I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 50

Chapter 50.1 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip…

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Such great opportunity!

Li Jinyu admired Huo Caiyu with a sense of paternal pride. “Zhen made the right choice.”

The Prime Minister was close to collapsing, indicating that it was probably the right time to act.

Huo Caiyu had to live up to his expectations!

Li Jinyu roamed around the bedroom with a hint of reluctance, realizing that this might be his final night in the unfamiliar resort.

He gazed affectionately at Chief Kang, sending a slight shiver down Chief Kang’s spine. Unable to resist, he whispered softly, “Your Majesty?”

“Oh, nothing. I’m just observing you,” Li Jinyu patted his shoulder and sighed, “Every time I look at you, it feels like time slips away.”

Chief Kang: “…”

Li Jinyu didn’t concern himself much with the fate of Chief Kang and the others.

In the novel, Huo Caiyu never caused trouble for the common people residing in the palace, and now, after spending a considerable amount of time with Chief Kang, he was sure that no harm would befall them.

As for the Empress Dowager and the imperial concubines, Huo Caiyu had made arrangements in the novel to provide them with viable alternatives, so Li Jinyu felt no worry.

Li Jinyu even took the opportunity to bid farewell to Dumpling.

Though they were hamsters and didn’t share much blood relation, Li Jinyu had raised Dumpling for a long time, imparting various life lessons as an elder brother, fostering a sense of fondness.

This little creature spent its days foolishly eating or dozing off. If he wasn’t gnawing on melon seeds, he was lying motionless in his miniature hamster wheel, completely different from Li Jinyu.

“Don’t you realize you should exercise more? Look at how round you’ve become. You can’t even turn over,” Li Jinyu earnestly advised while pointing at the hamster cage, inadvertently drawing a comparison between Dumpling and Huo Caiyu. “Observe Huo Caiyu— so muscular, robust, and sturdy… sigh, hamsters can never possess such a remarkable physique.”

Li Jinyu recalled the sensation of touching Huo Caiyu during their shared bath in the bathing pool, momentarily lost in reverie.

As he snapped out of his daze and turned around, he coincidentally caught sight of Huo Caiyu standing behind him.

Overwhelmed by guilt, Li Jinyu involuntarily took a step back, pressing his back against Dumpling’s cage.

Startled, Dumpling cowered into the wood shavings, but then cautiously peered out at the two owners before him.

Uncertain if Huo Caiyu had overheard his previous words, Li Jinyu anxiously studied Huo Caiyu’s expression. He noticed that Huo Caiyu’s face appeared normal, yet a subtle trace of lingering delight lingered in the corners of his eyes.

Still entangled in his thoughts, Li Jinyu heard Huo Caiyu’s voice break the silence. “It’s getting late, Your Majesty should rest. We have an early start tomorrow.”

A sigh of relief escaped Li Jinyu’s lips— fortunately, he probably hadn’t heard it.


The following day, dressed in casual attire, Li Jinyu embraced Dumpling tightly, reluctant to part ways. “Dumpling, make sure to get along well with Huo Caiyu from now on.”

Dumpling popped a peanut into his mouth and turned his back on Li Jinyu.

Li Jinyu gently placed Dumpling down and hesitated as he caught sight of the hourglass perched on Dumpling’s cage.

Should he bring the hourglass along?

If he decided to take it, he would either have to remove it from Dumpling’s cage or hold Dumpling while carrying it.

Removing the hourglass seemed like a hassle, but considering the impending “assassination” that awaited him, having it present might frighten Dumpling. What was the best course of action?

Forget it. Since he wouldn’t be returning this time, it shouldn’t significantly prolong their departure, right?

Li Jinyu gently lowered Dumpling’s hamster cage.

This time, the Regent Prince stood as his guardian, while a handful of guards covertly protected him.

It had been quite a while since his last departure from the palace.

The resort stood at a reasonable distance from the capital city, with a similar ambiance in terms of its people and surroundings.

Streets lined with numerous vendors offering their wares bustled with a constant stream of carriages and horses along the official road. Children, their mouths filled with candy, playfully chased each other, occasionally colliding with passers-by, which elicited a few muttered curses. People strolled in small groups of two or three, carrying their meals and engaging in lively conversations, devoid of the caution and desolation that Li Jinyu had observed previously.

Li Jinyu blinked his eyes, uncertain if it was the impending farewell or something else, but he suddenly found this sight to be incredibly beautiful.

The memory of Huo Caiyu’s words in Qingshui Prefecture lingered in Li Jinyu’s mind as he strained to catch a glimpse of any destitute individuals along the roadside.

Amidst the vibrant and captivating main street, the unobserved dark corners offered a more authentic portrayal of the city’s true nature.

Differing from Qingshui Prefecture, Li Jinyu strolled through several narrow alleys, encountering only a handful of beggars. These few individuals appeared lethargic, casually leaning against the roadside, as if unconcerned about the prospect of starving.

Standing beside His Majesty, Huo Caiyu wore a gentle smile as he observed him wandering through the bustling streets. He witnessed his expression transition from curiosity to awe, and eventually transforming into an ineffable emotion.

It was precisely for this reason that he wanted to show His Majesty the remarkable transformations occurring under his governance in Di Dynasty. The city was shedding its antiquated and dusty facade, gradually rekindling its vibrancy.

Together, they and this dynasty would embark on a promising future.

Noticing that His Majesty had taken in enough of the sights, Huo Caiyu glanced at the sky and addressed Li Jinyu, “Your Majesty… Jinyu, allow me to take you somewhere.”

It had been quite some time since he last used this name, and uttering it now felt slightly unfamiliar.

This name solely represented the connection between him and His Majesty, unburdened by any constraints of identity, as they embarked on their previous journey together.

Unaware of this subtle detail, Li Jinyu internally resolved, “Here we go,” as he composed his expression and responded, “Let’s proceed.”

Soon, he would relinquish his position as Emperor and return to his carefree existence as a liberated spiritual hamster. Meanwhile, Huo Caiyu would ascend the throne, securing an enduring legacy…

What method will Huo Caiyu use later?

Considering their longstanding relationship and Huo Caiyu’s temperament, perhaps he wouldn’t directly attempt to end his life, but rather employ a forceful method…

He contemplated whether loudly declaring his intention to annihilate Huo Caiyu’s nine clans would provoke Huo Caiyu into losing his temper and launching an attack.

Regardless, even if Huo Caiyu himself couldn’t bring himself to commit such an act, his loyal subordinates would undoubtedly carry out the task without hesitation!

Poison wine?

White silk?

Or simply raised his sword and chop him…

Li Jinyu involuntarily touched his neck, shivering. What a pity that he hadn’t yet tasted the peanuts cultivated by the imperial concubines…

Confronted with such a significant obstacle for the first time, Li Jinyu struggled to rein in his racing thoughts.

Lost in contemplation, he failed to pay heed to the path ahead, nearly colliding with others on multiple occasions.

Observing the Emperor’s absent-mindedness, Huo Caiyu pursed his lips and cautiously grasped Li Jinyu’s left hand. Noting his lack of objection, he tightened his grip and guided him forward.

Li Jinyu remained engrossed in his internal struggle, oblivious to Huo Caiyu’s actions, thus allowing him to lead him by the hand.

Hand in hand, the two of them traversed the road, drawing countless curious glances from onlookers.

Even among the men of Di Dynasty, known for their reverence of decorum and their preference for group strolls, walking arm in arm would be deemed lacking in proper form, let alone holding hands.

Huo Caiyu firmly clutched His Majesty’s hand, unwilling to let go or exert excessive force. The stolen sweetness and longing in his heart threatened to overwhelm him, leaving him little room to acknowledge the gazes of those around them.

Upon reaching their destination, Huo Caiyu reluctantly released his grip on Li Jinyu’s hand and whispered, “Jinyu, we have arrived.”

Li Jinyu roused from his reverie and gazed upward, discovering a towering structure adorned with three prominent characters, “Deng Bang Hall.”

Li Jinyu vaguely recollected that the name “Dengbang Hall” held some connection to Third-Ranked Scholar Xu, serving as a tool for the Prime Minister’s counterattack.

Had they established a branch so swiftly?

“What brings us here?” Li Jinyu sensed something amiss. Shouldn’t an act of regicide be executed in a clandestine location?

Huo Caiyu wore a smile but evaded his question, guiding Li Jinyu inside.

Upon reaching the entrance of an upstairs private room, Zhou Wenyan awaited them. Catching sight of Li Jinyu and Huo Caiyu approaching, he instinctively inclined towards kneeling in reverence.

Huo Caiyu motioned for him to cease, whispering, “Reveal nothing.”

Understanding the message, Zhou Wenyan nodded with a smile and gestured, “Please, my lords.”

Li Jinyu felt a bit perplexed, but observing Huo Caiyu’s lack of objection, he trailed behind Zhou Wenyan into the private room.

To his surprise, he found several familiar faces inside— those scholars who had gathered outside the city gate in Qingshui Prefecture for their studies.

Among them, there was even a face that struck him with familiarity— Lame Beggar!

Lame Beggar, the young man who left his hometown, burdened by the desire for vengeance after his parents’ tragic fate, had disguised himself as a beggar within the Qingshui Prefecture yamen to gather information on their behalf.

Li Jinyu entered the room with a tinge of astonishment. “How did all of you end up here?”

Weren’t they supposed to be preparing for the exams back in Qingshui Prefecture?

Following closely behind, Zhou Wenyan smiled and explained, “Once I settled in the capital and wrote to inquire, these fellow scholars expressed their desire to come here, so I brought them along.”

One of the scholars blushed slightly and admitted, “We didn’t plan to follow Brother Zhou’s lead, but…”

“These fellow scholars possess as much knowledge as I do, but they missed this year’s spring exams,” Zhou Wenyan explained, pulling out a chair for Li Jinyu and gesturing for him to sit. “I heard that the capital is establishing an academy, so I brought them along.”

Following the reforms in the imperial examinations, Li Jinyu vividly remembered the hardships faced by the Qingshui Prefecture scholars in their studies. After discussing it with Huo Caiyu, they decided to establish academies in the capital and nearby cities.

These academies received financial support from the court, enabling students to pay a modest tuition fee and focus on studying the works of the sages.

Li Jinyu understood and smiled, “That’s wonderful.”

Another scholar spoke shyly, “Young Master Li, there are still fellow scholars and teachers at the academy in Qingshui Prefecture. You need not worry.”

“Thanks to you, we have a place to live and study. We wanted to express our gratitude in person by visiting the capital and asking Brother Zhou if we could meet you,” a scholar continued.

“We pooled together some silver but couldn’t afford an extravagant banquet, so we settled for Dengbang Ha. Please forgive our humble choice,” another scholar added, feeling a bit apologetic.

Li Jinyu was momentarily taken aback, observing the scholars’ sincere gratitude, and a warm feeling washed over him. He touched his head, feeling a hint of embarrassment. “I simply did what I could. There’s no need for such formalities.”

Huo Caiyu, unfamiliar with these individuals, stood silently at the back, understanding their gratitude towards Li Jinyu for the assistance he had provided in the past.

While the scholars expressed their gratitude to Li Jinyu, Huo Caiyu subtly glanced at Zhou Wenyan.

Zhou Wenyan responded with a smile, understanding the unspoken message.

He didn’t hastily disclose the Emperor’s true identity to his classmates. Helping a friend was one thing, but revealing that he was the Emperor was an entirely different matter.

It was foreseeable that if they discovered the young man who had sincerely aided them was actually the current Emperor, their mindset might undergo an unpredictable change.

If they were to succeed in passing the imperial examinations and enter the prestigious Taihe Hall, they would naturally learn about the Emperor’s true identity. However, if they failed or remained idle, knowing the Emperor’s secret could prove detrimental to both parties.

Huo Caiyu felt content with Zhou Wenyan’s cautious and prudent approach.

It wasn’t in vain forHis Majesty to offer them support and encouragement.


On the other side, Li Jinyu began chatting with Lame Beggar, curious to know why he was present as well.

Lame Beggar was the only person, apart from Zhou Wenyan and Huo Caiyu, who knew Li Jinyu’s true identity. However, being more experienced and astute than his peers, he wisely kept Li Jinyu’s secret to himself.

“This young brother is clever and quick to learn,” spoke the scholar who had previously addressed Li Jinyu. “It’s a shame to let such a talented person remain hidden in the mountains and fields. That’s why I spoke up and brought him to the capital, hoping he can enter the academy and pursue his studies.”

Observing the once cynical and envious young man now carrying himself with the demeanor of a scholar, Li Jinyu felt immense satisfaction. Looking at the room filled with happier faces, he felt a deep sense of contentment.

Great, everyone has a wonderful present and future.

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