I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 61 Part 2

Chapter 61.2 Chip Chip Chip.

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The ritual for worshipping the heavens and ancestors required circling around a large part of the capital city and going to the suburban Temple of Heaven.

Normally, the Emperor would spend the night at the Temple of Heaven during the ritual and return the next day. However, Li Jinyu thought about Huo Caiyu waiting in the palace and couldn’t stay at the Temple of Heaven. After completing the ritual, he quickly urged the carriage to return.

Last time when Huo Caiyu quietly left the capital, if it weren’t for Li Jinyu receiving the news from the black cat and rushing to Huo Caiyu’s doorstep, it would have likely allowed Huo Caiyu to leave the capital with a downcast mood.

This time, Li Jinyu knew logically that Huo Caiyu wouldn’t leave after finishing the war, but he still had some concerns in his heart.

Returning to the palace, Li Jinyu felt a sudden calmness in his heart upon seeing Huo Caiyu sitting in front of the desk in a royal blue robe, earnestly reading the reports by the light of the palace lamp.

Huo Caiyu heard the sound and looked up, slightly surprised at the sight of His Majesty. “Why did Your Majesty return tonight?”

He thought His Majesty would spend the night at the Temple of Heaven.

Li Jinyu instinctively didn’t want to admit that he returned because of Huo Caiyu, so he came up with a reason: “Zhen… Zhen find it uncomfortable to sleep in the palaces of the Temple of Heaven.”

Huo Caiyu, perhaps thinking of something, suddenly let out a light laugh and set aside the reports. “Your Majesty has worked hard throughout the day with the ritual.”

Seeing Huo Caiyu looking refreshed and apparently well-rested, Li Jinyu finally felt relieved and coughed. “Huo Aiqing, now that you have returned, we can entrust the matters of the court to you in a few days.”

Everything could return to its previous state.

The smile on Huo Caiyu’s face slightly diminished as he pulled out a chair for Li Jinyu. “Coincidentally, this official wanted to discuss this matter with Your Majesty.”

Li Jinyu was taken aback. “Discuss what?”

“Jiao Kingdom’s army has already retreated, and this war can be considered our victory. However, Jiao Kingdom’s ambitions won’t die easily, and in the long run, it will be difficult to maintain lasting peace.” Huo Caiyu took out a snowy parchment and lightly traced a few lines on the map, his voice slowing down but carrying a hint of determination. “This official intends to… launch a direct counterattack against Jiao Kingdom.”

In the later part of the novel, Huo Caiyu’s counterattack against Jiao Kingdom was depicted, turning their repeated border violations into a single province of the empire.

It didn’t come as a surprise to Li Jinyu that Huo Caiyu had such thoughts, but he quickly thought of another matter. “If that’s the case… who will be the main commander?”

Huo Caiyu was somewhat taken aback that His Majesty accepted the idea of launching a counterattack against Jiao Kingdom so calmly. His mood suddenly improved, and a slight smile formed on his lips. “If Your Majesty is willing to trust me, this official is willing to be the main commander. Within a year, we can surely capture Jiao Kingdom.”

One year!

Li Jinyu stood frozen on the spot.

He had only been in this world for one year.

In this year, he had transformed from a naive and ignorant hamster into a human with independent thoughts and the ability to contemplate. Reflecting on his pre-crossing self, it felt like a different lifetime.

If Huo Caiyu became the main commander and launched an attack on Jiao Kingdom, it meant that there would be a year when he wouldn’t be able to see Huo Caiyu…

Li Jinyu instinctively felt a hint of displeasure towards such a possibility.

However, bringing peace to the chaos caused by Jiao Kingdom was a matter of national importance and the welfare of the people. Li Jinyu didn’t want to hold Huo Caiyu back and couldn’t help but purse his lips. “The decision rests with the Regent Prince.”

Huo Caiyu set aside the simple map and gazed at Li Jinyu, who wore a somewhat gloomy expression. He suddenly asked, “Is Your Majesty reluctant to let this official go?”


Li Jinyu suddenly looked up and met Huo Caiyu’s openly intense gaze.

He felt a bit flustered and tried to step back. The thick carpet on the floor made it difficult for the mahogany chair to slide, and Li Jinyu’s attempt to exert force resulted in him falling backward along with the chair!

Instead of the expected fall, a pair of warm hands appeared just in time to catch his back and neck, securely supporting him.

Feeling Huo Caiyu’s body warmth, Li Jinyu hastily stood up, stuttering, “Zhen… Zhen didn’t…”

Ah, what’s happening? Why does it feel like Huo Caiyu has changed so much?

If Huo Caiyu used to be a sword kept inside its sheath, now, after the baptism of war, the sword has completely unsheathed, revealing its sharp edge.

Huo Caiyu used to express emotions in a subtle and reserved manner, but now he was so direct, genuine, and carried a strong sense of aggression, which Li Jinyu needed time to adjust to.

Huo Caiyu looked at Li Jinyu’s flustered face, which had a slight blush. As if it wasn’t enough, he asked, “Regarding the matter this official asked before he left the capital… Has Your Majesty thought about an answer?”

The matter asked before leaving the capital…

In an instant, a faint blush rose on Li Jinyu’s ears, and his mind couldn’t help but recall that silent night when the man in front of him solemnly whispered “I love you” into his ear, accompanied by the warmth of his breath.

The turmoil of that moment merged with his current state of mind, leaving Li Jinyu uncertain of how to respond.

Even though four months had passed, Li Jinyu still didn’t know how to answer.

If it were for his initial objective—to place Huo Caiyu on the throne—he could have simply refused. However, as Li Jinyu looked into Huo Caiyu’s hopeful eyes, the words of rejection remained trapped within him.

But accepting… accepting, would it mean that he and Huo Caiyu would become partners?

Love, glorified and cursed in certain artistic expressions…

Li Jinyu’s gaze slowly became bewildered.

Did he hold the same feelings for Huo Caiyu?

He couldn’t come up with an answer.

Human emotions were excessively intricate.

If he were still an ignorant little hamster, everything might have been much simpler…

Under the weight of Huo Caiyu’s intense gaze, Li Jinyu’s inner turmoil grew, and he almost felt like turning around and escaping.

Before he could come up with a reply, Huo Caiyu abruptly averted his piercing gaze. Softly, he said, “If Your Majesty is still undecided, this official can continue to wait.”


Li Jinyu suddenly looked up and met Huo Caiyu’s gentle gaze.

He remembered how Huo Caiyu had imagined some heartbreaking drama and wanted to leave on his own. Feeling anxious, Li Jinyu tightly grabbed Huo Caiyu’s hand and exclaimed, “Don’t go!”

Huo Caiyu was momentarily surprised, then looked down at Li Jinyu’s tightly clasped hands, quickly understanding. A hint of guilt welled up within him as he tried to soften his voice, saying, “Your Majesty, this official won’t leave.”

It seemed that his own overthinking and the act of leaving alone had left a psychological impact on His Majesty…

Now, upon reflection, he realized how foolish he had been back then.

Li Jinyu found it somewhat hard to believe, “Really?”

“Really,” Huo Caiyu responded, clasping Li Jinyu’s hands in return and speaking softly, “Every word this official speaks to Your Majesty is genuine.”

Fearful that Li Jinyu wouldn’t believe him, Huo Caiyu slightly leaned forward, meeting Li Jinyu’s gaze directly. His voice was sincere and enthusiastic, “This official apologizes for the sudden confession, and it’s natural for Your Majesty to have concerns. If Your Majesty refuses, this official will simply remain a loyal Regent Prince of the Di Dynasty, never disappointing Your Majesty. However, as long as Your Majesty doesn’t explicitly reject it, this official is willing to wait.”

Li Jinyu felt like he could melt under Huo Caiyu’s gaze and murmured, “Then… if Zhen is unable to figure out the answer?”

“If Your Majesty is unable to figure out, then this official will continue to wait,” Huo Caiyu’s lips curved with a slight smile. His voice was firm and sincere, “This official’s feelings will remain steadfast in this lifetime.”

Li Jinyu opened his mouth but suddenly didn’t know what to say.

Huo Caiyu had truly changed a lot.

More proactive and direct than before, but considerate enough to leave him some room to maneuver.

If Huo Caiyu had fallen in love with a human woman, they would surely have been happy…

Li Jinyu suddenly felt a mixture of sadness and guilt in his heart.

He had previously thought that Huo Caiyu’s behavior might have been a momentary lapse, and after four months of war, he might calm down and things could return to normal. When his owner used to hold him in their hands with immense love, he had calculated that even after the sorrow of parting ways due to his simulated death, they would still be able to care for another pet.

But now, seeing the persistence in Huo Caiyu’s eyes, Li Jinyu had a subtle premonition that even if he were to pass away, Huo Caiyu probably wouldn’t easily find new affection.

Huo Caiyu had voluntarily given him an exit, allowing him to relax a bit.

Though escaping felt somewhat dishonorable, it proved to be truly effective.

Li Jinyu quietly resolved in his heart to promptly push Huo Caiyu to ascend the throne… He decided that upon his return, he would immediately draft a decree of abdication! Once Huo Caiyu conquered Jiao Kingdom and achieved remarkable deeds, he would use his own life-threatening poisoning as a reason to pass the throne to him!

As for his answer to Huo Caiyu… let’s leave it for later.

At that time, he would free himself from all restraints and perhaps understand what the right choice should be.

While contemplating, Huo Caiyu unexpectedly asked, “Your Majesty, can the ‘sterility’ poison be cured?”

“No, Madam Huo said there is still one missing herb.”

Huo Caiyu furrowed their brows deeply, “Which herb?”

“It seems to be some kind of orchid from the Majimu Snow Mountain…” Li Jinyu almost forgot the name.

“Majimu Snow Mountain?” Huo Caiyu relaxed his brows for a moment, then furrowed them again, “From Jiao Kingdom?”

After confirming with Li Jinyu and personally checking his pulse, Huo Caiyu fell into silence for a moment and nodded with great solemnity, “This official will definitely penetrate the palace of Jiao Kingdom and bring back that herb for Your Majesty.”

Li Jinyu actually didn’t care much about the poison. It didn’t affect his daily activities, but seeing Huo Caiyu so serious made him feel a warm sensation inside.

“Considering Your Majesty’s well-being, this official shall go back home and discuss it with his mother,” Huo Caiyu suddenly stood up, bidding Li Jinyu a solemn farewell, “Take care, Your Majesty.”

Li Jinyu was surprised, “Ah? Are you leaving already?”

He had been out and about all day, although it wasn’t particularly tiring for him, and yet he only had a few hours with Huo Caiyu again!

“Your Majesty’s health is important,” Huo Caiyu gazed at Li Jinyu’s face, seemingly lost in thought, and a faint smile appeared on their lips, “Don’t worry, this official won’t leave the capital tonight. He’ll come to find Your Majesty again tomorrow.”

He paused for a moment, his expression turning slightly serious, and advised, “Your Majesty, please don’t tell anyone of this official’s return to the capital.”

Li Jinyu paused, unsure of what Huo Caiyu was up to, but obediently nodded, “Zhen understands.”

Resisting the urge to rush forward and hug His Majesty, Huo Caiyu bid farewell once again, and turned to leave.

Feeling somewhat disappointed, Li Jinyu sat down on the dragon bed and looked at the suddenly empty palace. For some reason, a sense of frustration welled up inside them.

He lay his head on the pillow, buried his face in it, and rolled around on the bed.

Huo Caiyu seemed to be in a good mood today, but his own mood wasn’t so great.

Rolling around with the pillow, suddenly a small booklet slipped out from underneath and fell to the ground.

Li Jinyu got up and glanced at it, his expression immediately changing. It was that educational material, “The Secret Techniques of Long Yang”!

He had asked Chief Kang to find it for him for educational purposes, then couldn’t bring himself to burn it, so he stuffed it under the pillow, and later on, he completely forgot about it…

Huo Caiyu didn’t see this book, did he?!

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