I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 49 Part 2

Chapter 49.2 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip!

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The Jiao Kingdom’s envoy faced a pressing predicament: how to explain to their King the imprisonment of their Prince and the necessity of presenting new tributes. 

Meanwhile, in Great Di, a new storm was gathering on the horizon.

Huo Caiyu didn’t go to great lengths to keep the envoy in the palace for a month solely to showcase Great Di’s strength.

The more significant motive was to investigate collusion between officials from Great Di and the Jiao Kingdom.

The envoy’s defeat this time undoubtedly left them nursing a grudge, making a conflict between the two nations almost inevitable.

Before that situation unfolded, Huo Caiyu had to eradicate the hidden worms lurking within Great Di’s government!

The primary reason his father had perished on the frontlines years ago was due to insufficient supplies from the rear or even treachery from their own people.

With the border conflict now looming, Huo Caiyu would not permit history to repeat itself.

Several captured prisoners from the Jiao Kingdom were already in their custody, held by Huo Caiyu for the purpose of extracting valuable information regarding the matter.

The Jiao people were known for their cruelty and stubbornness, and even under intense torture, they remained resolute and refused to speak. However, there was an exception this time. One Jiao warrior, whether due to a weaker will or some other reason, couldn’t endure much suffering and quickly broke in the prison, blurting out, “I am a Prince of Jiao Kingdom! You can’t treat me like this!”

The officials in the Ministry of Punishment recognized the significance of this capture and promptly reported it to the Regent. In addition to his duties alongside the emperor, the Regent instructed a thorough interrogation of this prince of Sangtuo to extract valuable information.

Prince Sangtuo, unaccustomed to such brutal treatment, swiftly confessed. Acting on the leads provided by his revelations, Huo Caiyu took swift action and uncovered officials who had covert dealings with the envoy.

These officials were embedded in crucial departments within Great Di, including the Ministry of Revenue, the Ministry of Punishment, and the Ministry of War. Only the Ministry of Personnel, which Huo Caiyu personally purged, remained untainted. None of the other five departments were exempt from scrutiny.

To everyone’s astonishment, the Minister of Revenue was found to possess a golden wolf head, a gift presented to him by the Jiao Kingdom.

The infiltration of the Jiao Kingdom within the borders of Great Di had reached an alarming extent!

This revelation sent shockwaves throughout the entirety of Great Di. Yet, the most critical part was still yet to unfold.

All these officials, who had close ties to Jiao Kingdom, were fervent supporters of Prime Minister Ye. 

Those below had connections with the foreign country, so what about the Prime Minister at the top?

During the morning court session, Huo Caiyu meticulously presented the collected evidence, reading out the detailed accounts in Taihe Hall. As each official listened attentively to the extensive list of their colleagues who had accepted bribes from Jiao Kingdom, a heavy silence descended upon the hall. No one had anticipated the severity of the situation, not even those officials who believed they had merely received innocuous gifts from Jiao Kingdom’s envoy, thinking it was inconsequential.

Huo Caiyu wore a stern expression, his voice carrying a hint of intimidation as he addressed the officials, “This Prince is aware that many among you believe that since you can hold positions in Great Di, you can do the same in Jiao Kingdom. After all, His Majesty remains the same regardless of where you serve, isn’t that right?

“For you all, official positions in Great Di are merely means to accumulate wealth. But for the millions of people residing in the Central Plains and the dedicated officials who tirelessly strive to govern the nation, Great Di is the sole land where they invest their unwavering commitment and life.” Huo Caiyu briefly closed his eyes before reopening them, his fave now cold and resolute. “Since you hold no regard for your official roles in Great Di, then remove your official robes.”

As the evidence was clearly presented in the hall, the officials trembled, their bodies drenched in cold sweat. Shortly afterward, guards arrived and escorted away the implicated officials.

Prime Minister Ye observed the scene from the sidelines, his gaze sweeping over a few fortunate members of his faction who had managed to evade implication. However, he received evasive glances in return, causing him to furrow his brow, sensing that something was amiss.

The members of his faction had always stood united and countered Huo Caiyu’s arguments without needing his intervention. But at this time, silence hung in the air, and it appeared that an indescribable sentiment was quietly permeating through their ranks.

Prime Minister Ye parted his lips, about to speak, but before he could utter a word, he noticed Huo Caiyu’s gaze shifting towards him.

“Prime Minister, half of those taken away just now were once your students,” Huo Caiyu stated calmly.

Prime Minister Ye narrowed his eyes slightly, maintaining his composure. “What is the meaning behind the Regent Prince’s words?”

Throughout history, it had been said that a son should repay his father’s debts, but there had never been a time when a student’s mistake led to the teacher taking the blame.

Huo Caiyu gazed steadily at him, then suddenly wore a smile. “It’s nothing significant. This Prince simply find it remarkable that our dynasty harbors numerous officials who betray the country for personal gain, yet the Prime Minister manages to remain untarnished. It truly is a blessing for our nation.”

Prime Minister Ye’s expression darkened subtly.

Among the surviving officials from the Prime Minister’s faction, fleeting changes could be seen in their eyes. Indeed, the Prime Minister always remained untainted because he never personally issued any instructions that could be harmful to himself, nor left behind any incriminating evidence.

Every time the Regent launched an attack against the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister would always find a scapegoat to bear the blame.

This time, the collective rebellion followed a similar pattern…

Huo Caiyu finally spoke in a light tone, “To dispel any suspicions, this Prince kindly requests the Prime Minister to take a temporary leave from his duties.”

Not a single voice was raised in protest. The entire assembly of civil and military officials silently concurred.

In the past, whenever the Prime Minister himself was implicated, Prime Minister Ye would refrain from actively defending himself, relying on his subordinates to come to his aid.

However, this time, things were truly different.

As the morning court adjourned, an eerie chill seemed to pervade the atmosphere, sending shivers down the spines of almost everyone present.

Stepping out of the Taihe Hall, the sky stretched clear as far as the eye could see. Occasionally, a white pigeon would soar past, landing on the glazed tiles of the palace, observing the struggles of humanity below.

A member of the Prime Minister’s faction bid farewell to his colleagues with a contemplative gaze, observing the carefree pigeons soaring above. In that moment, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of bewilderment.

What was he truly striving for now? What had initially motivated him to pursue a career as an official?

Zhou Wenyan and Xu Luoguang, two trusted associates, walked side by side, engaged in a discussion about the water conditions in Jiangnan this year.

Zhou Wenyan wore a gentle expression, a faint smile gracing his lips, while Xu Luoguang appeared somewhat burdened, whispering something under his breath.

Regardless of their differing expressions, both radiated a vibrant vitality similar to a tree reaching for the sky, eagerly absorbing the nourishment of sunlight.

The official couldn’t help but feel a tinge of envy towards them.

It had been quite some time since he had experienced the sense of wholeheartedly dedicating himself to something.

Although the current circumstances didn’t directly impact him, he couldn’t shake off a foreboding sense of impending doom that loomed on the horizon.

Regrettably, he felt utterly powerless to alter the course of events.

After a prolonged period of silence, the official stumbled his way back to his residence.

As he passed by Wuyi Lane, an irresistible curiosity compelled him to steal a glimpse within.

Wuyi Lane, once a prestigious neighborhood brimming with extravagant mansions belonging to the influential elite of the previous dynasty, now lay in desolation since Great Di’s overthrow.

The splendor of fireworks and the joviality of singing and dancing had vanished, leaving behind a grim scene where once-majestic residences had deteriorated into havens for destitute beggars.

Gazing at the gloomy and narrow alleyway of Wuyi Lane, the official couldn’t help but feel a chill coursing through his body, likening it to the jaws of a colossal beast.

Suddenly, a previously unconsidered notion sprouted in his mind.

Perhaps, the reign of the Prime Minister was nearing its end, much like the fate that befell Wuyi Lane.

Huo Caiyu confidently peeled a walnut for Li Jinyu, knowing that Prime Minister Ye’s influence was waning in his old age. “Your Majesty, the time is near when you can reclaim full authority.”

Li Jinyu observed Huo Caiyu’s deft hands skillfully handling the walnut, feeling a tinge of jealousy, as if his teeth were longing to sink into its hardness.

He yearned to munch on those tough walnuts himself, envisioning the gratifying sensation it would bring.

Ever since his ears had grown, his physical traits seemed to resemble those of a hamster. His teeth grew rapidly, and he relied on walnuts to grind them down. However, during his stay in the Summer Resort, he had brought everything except the giant hamster wheel from his sleeping quarters. This absence left Li Jinyu, accustomed to running on the wheel daily, feeling increasingly depressed with each passing day.

With only the pleasure of nibbling on dried fruits remaining, Huo Caiyu would always take the initiative to help him peel walnuts whenever he saw him eating them. Despite his attempts to dissuade him, he couldn’t convince him otherwise. 

“Zhen has always believed in your abilities,” Li Jinyu praised him without hesitation, trying to lift his own spirits. He subtly hinted, “Bringing down the Prime Minister is just a small obstacle, and Huo Aiqing still has a path to ascend.”

The Prime Minister was merely a minor hindrance on the journey toward becoming a wise ruler who will govern the world. Shouldn’t Huo Caiyu swiftly seize power and ascend to the throne?

Having served as Regent for a considerable time, shouldn’t Huo Caiyu have fully immersed himself in the pinnacle of power by now?

What should be done next?

Reflecting on the original plot, Li Jinyu realized that the current narrative had deviated completely, rendering it impossible to use as a reference.

Unexpectedly, Huo Caiyu changed the topic abruptly and raised a different matter. “Your Majesty rarely visits the resort. Would you like to take a stroll outside?”

Li Jinyu was taken aback. “Leave the resort?”

Previously, whenever he desired to venture beyond the palace for leisure, Huo Caiyu would always discourage him vehemently, fearing he might encounter danger. 

Why the sudden change of heart?

Could it be…

A glimmer of hope flickered in Li Jinyu’s eyes. After successfully toppling the Prime Minister, could it be that Huo Caiyu was now eager to eliminate him and seize the throne?

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