I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 49

Chapter 49.1 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip!

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Princess Tama, a woman of captivating beauty and an intriguing aura, always managed to subconsciously sway her opponents into sparing her, regardless of their identity. However, fate threw her an unexpected blow when she encountered Chi Zhongming, a skilled warrior and a homosexual.

Seated upon a luxurious armchair adorned with black and gold brocade, Li Jinyu held melon seeds in his hand, his gaze fixed on Chi Zhongming as he rode his horse and engaged in combat with Princess Tama. Without a moment’s rest, he blinked his eyes incessantly.

Chi Zhongming, renowned as one of the most accomplished martial artists in the novel, seemed to exude an air of flamboyance this time around. His movements flowed gracefully, displaying a perfect synergy between horse and rider. Surprisingly, the spectacle of Princess Tama battling him on horseback was a sight that captivated the onlookers.

Huo Caiyu looked at Li Jinyu, who was watching in fascination, and a tinge of jealousy crept into his heart. Softly, he inquired, “Your Majesty, do you find it appealing?”

“Yes,” Li Jinyu finally sent the melon seeds, which he had been holding for quite some time, into his mouth and praised, “Chi Zhongming’s martial prowess is truly exceptional.”

Huo Caiyu’s gaze dimmed slightly as he turned to gaze at the martial arts arena, his lips forming a thin line.

After a brief display of his skills, Chi Zhongming swiftly defeated Princess Tama with a single, decisive blow from his lance. Clad in armor, Princess Tama tumbled several times before rising, her face flushed with embarrassment. She coughed a few times, preparing to speak, but found herself facing the menacing tip of Chi Zhongming’s lance.

Aware of her inability to match Chi Zhongming’s prowess, Princess Tama gritted her teeth and uttered, “I concede defeat.”

Among her father’s numerous children, Princess Tama possessed unrivaled equestrian skills. Never did she anticipate being bested by an unknown liuetenant general from Great Di.

Weren’t the generals from Great Di considered to be a bunch of mediocre individuals?

Nonetheless, the outcome had already been decided. Princess Tama, defeated by an unfamiliar junior general, witnessed a subtle darkening of the envoy’s countenance. He glanced at the second Jiao warrior, who was poised to step onto the stage, and signaled discreetly.

Chi Zhongming continued to parade around the field, wielding his lance with confidence, intending to take on three consecutive opponents. However, Huo Caiyu called out to him, “Very well, you may descend now.”

Chi Zhongming was taken aback. What? So Huo Caiyu’s motive was not to let him crush the Jiao fighters and bask in the glory of Great Di?

Huo Caiyu refilled Li Jinyu’s tea and removed his outer coat, speaking calmly, “This Prince simply wanted to have a little exercise.”

At that moment, both the people of Great Di and the Jiao Kingdom were dumbfounded.

Even the officials in Great Di’s court were only aware of their Regent’s prowess in consolidating his control over the government upon ascending to power. He swiftly seized command of the court and gradually undermined the influence of the Prime Minister’s faction, relegating them to the sidelines and compelling everyone to refrain from underestimating him.

But was this Regent also skilled in martial arts?

Several officials from the Ministry of Personnel recalled that the Regent hailed from a lineage of military generals, and his father had perished on the border during warfare. However, considering the Regent’s relatively young age, doubts lingered in their minds.

However, Chi Zhongming, who had engaged in a sparring match with Huo Caiyu and had a slight setback, naturally harbored no such uncertainty. Observing Huo Caiyu’s expression and glancing toward the Emperor’s side, he promptly comprehended the Regent’s intentions.

He sneered and dutifully descended from the martial arts field, passing by Huo Caiyu and whispering, “Be careful.”

Princess Tama deliberately approached several times during the horseback duel, emanating a sweet fragrance that could dizzy one’s senses with a mere whiff. If Chi Zhongming hadn’t been prepared and sensed the imminent danger, holding his breath, he might have easily succumbed to her artifice.

Huo Caiyu nodded and proceeded to walk to the center of the martial arts arena, his gaze fixed upon the envoy from the Jiao Kingdom.

The envoy revealed a trace of smugness on his face, waving his hand to halt the person who had been slated to step forward and instead rising to his feet.

He burned to personally vanquish the Regent of Di Dynasty!

Once they ensured the readiness of their horses and confirmed all was in order, the rivals mounted their horses.

The envoy glanced at Huo Caiyu, still clad in court attire without any protective gear, and hypocritically remarked, “Doesn’t the Regent wear armor? What if he sustains an injury?” 

Huo Caiyu adjusted the sleeves of his court clothes, lifted his head slightly, and curled his lips. “The envoy need not worry.”

Since the other party displayed such audacity, the envoy refrained from further words. After all, he had already voiced his concerns beforehand. If the Regent of Great Di were to truly get hurt, there would still be matters to address.


As it transpired, this envoy had unnecessarily dwelled on various scenarios.

Although the people of Jiao Kingdom indeed possessed inherent skill for mounted combat, they paled in comparison to someone like Huo Caiyu, a prodigious martial artist who had received equestrian training from his father since a young age.

Surprisingly, the envoy exhibited formidable strength, with exceptional skills in taming horses. The spirited horse transformed into a docile creature under his guidance.

Nonetheless, he found himself distinctly overpowered by Huo Caiyu, who appeared more robust than him. As Chi Zhongming and Princess Tama engaged in an ongoing exchange of blows, the envoy remained utterly astonished by Huo Caiyu’s remarkable martial arts skills and adept horsemanship. How could this Regent, accustomed to a life of luxury in the capital, possess such formidable power?! 

What frustrated him even more was Huo Caiyu’s obvious inclination to toy with him! Unlike Chi Zhongming’s subtle concealment, Huo Caiyu’s intent to showcase his prowess was overtly apparent.

Although he initially possessed the strength to unseat Huo Caiyu from his horse, Huo Caiyu tantalized him with deliberate and measured movements during their horseback archery demonstration, controlling his every action. The envoy found himself unable to employ any of his tricks. 

He grew increasingly frustrated, his desire to emerge victorious diminishing, and on several occasions, he contemplated calling a halt to the fight. However, each time he opened his mouth, Huo Caiyu swiftly launched an attack, leaving him with little room to retaliate.

Despite the envoy’s arduous struggle, from the audience’s perspective, the performance was splendid. Huo Caiyu seemed to dance upon the stage, the arc of his horse’s spear, the momentum of the galloping steed, and even the swirling dust raised from the ground exuded a captivating spell.

Li Jinyu fixed his gaze upon Huo Caiyu, who galloped with unbridled freedom on the martial arts arena, inadvertently forgetting to blink. When he had read the novel, he knew that the author had depicted Huo Caiyu’s appearance and elegance as extraordinary. However, possessing a limited sense of human aesthetics and a slight difficulty in recognizing faces, he had failed to perceive anything particularly remarkable about Huo Caiyu.

Since the time they had bathed together in the bathing pool, Li Jinyu gradually noticed the muscular physique that lay concealed beneath Huo Caiyu’s garments. Perhaps it was the primal nature reminiscent of wild animals, or maybe it was Huo Caiyu’s words spoken during their time in the bathing pool, but Li Jinyu suddenly felt as though Huo Caiyu radiated a subtle brilliance.

For instance, in this very moment, Li Jinyu’s eyes watched the gallant figure of Huo Caiyu on the martial arts field. His emotions soared and dipped in harmony with Huo Caiyu’s movements, even though he knew logically that, with Huo Caiyu’s martial prowess and intellect, he wouldn’t be deceived by Jiao Kingdom’s envoy. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help the racing of his heart as he watched.

When Huo Caiyu finally toppled the envoy, a wave of cheers erupted in the surroundings.

“Long live the Regent Prince!”

Li Jinyu rose from his seat, still clutching Dumpling’s cage in his arms, and gazed dazedly as Huo Caiyu dismounted from his horse with a swift and resolute motion, casually wielding his spear. Against the backdrop of the clear blue sky, Huo Caiyu’s eyes shimmered brightly, and a smile adorned his lips, leaving Li Jinyu bewildered by its meaning.

He observed as the Regent Prince approached him and knelt down, bowing his head in reverence. “This official has not disappointed Your Majesty and have secured the victory.”

Li Jinyu suddenly felt a tinge of unease.

He couldn’t pinpoint the cause of his unease, but a sensation similar to something lurking beneath the surface, ready to burst forth and weave a treacherous, captivating, and surreal tale, enveloped him. It seemed as though it would guide him onto an uncharted path, one he had never dared to imagine.

Unconsciously, Li Jinyu took a step back, tightly clutching the hamster cage in his arms, and softly murmured, “Um, thank you for your efforts, Regent Prince.”

Huo Caiyu had the ability to swiftly defeat the envoy in the initial encounter, but deliberately prolonged the battle for his own personal reasons. Though it achieved the desired effect, the toll on his physical stamina was evident.

He had hoped to earn a smile from His Majesty, ensuring that his exertions had not been in vain. However, it appeared that the Emperor’s gaze held a vacant quality, as if he was completely indifferent to the contest.

Had he not performed as impressively as Chi Zhongming just moments ago?

Huo Caiyu pressed her lips together, the delight and anticipation fading from his face, as he turned his gaze towards the envoy, who was being aided by his entourage. “Three matches, two victories. Your country has suffered defeat.”

The envoy, who had been compelled by Huo Caiyu to engage in combat for an extended period, grew pale and was overcome by violent fits of coughing before he could utter a word.

Princess Tama, standing beside them, harbored a hint of resentment and exclaimed, “Isn’t the Regent Prince going too far? He could have easily won right from the start, so why did he prolong the battle?”

Pot calling the kettle black.

Huo Caiyu’s displeasure grew, and he regarded Princess Tama with an expressionless gaze. “Your skills pale in comparison to ours. Can your country not handle a defeat?”

Princess Tama wanted to voice further objections but was silenced by a dismissive wave from the envoy.

The envoy managed to catch his breath after a couple of coughs, his face looking less than favorable. “We are willing to accept our losses, but since we agreed to three matches, it wouldn’t be fair to end after just two. Your Majesty, I humbly request your participation to engage in physical exercise.”

This statement didn’t sit well with Huo Caiyu, his face turning cold instantly. “If you wish to challenge His Majesty, then first defeat this Prince.”

“But Your Highness, the Regent Prince has already competed in one match,” interjected someone.

Huo Caiyu’s gaze turned icy, flexing his arm as he strode towards the training ground. “Just now, this Prince was merely concerned that all of you would be defeated by one ordinary general from Great Di. This Prince wanted to give himself a chance to stretch his muscles, which is why this Prince let him step down.”

The envoy found himself at a loss for words.

“Shall we engage in another round? This time, this Prince won’t hold back,” Huo Caiyu declared, selecting a weapon from the nearby rack. He retrieved a wolf-toothed club that gleamed with a cold and menacing light.

Witnessing Huo Caiyu’s formidable combat prowess, both the envoy and Jiao warrior waiting to take the stage involuntarily swallowed.

The impact of that club could be lethal…

Realizing that it would be futile to waste any more manpower on a settled matter, the envoy held his breath for a moment before weakly speaking, “Let’s forget it.” Even the audacious warriors from Jiao Kingdom retreated in the face of the Regent Prince of Great Di.

The envoy’s initial arrogance upon arriving to pay tribute to Great Di had completely dissipated.

Huo Caiyu maintained his stoic demeanor, seemingly anticipating this outcome all along. He nodded and remarked, “In that case, please make arrangements with your kingdom promptly and fulfill your promise of delivering cattle, sheep, and horses. The people of Great Di are eagerly awaiting their share of milk and mutton.”

These words once again provoked the injured and infuriated envoy. His face abruptly turned red, and he let out a soft snort before losing consciousness.


Despite their utmost efforts, they were unable to save their Prince. In the subsequent days, the envoy attempted to reach out to Great Di officials who had previously collaborated with Jiao Kingdom. However, to his surprise, those influential figures who had once provided information suddenly turned their backs and vanished without a trace.

The envoy from Jiao Kingdom arrived in the capital with great fanfare, but ultimately departed in disappointment.

Left with no other options, the envoy could only place his last glimmer of hope on Princess Tama.

As Princess Tama, who had been sent as a beauty tribute from Jiao Kingdom, had to remain within the Emperor’s harem. This made it easier for her to secure the release of the Jiao prisoners held captive in the dungeon. Prior to his departure, the envoy cautioned Princess Tama, fearing that she might have ulterior motives. “Prince Sangtuo is the King’s most cherished son. If any harm befalls him in Great Di, you will not be able to escape the consequences.”

Princess Tama’s previous attempt to provoke the Regent had left the envoy unsettled and displeased. Princess Tama pursed her lips and replied, “I understand, and I will act accordingly.”

Although she had a preference for the powerful Regent in terms of personal taste, the appearance of the Emperor of Great Di was also quite pleasing.

However, to her surprise, after the tribute business from Jiao Kingdom concluded and she was sent to the palace, instead of being greeted with opulent surroundings, fine wines, processions of carriages, and dances, or the Emperor’s favor, she was met with a barren landscape, a hoe, and a bag of corn seeds.

Princess Tama’s eyes widened, staring incredulously at the eunuch who guided her. “Have you made a mistake? I am here to become a concubine of His Majesty!”

As a princess of Jiao Kingdom, she had wielded a whip and weapons, but never a hoe!

“No mistake.” The eunuch, following the orders of the Regent and the Emperor, held no favorable feelings toward this beauty from the enemy country. He pointed towards the farming tools. “Other concubines within the palace also partake in such tasks. You cannot be an exception. His Majesty has shown mercy, and this land within the palace is the most fertile, specifically tended to for Princess Tama.”

Princess Tama’s eyes fell upon those farming tools, which seemed to emanate the distinct scent of soil. She took a step back and lifted her chin defiantly. “Where is His Majesty? Tama wishes to see His Majesty!”

She couldn’t believe that the Emperor would assign such a beauty to perform farming duties! Surely, these commoners were acting on their own accord!

The eunuch, seemingly prepared for such a response, let out a chuckle. “Princess Tama is joking. Your current position in the palace affords you no privilege to meet His Majesty.”

Princess Tama hadn’t anticipated that the Emperor of Great Di would enforce such rules. She bit her lip and looked forlorn. “Then how can Tama catch a glimpse of His Majesty?”

If it were an ordinary man, there might have been room for persuasion, but eunuchs were resolute and unwavering. They had encountered all sorts of beauties within the palace and were under the Regent’s instructions. They remained as composed as still waters.

The eunuch gestured towards the farming tools. “As per the palace regulations, a concubine’s status is elevated based on the quality and quantity of the harvest. Hence, Princess should focus efforts on farming.”

Princess Tama: “…”

After everything, she still had to engage in farming?!

What kind of harem existed in Di Dynasty?

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