I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 44 Part 2

Chapter 44.2 Chip Chip Chip Chip!

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“His Majesty is going out for a trip!”

Like wildfire, the news swiftly spread through every nook and cranny of the capital, reaching even the ears of the lowliest commoner.

The current Emperor was a subject of intense interest among the masses, a figure frequently discussed in the tea houses, marketplaces, and street corners.

In the past, rumors abounded about the palace being a place of terror and death, with few who entered its gates emerging alive. Over time, these rumors grew increasingly macabre, with whispers that the Emperor feasted on human flesh and drank blood.

Such scandalous rumors would normally have elicited swift retribution from the Imperial Guards and provoked the Emperor’s wrath. But this ruler was different— he paid little heed to the hearsay that circulated about him, and instead allowed his people to speak their minds freely. Even the Imperial Guards refrained from clamping down on such discussions, further fanning the flames of gossip.

However, the seemingly mediocre Emperor suddenly took on a new air of importance in the spring of that year.

With unwavering determination, His Majesty pushed for new taxation policy, reformed the imperial examination system, and tackled corrupt officials.

The Emperor’s reforms had a significant impact on both the court and the people. Even those who were typically least sensitive or resistant to the court couldn’t help but acknowledge that a new brilliance had been restored.

Before, the only glimpse of the Emperor that the people had was during the annual Reed Festival. The dragon carriage, adorned with tassels, would pass by in the distance, obscuring any clear view of the Son of Heaven. But now His Majesty was actually touring the capital city.

For commoners, catching a glimpse of the Emperor’s face was an esteemed privilege, as they were rarely given the opportunity to meet him in person.

People from all walks of life curiously gathered along the route of the Emperor’s dragon carriage, craning their necks and eagerly anticipating his arrival, except for those who were preoccupied with their work.

In no time, the dragon carriage approached, and the people jostled forward, trying to get a better view. Finally, they were able to catch sight of the young Emperor sitting inside the carriage.

This time, the tassels were removed, and those standing close enough were able to see a youthful-looking man, with a handsome face, ink-black hair tied up behind a golden crown, and clad in a black and gold dragon robe with flowing sleeves that accentuated his slender frame.

The young man held a small cage in his arms and spoke softly to a tiny pet nestled inside, his smile as tender as the moon and his eyes as beautiful as a painting.

Those who were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the Emperor were left stunned.

Their Emperor was strikingly handsome…

Who was it that spread rumors that the Emperor’s eyes were like copper bells and his mouth was as big as a blood basin?

They had never seen such a handsome person before!

People naturally felt an affectionate attachment to beautiful things.

Confronted with the Emperor’s enchanting appearance, even those who had harbored ill feelings towards the court, were moved to a certain extent.

The people remained silent, waiting for the dragon carriage to pass by before they began to chatter.

This time, the discussions were not about the accuracy of the rumors, but rather the Emperor’s striking handsomeness, and how lucky the future Empress would be to have him.

Amidst their lively conversation, someone suddenly mentioned, “Have you heard that the Third-Ranked Scholar was promoted because he offered his body to His Majesty?”

The group fell into a brief silence, before bursting into peals of laughter.

“Zhang’s daughter-in-law, have you seen the Third-Ranked Scholar? How does he compare to His Majesty in looks?”

The young woman paused for a moment before shaking her head regretfully. “The top scholar is indeed pleasant-looking, but when compared to His Majesty, he pales in comparison.”

“Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more.”

“Would that scholar have the audacity to offer his looks to His Majesty?”

“Who would be foolish enough to suggest such a thing in front of His Majesty!”

Their laughter continued, echoing through the streets.

Several individuals in the crowd deftly steered the conversation towards the topic, satisfied that they had carried out their duty assigned to them by the Regent Prince.

In other parts of the city, similar conversations were taking place. The public relations crisis that had caused numerous scholars and commoners to question the fairness of the imperial examinations had been easily resolved by Li Jinyu’s visit to the capital.

Even the most skeptical scholars had to admit, after seeing the Emperor’s divine visage, that the top scholar’s looks were no match for His Majesty’s.

The Emperor could have any sort of beauty he desired, yet he chose to favor the top scholar. Even if it did not infringe upon the rules of the imperial examinations, the one who would ultimately bear the brunt of the consequences would be the Emperor himself, as he would not gain any benefits by doing so.

For the time being, there was no longer any malicious gossip or censure of the imperial examinations throughout the city. Everyone was enthusiastically discussing the Emperor’s unparalleled beauty.

The literary men’s creativity was sparked, and they quickly wrote a story entitled “The Third-Ranked Scholar Falling in Love with the Son of Heaven at First Sight, and the Emperor Favoring Him with Dragon Heart”. Surprisingly, it received a lot of attention.

In a single stroke, the Emperor’s damaged reputation was restored, and the relationship between the top scholar and the Emperor was clearly defined. When Huo Caiyu heard this news, he was so angry that he had a cold face in court for several days.

If one didn’t know the truth, they would have thought that the Prime Minister’s faction had won the battle.

Prime Minister Ye and the others were all secretly cursing in their hearts: the counterattack we came up with was so easily dismantled by you, and we haven’t even lost our temper yet, but you’re already throwing your face!


Shortly after the Emperor’s tour, a guard arrived with news that the person the Emperor had requested to be found had been located.

Dong Jixiang entered the palace carrying a hammer, and the guard who escorted him in reported somewhat helplessly, “Your Majesty, this man insists that this hammer is his brother and refuses to let go of it.”

Bringing weapons into the palace was strictly forbidden to prevent assassins from impersonating artisans. However, this craftsman was unwilling to let go of his hammer, and the Emperor had specifically ordered for him to be brought to the palace. The guard had no choice but to comply with the Emperor’s orders.

The guard confirmed that this man had no martial arts skills and posed no threat.

Huo Caiyu took a half-step forward without changing his expression, ready to protect Li Jinyu behind him..

Li Jinyu knew that Dong Jixiang in the novel had such temperament, so he didn’t mind and just observed Dong Jixiang carefully. Despite the worries etched between his brows, Dong Jixiang did not seem to hold any resentment. It appeared that the destruction that was foretold in the novel had not yet come to pass.

Feeling somewhat relieved, Li Jinyu cleared his throat and spoke, “Master Dong, Zhen has heard of your skill in crafting armor and weapons. Zhen would like to request your help in creating lightweight, safe, and reliable armor for the soldiers of Di dynasty. Are you willing to accept this task?”

Because he was asking for someone’s help, Li Jinyu didn’t put on any imperial airs. His sincerity was evident in his attitude.

Unlike most commoners, Dong Jixiang did not show any signs of being overawed by the royal family. He blinked in a dreamy manner, as if he had just realized why the person in front of him had sought him out.

After a brief moment of silence, he said, “Your Majesty’s generosity knows no bounds. This lowly commoner cannot refuse. However, there is a knot in this lowly commoner’s heart that has been bothering him for quite some time. If it is not resolved, he will not be able to craft the best armor possible.”

The guard who had escorted Dong Jixiang to the palace frowned slightly, as if he disapproved of Dong Jixiang’s apparent lack of respect for the Emperor and felt compelled to intervene.

Huo Caiyu sensed that Li Jinyu held this unknown craftsman in high regard and gestured for the guard to hold his tongue.

If His Majesty was so intent on meeting this person, then he must possess some exceptional skill or talent.

“What is the knot in your heart?”

“Years ago, when the tax collector came, this lowly commoner offered himself as a payment for the head tax. However, the tax collector refused,” Dong Jixiang’s face darkened, and he spoke with a hint of emotion in his voice, “He thought this lowly commoner was too old, so they took away his younger brother instead.”

Li Jinyu blinked, not understanding, but Huo Caiyu did. “Was the tax collector taking people to work in the palace?”

Only the eunuchs in the palace preferred having only children, as they were easier to raise.

Dong Jixiang nodded silently, then lifted his gaze and spoke, “The parents of this lowly commoner have already passed away, and the only relative in this world is the missing younger brother. If Your Majesty can help this lowly commoner find the younger brother, he is willing to die for Your Majesty.”

A drop of sweat ran down Li Jinyu’s forehead as he comprehended the gravity of the situation.

The reason for Dong Jixiang’s hatred towards the Di dynasty in the novel became crystal clear to Li Jinyu.

In the palace, eunuchs were no more than disposable pawns. The whims of Emperor Jingchang could lead to the death of a few of them, without any consequences. It was likely that Dong Jixiang’s younger brother met his end at the hands of the Emperor, for the most trivial of reasons, such as pouring wine too quickly, kneeling down clumsily, or even just because the Emperor was in a bad mood.

However, in the novel, Emperor Jingchang had never expected that killing a little eunuch could trigger the wrath of an unassuming craftsman, which ultimately resulted in the downfall of the Di dynasty.

Li Jinyu’s main concern at the moment was whether Dong Jixiang’s younger brother was still breathing.

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