I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 59

Chapter 59.1 Chip.

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Besides attending to his duties at the court, Li Jinyu would visit the Huo residence every seventh day, aiding Madam Huo in her quest to find a cure for the mysterious poison that afflicted him.

Every time he paid a visit to Madam Huo, Li Jinyu felt a tinge of apprehension. Madam Huo, on occasion, would pose strange questions that only heightened his unease.

Take today, for instance:

“Could Young Master Li kindly inform me if you have someone by your side before this mysterious poison took effect?”

Over time, Li Jinyu diligently studied “educational materials,” discerning hidden implications within their pages.

Essentially, Madam Huo inquired whether he had engaged in intimate relations with a concubine prior to falling victim to the poison.

Li Jinyu pondered the results of his investigation and recollected, “It is unlikely.”

Subsequently, he delved into the histories of several long-serving concubines, confirming that none had shared true intimacy with the original Emperor.

Madam Huo furrowed her brows. “If there was none, then there was none. Why use ‘unlikely’?”

“Well, then… there was none.”

“This is quite odd…” Madam Huo furrowed her brow, took a moment to contemplate, and then spoke frankly, “It appears that Young Master Li’s vital energy has been depleted.”

Li Jinyu: “…!”

Could she really deduce such matters just by taking the pulse?

Could it be possible for her to discern even the identities of his past partners?

Observing Li Jinyu’s instant blush, Madam Huo found it slightly amusing and offered reassurance, “As a physician, there’s no need for Young Master Li to feel embarrassed.”

Li Jinyu nodded with a flushed face and hesitantly asked, “So, what does that imply, Madam?”

“In fact, the initial purpose of the mysterious poison was not to harm anyone.” Sensing Li Jinyu’s evident nervousness, Madam Huo reluctantly withdrew her hand from his pulse and changed the topic of conversation. “If we go back two generations to the previous emperor’s time, there was Princess Baiyang. She was greatly favored by her father and brothers, but she refused to marry. Disliking the intricate monthly rituals, she instructed an imperial physician to seek a harmless method to interrupt the menstrual cycle.”

“So, this is the ‘mysterious poison’?”

“Indeed. After consuming the mysterious poison, the princess did stop having her monthly cycle, but her temperament gradually became volatile. She often spoke rudely and resented the physician for misunderstanding her. Driven by anger, she unsheathed her sword and directly killed the physician, who was diligently researching the antidote. With the physician’s untimely demise, the knowledge of the antidote remained confined within the hidden chambers of the palace, concealed from the world.”

“That clarifies things.”

“Later, there were attempts by some to seek the prescription for the mysterious poison in hopes of developing an antidote,” Madam Huo lamented. “However, the initial research conducted by the imperial physicians primarily employed medicinal ingredients exclusive to the palace, making them elusive for many common people. As a result, there has been no trace of progress. Now, we must start from the scratch.”

Li Jinyu, unaffected by the mysterious poison, sought to reassure Madam Huo, “Madam, there’s no need to be impatient. If it cannot be found, it simply means it’s beyond my control.”

“During these past days, while perusing old books, I stumbled upon a fascinating account,” Madam Huo shifted the conversation, suddenly revealing, “There was a particular case. The princess who consumed the mysterious poison gradually turned cruel, offending her family, and ultimately lost favor. She was sent away to marry someone in the southwestern region. According to records from the southwest, after marrying her husband, her temperament surprisingly softened. However, she met her demise due to complications during childbirth.”

“Complications during childbirth?” Li Jinyu exclaimed, caught off guard. “Did she find a cure for the mysterious poison?”

“Precisely,” nodded Madam Huo. “Based on the literature from the southwest, the princess experienced a gradual improvement in temperament after consummating her marriage.”

A sense of unease flickered through Li Jinyu’s mind. “Um, do you mean…”

“The underlying principle of the mysterious poison seems to forcibly block the outward flow of vital energy from the body. Although we currently lack a medicinal remedy, what if we attempt the reverse approach, forcefully opening that barrier?” 

After contemplating for a moment, Li Jinyu whispered, “But… doesn’t consuming the mysterious poison result in infertility for women?”

“This presents another question. It is likely that something in the southwest has broken free from the confines of the mysterious poison. I have sent a letter to Caijin. If she succeeds in pacifying the rebellion, I will ask her to investigate further.”

Li Jinyu grasped the situation and assured Madam Huo, “Then, I entrust this task to Madam Huo and Miss Huo.”

“Caiyu’s request is a minor matter,” Madam Huo coughed gently, observing Li Jinyu’s regained composure. She delicately added, “However, if the resolution of the mysterious poison truly lies in intimate relations, Young Master Li should seek counsel from someone who can guide you in breaking free from the suppression of your vitality.”

Meeting Madam Huo’s understanding gaze, Li Jinyu once again blushed, a belated realization.

Oh no, did Madam Huo perceive that he had been intimate with another man?!

It made sense upon reflection. If affected by the mysterious poison, he couldn’t engage in relations with concubines, so seeking solace in the arms of a man was his only option.

On the journey back, Li Jinyu felt apprehensive and fearful, replaying Madam Huo’s expressions in his mind repeatedly, dreading that she might uncover Huo Caiyu’s secret.

Did Huo Caiyu exhibit any strange behavior when they entered and exited the Huo residence together?

What if Madam Huo suddenly inquired, “Has my son slept with you?” How should he respond? How could he face Madam Huo in such a situation?

Nonetheless, Madam Huo’s face remained serene throughout, leaving Li Jinyu unable to tell anything.

Upon reaching the palace, Li Jinyu recollected Madam Huo’s words and a sudden realization struck him.

Madam Huo repeatedly emphasized that the mysterious poison originated within the palace and that the ingredients used to create it were also sourced from the palace…

Was she subtly suggesting that the perpetrator who administered the mysterious poison to him came from the palace?

Li Jinyu furrowed his brows in contemplation.

Based on the ongoing investigation, it seemed that the mysterious poison had entered his system prior to Emperor Jingchang’s ascension. At that time, Emperor Jingchang had yet to claim the throne, and the Late Emperor still reigned. The Empress Dowager held the position of the Empress.

How could anyone obtain such a potent toxin within the imperial harem, where the legitimate heir and the Crown Prince resided?

Did the previous Emperor and the Empress Dowager remain oblivious to its presence?

While the current relationship between the Empress Dowager and Emperor Jingchang appeared strained, she still fervently prayed for her son. Initially, Li Jinyu assumed the phrase “praying for His Majesty” was an excuse used by the Empress Dowager’s maid in the Cining Palace. However, during his visits to the palace, he witnessed the Empress Dowager dressed in plain attire, delicately fingering prayer beads—a genuine depiction of her devoted prayers.

The Empress Dowager must have adored her own child when she was young.

Li Jinyu increasingly felt that the circumstances surrounding Emperor Jingchang’s experiences were quite strange.

He had always believed that, after being transmigrated into this book, everyone except Huo Caiyu was merely a background figure. However, he now discovered issues cropping up at every turn.

Previously, with Huo Caiyu by his side, he could delegate all his annoying matters to him. Now, he found himself alone, grappling with intense headaches over even one or two affairs.

Li Jinyu began to deeply appreciate Huo Caiyu’s exceptional capabilities and longed for the days when he remained by his side.

Thoughts of Huo Caiyu led Li Jinyu to worry once again—winter was almost upon them, and how chilly would it be at the border?

He resolved to send another batch of provisions to support Huo Caiyu.

The Iron and Wood Bureau and Dong Jixiang worked together to study the □□□ and now it was already available, and it just happened to be sent to the front line together with the winter cotton clothes.


Li Jinyu had just made some progress during the morning court session when the Minister of War arrived at his doorstep after the session concluded.

“Your Majesty, we must refrain from sending any more supplies to the front lines.”

Li Jinyu, while reviewing the memorial presented by Zhou Wenyan, raised his head with a perplexed expression. “Why is that?”

Winter was just around the corner, so how could they neglect to send warm clothing over?

“Your Majesty, the Regent Prince’s demands for supplies have far exceeded the usual quota for the border troops,” the Minister of War furrowed his brow, deeply concerned. “Accumulating excessive military power is a serious mistake, and Your Majesty must exercise caution.”

Li Jinyu had even worried that Huo Caiyu might resist the idea of amassing military power. But upon hearing the Minister of War’s words, a sense of delight blossomed within him.

Naturally, he couldn’t reveal his joy to the Minister of War. Instead, he put on a serious expression and said, “The Regent Prince is devoted and loyal. There is no need for concern, Minister.”

The Minister of War was persistent and unwilling to yield. “Even if Your Majesty places trust in the Regent Prince, it cannot overshadow the ambitions harbored by those under his command. This minister heard that the Regent Prince recently visited the border and swiftly brought the border troops under control within a few short days. Your Majesty should be cautious of such tactics.”

Li Jinyu stared at the Minister of War in bewilderment.

He found it challenging to grasp the reasoning of these human officials.

Setting aside his personal ambitions for Huo Caiyu’s rise to power, focusing solely on the matter of safeguarding the border, wasn’t it wise to employ effective strategies? How could anyone withstand the invading forces of the Jiao Kingdom without a strong and capable defense?

Did these officials value securing their positions more than the defense of the border?

Li Jinyu felt a shiver on behalf of the soldiers stationed at the border. He couldn’t fathom it and placed his red brush down with a serious expression. “Minister Zhao.”

“This official is here.”

“At present, the Jiao Kingdom’s army is advancing on our borders, and the Regent Prince and our soldiers are sacrificing their lives and shedding blood to protect our precious land. But here you are, devising ways to limit their efforts?”


“Even if it means resorting to desperate measures, isn’t it too premature? If the Jiao Kingdom’s army breaches our borders, would you, as the Minister, be willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the country?”

The Minister of War paused for a moment, then firmly pledged his loyalty, “This official would naturally be willing…”

“Even if you agree, how can you ever compensate for the merciless deaths of soldiers and civilians under the Jiao Kingdom’s blades?”

The Minister of War fell into complete silence.

In that instant, he suddenly felt a subtle, regal aura emanating from the Emperor before him, similar to the commanding presence of the Regent Prince. It rendered him unable to articulate his intended words.

“If you no longer wish to serve as the Minister of War, then step aside and allow someone more capable to take your place.” Li Jinyu concluded with a firm statement, without a trace of hesitation. “You may leave now.”

The Minister of War departed, wiping the sweat from his forehead. Li Jinyu’s cheeks still burned with anger.

How can such a person exist?

Wasn’t the Minister of War previously under the command of the Grand Marshal? Why did he display such callousness towards the military?

Li Jinyu turned his head, instinctively yearning to confide in the person who should have been by his side—whenever he wanted to vent his frustrations in the past, he would simply turn around and always receive understanding and agreement from that person.

However, that person was no longer present.

He had gone to the battlefield, where the flames of war raged and the noble warriors fought for him and the tranquility of the world.

Li Jinyu sat there, lost in his thoughts, his mind in disarray.

The moment he heard about the possibility of Huo Caiyu seizing the throne, his initial excitement quickly faded away.

Taking a sheet of delicate paper, Li Jinyu grabbed a red brush and swiftly penned a few words upon it. He then handed it over to Chief Kang, instructing him to include it with the supplies destined for the frontline. With this done, he finally felt a sense of relief.

After a considerable amount of time, he pursed his lips and resumed the task of reviewing the submitted memorials. Additionally, he decided to increase the allocation of winter clothing for the border soldiers by ten percent.

There was little else he could do but hope that Huo Caiyu would find some warmth during the cold winter days at the border.

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