I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 58

Chapter 58.1 Chip…

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A single sentence made Li Jinyu feel drowsy, but it helped clear his mind to some extent.

“What reserves?”

“Food and supplies,” Zhou Wenyan paused briefly and continued, “I have reviewed the documents from the Ministry of War. The current supply of food and provisions sent to the border can only sustain the army for less than ten days.”

Ten days!

The Jiao Kingdom was gathering a massive army, aiming to conquer the border. It was highly unlikely for the campaign to end in just ten days!

It was a well-known saying: “Prepare the food and supplies before mobilizing the troops.”

The importance of food and provisions in warfare couldn’t be overstated.

Li Jinyu held Huo Caiyu in the highest regard, above all else, without a moment’s hesitation. “We need to allocate more food and supplies.”

The Minister of War cleared his throat and stepped forward. “There is something Your Majesty may not be aware of. The Ministry of War traditionally distributes supplies in stages. Moreover, as the harvest season has already passed, our Di Dynasty has witnessed abundant food production across various regions, including the border areas. If the Regent finds the supplies insufficient for a while, he can consider purchasing from the local populace.”

Although Li Jinyu had no experience in warfare, something about it didn’t seem right to him. He voiced his concern, “How can we manage to make last-minute purchases in time?”

“Distributing supplies in stages serves two purposes: it reduces the risk of transporting provisions and prevents any issues within the border troops,” the Minister of War explained before stopping. “We must stick to this rule without exceptions.”

Zhou Wenyan furrowed his brow, expressing his worry. “If it were a normal situation, it would be understandable. But this time, Jiao Kingdom is well-prepared, and we lack clear information about the conditions of the border troops. If we can’t provide sufficient food and provisions…”

“Can Master Zhou guarantee that the border troops won’t betray us?”

Li Jinyu winced at the blunt accusation, advising, “Minister Zhao, choose your words carefully.”

Zhou Wenyan’s tone turned less polite as he defended the border troops’ honor. “The border troops are safeguarding our nation’s borders. As the Minister of War, Minister Zhao shouldn’t casually accuse them. If such words were to spread, it would undoubtedly shake the morale of the border troops.”

Minister Zhao maintained a composed demeanor as he responded, “It is precisely because this minister holds the position of Minister of War that he speaks this way. This minister has served as the Minister of War for twenty years, and is fully aware of the food and provisions required by the border troops. This minister would never make light of the livelihoods of the common people. Currently, our dynasty has mobilized sixty percent of our forces to defend the border. If anyone harbors ill intentions, do you think the capital city can withstand it? Distributing supplies in stages has been a decree passed down by our Founding Emperor, and no one has ever protested against it. So why is it that as soon as the Regent Prince departs, we suddenly face a shortage of food and provisions?”

Zhou Wenyan, being young and inexperienced, was left speechless by the Minister of War’s words.

Granting military power to generals had always been a concern for past emperors. Even in the most critical times, the emperor rarely relinquished control over the military.

Zhou Wenyan was well aware of this fact.

Furthermore, the Regent had already wielded significant power within the Di Dynasty. Even without interfering in the Ministry of War to avoid suspicion, many officials considered him an unpredictable element.

Zhou Wenyan sighed quietly and looked up at the Emperor seated on the throne, feeling a sense of uncertainty.

In normal circumstances, there would have been a rift between the Emperor and the Regent… but their relationship behind closed doors was far from ordinary.

Zhou Wenyan had witnessed their mutual support and trust since their days in Qingshui Prefecture, and it continued even after they arrived in the capital city.

Now that the Regent had gone to the military, would their relationship change?

Li Jinyu understood the Minister of War’s intention and sat on the throne, gently pressing his lips together.

After a moment, he firmly declared, “Zhou Wenyan, prepare a report on the food and provisions required for the border. The Minister of War will review and ensure that the frontline is adequately supplied.”

The Minister of War was momentarily surprised, “Your Majesty, the decree of the Founding Emperor…”

“Zhen is not aware of any decree from the Founding Emperor.” Li Jinyu stood up, his head held high, his gaze carrying a determined spark. His voice resounded with conviction, “All Zhen knows is that Zhen’s generals and soldiers are out there on the frontlines, sacrificing their blood, sweat, and tears for the sake of the people in the Central Plains and for the safety of everyone present here. They fight to ensure that Jiao Kingdom won’t breach our homes tomorrow. How can we, who live a life of comfort and luxury, not support them and stand by their side?”

“Your Majesty, but…”

“There’s no room for ‘buts.’ Zhen’s decision is firm,” Li Jinyu interrupted without hesitation, “Let’s proceed according to my previous instructions.”

The Emperor had transformed completely from the feeble and foolish ruler he was a year ago, always subservient to the Prime Minister and Grand Marshal. Now, he embodied a true emperor with his own vision, strategies, and courage.

Many officials who had witnessed the Emperor’s growth couldn’t help but marvel silently.

Previously, they considered the Regent as the central figure in the court, and without him, they feared a return to the era of factional struggles… but they forgot that the Regent was personally nurtured and promoted by the Emperor himself. How could the Emperor be a mere figurehead?

The Minister of War sighed in resignation and accepted, “This minister will comply with Your Majesty’s orders.”


“Regent, has the report on the food supply in the capital arrived yet?”

The borderlands were swept by roaring winds, carrying sand and dust that weathered the soldiers’ skin, leaving it rough and dark. Even the towering city walls couldn’t shield them from the desolate atmosphere of the vast wilderness beyond.

Huo Caiyu sat inside the tent, contemplating the next steps while studying the military reports. Three or four soldiers in full armor sat alongside him.

Upon hearing the question, Huo Caiyu didn’t bother lifting his head. “Not yet.”

One of the soldiers expressed his discontent, “It’s about time the supplies came back. Does the court plan to play another game with phased food distribution? At this rate, our warhorses won’t even be properly fed!”

Phased food distribution may appear to ensure seamless transportation of provisions to the frontlines, but hidden complications could lie within.

There were previous instances where supply officers didn’t embezzle parts of the provisions, but doubts lingered about the quality of the supplies reaching the frontlines.

Ever since their arrival at the border, they had been living on a tight leash, keeping a constant guard.

Huo Caiyu’s voice remained steady, devoid of any emotional inflections. He set the military report aside and stood up, walking toward the map on the side, “Rest assured, the court will dispatch provisions.”

His reassuring tone brought some relief to the expressions on the faces of the other officers in the tent, but doubts still whispered among them, “Where does the Regent find such confidence?”

This Regent’s sudden arrival at the frontlines initially met with considerable resistance. Regent, they thought, was probably no different from those gluttonous and corrupt officials in the court, incapable and engrossed in embezzlement. How dare they show up here to command the battles?

A few hot-headed generals even tried to provoke Huo Caiyu.

As a result, they received a harsh lesson from the Regent, leaving them too battered to even get out of bed.

The Regent had an explosive temper and exceptional martial skills. Once they subdued the local troublemakers, they swiftly organized the troops into formations. Gradually, people began to see that this Regent actually had some real talent.

Later on, when Jiao Kingdom launched several surprise attacks, the Regent led the troops to drive them back, earning everyone’s sincere admiration.

It was quite a surprise that the capital could still send someone capable!

Finally, everyone discovered that this regent was actually the beloved child of General Huo Yi, who had fallen in battle here before. They were one of their own!

Alongside the fear and admiration for Huo Caiyu, a sense of familiarity also grew.

Huo Caiyu quickly won the loyalty of the border troops in the shortest time possible.

However, even though they wholeheartedly respected the Regent, it didn’t mean they fully trusted the court.

They all knew how poorly the court had treated the border troops in the past.

Huo Caiyu understood the long-standing grievances harbored by these border troops. Instead of delving into explanations, they calmly said, “Things have changed under His Majesty and Prime Minister.”

While they hadn’t directly clashed with the Emperor over this matter, Huo Caiyu firmly believed that His Majesty would break the so-called “imperial laws” and provide ample support to the border troops.

“His Majesty… hmph.” The speaking general scoffed, voicing their dissatisfaction in a low voice. “The Regent is better than His Majesty.”

Huo Caiyu furrowed their brow, about to respond, when suddenly a messenger arrived with a report from the capital.

“Bring it here.”

Huo Caiyu took the short note, opened it, nodded, and then surveyed the surroundings  “It’s a confidential report from the court. The first batch of supplies is already en route.”

They handed the note to the nearby supply officer, who swiftly examined it, calculated for a moment, and couldn’t help but show a pleased expression. “With these supplies, our border troops can be fully sustained for over a month.”

A whole month!

And this was just the first batch!

The generals below showed astonishment. When did the court become so generous and stop restricting them?

Huo Caiyu didn’t show any surprise on their face and calmly asked, “Can you believe it now?”

After arriving at the border, Huo Caiyu discovered that the border troops held deep grudges against the court. Of course, given how the court had previously withheld their dues, this reaction was expected.

Aware of the generals’ stubborn nature, Huo Caiyu didn’t forcefully change their perception but allowed the facts to speak for themselves.

“Your Highness, what is this?”

The supply officer looked at the bottom of the confidential report, where a strange pattern was drawn, and furrowed his brow. He turned it around and asked, “A box?”

“It’s a tool designed by the Iron and Wood Bureau, named the ‘3D Sand Table.’ His Majesty ordered a replica based on the blueprint.”

The 3D Sand Table was something they had discussed with the Prime Minister before his downfall.

In the past, the army had rough simulations of warfare, but they were conducted on flat maps. Since there were no topographic maps or similar methods available during this era, the results were not very clear.

Huo Caiyu happened to witness His Majesty instructing Chief Kang to gather a large quantity of soft and clean fine sand, which Dumpling used for sand baths. However, His Majesty required such a significant amount that it could practically be used for an entire sand bath.

He discovered that His Majesty had thought about using “sand tables” for tactical rehearsals in the army and openly admitted it.

Huo Caiyu’s eyes brightened as he listened and together with His Majesty, they pondered over the details before handing it over to the Iron and Wood Bureau for research.

Later, so many things happened that when he left the capital, his mind was in a whirl, and he surprisingly forgot about this matter.

His Majesty went to great lengths to send the craftsmanship for the sand table…

Huo Caiyu pressed his lips together, and in the freezing cold of the border, a small stream of warmth quietly melted in his heart.

After completing military tasks, the sky was filled with twinkling stars.

Huo Caiyu stepped out of the tent, holding a dry biscuit in his hand, slowly chewing on it, his thoughts drifting back to the capital.

Despite repeatedly reminding himself not to dwell on it, whenever there was no busy task at hand, Huo Caiyu couldn’t resist thinking about the person far away in the capital.

What was His Majesty currently occupied with?

Had the poison in his body been cured? Was he taking the medicine to restore their health on time?

During his prolonged absence from the capital, did any ill intentions arise among the officials?

Did he face any pressure when the Ministry of War dismissed his proposal to send provisions?

Huo Caiyu acknowledged that His Majesty was highly capable, and even in his absence, the entire court would be well-managed.

However, there remained a sense of unease in his heart.

His Majesty exhibited shrewdness and competence in significant matters but occasionally displayed innocence and unconventionality in trivial affairs.

If only he could remain constantly at His Majesty’s side…

With these thoughts, Huo Caiyu let out a sigh of resignation, a faint bitter smile adorning their handsome face.

Unfortunately, both he and His Majesty carried their own individual responsibilities.

Was the impulsive confession made before his departure a considerable burden for His Majesty?

What might be His Majesty’s thoughts? Would there be moments of uncertainty? Would there be hesitation?

Now stationed at the border, where the chilling western wind swept through the moonlit darkness and covered the mountains in a blanket of white frost, Huo Caiyu increasingly yearned for the warmth and serenity of being beside His Majesty.

For the sake of allowing both His Majesty and the people to enjoy enduring peace, there would always be individuals standing on this cold and desolate land, wielding weapons.

Huo Caiyu took a bite of the hard bread, unable to resist gently touching his right wrist with his left hand.

A slender black thread connected two black jade beads hidden beneath the tightly wrapped wristband.

Those were the beads from His Majesty’s gilded crown.

Initially, His Majesty had surreptitiously placed them along with a jade cup in his sister’s bundle, which was later kept in the inner chamber of their home.

Huo Caiyu had once contemplated returning these beads to His Majesty, but the offer was politely declined.

On this journey, he quietly carried two of those beads with him.

Wearing these beads on his wrist felt as if he was holding hands with His Majesty continuously.

Amidst the lonely border, during rare moments of leisure, Huo Caiyu could only rely on these beads to express his longing for His Majesty.

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