I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 50 Part 2

Chapter 50.2 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip…

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Though the few scholars were somewhat shy and tried to keep the expenses modest, the dishes they ordered still pleased Li Jinyu. He was very satisfied with the meal.

The table was adorned with dishes he loved. These scholars had a knack for ordering!

After enjoying a satisfying meal, Li Jinyu bid farewell with a joyful heart and warmly reminded them, “Let’s spend more time together in the future!”

These individuals were the first he had willingly approached and gotten to know, and they held a special place in his heart.

After leaving the examination hall, Li Jinyu reminisced about the delightful conversation he had with these scholars he hadn’t seen in a long time, feeling a sense of joy. However, after a while, he suddenly realized something.

Hold on a moment, wasn’t his purpose for today to have Huo Caiyu assassinate him and seize the throne?

How did it end up becoming a gathering of familiar faces?

Li Jinyu turned his head and noticed that Huo Caiyu was walking beside him, wearing a calm smile on her handsome face, like a gentle stream.

Sensing the Emperor’s gaze, Huo Caiyu’s heart skipped a beat. Hee cautiously asked, “Is Your Majesty happy today?”

Li Jinyu replied in a dazed manner, “Very happy.”

Huo Caiyu let out a sigh of relief and said, “That’s good to hear.”

As the Emperor’s gaze continued to rest on him, Huo Caiyu relished the sensation of being noticed by the person he admired, yet also felt a hint of nervousness.

He dressed in lighter attire that day, wearing a sleek, soft silk shirt that clung to his body.

When the Emperor had previously spoken to himself and shown interest in his physique, he felt a mixture of happiness and concern.

He was glad that His Majesty still held some interest in him, but worried that the aspect that caught the Emperor’s attention might not be easy to display.

During the day, he had to wear court attire, which was loose and voluminous, rendering any physique unnoticeable. Even if he had a good figure, it wouldn’t make a difference.

At night, His Majesty would retire behind a screen early on, leaving no opportunity to showcase his body.

As for bathing together, it was even more unlikely…

This time, when they ventured out, there was no need for court uniform. Huo Caiyu sought advice from his mother and elder sister, carefully selecting a form-fitting ensemble in hopes of capturing the His Majesty’s attention.

Had it worked?

After waiting for a considerable time, just as Li Jinyu appeared ready to speak, a familiar voice suddenly came from the side, “Are you two here as well?”

Li Jinyu was taken aback, turning his head to find Chi Zhongming strolling leisurely with a fan in hand.

In an instant, he forgot what he had been about to say to Huo Caiyu, his gaze fixed warily on Chi Zhongming. He was prepared to seek refuge behind Huo Caiyu at a moment’s notice. “Did you bring a cat with you?”

After a brief pause, Chi Zhongming chuckled, “No, how could I carry one around all the time?”

Li Jinyu let out a sigh of relief.

With a puzzled expression, Chi Zhongming surveyed his surroundings. “What are you doing here?”

His gaze fell upon Huo Caiyu’s facs, and he was taken aback. “Brother Huo doesn’t seem very happy?”

Huo Caiyu’s face grew taut, and he enunciated each word, “It’s nothing.”

Curiosity getting the better of him, Li Jinyu asked, “We came out to have some fun. What about you, Brother Chi?”

Chi Zhongming cleared his throat and shook the bag in his right hand. “I won’t tell you. It might frighten you.”

Li Jinyu instinctively retreated behind Huo Caiyu. “But you just said you don’t have a cat.”

Chi Zhongming proudly explained, “I don’t have a cat, but this bag contains cat litter for my beloved pet at home. My little one is quite particular about cleanliness, so I change the litter frequently.”

Li Jinyu gazed at the bag in Chi Zhongming’s hand, feeling a hint of envy.

As he observed someone else with a pet and readily available cat litter, he couldn’t help but lament his own situation as a spiritual hamster. While his tiny junior, Dumpling, happily bathed in fine sand and slept in a comfortable nest of wood shavings, he had to endure the struggles of an orchid bath…

Hoo hoo!

Although Chi Zhongming was aware of Li Jinyu’s true identity as the Emperor, their initial encounter had left a lasting impression on him and diminished some of his awe towards them outside of court.

Moreover, Chi Zhongming found the young Emperor rather endearing from the start and couldn’t resist teasing him. Seeing Li Jinyu’s longing gaze, he playfully suggested, “Does Brother Li also want a cat? Let Brother Huo buy one for you.”

“No need!” Li Jinyu was taken aback. “I already have Dumpling.”

Huo Caiyu stepped forward, shooting Chi Zhongming a warning glare.

Chi Zhongming shrugged casually. “You’re quite possessive, aren’t you?”

He gazed at the sky and muttered something under his breath. With a sigh, he said, “I should take my leave now. My little one must be anxiously awaiting my return.”

Chi Zhongming bid farewell to Huo Caiyu and Li Jinyu, waving his hand. “Brother Huo and Brother Li, you should also make your way back. Just a word of caution: avoid taking Wuyi Lane. It hasn’t been a safe route lately.”

With that, he turned around and departed..

Wuyi Lane served as a shortcut from the palace to Dengbang Hall, but Huo Caiyu deliberately chose a longer route to allow the Emperor to appreciate the surrounding scenery.

Initially planning to take Wuyi Lane on their return to the palace, Huo Caiyu furrowed his brow upon hearing Chi Zhongming’s warning.

He knew Chi Zhongming’s martial arts skills, and Chi Zhongming was aware of his own abilities as well.

Despite this mutual understanding, Chi Zhongming still felt the need to caution him, implying that something troublesome was happening in Wuyi Lane.

If it weren’t for the Emperor’s presence, Huo Caiyu might have been tempted to investigate the situation personally.

He couldn’t bear any harm befalling His Majesty in his presence.

Lost in contemplation, he bid Chi Zhongming farewell and turned around, saying, “Your Majesty, let us return.”

However, upon turning around, he discovered that His Majesty, who had been sheltered behind him, had disappeared without a trace.

Li Jinyu hastily pulled the back of his clothes over his head and hurried through a quiet alley, keeping a watchful eye on his surroundings.

Upon closer inspection, one could discern two small bulges beneath the fabric covering his head, occasionally quivering in sync with his hurried steps.

Li Jinyu tightened his makeshift head covering, feeling a mix of anxiety and embarrassment for completely losing track of time.

He had been so thoughtless!

He had neglected to bring his hourglass and forgotten about the time limit of the ear-covering spell!

What should he do now that it had expired?

To cast the spell again, he needed a secluded spot devoid of onlookers and a suitable medium…

Li Jinyu had transformed from the naive and clueless hamster he once was when he first arrived in this world. Spending considerable time with Huo Caiyu had made him more aware and inclined to emulate Huo Caiyu’s approach.

Unlike Li Jinyu, Huo Caiyu never seemed to succumb to panic or flee when faced with challenging situations.

Li Jinyu forced himself to regain composure and sought out a secluded corner, ensuring there was no one around before removing the garment that concealed his ears.

The technique he employed to hide his ears was simple. He utilized other powers to suppress his own demon energy.

The blood of Huo Caiyu, infused with the Ziwei imperial aura, proved effective in achieving this, as did the fur of a black cat infused with other fairy spirits.

Initially, the black cat generously provided a small amount of fur, and later, he approached Huo Caiyu to request a drop of his blood.

I should have discreetly pricked Huo Caiyu for a bit of blood when I hurriedly fled earlier!

Li Jinyu found himself in a predicament, contemplating whether to hide and sneak back to the palace or hastily return to Huo Caiyu to obtain a small amount of blood.

The idea of approaching the black cat for its fur didn’t even cross Li Jinyu’s mind.

Just as he pondered his options, a single strand of pitch-black hair floated down in front of him.

Startled, Li Jinyu glanced up and locked eyes with Prime Minister Ye, who regarded him with a scrutinizing gaze.

Prime Minister Ye, no longer in his cat form, caught Li Jinyu off guard. However, instead of being terrified, Li Jinyu stood there momentarily in a state of confusion before instinctively reaching out to catch the drifting hair and asking, “What brings you here?”

“I have my own business to attend to,” Prime Minister Ye responded, scanning Li Jinyu from head to toe. His gaze lingered on Li Jinyu’s ears, and he sneered, “Forgot about the time? You mice are truly dim-witted.”

“It’s hamster,” Li Jinyu didn’t dare to argue, then glanced at the cat hair in his hand, puzzled. “What is this for?”

Prime Minister Ye casually waved his hand. “Consider it a reward.”

Despite Prime Minister Ye’s harsh demeanor, he had indeed come to Li Jinyu’s aid in a critical moment.

Li Jinyu carefully grasped a strand of cat hair and, following the technique he had learned from the black cat, gently rubbed it against his head. Soon, the fuzzy hamster ears vanished from sight.

Exhaling a sigh of relief, Li Jinyu felt a weight lifted off his shoulders.

“What a foolish hamster,” Prime Minister Ye scoffed, shaking his head in disdain before turning to depart with a disdainful “hmph.”

Observing Prime Minister Ye’s receding figure, Li Jinyu suddenly felt a sense of unease settle in his heart.

Initially, he harbored great fear towards the cat demon, an experience that left a lasting psychological impact. However, upon reflection, Li Jinyu realized that the black cat hadn’t actually harmed him. In fact, it had even provided assistance on multiple occasions.

With Huo Caiyu now in control of the army under Prime Minister Ye’s command, and the Prime Minister’s faction dispersed, it was evident that the entire system would soon crumble.

The question lingered in Li Jinyu’s mind— where would the black cat go in such circumstances?

“Wait a moment,” Li Jinyu couldn’t resist calling out.

Prime Minister Ye turned around, his youthful face appearing slightly blurred in the dimly lit alley.

In a soft voice, Li Jinyu asked, “What do you intend to do?”

Although the question seemed perplexing, Prime Minister Ye comprehended its underlying meaning.

A faint smile played upon his lips as he responded, “Are you going to pity me?”

Li Jinyu hesitated briefly before speaking honestly, “You have aided me greatly… I don’t believe it is necessary for you to engage in a life-and-death struggle with Huo Caiyu. If you choose to resign, I will support your decision. You can reclaim your family’s wealth and live a free life…”

“Ah,” Prime Minister Ye interjected abruptly, heaving a sigh.

“You truly are naive,” he remarked, his lips losing their curve. “Humans are the most unreliable beings. Their affections are as transient as snow on a winter tile, melting away as soon as the sun shines. They shower you with care and attention, but when faced with adversity, they will readily abandon you without a second thought.”

Li Jinyu stood there, momentarily taken aback, and instinctively countered, “Not everyone is like that…”

Deep down, he believed that Huo Caiyu wouldn’t be like that.

“Even Huo Caiyu is capable of such behavior. You simply haven’t reached the point where he can easily cast you aside,” Prime Minister Ye’s voice dripped with sarcasm. “That’s why I made a decision long ago to control my own destiny. I refuse to rely on deceitful humans, whether it leads to a grueling struggle for survival or to prosperity and wealth.”

He paused briefly, then abruptly gazed at the sky, his tone turning icy and ruthless. “Hence, Huo Caiyu must perish.”

The frigidness and bloodlust evident in Prime Minister Ye’s voice left Li Jinyu shocked. In that moment, a chilling thought raced through his mind, sending shivers down his spine.

Unlike hamsters, cats were quite lazy and didn’t require as much exercise.

The scouts’ reports had always indicated that Prime Minister Ye rarely left his residence unless it was time for court.

Yet, on this particular day, when they least expected it, he coincidentally appeared before them, dressed in ordinary attire?

Shaking slightly, Li Jinyu inquired, “What brought you out here this time?”

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