I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 46 Part 2

Chapter 46.2 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip!

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“Your Majesty, no, Your Highness, the recent epidemic, coupled with the loss of our horses, has decimated our stock. Even the horses used for hunting are insufficient. We had hoped to seek assistance from the esteemed Di Dynasty.”

As per tradition, once the Jiao Kingdom presented their tribute, the Di dynasty would reciprocate, often offering items highly coveted by the Jiao Kingdom, such as grain, tea, ceramics, and other valuable goods. However, ironware was always excluded from the offerings.

The chill on Huo Caiyu’s face seemed capable of freezing the entire Taihe Hall. General Meng, known for his straightforward nature, could hardly contain his clenched fists upon hearing this. He yearned to step forward, but the surrounding generals swiftly restrained him.

After all, the Emperor presided over the proceedings. If the Emperor remained silent, the officials could not resort to violence against the visiting envoy.

Prime Minister Ye, who often clashed with General Meng, chose to remain silent on this occasion.

The envoy, seemingly oblivious to the mounting anger among the officials, continued with unwavering determination. “The devastating plague that ravaged our land left our people in dire straits, struggling for survival. In light of the longstanding friendship and annual tributes exchanged between our neighboring nations, we humbly beseech the Great Di to extend a helping hand to our kingdom.”

With a slight bow, the envoy proceeded to present a meticulously compiled list, outlining the specific areas where the Jiao Kingdom sought support from the Di dynasty.

The list made its way through the hands of the Minister of Revenue, passing on to Prime Minister Ye and Huo Caiyu, until it finally reached the hands of Li Jinyu. As Li Jinyu unfolded the document, his eyes widened in disbelief at the extensive array of names and figures inscribed upon it. Should the Di Dynasty fulfill all these demands, the national treasury would be drained, leaving little room for the anticipated influx of new tax revenues for the year.

Isn’t this a scam?

In that instant, Li Jinyu comprehended the reason behind the somber expressions on the faces of those who had laid eyes upon the list before him. They had purposefully kept it away from General Meng, for they knew all too well that the mere sight of it could unleash his fiery wrath.

Huo Caiyu, uninterested in further pretenses, swiveled around to face Li Jinyu and voiced his verdict without a hint of hesitation, “The level of sincerity exhibited by your kingdom’s tribute this year is truly lacking. Our Great Di cannot grant approval.”

Unfazed, the envoy lifted his head and boldly challenged, “In the past, our kingdom received substantial aid from His Majesty. Why can it not be reciprocated this time?”

Back in the days when the mighty armies of the Di dynasty pressed upon the borders, the Jiao Kingdom sought to avoid an impasse. They were swayed by the promised trade assistance offered by the Di dynasty, which led them to present their earnest sincerity.

Huo Caiyu knew well that the Jiao Kingdom was deliberately testing the boundaries of the Di dynasty’s resolve. With a stern expression, he spoke, “As a neighboring country, the Jiao Kingdom cannot expect us, the Di dynasty, to stand idly by. However, it is important to understand that our assistance is rooted in goodwill, not obligation.”

The envoy, finally shifting his gaze towards Li Jinyu seated upon the majestic dragon throne, inquired, “What is Your Majesty’s perspective on this matter? Does Your Majesty share the same sentiments?”

Li Jinyu’s unwavering stance in the face of external threats was crystal clear. “The Regent Prince’s will is equivalent to Zhen’s.”

The envoy furrowed his brows and suddenly struck his forehead with a slap. “Ah, I nearly forgot. There is another tribute that is offered solely to the esteemed presence of Your Majesty.”

A clap of his hands set the attendants behind him into sudden motion, their bodies contorting fluidly as their garments slipped away, revealing flawless skin and alluring figures.

Finally, the sheepskin cap slipped off, allowing a cascade of chestnut tresses to tumble free.

Unexpectedly, a breathtakingly beautiful woman from the Jiao Kingdom stood before them.

“This is the special palace offering that the Jiao Kingdom presents to the illustrious Emperor of the Great Di,” the envoy proclaimed with smug satisfaction, lifting his chin and gesturing toward the woman. “She is none other than Princess Tama, the cherished daughter of our sovereign, specifically presented as tribute to the Great Di Emperor.”

The expression on Huo Caiyu’s face turned frigid in an instant. Without waiting for others to interject, he sternly rebuked, “How can one appear so disheveled in such a grand setting?”

The envoy remained silent, but Princess Tama couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh. “The Regent’s remark sounds rather odd. This is the attire of our Jiao Kingdom. Why should it be deemed inappropriate? In our land, both men and women proudly display the beauty of their own bodies. When we find someone we like, we express it openly. Whether it succeeds or not, at least it’s clear, unlike the people of Great Di who prefer to beat around the bush.”

Huo Caiyu was well aware of the customs of the Jiao Kingdom, and he knew that Princess Tama’s words held truth. His objection didn’t stem from a concern for conventional propriety but rather from a deeper, unspoken fear. At this moment, his voice seemed to fail him.

Princess Tama lifted her head, revealing her exquisite chin, as she gazed up at Li Jinyu on the throne. Her eyes twinkled as she playfully inquired, “Is Your Majesty pleased with Tama?”

Li Jinyu hadn’t read such a scene in the novel, but he was aware that the Jiao Kingdom had once presented beauties to the Emperor. However, uncertainty loomed over the proper course of action, prompting him to emit a subtle cough. “Let the Regent decide.”

The officials: “…”

Princess Tama couldn’t contain her laughter, which echoed through the air. “Tama is meant to be offered to Your Majesty. Why should the Regent be the one to decide?”

“All matters concerning Zhen are subject to the Regent’s judgment.”

Huo Caiyu found a flicker of satisfaction in those words, causing a slight softening in his face. However, his demeanor remained chilled, his lips tightly pressed together, refusing to speak a single word.

“For now, the Princess still resides among the envoy. The matter of entering the palace can be discussed at a later time.”

“And regarding the assistance from Di…”

“Let the Regent decide,” came the authoritative response.

The envoy: “…”

The envoy was on the verge of further discourse, but Prime Minister Ye’s sudden cough broke the silence, as he stepped in to mediate, “Regarding the matter of assistance, it warrants detailed deliberation within our court. For the time being, let the envoy stay at the embassy and await forthcoming instructions.”

The envoy nodded, concealing any trace of disappointment, and swiftly shifted the topic, “During our visit, there is another request from our kingdom that seeks the gracious approval of Great Di.”

“What is it?”

“We have long heard tales of the fierce dragon-like competition and the convergence of extraordinary talent within the Great Di. The army brims with unrivaled martial prowess, rendering it impossible to enumerate all the notable warriors. In the spirit of amiable exchange, our kingdom desires to engage in a martial arts competition with the eminent generals of the Great Di.”

The words hung in the air, instantly casting a shadow over the faces of all present in Taihe Hall.

It was an unmistakable, audacious provocation!

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