I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 47

Chapter 47.1 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip!

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After the formal discussion concluded, the envoy made their way back to their embassy, signaling the start of deliberations among the officials of the Di Dynasty.

A few officials, known for their fiery temperaments, rose from their seats and expressed their discontent loudly. “Your Majesty, the demands put forth by the Jiao Kingdom are beyond reason and reek of arrogance! We cannot possibly pardon such insolence!”

“Indeed! How can we, the esteemed Great Di, endure such an insult?”

“Have they conveniently forgotten about our mighty army numbering in the millions?”

Naturally, there were officials who held differing opinions. “The Jiao Kingdom has been discreetly amassing troops and acquiring weapons in recent years. Their cavalry has seen a significant boost. This audacious visit must have some underlying reliance.”

“Our military expenses have been increasingly burdensome as of late. It may not be prudent to readily resort to force at this point.”

In response to the aforementioned officials’ remarks, the previously vocal individuals countered:

“Do you receive your salary from our court or from the Jiao Kingdom?”

“Our army has been reduced year after year. If we directly confront the Jiao Kingdom, the outcome is still uncertain.”

The Taihe Hall suddenly became as noisy as a vegetable market.

Li Jinyu sat on the dragon throne, his body cowering slightly towards its magnificent structure.

How frightful humans could be, producing such tumultuous, intricate, and cacophonous noises.

Fortunately, he was well acquainted with the officials positioned below and harbored no concerns about their potential threat. Over time, he had grown accustomed to the atmosphere of the court, and his fear gradually dissipated.

Taking a series of deep breaths, his body gradually eased and relaxed.

Since the departure of the envoy, Huo Caiyu had maintained silence. Suddenly, he spoke, his voice soft yet firm, questioning, “What kind of spectacle is this? Engaging in a fight within Taihe Hall?”

The officials hushed, finding themselves momentarily subdued. Despite being a young regent who had recently assumed power, Huo Caiyu had exhibited exceptional talent and competence in various matters. Even the more seasoned ministers, appointed by the Prime Minister himself, had come to recognize his capabilities, having been outmatched by him on several occasions.

Seeing the newfound silence that enveloped Taihe Hall, Huo Caiyu pressed on, “Since everyone has their own opinions, go back and prepare your respective memorials, to be submitted collectively for thorough evaluation.”

It became apparent that this issue could not be promptly resolved. With no objections voiced by General Meng or Prime Minister Ye, the morning court hastily adjourned.

Exiting Taihe Hall, numerous officials who had previously been consumed by righteous anger found themselves slightly bewildered. What was the Regent’s stance on this matter? Could it be that he aligned himself with the pro-peace faction after all?


Li Jinyu was the least concerned regarding this matter. With Huo Caiyu’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding the country, he would never compromise any aspect of national interests.

Li Jinyu presumed that during the morning court, Huo Caiyu would vehemently oppose the envoy without hesitation. However, to his surprise, he refrained from doing so. It appeared that Huo Caiyu sensed Li Jinyu’s doubts and earnestly inquired, “Does Your Majesty believe that this official have any intention of betraying the country for personal gain?”

Li Jinyu responded promptly, without a shred of hesitation, “That is impossible.”

A subtle smile crossed Huo Caiyu’s lips as he expressed, “This official is grateful for Your Majesty’s trust.” 

Li Jinyu blinked, feeling slightly bewildered. Huh? What was it again that he trusted?

Huo Caiyu attentively poured a cup of tea for Li Jinyu and proceeded to explain in detail, “If the Di Dynasty remained as it was ten years ago, and the Jiao Kingdom retained its former state, this official would have unhesitatingly confronted the envoy during the morning court. However, the power disparity between our Di Dynasty’s army and the Jiao Kingdom’s army has diminished significantly. Furthermore, we have recently quelled a rebellion in the southwest.”

The court’s decision to deploy a substantial number of troops was far from a simple matter of mustering soldiers. It entailed the mobilization of funds, manpower, and various logistical considerations. Even if victory were achieved in the war, it would be similar to enduring a severe injury, necessitating a significant period of recovery.

Presently, the border army could barely uphold regular defense measures along the city walls. If the Jiao Kingdom were to initiate an attack at the border, the current border forces would prove inadequate, demanding the reinforcement of internal troops.

The Di Dynasty had only just commenced the mending of fissures left by previous periods of turmoil, and the military was no exception.

Under these circumstances, confronting the Jiao Kingdom, the outcome of victory or defeat indeed became arduous to predict.

Those who vociferously exclaimed “we must administer a harsh lesson to the Jiao Kingdom” during the morning court might not necessarily have been loyal officials dedicated to serving the country. Similarly, those who remained silent or advocated for appeasement towards the Jiao Kingdom might not necessarily have been corrupt officials betraying the nation for personal gain.

“However…it is possible that there are ministers within the court who have accepted bribes from the Jiao Kingdom.” Huo Caiyu’s countenance darkened slightly. “The Jiao Kingdom’s envoy in Taihe Hall displayed an unnerving familiarity with the positions of our officials. He was no newcomer.”

Whether intentionally sowing discord between the Regent and the Emperor, or addressing the Prime Minister, the Grand Marshal, and others, the envoy’s eyes exhibited no hint of hesitation or curiosity. Clearly, he had already familiarized himself with the specific appearances of the ministers in advance.

If the matter solely pertained to military weakness, it would be relatively simple to address. However, if there were traitors leaking information, it warranted grave concern.

Li Jinyu hadn’t anticipated that the dynamics between nations could be so intricate. He tried to make sense of Huo Caiyu’s perspective, and asked, “Is Huo Aiqing also advocating for peace?”

It was difficult for him to imagine that Huo Caiyu, who had witnessed his father’s death while defending the border, would opt to suppress his grievances.

“No.” Huo Caiyu shook his head, sudden coldness permeating his expression. “My stance is that we must engage in battle. Peace negotiations are concessions offered by the victors to the defeated. Even if we were to engage in negotiations, it must be on the premise that our Great Di holds the upper hand.”

“So…should we fight or not?”

Huo Caiyu’s face suddenly grew helpless. “Since General Meng acquired military provisions from the Ministry of War last time, he has been preparing for warfare. Additionally, with Dong Jixiang’s newly forged armors, our forces have significantly strengthened. However, the crux of the matter lies…we possess soldiers, but lack capable commanders.”

Li Jinyu placed his teacup down, his expression revealing heightened surprise. “Isn’t there anyone else?”

“Your Majesty is referring to General Meng?” Huo Caiyu replenished Li Jinyu’s tea and sighed. “Indeed, General Meng is a skilled commander with a formidable approach to warfare. However, our Great Di army relies solely on him. Over the past decade, unless the Jiao Kingdom is remarkably foolish, they would have undoubtedly thoroughly analyzed General Meng’s tactics to find vulnerabilities.”

Huo Caiyu chose not to utter the next sentence.

General Meng was already advanced in years.

This year, General Meng was approaching the age of fifty. While ordinary members of the imperial family may maintain robust health under the care of various imperial physicians and herbal remedies, the same could not be said for military leaders. They had passed their prime.

In recent years, the military affairs of Great Di have heavily relied upon General Meng. Sustaining accumulated injuries throughout the years and persistently undermined by Prime Minister Ye, his physical condition was no longer what it once was.

During Huo Caiyu’s father’s lifetime, he lamented to him that if anything unforeseen were to befall General Meng, he didn’t know who could bear such a weighty responsibility.

In principle, the court of the Di Dynasty should possess an ample number of military commanders. However, Prime Minister Ye intentionally restricted military funds and supplies, aiming to weaken the authority of the generals. Consequently, numerous young and talented military commanders like General Huo Yi were stationed at the borders, leaving only General Meng to hold the fort.

During the rebellion in southwest, Huo Caiyu accidentally discovered that General Meng had actually sustained injuries.

Huo Caiyu harbored concerns that if General Meng were to engage in battle, the Jiao Kingdom, having studied him for a decade, would deliberately target him.

Li Jinyu didn’t grasp the implied meaning behind Huo Caiyu’s words, but he wasn’t referring to General Meng either.

“Zhen is referring to you.”

Huo Caiyu truly embodied a rare genius, excelling in warfare, governance, and every other aspect. Without such a prodigious individual, it would have been impossible to overthrow the corrupt rule of Di Dynasty and expeditiously establish a new order amidst the ruins.

Zhen is referring to you.

Confronted with Li Jinyu’s expectant gaze, Huo Caiyu momentarily found himself at a loss for words.

Despite having extensively read books on warfare at home and receiving ample instruction in military strategies from his father, Huo Caiyu had never set foot on the battlefield. Could he genuinely be entrusted with the role of General against Jiao Kingdom?

This matter carried immense weight, and even the slightest error could result in a breach of the border, plunging the people of the Central Plains into an unimaginable crisis.

Why did the Emperor possess such unwavering confidence in him?

Instinctively, Huo Caiyu wanted to decline, but when he met Li Jinyu’s gaze, filled with resolute confidence, he suddenly found himself unable to utter the word “no”.

His Majesty’s eyes radiated pure, unwavering faith and anticipation, as if there was nothing in the world that Huo Caiyu couldn’t accomplish. Enveloped by such a gaze, Huo Caiyu experienced a surge of self-assurance and inner courage.

Perhaps, for His Majesty, he truly had the ability to achieve anything.

After a prolonged silence, Huo Caiyu gently placed the now cold teapot down and solemnly nodded. “This official will do his best.”

Observing His Majesty’s unrestrained joy, a strong curiosity and speculation stirred within Huo Caiyu’s heart.

The level of trust bestowed upon him by His Majesty exceeded what a monarch typically placed in a minister. Did the Emperor genuinely view him solely as a subject? Or did the Emperor share a distinct, deeper, and more unique bond with him, transcending the usual relationship between ruler and subject?

A certain statement from the princess of Jiao Kingdom flashed through his mind. “When we find someone we like, we express it openly. Whether it succeeds or not, at least it’s clear, unlike the people of Great Di who prefer to beat around the bush.”

Huo Caiyu parted his lips, his emotions surging as he yearned to confess his feelings to His Majesty.

He longed for this bittersweet, agonizing, yet blissful unrequited love to be gently acknowledged by his beloved and embraced within his heart.

“Your Majesty, this official…” Huo Caiyu began to speak, only to be interrupted by Li Jinyu’s sudden recollection. “Oh, and Chi Zhongming can also serve as a General.”

Huo Caiyu: “…”


The issue of providing aid was temporarily put on hold. The Great Di court used the pretext of further deliberations with the officials, thus indefinitely delaying a decision.

Huo Caiyu saw this as an opportunity to investigate who among the officials had leaked the information to Jiao Kingdom and to what extent it had been compromised.

However, this also meant that rejecting the envoys’ request for a martial arts competition between the Great Di generals and themselves was not an option.

While it was referred to as a martial arts competition, it was a delicate matter indeed. If esteemed generals like Grand Marshal Meng and the Regent Prince were to participate, regardless of the outcome, it would be seen as petty on the part of Great Di—a mere handful of guards against a direct challenge to the highest level, resulting in a loss of face.

On the other hand, if only ordinary soldiers and officers were sent, the chances of defeat were high. Everyone was aware of the current state of the Great Di army, and the capable generals had either perished or were stationed at the border. Those remaining in the capital were naturally individuals who had not risen to the top.

Losing the martial arts competition would not only cause Great Di to lose face, but it could also lead to widespread disappointment among the people, possibly even demoralizing the border soldiers and making them retreat without a fight.

Furthermore, the envoy from Jiao Kingdom had explicitly expressed their desire to challenge the Great Di generals, and it would be shameless to resort to cheating by changing the participants. To buy Huo Caiyu some time and to isolate the suspected traitors and their associated factions, Li Jinyu immediately made the decision to relocate to the Summer Resort.

The Summer Resort served as a retreat for the Emperor during the summer season, offering a cool and pleasant environment to escape the summer heat.

The officials also brought their families along as they moved to the Summer Resort.

Within the Summer Resort grounds, there was an expansive hunting ground where the Emperor would usually go hunting during autumn, bringing back game to the capital to be enjoyed until the next summer season arrived.

The hunting ground was chosen as the venue for the martial arts competition between the envoy from Jiao Kingdom and the Great Di generals.

The preparations for the move to the Summer Resort had been underway for a while, but they had experienced delays due to various arrangements following the imperial examination, as well as counterattacks from the Prime Minister and preparations for the arrival of the envoy from Jiao Kingdom.

With the Emperor’s decision to set off, the officials promptly responded to the call.

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