I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 58 Part 2

Chapter 58.2 Chip…

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The person in Huo Caiyu’s longing thoughts silently gazed at the enormous “sand table,” remaining speechless.

Dumpling, freed from the tiny and delicate hamster cage, joyfully rolled around in the soft sand.

The black cat perched on the cat frame, watching Li Jinyu and emitting a sarcastic laugh.

Li Jinyu felt a deep sense of despair.

Seizing the opportunity while Huo Caiyu was away, he finally managed to acquire a sand basin large enough for his current size, only to discover it was of no use.

Unlike the furry form of a hamster, his smooth human skin couldn’t tolerate the abrasive nature of the sand.

Li Jinyu cautiously inserted one leg into the sand, grimacing in pain; afterward, he had to patiently remove the sand grains embedded in his nails.

Eventually, the sand basin became nothing more than a plaything for Dumpling. Meanwhile, the hamster spirit was on the brink of tears due to overwhelming envy.

Why couldn’t he transform into a hamster form yet?

The black cat calmly spoke, “If you manage to completely take away the Ziwei imperial aura from Huo Caiyu, you should regain the freedom to transform your form.”

Li Jinyu was taken aback and instinctively responded, “If I take away all of the Ziwei imperial aura, then how can Huo Caiyu ascend to the throne?”

Perplexed, the black cat looked at him and asked, “Do you genuinely believe that Huo Caiyu has any chance of seizing the throne?”

“Why wouldn’t he?” Li Jinyu retorted without hesitation. “Who else in the court can stop him?”



“Do you think Huo Caiyu would still have any desire to seize the throne, considering his attitude towards you?” the black cat chuckled, its tone carrying a hint of sarcasm and resentment, “If he still harbored such intentions, the Ziwei imperial aura wouldn’t have ended up with you.”

Li Jinyu opened his mouth to argue but struggled to find the right words.

Ultimately, he could only day, “I trust Heavenly Dao.”

Since Heavenly Dao had made the decision to crown Huo Caiyu as the next emperor, it would not allow Huo Caiyu to act so recklessly!

The plot comes to a close, the plot comes to a close, the plot comes to a close…

Li Jinyu made a conscious effort to hypnotize himself, refusing to entertain the possibility that Huo Caiyu’s feelings for him might still be unwavering.

The black cat pursed its lips and said, “Go ahead and deceive yourself. Just wait until Huo Caiyu returns, hehe.”

“Weren’t you always against him before? Why are you suddenly defending him?” 

“I’ve never changed my stance,” the black cat raised its head proudly. “As long as Huo Caiyu doesn’t ascend to the throne, I can seize the fortunes of the world and enjoy wealth and glory.”

It glanced down at Li Jinyu and disdainfully scoffed, “Someone as foolish as you becoming emperor would undoubtedly lead to chaos, and that would be my opportunity.”

Li Jinyu found it disagreeable and countered, “Does Chi Zhongming know about your true nature?”

The black cat abruptly stood up, as if its tail had been stepped on, and exclaimed, “What does he have to do with me?”

“He has deep affection for you.”

“How can human affections last? He probably has a new cat by now!”

“How can you be so certain that Huo Caiyu will remain deeply in love?”

The black cat was completely silenced.

Finally, it spitefully said, “I hope Huo Caiyu suppresses you for the rest of your life!”

After saying that, it swiftly disappeared.

Li Jinyu regained his composure and joyfully scooped up Dumpling, giving it a playful squeeze. Then, he thought with satisfaction: How could Huo Caiyu possibly suppress me? It’s impossible!


Without Huo Caiyu, Li Jinyu’s days became monotonous and unexciting. He spent his time focused on the Ministry of War, paying attention to the frontline situation, and before he knew it, autumn had arrived.

With Chief Kang’s reminder, he remembered that it was the season for gathering the palace’s produce.

The gathering involved the imperial concubines planting peanuts and melon seeds.

According to the order he had issued six months ago, this year’s promotions would be based on the harvest.

The imperial concubines dedicated themselves to sowing, tilling the soil, watering, and weeding for more than half a year. They cared for the land as if it were the most delicate orchids. Finally, the moment arrived to assess the fruits of their efforts.

After a long wait of over half a year, they finally saw His Majesty once again.

Li Jinyu sat in the main seat while a line of palace maids approached, each carrying a jade plate. Each plate held a few roasted peanuts and melon seeds.

Li Jinyu tasted each one, continuously nodding in approval as he savored the flavors.

Surprisingly, the palace’s produce was remarkable. The peanuts and melon seeds had grown large and were delicious.

After sampling the flavors, it was Chief Kang’s turn to calculate the yield from each palace and courtyard.

The yield per mu (unit of land measurement) was the indicator that Li Jinyu was most concerned about.

Compared to when he first issued the command six months ago, when most of the imperial concubines found it hard to believe, now everyone had calmly accepted this reality.

His Majesty truly intended to use farming as a measure of their rank.

At first, they didn’t understand and regretted selling the quality seeds and fertilizers to other concubines.

Some audacious concubines wanted to intercept the results from the hardworking concubines after the harvest.

Li Jinyu refused to agree to this—buying seeds and fertilizers was their own mistake, but snatching the fruits of labor was a different matter.

Those concubines had dutifully toiled in the fields for half a year to cultivate these plump peanuts and melon seeds!

Li Jinyu unhesitatingly canceled this year’s “achievements” for anyone who had such intentions.

According to the final assessment, Concubine Hui’s yield rightfully claimed the top spot, followed by Concubine Wei. Li Jinyu couldn’t recall the names of the other high achievers.

With a decisive stroke, Li Jinyu immediately promoted Concubine Hui and Concubine Wei to Consorts, while others with commendable results received promotions and rewards.

The concubines who didn’t secure a promotion felt their eyes welling up with tears, silently vowing to farm diligently next time!

Dismissing the concubines, Li Jinyu kept Consort Hui and Consort Wei behind.

The other concubines reluctantly departed, secretly wondering if His Majesty favored the two consorts for their exceptional performance? They had truly been fortunate! If luck favored them further, they might even conceive a child with royal blood—a potential future Crown Prince…

In reality, Li Jinyu had a simple motive for keeping the two concubines behind. “Zhen heard that Consort Hui’s family is involved in business.”

Consort Hui’s heart skipped a beat as she cautiously responded, “Yes.”

Her family indeed had a business, but she always remained careful and never let her newfound status as a Consort make her reckless.

After all, who could accurately predict His Majesty’s temperament? Today’s favor could easily turn into tomorrow’s splendid funeral.

Why was His Majesty bringing it up now?

“The concubines in the palace have cultivated a surplus of grain, and Zhen can’t possibly consume it all. Zhen was thinking if it could be sold outside,” Li Jinyu earnestly looked at Concubine Hui, “Do you have any connections?”

Discussing such matters within the grand and luxurious palace made Consort Hui feel significantly out of place.

Does His Majesty lack funds?

She cautiously replied, “Although this humble concubine lacks knowledge, there are officials in the court who engage in business…”

“If the officials sell it, wouldn’t it become official funds? If Zhen sells it himself, it becomes Zhen’s own money.”

Consort Hui was rendered speechless.

His Majesty had never shown any concern before about whether the money he spent came from the palace treasury or the national treasury.

Since His Majesty had asked, Consort Hui carefully considered and mustered the courage to speak up, saying, “If it pleases Your Majesty, this concubine can contact her family on Your Majesty’s behalf.”

Li Jinyu’s delight was evident as he immediately agreed. “Then it’s your task! If the goods are sold, you shall receive a share of the profits!”

Having grown up in a family well-versed in business, Consort Hui instinctively inquired, “What could be the expected profit?”

“Zhen will think about it…”

Consort Wei, who was not familiar with these business matters, listened intently, suspecting that His Majesty had kept her here to give her specific instructions.

Li Jinyu concluded the discussion with Consort Hui and then turned her attention to Concubine Wei, saying, “Concubine Wei, you shall join Consort Hui.”

Concubine Wei: “?”

“Currently, you two have the highest status in the palace. The responsibilities of farming, harvesting, and selling will be entrusted to both of you.”

The two Consorts were taken aback. In the past, this would have been equivalent to assisting in governing the six palaces!

Although their authority now resembled that of agricultural officials…

Having spent many years in the palace, they were well aware of the advantages of power. They exchanged a confident look and replied, “These humble concubines will undoubtedly live up to Your Majesty’s trust.”

“Hmm.” Li Jinyu nodded in satisfaction and suddenly remembered something, gave an additional instruction, “Make sure there’s enough for me to consume… The remaining money should be sent to the Regent Prince.”

In recent days, Li Jinyu had been attending reports on the current shortages in the frontlines from the Ministry of War. Besides urging the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Revenue to gather provisions, he also wanted to make his own contribution.

The palace items were all marked with distinctive seals. Ever since the incident in Qingshui Prefecture, where he had caused trouble for Ye Gui’an, major commercial firms had tightened their inspections to prevent any leaks of noble or even royal goods. Even if such items were obtained and taken to the common market, they couldn’t be sold.

However, the recently harvested crops could be exchanged for money.

Consort Hui’s heart skipped a beat as she instantly grasped the underlying meaning behind His Majesty’s seemingly unusual actions.

Is His Majesty indirectly suggesting that merchants contribute to the frontlines?

Although Consort Hui had lived in the palace for a long time, she remained keenly aware of external information.

At the beginning of the year, His Majesty implemented a policy that reduced the benefits of officials and merchants. However, it greatly encouraged the growth of private merchants and trading firms, and many astute businessmen had already earned a significant amount of silver.

Considering the current challenges faced by the army, it seemed that His Majesty was implying that it was time for these businessmen to lend their support…

His Majesty’s every action was indeed out of the ordinary.

While acknowledging His Majesty’s words, Consort Hui secretly planned to immediately write a letter to her father and brothers, ensuring that they promptly handled this task as subtly suggested by His Majesty.

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