I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 60 Part 2

Chapter 60.2 Chip Chip.

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Li Jinyu lay on the dragon bed, with his two round fluffy ears popped out, swaying as he rubbed against the blanket.

The black cat was counting its own toys, hesitating between selecting two or returning them. Absentmindedly, it said, “That’s how those imperial relatives are, relying on their status and failing to comprehend the situation.”

When he was the Prime Minister, he was frequently annoyed.

“Zhen knows  Zhen is… slightly displeased.” Li Jinyu rose from the bed, smoothed his tousled hair, and snorted. “Zhen knows what to do.”

Even as an emperor, one cannot have everything go smoothly and as desired.

In the past, Huo Caiyu shielded him from hardships, but now that Huo Caiyu was deployed to the frontlines, he had to become a steadfast support for Huo Caiyu.

Thinking of Huo Caiyu, Li Jinyu regained his determination. He lightly patted his own face, and reached out for the memorials on the table once more.

However, soon enough, he grew restless and threw the documents aside. “Ah! Why are these high officials so bothersome? They even have something to say about Zhen’s rewards and honors!”

Apart from imposing punishments, there were also rewards to consider.

Huo Caijin’s unconventional yet effective tactics decisively resolved the southwestern issue, eliminating the Southwest Marquis, who was a major pawn of Jiao Kingdom. It was only fitting to bestow generous rewards.

Although the court reaped benefits from the Southwest Marquis, they persistently wrote petitions, criticizing Huo Caijin as a mere woman who did not deserve rewards from the court.

Li Jinyu sat on the dragon throne, observing the noisy high officials below, feeling increasingly exasperated.

This was the consequence of the altered timeline… If it hadn’t changed, each and every one of you would have faced the wrath of the Ghost-Faced General!

“General Huo’s expedition to the southwest was personally granted by Zhen. By saying such things, are you accusing Zhen of inadequacy in personnel selection?”

Who would dare to criticize the Emperor?

The high officials exchanged glances, their minds filled with doubts.

Their actions against Huo Caiyu were not impulsive. The Regent held command over the border troops, and if Huo Caijin secured her position as the General, the Huo siblings would have control over around seventy percent of the Great Di’s military forces!

Didn’t His Majesty have reservations?

They too took advantage of the Emperor’s favor to opportunistically pick their sides.

However, observing His Majesty’s current stance… It seemed that he intended to come to Huo Caiyu’s defense…

Wasn’t His Majesty concerned about the Huo siblings accumulating excessive power, posing a threat to the throne?

They couldn’t afford to face another Ye family incident, could they?

Li Jinyu ignored such concerns. If Huo Caiyu and her forces had achieved merit, they deserved rewards.

Following Great Di’s reward system based on military achievements, Huo Caijin was granted the title of General, and the obedient troops under her command were each bestowed with rewards.

Whenever someone brought up the matter of gender, Li Jinyu promptly retorted, “If anyone objects to the rewards bestowed upon General Huo, then go to Beiyue Pass and lead troops into battle. Let me witness the prowess of those who boast about surpassing men.”

Silence fell upon everyone, and no one dared to utter a word.

Beiyue Pass had been in a state of crisis for the past three months. Troops and resources were continuously dispatched, indicating the dire situation.

Under such circumstances, who would be bold enough to venture to the border and meet their death?

Only then did Li Jinyu find solace and let out a sigh of relief.

Subsequently, they proceeded with their daily court affairs in an organized manner.

Soon, the first snowfall graced the land, and preparations for the upcoming New Year began within the palace.


The New Year was fast approaching.

The New Year in Great Di was quite similar to the modern world.

As a hamster native to that land, Li Jinyu also cherished a distinct sentimentality towards the New Year.

A month ahead of time, the palace started its preparations. The chambers were meticulously cleaned and scented, offerings were meticulously arranged, vibrant decorations were hung, and new garments were tailored.

On the eve of the New Year, the palace hosted an extravagant banquet that stretched through the night. The occasion was marked by captivating performances of theater and acrobatics, with a delightful medley of drama, music, dragon dances, and lion dances.

The Emperor, Empress Dowager, and concubines adorned themselves in splendid attire, passing through corridors embellished with crimson paper and golden calligraphy. They delighted in the melodies of song and dance while relishing the flavorsome New Year feast.

Traditionally, there would have been a ceremony where imperial princes and grandsons paid their respects. However, since Emperor Jingchang had no offspring, this custom was omitted.

The Ministry of Rites had initially planned a grand celebration. Compared to the previous year, both the imperial harem and the court had undergone remarkable transformations. Emperor Jingchang and the Regent Prince had swept away the accumulated dust, breathing new life into the Great Di Dynasty, which had stood for nearly a century.

However, Li Jinyu voiced his opposition, “The soldiers on the border continue to fight valiantly. How can Zhen revel in idle pleasures? Cancel everything.”

Consequently, the grand night banquet, the vibrant performances, and the proposed renovations of the palace came to a halt.

Li Jinyu distributed red envelopes to the concubines as a customary gesture, wishing them luck for the New Year. He then made his way to the Cining Palace to seek forgiveness.

He reduced the expenditures allocated for celebrating the New Year, redirecting the funds to support the border. No one dared to question his decision. Nevertheless, Empress Dowager held the highest position in the palace and was Emperor Jingchang’s birth mother.

Throughout the winter season, the Empress Dowager’s vitality had been waning. The festive ambiance of the approaching New Year provided little solace for her weary spirit.

During the visit to Empress Dowager, Li Jinyu cautiously expressed his decision to cancel the New Year’s party and carefully observed Empress Dowager’s expression.

Empress Dowager seemed indifferent, twirling her Buddhist beads in her hand, nodding absentmindedly, “Aijia understands.”

Every time Li Jinyu visited Empress Dowager, he could sense her evident aloofness.

On his birthday, the Empress Dowager claimed illness and didn’t attend, and it seemed that she didn’t pay much attention to the New Year’s festivities either…

If the Empress Dowager’s previous coldness towards him was due to complete disappointment in Emperor Jingchang, now that he was earnestly carrying out his duties, why was she still so indifferent?

Li Jinyu felt puzzled and tentatively asked, “Would Mother Empress like to have the New Year’s Eve meal with Zhen?”

The Empress Dowager paused her movements with the Buddhist beads, looked up at him, remained silent for a moment, and shook her head, “No need. Aijia is frail and dislikes noise. You can have the meal with the concubines.”

Li Jinyu could only nod, “Zhen understands.”

Unable to continue the conversation, he decided to take his leave.

Just then, the Empress Dowager unexpectedly placed the Buddhist beads on the table and spoke, “Emperor, there’s something Aijia wants to ask you.”

“Please, Mother Empress, go ahead.”

“I heard that you have handed over most of the military power of the Di Dynasty to the Huo family?”

Li Jinyu was taken aback, “Is that so?”

Empress Dowager scrutinized him for a moment, faintly wrinkling her sparse eyebrows. “The military power is the foundation of the country. How can it be entrusted to outsiders?”

Li Jinyu instinctively responded, “Huo Caiyu is not an outsider.”

It was only normal for the military power to be in the hands of Huo Caiyu.

The Empress Dowager paused, gazing deeply into Li Jinyu’s eyes.

It finally dawned on Li Jinyu, and he chuckled awkwardly as he explained, “Zhen… Zhen and the Regent have a close bond, like siblings, inseparable…”

The Empress Dowager’s gaze carried a complex expression, something fleeting, before she lowered her eyes and let out a gentle sigh, “Indeed, you have grown up. You have your own thoughts now.”

“That’s not what Zhen meant…”

“Aijia just casually mentioned it,” Empress Dowager leaned back against the soft cushion, picked up her Buddhist beads, and wearily waved her hand, “Emperor, you may leave. Aijia is tired.”

Li Jinyu could only take his leave.

On his way back, he carefully pondered the Empress Dowager’s words, and suddenly a thought struck him: Could it be that the Empress Dowager mistakenly believed that he and Huo Caiyu were involved romantically?!

In the past, Li Jinyu would never have thought about this, but ever since he slept with Huo Caiyu, received a confession, and even read “educational material”, he had become somewhat sensitive to such matters.

Moreover, when it came to his relationship with Huo Caiyu, he couldn’t confidently claim that their relationship was purely innocent!

Oh, what a mess…

Li Jinyu returned to his palace with a headache. After thinking for a moment, he asked Chief Kang, “Is it still possible to arrange a feast for the concubines now?”

Chief Kang was taken aback and replied, “This slave had previously sought permission from Consort Hui, and she mentioned that all the imperial concubines went to her palace to listen to her share farming experiences. If Your Majesty wishes, this slave can deliver the message.”

“Forget it, let them enjoy themselves.” Since the concubines had already made plans, Li Jinyu didn’t intend to disturb them. He deflatedly lay on the dragon bed and waved Chief Kang away, then looked at the black cat, “Looks like it will just be the two of us celebrating the New Year… What are you up to?”

The black cat gathered a few toys and packed them into a small bundle, fastening it around its neck, and weighed it. “I’m going to Concubine Lan’s palace. I won’t be playing with you.”

“What are you going there for?”

“Concubine Lan is going to Consort Hui’s place to attend a gathering of the concubines. She left behind many cat toys and cat food.” The black cat raised its head with a dignified air. “This official is going to attend a cat gathering.”

Li Jinyu imagined a group of cats huddled together and shuddered instinctively.

Then he realized it and widened his eyes. “You’ve become a spiritual being, so why are you still playing with those things like a little cat?”

“You’ve become a spiritual being too. Have you managed to control yourself from eating melon seeds?”


In the end, his companion went far away, and Li Jinyu was left alone in the palace, feeling aggrieved as he sat by the warm stove, cracking melon seeds and chattering away with Dumpling.

On New Year’s Eve, the snow fell gently, and a silver frost covered the entire city.

Despite it being the New Year, he, as the Emperor, had truly become a lonely person…

The more this time approached, the more he missed Huo Caiyu.

Li Jinyu propped his chin up, listening to the sound of snowflakes falling outside, while cracking melon seeds and tossing the shells into the warm stove, watching them transform into a wisp of smoke that dispersed into the air.

What was Huo Caiyu doing now?

Were there warm stoves at the border?

Did he get injured while leading troops in battle?

Had he regained the Ziwei aura on his body?

Gazing at the rising wisps of smoke from the warm stove, Li Jinyu became somewhat absent-minded.

In his solitary moments, he suddenly felt the barrier between him and this world, realizing with clarity that he didn’t belong to this world or its people.

Li Jinyu had a fleeting illusion. He was merely a transient in this world, much like a kite skimming over a lake’s surface, creating a gentle breeze that stirred up ripples before silently dissipating.

Only when a kite was held by a string could it prevent itself from flying away completely.

And he held onto that thread of attachment…

Li Jinyu’s lips moved as he softly called out, “Huo Caiyu.”

Suddenly, a composed, husky, tender, and familiar voice resounded from behind him:

“Your Majesty.”

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