I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 63

Chapter 63

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He also had gifts that Ming Yu specially prepared for the princesses and the concubines. There were several such palm-sized mirrors inside. He heard that Ming Yu’s intention was to start the high-end market first. No matter what item it is, as long as it’s spread, it’s already considered as starting the door to the market already. He didn’t understand Ming Yu’s explanation, but he could understand what he wanted to say. In short, it is to make the item be sought after by the people that it could be considered as a success.

“It should be, the Great Yan Kingdom has never had such a thing before. Fourteenth brother specially sent it, that’s enough to infer its rarity. Royal Father had also seen it, this is definitely better than the copper mirror.” Ming Ye said with a smile.

The emperor also nodded, “Well, although this old fourteen is not reliable, but it’s good enough to have this kind of intention. I heard that the dozens of carriages of goods that came back this time are the ones you sent over in exchange? I remember, there were only ten truckloads of clothes, porcelain, these things, right? ”

Ming Ye bowed and said, “Exactly, those are old goods that are not very valuable, but I didn’t expect them to be exchanged for so many things back. It could be said that fourteenth brother’s vision is good.”

The emperor was very satisfied. “Since this transaction is made by your two brothers, when two brothers are of the same heart, their sharpness can cut through gold! In this capital, Old Fourteen is far away in Liangzhou and can’t be taken care of, so you should spend some effort to manage Old Fourteen well. Old Fourteen still counts on this kind of small business to build a horse farm. ”

Ming Yu’s desire to build a horse farm had already been reported to the emperor. He also did not want the emperor to spend money for him, but only said that he would build it with the money he earned. The emperor also did not worry about him, thinking that he was just building a small horse farm to play casually, plus it didn’t cost much silver, since he liked to play then let him play.

Ming Ye had also heard of this matter, and said with a smile: “Royal Father, please rest assured, I also have my own share from this transaction, how can I not be satisfied. No matter what, it can cover the costs of the clothes and porcelains sent out, no matter what I will never make myself suffer losses.”

These words amused the emperor. This son, who had always been strict to the rules and observant, also learned to crack a joke. Sure enough, you are the product of your environment. By following old fourteen, who was out of tune, also made the crown prince a lot livelier. This is good, young people, occasionally they have to have the vitality of young people, how could you be a young man if you’re too mature ? 

The two talked and laughed for a while, the atmosphere was warm and harmonious. He had to say that this trick that Ming Yu taught him is quite effective for his Royal Father. It wasn’t until Ming Ye saw a little tiredness revealed on the emperor’s face that he got up and left.

After going back, he sent the small gifts prepared by Ming Yu to each palace one by one. These small gifts were specially prepared by Ming Yu, he spent a lot of thought on this. The masters of each palace were different in ranks, and everyone’s preferences are different. Therefore, the things he sent were also based on this, hence he carefully prepared all kinds of differences.

Xu Xi had already started preparations according to what Ming Yu said. He belived that it would not be long before the items of the Hu people in the capital will spread out through the mouths of people.

In the palace, Concubine Zhen opened the exquisite gift box sent by Ming Yu through the crown prince. 

She entered the palace in the seventeenth year of Long De, and she climbed from a small rank to the position of the current concubine step by step, it could be regarded as achieving success. Because her appearance is a little like the deceased Empress Yuan, her temperament was also straightforward and unpretentious, which was quite loved by the emperor, now she can be on an equal footing with the earliest Concubine Hui in the palace, her status in the palace is also rising.

Hearing about the item that the fourteenth prince sent, Concubine Zhen was disdainful, what is good about the things in the barbaric land. Sending it over to have her take a look like this, isn’t it just a waste of her time? However, the fourteenth prince and her weren’t that familiar with each other when he was in the palace, the two did not have any intersection. If she doesn’t accept the gift he specifically sent this time, then it wouldn’t be good so to say. 

However, when she saw the palm-sized, crystal-clear mirror in the box, she could hardly take her eyes off. She happily grabbed it and looked left and right. When looking at the white and beautiful appearances of the woman’s face in the mirror, the surprise in her heart was even more uncontrollable. Is the person in this really herself? How can it be seen so clear? It’s almost like a person is reflected inside.

She took a closer look at herself, en! The eyebrows are not long enough, the rouge is not red enough, the fat powder is not white enough, how could she go out to meet people like this?

When she redressed, Concubine Zhen looked at herself in the mirror and was satisfied. With such a treasure, of course, she had to show it off everywhere, for a while all the concubines in the palace competed to show off what they had got.

Today, I show off my mirror, tomorrow she show off the spices sent by the Western Regions, they secretly fell over each other in their eagerness to compare. Concubine Hui looked at her few pieces of furs here and almost wanted to tear them apart, this Ming Yu really did not look favorably on her. Look at the things he sent, there are mirrors, spices, agate precious stones, but she doens’t even receive one of them. Instead, there is a few pieces of furs here, what is she to do with it? Could it be that she can use it to make clothes to wear? It’s really infuriating.

Look at Concubine Zhen, she got a small mirror the size of a palm. She showed off in front of her all day long, stroking her hair coquettishly, she couldn’t wait to rush up and tear her foxy face.

However, there is no way, she just wanted to show off, but there is nothing to show off. This won’t do. How can this be that these concubines all have the things she doesn’t? 

After thinking about it, she finally sent the palace people to inquire, where could she obtain these kinds of things? Either way, she’s going to get one or two things back.

The wind and waves in the capital were calm, but the tide was turbulent. Even the slightest bit of grass stirring can be spread throughout the city immediately.

Moreover, in the capital, there are countless rich families and high officials.

In a sumptuos backyard, there was such a conversation. “What? You actually said there is none? Say that again? Why is there no more? ”

A subordinate trembled with fear, kneeling on the ground like walking on thin ice and kowtowing repeatedly, “Miss, I really didn’t expect it to be gone so soon. I’ve received the young lady’s order and went, but I didn’t expect that there were too many people lining up to buy it in front, many people weren’t able to buy it too.”

That young lady was so angry that her face turned livid, she couldn’t care about her beautiful demeanor for a long time, “Useless, I told you to buy something and you can’t even buy it back, what is the use of you?” 

Just as she was spontaneously losing her temper, a young man walked over and asked inexplicably: “Wei’er, what’s wrong? Why are you angry?” 

When Chen Yuwei saw the person coming, she was even more aggrieved, “Brother! I just want a mirror and asked someone to buy it. But he can’t even do such a simple thing, it really pisses me off. ”

Chen Bi was stunned, “Isn’t it just a mirror? What’s so hard to buy, there are some at home too. Why do you need to go outside to buy it?” He had just returned from inspecting his farm fields outside the city for half a month, naturally he didn’t understand what kind of mirror his sister was talking about.

Chen Yuwei stomped her foot, “Where in our house does this kind of mirror exist? This mirror can completely and precisely illuminate the appearance of people.” 

Is there such a mirror? How can it be? Chen Bi didn’t believe it, he had always spoiled this sister. His sister always got what she wanted, seeing that her sister was angry, he quickly appeased: “Okay, if you want, buy it.” After speaking, he turned his head to look at the person kneeling on the ground, and said sternly: “What’s to be done? You can’t even buy a mirror?” In his later question, his tone also became stern, don’t these subordinates not put their masters in their eyes, by not doing their best? If so, it’s time to put things in order.

That surbordinate was so frightened that he kowtowed repeatedly, “Eldest Young Master Chen, I also had no way. When I rushed over, there were already many people waiting to buy it, and after a while, the mirror was already sold out.” 

“Sold out?” Chen Bi frowned, “Don’t you know the name of our minister official title? If you are incompetent, what use do I need from you? ”

That subordinate shrunk his neck, he wanted to report the name, but the identity of the person in front of the queue was not simple, not to mention the servants of the other ranks. He even saw the emperor’s son in law, people from the county king’s, and even many people from within the palace. But they all lined up to buy according to the rules, he really didn’t dare to be reckless, hence he returned without anything. 

When he reported the situation, Chen Bi had nothing to say, what kind of mirror actually alarmed so many forces to chase?

Chen Yuwei was on the side but did not adhere to it, “No, I want the mirror, brother, you help me think of a way. I have already seen it, Wen Wan’er has one in her hand, you don’t know, her proud look, she got all the limelight among us.”

Wen Wan’er is the daughter of Prime Minister Wen Cheng, knowledgeable and gentle, she’s quite famous in the capital. Because she got a very special mirror, she liked it very much, yesterday she specially held a mirror appreciation party, inviting many official ladies to participate, Chen Yuwei was one of them.

Chen Yuwei thought that her appearance was outstanding, and that she would be the focus of every party, but yesterday she was robbed of the limelight by Wen Wan’er, just because of a mirror. How could it not make people depressed. To be honest, this mirror is indeed very rare, she is also red in the eyes of this mirror, no matter what, she must have one of it.

So, there was the scene just now.

Chen Bi was pestered by her and couldn’t help, so he said helplessly: “Okay, brother will go and help you inquire to see who sells it. I don’t believe that our Chen family can’t buy a mirror.”

With the promise of her eldest brother, Chen Yuwei broke into a smile.

Like Chen Yuwei, there were not a few people who lost their temper at home, Wen Wan’er’s party let everyone see this exquisite mirror, and Chen Yuwei was not the only one who converted with envy.

Xu Xi implemented according to Ming Yu’s method, the effect was greatly improved. On the one hand is to send small gifts to influential people in the capital, such as Prime Minister Cheng, so that they can spread news about it after seeing the good effect of the goods. This is also why Prime Minister Wen Cheng’s youngest daughter held such an event to appreciate the mirror. Xu Xi is the crown prince’s person, representing the crown prince’s mansion, how can these influential officials not give him face?

On the other hand, it had also begun to spread in the palace. Who are the palace concubines in the palace, in Ming Yu’s words, they are people who are at the forefront of fashion, they all use good things, how can people outside not rush to follow suit?

Finally, he sent out a large number of people just to publicize these things brought back from the Western Regions. They either preached the strange scenery of the Western Regions in the form of storytelling, or the rumors of the gathering places of the streets and alleys about how magical and valuable the things coming from the Western Regions were.

For a time, the rumors in the capital spread, clear mirrors that can illuminate people or objects, many strange flavors of spices, beautiful and artisy blanket fur, and red and green agate jewelry with strange shapes. These were things that have never been heard of. Everything was impacting the people’s brain senses, the people who were accustomed to seeing the Great Yan’s items, under everyone’s word of mouth, have also become very interested in these things from the foreign land.

Rich and powerful people naturally rush ahead, saying that they must buy someting to show off. Thinking about what the emperor and ladies in the palace were using, it must be the best in the world. What does it look like if other families have it but you don’t? They won’t be able to raise their heads to other people.

In this way, when they heard where they could buy it, everyone sent people to wait early. Because these are the crown prince’s properties, how could these people dare to make trouble? They could only line up obediently to buy according to the rules.

In this way, there was a person like Chen Yuwei sent out in the back of the line, naturally he couldn’t buy it. There was just nothing he could do so when the servant went back, he could only let the master think of a way.

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