I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 44

Chapter 44.1 Chip Chip Chip Chip!

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Upon his return from morning court, Huo Caiyu made it his priority to seek out Li Jinyu.

Ever since their shared bath the previous day, His Majesty had been plagued by dizziness and had taken to hiding behind a screen, causing great concern for Huo Caiyu.

With Prime Minister Ye also on sick leave, Huo Caiyu quickly attended to urgent matters before hurrying back to visit His Majesty.

Huo Caiyu couldn’t help but feel a sense of worry. His Majesty’s health seemed to be on the decline. He appeared weak, pale, and frequently dizzy, with no discernible cause in his pulse.

At times, Huo Caiyu wondered if His Majesty was deliberately teasing him. However, whenever he discussed the matter with his mother, she too expressed concern over His Majesty’s pulse, although she was yet to identify the source of the problem.

Huo Caiyu’s mother had repeatedly urged him to verify Young Master Li’s intimate habits and encourage him to seek medical attention if necessary.

Huo Caiyu refused to dwell on the complicated relationships between His Majesty and his concubines. However, when it came to the Emperor’s health, he took it upon himself to investigate thoroughly.

Official records indicated that the Emperor had a high frequency of favoring his concubines in the past. But since Huo Caiyu’s arrival at the palace, the Emperor’s interest in his consorts had dwindled, to the point where he even sent them to work in the fields. The Emperor’s harem was no longer his priority.

Huo Caiyu’s heart stirred with curiosity at this discovery, but he quickly suppressed it. The Emperor’s health took precedence over everything else.

The official records indicated that the Emperor was in good health.. As for the details of his seuxal activity…

To investigate further, Huo Caiyu would need to question the concubines directly. But he hesitated, as he feared it might cross a line.

Huo Caiyu recalled when his hand accidentally brushed against His Majesty’s… through a layer of silk, and felt a pulsing sensation. He swallowed hard as he remembered the experience.

It appeared that His Majesty was in good health in that regard.

Then what went wrong?

Huo Caiyu had been studying medical texts frantically while also handling court affairs, but was unable to make any headway in finding a solution.

Concealing his concerns from the Emperor, Huo Caiyu suppressed his emotions before entering the palace hall.

Upon entering, he saw His Majesty seated on the dragon throne, his eyes fixed on Huo Caiyu as if uncertain about how to begin the conversation. The Emperor sat on a cool mat made of jade and bamboo chips.

Huo Caiyu halted for a moment and inquired, “Has Your Majesty been waiting here long?”

Observing that Huo Caiyu appeared unperturbed and unaware of the ears on his head, Li Jinyu eased his guard.

It seemed that the plan provided by the black cat was effective.

“No, Zhen is just…too idle.”

Huo Caiyu sat beside Li Jinyu and noticed a dainty hourglass next to the hamster cage. Curious, he asked, “Does Your Majesty fancy hourglasses?”

Li Jinyu cleared his throat, “Zhen felt time slipping away unnoticed and before Zhen knew it, an entire day had passed. So, Zhen had the Iron and Wood Bureau craft this hourglass as a reminder that time waits for no one.”

In truth, concealing his ears had a time limit. To prevent himself from forgetting, he relied on an hourglass to keep track.

Since clocks were not readily available in this world, only hourglasses served as a measure of time.

Huo Caiyu made a mental note to acquire some exquisite and interesting hourglass toys for His Majesty to enjoy.

He produced the morning’s memorials and said, “Your Majesty, this is the latest petitions.”

In the past, the Emperor would make excuses and refuse to approve them. However, today he was exceptionally cooperative and said, “Let me have a look.”

Li Jinyu combed through the document for a long while before finally locating the one that the black cat had instructed the Ministry of Rites officials to submit. He read through it and found no issues. He looked up at Huo Caiyu, feeling slightly perplexed, “Huo Aiqing, why hasn’t this petition been approved yet?”

Huo Caiyu skimmed through it and replied, “This was submitted by the Ministry of Rites. They wish to modify the travel regulations for military officers and soldiers.”

In the Di dynasty, officials and military commanders adhered to strict regulations when traveling. This included even the color of their socks and the quality of the jade pendants adorning their belts. Commanders were required to don half armor when not in court dress to display their valor.

While officials could manage, the soldiers’ half armor, made of heavy iron, was an extreme burden in the summer heat. There was an instance of an old general, who had not been to the battlefield in years, collapsing from heatstroke during a sweltering summer.

The Ministry of Rites proposed modifying this rule, allowing commanders to wear court dress when traveling, providing some relief during the scorching summers.

Having witnessed the weighty armor on General Meng’s body, Li Jinyu sympathized, “It’s too arduous for our military officers to endure such scorching heat.”

“This decree dated back to the era of Taizu, when the Di dynasty was far from settled. Battles and assassinations were commonplace. The command for military commanders to wear half armor was to instill in them a sense of duty towards safeguarding the court,” Huo Caiyu explained, “Summer is indeed difficult.”

During the time when General Huo was alive, he followed the court’s rules and wore half armor during travels. When Huo Caiyu was young, he had witnessed his father sweating profusely while wearing the armor.

However, it was also his father’s teachings that instilled in Huo Caiyu the notion that military officers should not seek pleasure and should always remember their mission of protecting the country.

Even if they were promoted to the rank of Grand General, military officers were not allowed to ride in sedan chairs to maintain the martial spirit of the officers.

Huo Caiyu was both educated and military-trained, but his father’s influence unconsciously kept him to the standards of a military officer. When traveling, he always chose to ride horses instead of sedans.

The last time he went to Qingshui Prefecture, His Majesty himself had picked a carriage for him as he had to bring many things.

As for half armor, he had not received a military rank, nor had the court issued him armor. Thus, he could only wear court uniform during travels.

Seeing the determination on Caiyu’s face, Li Jinyu couldn’t help but feel a sense of admiration.

The military officers of the Di dynasty had always been born in troubled times and died in peace, dedicated to upholding the tranquility and stability of the nation for generations.

Despite his admiration for their sacrifices, Li Jinyu couldn’t help but feel empathy for the difficulties faced by these officers when wearing heavy half armor in the scorching summer heat.

On top of that, he had also received a request from black cat.

“Perhaps we should consider modifying this rule,” Li Jinyu said, laying down the document, “What if we provide summer clothing for the military officers?”

“Summer clothings?” 

“Those half armors are very heavy and even lined with felt. It’s unbearable to wear them in the summer. What if we design a more lightweight and breathable soft armor in the same style?” 

Li Jinyu’s intention was to make it easier for generals to wear lighter and more breathable half armor during the summer. When Huo Caiyu heard this, he became serious and spoke up, “Your Majesty is correct. Our army’s armor is far too heavy. The prolonged stalemate in the southwest war was due to the hot and humid climate, which made it difficult for our soldiers to adapt.”

Huo Caiyu believed that with General Meng’s abilities, he should not have taken so long to return, had the climate been more accommodating.

Li Jinyu was unsure how Huo Caiyu would respond to his proposal, but he felt that it was not far from his goal. Therefore, he did not refute Huo Caiyu’s statement and instead nodded in agreement, “What Huo Aiqing said is true.”

Although Huo Caiyu’s career began in the Ministry of Revenue and the Ministry of Personnel, he held a strong sense of attachment to the military. When it came to improving armor, he became interested and asked, “Does Your Majesty have any plans for improving our armor?”

Li Jinyu was just an ordinary hamster and had no knowledge of armor improvement. Luckily, having read the novel, he knew of a skilled craftsman who specialized in studying iron armor. In the novel, the craftsman joined Huo Caiyu’s army out of anger towards the court’s persecution of his family and developed a large number of lightweight armor, surpassing the weaponry of the current dynasty.

However, Li Jinyu was uncertain about the current situation of the craftsman as the original plot had deviated.

But he had to give it a try.

“Zhen knows someone who might be able to help.”

That craftsman’s surname was Dong and his name was Jixiang. Unexpectedly, he was very young, barely in his thirties.

In the novel, this young man would later go on to be known as the “Master of Weaponry” in the new dynasty. His contributions to Di dynasty were countless, introducing new and innovative weapons and armors to the land.

However, Li Jinyu had only a name to go by, not knowing the man’s appearance or where he lived. He had no other option but to seek out Huo Caiyu’s aid in finding him.

Huo Caiyu did not take Li Jinyu’s sudden endorsement of an unknown craftsman lightly. With solemnity, he recorded the details and gave orders, then raised his head to address Li Jinyu. “Your Majesty, there have been unsettling rumors circulating in the streets as of late. It would be wise for Your Majesty to personally address them and ease the growing tension.”

Li Jinyu was aware of the Prime Minister’s call for a counterattack and nodded in agreement. “Zhen is ready.”

As Li Jinyu prepared to leave, he caught sight of Dumpling lying in its cage, eyes fixed on him expectantly, ignoring the pile of melon seeds beside it. His heart softened. This little junior hasn’t seen much of the world yet. Perhaps I should take it out to explore the capital with me?

Although he couldn’t identify Dumpling’s breed, Li Jinyu observed that the creature didn’t seem to fear humans or even cats, and thus should have no qualms about venturing out into the busy streets.

With Dumpling in one hand and an hourglass in the other, Li Jinyu was ready to set off. However, Huo Caiyu noticed his cumbersome burden and suggested, “Your Majesty, why not leave those items behind and travel light?”

Li Jinyu was insistent, “Dumpling, as well as the hourglass, shall travel with Zhen.”

Dumpling was his junior, and the hourglass was essential for him to keep track of the duration of his ear-covering technique. How could he abandon either of them?

Huo Caiyu thought for a moment, then suddenly reached out a hand. “Let this official assist Your Majesty.”

With his internal strength, Huo Caiyu easily bent the iron wire and embedded the hourglass onto the hamster cage. He even fashioned a small device that could flip the hourglass without requiring the cage to be overturned.

Li Jinyu tested it out and was thoroughly satisfied. Now he could carry Dumpling with him at all times and use the hourglass to keep track of time!

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