I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 60

Chapter 60.1 Chip Chip.

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“Madam, what are the results?”

“As per the historical accounts of the southwestern chieftains, on the day Princess Baiyang was wedded, her temper seemed uncontrollable. However, aware of the future challenges she would face in the southwest, she refrained from offending the Southwest Marquis. To ensure a harmonious union, she resorted to a taking calming potion, and even after marriage, she maintained the practice of consuming it regularly.” Madam Huo set aside the weathered tome and picked up a medicinal prescription. “I’ve studies this recipe before, and everything appears adequate except for one odd herb—Geyang’er Orchid, a plant found exclusively in the frostbitten peaks of Majimu Snow Mountain, located in the farthest reaches of the north.”

“That name… it does bear a resemblance to the language spoken in the Jiao Kingdom,” Li Jinyu murmured thoughtfully.

“Indeed, Majimu Snow Mountain lies adjacent to the Jiao Kingdom, precisely to its north,” Huo Caijin wrinkled her brow, contemplating the matter. “If you want to reach Majimu Snow Mountain, you’ll have to go through the entire Jiao Kingdom, there’s no way around it.”

So, it truly was the Jiao Kingdom?

Li Jinyu furrowed his brow. “How could the Southwest Marquis possess such precious medicinal herbs from the Jiao Kingdom?”

Mentioning this, Huo Caijin’s expression grew slightly colder. “It’s simply because the Southwest Marquis has established significant connections with the Jiao Kingdom.”

Recognizing the inappropriateness of discussing this matter in the presence of Madam Huo, Huo Caijin and Li Jinyu exchanged a knowing glance, silently agreeing to move on without dwelling on it.

Madam Huo, completely immersed in her medical expertise and lacking knowledge about these grand affairs, continued after their conversation, “If Young Master Li can find a way to acquire Geyang’er Orchid and combine it with other means, the ‘sterility’ poison can undoubtedly be cured.”

The mention of these “other means” caused a slight blush to tint Li Jinyu’s cheeks.

However, when it came to Geyang’er Orchid…

After contemplating for a while, Li Jinyu remembered the laborer named Princess Tama from the Laundry Bureau.

Back then, he had been drugged by Noble Concubine Xian and Noble Concubine Liang, and Tama had also played a part in it.

The substance that clouded his senses was the juice of the Beast-Attracting Flowers. Later, when Huo Caiyu interrogated those two ignorant concubines, he learned that it was Tama who had provided the Emperor with aphrodisiac and fertility-enhancing drugs.

Considering that the Jiao Kingdom still stationed troops outside the border and Princess Tama, as a Jiao Kingdom princess, held some potential for manipulation, Huo Caiyu refrained from immediately executing her. However, he wouldn’t allow any non-threatening factors to remain by the Emperor’s side.

Consequently, Tama was granted an unusual privilege—a solitary chamber exclusively dedicated to dealing with errant palace maids and servants within the Laundry Bureau.

Meals and water were delivered twice daily, and whenever Tama performed arduous tasks like laundry, she was escorted separately. Only one elderly servant had contact with her, ensuring she had no further chance to cause mischief.

Li Jinyu bringing her forward now marked Tama’s first glimpse of sunlight in three months.

After three months of absence, the laborious duties in the Laundry Bureau had drained Tama of her strength. Despite possessing martial skills, she had never engaged in such toil as washing clothes within the Jiao’s royal palace.

At the sight of Li Jinyu, Tama’s mind sluggishly halted for a moment before she abruptly dropped to her knees, weeping, “Your Majesty, Tama acknowledges her wrongdoings. I implore you to spare me from further confinement…”

Observing Tama’s disheveled hair and ragged garments, Li Jinyu felt a faint twinge of compassion. He cleared his throat and spoke, “If you can assist Zhen in obtaining Geyang’er Orchid, Zhen may consider showing leniency.”

Tama paused, her tears gradually subsiding as she raised her eyes, reflecting an exotic charm. “Geyang’er Orchid? That flower only grows on Majimu Snow Mountain. Why does Your Majesty seek it?”

“Zhen has his reasons.”

Tama didn’t dare to argue. After contemplating for a moment, her mind began to sharpen, her gaze shifting thoughtfully as she cautiously suggested, “Geyang’er Orchid is not easily acquired. Even within our Jiao Kingdom, it is only found within the palace and sparingly used… If Your Majesty desires it, you may discuss it with my father, the king.”

Noticing a hint of contemplation in Li Jinyu’s expression, Tama mustered her courage and continued, “If Your Majesty wishes, I can personally negotiate with my father on your behalf, ensuring that Great Di doesn’t suffer any losses.”

Li Jinyu held deep caution in his heart towards this Jiao Kingdom’s princess, and Tama’s tone rubbed him the wrong way—how could they consider negotiations while the Jiao Kingdom’s massive army invaded their borders and Huo Caiyu fought tirelessly at the frontlines?

He couldn’t believe that Tama was oblivious to the Jiao Kingdom’s plans of launching a full-scale attack on the Di Dynasty.

“Negotiations are unnecessary,” Li Jinyu mirrored Huo Caiyu’s stern expression, calmly stating, “Let us wait until the Di Dynasty’s forces breach the Jiao Kingdom palace, and Zhen will personally claim what is rightfully ours.”

Tama’s eyes widened suddenly, seemingly caught off guard by Li Jinyu’s words. After a momentary pause, she smiled and regained her composure. “Your Majesty, I am known for my candidness. Allow me to speak frankly—our Jiao Kingdom’s cavalry must have already broken through Beiyue Pass by now. The Di Dynasty possesses considerable power and cannot overlook our minor disturbances, can it? We, the people of Jiao Kingdom, have endured the harshness of our frigid homeland and yearn to find fertile grounds for a peaceful existence. If Your Majesty is willing to negotiate, we are even prepared to offer not only the Geyang’er Orchid from Majimu Snow Mountain but also the silver moon in the sky.”

Li Jinyu listened impassively, his mind clear: Tama’s words sounded pleasing, but beneath the surface, she sought nothing more than territorial concessions for the Di Dynasty!


Every inch of this land belonged to Huo Caiyu! No one could even contemplate taking it away!

Watching Tama’s reaction, one could mistakenly assume that Beiyue Pass had already fallen… How foolish they were to underestimate the might of the Di Dynasty!

His expression immediately turned cold. “Princess Tama, you need not trouble yourself with this matter,” he said, his voice devoid of warmth. “Please return to the Laundry Bureau. There are still numerous tasks awaiting your attention.”

Tama trembled all over, her previously composed demeanor crumbling in an instant. “Your Majesty, please don’t…”

Li Jinyu had no interest in listening further. With an annoyed wave of his sleeve, he signaled for her to be escorted away.

Well, he didn’t need to comprehend this poison after all! In the end, he would stage his own death and escape. He couldn’t afford to hinder Huo Caiyu any longer.


The following morning during court session, Li Jinyu found himself overwhelmed by the accusations directed against Huo Caijin.

Prior to the expedition, when Huo Caijin was forcibly appointed as the commander, everyone believed that both the Emperor and the Regent Prince had lost their senses.

How could an ordinary woman be entrusted with such a significant responsibility?

With no other males in the family, the Regent Prince insisted on pushing his own relative into power.

Among the opposition, there were many who derived amusement from the situation. They were curious to witness the outcome of Huo Caijin, an unremarkable woman abruptly placed in command of the military.

Over a span of three months, Huo Caijin successfully eliminated all remnants of disorder in the southwest region.

In the southwestern territories, the indigenous tribes reigned over the mountains, while the local population remained scarce. The chieftains governed their strongholds, displaying a natural inclination towards exclusivity.

To pacify the ethnic minorities, the court introduced numerous favorable policies and provided regular assistance. However, some individuals, consumed by insatiable greed, took advantage of the complex and densely forested southwestern terrain. From time to time, they would audaciously make excessive demands from the court, resorting to rebellion if their demands went unmet.

The court faced persistent headaches due to multiple uprisings in the southwest.

Employing harsh measures would only result in the local ethnic minorities protecting one another, whether they were involved in the rebellions or not. Annihilating the local population was out of the question and would only intensify their resistance.

If the court showed leniency without imparting a lesson, future discontent would likely lead to yet another rebellion.

The Southwest Marquis was particularly troublesome. Despite publicly pledging allegiance to the court, he clandestinely sowed discord among the local chieftains, perpetuating a state of unrest in the region.

The court was aware of the Southwest Marquis’ ill intentions, but capturing concrete evidence proved elusive. Furthermore, nobody was eager to shoulder the burden of dealing with the volatile situation in the southwest, resulting in continuous delays.

After carefully analyzing the situation, Huo Caijin led a modest army and launched a direct attack. Through an unknown strategy, they bypassed the rebels’ main stronghold and swiftly seized their rear. By the time the rebels realized that their own stronghold had slipped from their grasp, it was already too late.

The imperial army intentionally maintained control over only half of the strongholds, employing them as bargaining chips in negotiations with a faction of the rebels. This strategic move sparked internal strife among the rebels, rapidly eroding their unity and eventually resulting in their complete capture by the imperial forces.

Huo Caijin personally conducted local interrogations, swiftly executing several prominent leaders on the spot, while the remaining offenders were escorted back to the capital. Simultaneously, she boldly stormed into the residence of the Southwest Marquis, armed and prepared for an intense conversation.

Citing the Southwest Marquis’ vulnerable defense and the potential threat to his life, Huo Caijin assumed direct control of his mansion. In the presence of the Southwest Marquis, she thoroughly replaced the entire household staff and guards, unearthing intriguing secrets. Enraged, the Southwest Marquis, disregarding his usual decorum, erupted into an impassioned outburst.

Unaffected by the outburst, Huo Caijin swiftly eradicated the rebellion throughout the southwestern region within a span of three months. With compelling evidence against the Southwest Marquis in her possession, she returned to the capital to present her achievements.

Upon Huo Caijin’s return, a flurry of complaints and grievances followed, resembling a snowstorm.

How could the Southwest Marquis, who had governed the southwest for numerous years, accept being outwitted by an anonymous female general? Determined to retaliate, he promptly rallied the support of influential nobles and high-ranking officials. They presented petitions, both pleading his case and accusing Huo Caijin.

Li Jinyu completely disregarded the situation. Upon Huo Caijin’s return, she not only presented irrefutable evidence of the Southwest Marquis colluding with the Jiao Kingdom but also provided the court with a comprehensive understanding of the southwestern region.

In the past, the Southwest Marquis wielded absolute authority as a local lord. No matter how capable the officials or envoys sent to investigate were, they failed to uncover even the slightest trace. Huo Caijin took an unconventional approach, bypassing traditional norms, and directly confronted the Southwest Marquis, revealing the deep-rooted corruption and decadence prevalent in the region.

It was not surprising that the ethnic minorities in the southwest rebelled. This year, while the court introduced a new tax policy, the southwest implemented both the new and old taxes simultaneously.

This meant that the common people in that region had to bear the burden of double taxation.

As the Southwest Marquis was escorted back to the capital, he vehemently protested his innocence, claiming to have led an austere life with little wealth.

Li Jinyu couldn’t help but think, “Isn’t that ironic?” Based on the subtle hints and evidence uncovered by Huo Caijin’s investigation, it was deduced that the Southwest Marquis had been exploiting the local population, diverting the spoils to the Jiao Kingdom.

The simultaneous invasion by the Jiao Kingdom and the uprising in the southwest made perfect sense. It was a strategic move by the Jiao Kingdom, aiming to engage in a two-front conflict and ultimately weaken the Di Dynasty.

Li Jinyu dismissed all the petitions defending the Southwest Marquis and accusing Huo Caijin of acting recklessly. Instead, she handed the Southwest Marquis over to the Ministry of Revenue for interrogation. Once it was conclusively confirmed that he had indeed conspired with the enemy, a decisive and swift sentence of execution was pronounced.

This particular Southwest Marquis was the illegitimate child of Princess Baiyang. He held himself in high regard, considering his close relation to the imperial family, and believed he deserved a better position than the remote and impoverished southwest. The Jiao Kingdom, sensing his ambitions, approached him, promising future rewards and an influential position in the prosperous Jiangnan region.

To Li Jinyu’s surprise, the Southwest Marquis naively embraced the offer with great enthusiasm.

This marked the first instance of an executed noble. Moreover, considering their family ties, the current Southwest Marquis could be considered Li Jinyu’s uncle. Several members of the imperial family approached Li Jinyu, subtly appealing for leniency.

Wearied by their constant pleas, Li Jinyu pounded the table and declared, “Let alone an uncle, even if it were Zhen’s own father, Zhen would not hesitate to pass judgment!”

These words instilled fear in several nobles who were attempting to speak favorably.

How could they forget that even though His Majesty’s temper had mellowed considerably, he used to execute people without hesitation… There was an elder imperial uncle who, arrogantly relying on his seniority, spoke disrespectfully to His Majesty. In response, His Majesty erupted, seizing the jade inkstone from the table and smashing the imperial uncle to death on the spot.

Li Jinyu, utilizing the infamous reputation of the original Emperor, managed to deter those who spread gossip and offered unsolicited opinions. Despite his frustration, he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of injustice.

When Huo Caiyu was still present, no one dared to come and point fingers at him.

In the past, when Huo Caiyu was by his side, he didn’t think much of it. However, now that he was no longer under Huo Caiyu’s protection, he realized the extent of the troubles and storms Huo Caiyu had shielded him from.

If only Huo Caiyu were still here…

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