbarian state, the things that the fourteenth brother can specially send over are also rare things.” The emperor was in a good mood so Ming Ye was much more relaxed. He just had to open his mouth to please the Emperor. Ming Yu’s letter did not explain, and he could not look at the things given to his Royal Father at will. So what exactly was in this box, he did not know.

The Emperor nodded, obviously agreeing with Ming Ye’s words, and said happily: “It’s okay, let’s see what good things Old Fourteen brought for me.” After speaking, he motioned for the palace eunuch to open the box.

The palace servants opened the box according to the order. There were many different objects inside, many of which were strange things that had never been seen before. There were also a few fine fur blankets, but the production process is not as delicate and exquisite as the Great Yan Kingdom, but there was an atmospheric and rough beauty, such a difference made the senses of these people who have been accustomed to exquisite aesthetics have a bright feeling.

“Listening to fourteenth brother, these are all things from the Western Regions, spices, gemstone, furs, all things that the Great Yan does not have. There is also something called a mirror, which can be said to be delicate when reflecting people.” Ming Ye said what Ming Yu introduced in his letter.

These things are very rare, even the people who eat the best, most precious things in the Great Yan would be attracted by these things.

The Emperor was very interested, he had the same inquiry, fortunately, Ming Ye did not dare to fool around in front of the Emperor, and he had deliberately done his homework before, so he was replying smoothly now.

Finally, Ming Ye took out a beautifully packaged box and opened it, “This should be the mirror thing that fourteenth brother said, Royal Father, please take a look.” 

The Emperor took out the thing inside, it was not big, with a round shape. When he saw the clearly reflected appearance inside, he couldn’t help but be surprised, this thing, not to mention the hair, even the pores on the face were clearly illuminated.

“This is also a thing of the Western Regions? It looks like crystal glass, but it is not quite the same.” The emperor asked curiously.

Ming Ye also saw this object for the first time, and he still didn’t believe what Ming Yu said in the letter, but now that he saw it, he knew that what he said was true. This is really a hundred times clearer than the copper mirror, you can imagine how much impact this item will have on the girls from the wealthy families in the capital. He is also not a person who knows nothing, as Ming Yu said, women’s money is the best to earn, he can already imagine that group of people demanding this item crazily. He’s afraid that no matter how big the price will be, it would not quench their enthusiasm, right?

He was deeply touched by this. Recalling back then, the eldest sister Princess Le’an spent a lot of money for a poem by the gifted scholar Song Lian. His inside hurt when he saw it, can this mirror set off that kind of wave?

He suddenly remembered the marketing plan in Ming Yu’s letter, maybe the fooling around of Ming Yu would really have unexpected effects.

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