I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 62

Chapter 62.1 Chip Chip Chip Chip.

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Li Jinyu quickly got off the bed and picked up the “The Secret Techniques of Long Yang.”

The pages of the book were undamaged and showed no signs of being turned…

Huo Caiyu wasn’t the type to casually search for other people’s belongings. Perhaps he really hadn’t noticed?

He had long forgotten how it looked when he had put it in. He couldn’t determine for sure if Huo Caiyu had found it or not.

Li Jinyu blushed as he looked at the incredibly lifelike illustrations. He placed the book back under the pillow, realizing how unsafe it was there. However, he soon took it out again.

Looking around the room, Li Jinyu realized that Huo Caiyu might frequently visit in the future, making it unsuitable for hiding things. After thinking for a while, he had a sudden idea and headed to the arranged separate small room for the black cat.

The black cat was still enjoying its nap at Concubine Lan’s place, and the small room only contained its collection of cat toys.

Li Jinyu found the cat’s nest and placed the “The Secret Techniques of Long Yang” underneath it.

This ensured safety.

Huo Caiyu, whether by instinct or a hunch, never got along with the black cat and hardly ever approached its room. Hiding it here was foolproof.

Returning to the palace with a sense of relief, Li Jinyu lay back on the luxurious bed. However, he couldn’t fall into a quick and peaceful sleep like the previous night. He tossed and turned in bed for a long time before drifting off in a drowsy state.

Even in his dreams, Huo Caiyu didn’t let him escape. He pressed him against the bed and smiled as he asked, “Has Your Majesty mastered all the techniques in the ‘The Secret Techniques of Long Yang’?”

Li Jinyu could vividly feel Huo Caiyu’s warm breath, almost melting his entire being.

“Allow this official to assist Your Majesty in reviewing the old and acquiring new knowledge.”


After resting for three days during the New Year’s morning court, Li Jinyu paid visits to the relatives of the imperial family. His face was almost frozen from excessive smiling.

In the past years, there were often cases of concubines from Emperor Jingchang’s harem being sent out dead and mutilated, which made prestigious officials hesitant to send their daughters to the palace. However, it was said that His Majesty had become more responsible and the lives of the concubines had improved significantly. This led these individuals to start plotting.

Currently, the position of the Empress’ phoenix throne remained vacant…

While most people didn’t dare to rush the Emperor into marriage, there were always some high-ranking nobles who had close ties to the Emperor and subtly or directly indicated their intentions.

The Empress Dowager had a distant relationship with His Majesty and never intervened in matters concerning his harem. It was necessary to approach His Majesty directly.

It was worth mentioning that no newcomers have entered the harem for an entire year. Moreover, these concubines haven’t given birth to any royal heirs. It might be appropriate to regularly select talented young women.

Li Jinyu was overwhelmed by annoyance. Now that even the palace grounds were being allocated to the concubines for gardening, not to mention the unused courtyards, where would there be any space left for new recruits in the palace?

Moreover… just the thought of Huo Caiyu made him feel inexplicably guilty.

Although he hadn’t given Huo Caiyu a response yet… even with a flick of his tail, he could imagine how displeased he would be if he discovered that he had taken in new concubines.

Huo Caiyu was soon to launch an attack on Jiao Kingdom. He couldn’t afford to leave him with negative emotions.

Finding a justified excuse, Li Jinyu decisively turned down all the overt and covert “marriage proposals.”

Considering that such matters should be dealt with by the imperial concubines, Li Jinyu summoned Consort Hui and subtly implied that she should handle such affairs on his behalf in the future.

Consort Hui’s eyes brightened upon hearing it. “What a coincidence. The sisters in the palace were just thinking about the need for more help during spring planting.”

Li Jinyu: “…”

He pondered on how Emperor Jingchang’s harem had ended up in the state it was in because of him.

“Zhen doesn’t want to take in any more concubines!” Li Jinyu had to be straightforward and emphasized, “You will help Zhen handle things from now on.”

As soon as those words were spoken, Li Jinyu clearly noticed a hint of disappointment in Consort Hui’s eyes.

Fortunately, Consort Hui was shrewd and understood who held the real power in the palace. She agreed obediently, which relieved Li Jinyu.

Upon returning to the sleeping chamber, Huo Caiyu was sitting at the desk, looking at official documents, with a teapot and two empty cups beside him, just like yesterday.

Seeing Li Jinyu return, Huo Caiyu poured a cup of tea for him.

Li Jinyu accepted it and took a sip, instantly feeling his brows and eyes relax.

It was truly wonderful. The taste was still familiar to him.

Seeing Li Jinyu enjoying his tea, Huo Caiyu also felt happy inside and pointed to the official documents on the jade table. “This official roughly outlined the military and logistical requirements for the counterattack on Jiao Kingdom. Your Majesty can announce them during court sessions.”

Li Jinyu placed his teacup down, feeling a bit confused. “Can’t you handle that during court sessions?”

Huo Caiyu’s smile faded slightly, and he pursed his lips before speaking again. “This official intends to leave.”

Li Jinyu was momentarily shocked. “Where are you going?”

“To Beiyue Pass.”



Li Jinyu stood there, completely stunned. His fingers instinctively curled up. “So soon?”

Huo Caiyu had only returned two days ago, hadn’t he?

“This official didn’t come back this time just to take a break,” Huo Caiyu looked at Li Jinyu and added half a cup of tea for him, speaking sincerely, “The soldiers at Beiyue Pass are still cleaning up the battlefield and waiting for the next war. The Jiao Kingdom’s army has only temporarily retreated. If we want to launch a counterattack, it will require a lot of effort… This official can’t neglect Beiyue Pass.”

Li Jinyu opened his mouth, wanting to say something but unable to find the right words.

Rationally, he understood what Huo Caiyu was saying, but emotionally, he was reluctant for him to leave.

Seeing the genuine reluctance on His Majesty’s face, Huo Caiyu’s eyes showed a mix of joy and guilt. He spoke softly, “Apologies, Your Majesty.”

Li Jinyu rubbed his nose, trying to control his emotions, and made an effort to appear less suppressed. “It’s alright. Zhen will fully support you.”

The corners of Huo Caiyu’s lips curved slightly. “Many thanks, Your Majesty.”

Suddenly, silence enveloped the two of them.

Li Jinyu kept his head low, lost in his thoughts, when suddenly he heard Huo Caiyu ask, “Does Your Majesty still have the gift from this official?”

Li Jinyu’s fingers trembled, and he whispered softly, “Zhen still has it.”

That delicate jade carving, Li Jinyu had searched all over the palace, unable to find a suitable place to keep it.

Placing it among the extravagant decorations felt like disrespecting Huo Caiyu’s heartfelt gesture, and storing it in a cabinet might risk losing it in the future.

He decided to have a palace maid string a silk thread and hang the jade carving of a small hamster around his neck, directly wearing it.

Pulling it out from his neckline, the warm silk thread was still intact, revealing the smooth jade hamster inside.

Seeing Li Jinyu cherishing the gift he had given, Huo Caiyu’s face visibly brightened.

Huo Caiyu stood up and approached, suddenly embracing Li Jinyu gently.

Li Jinyu was slightly taken aback when he heard Huo Caiyu’s deep voice, “Rest assured, this official will always protect Your Majesty, regardless of Your Majesty’s identity.”

Immediately after, Li Jinyu sensed a gentle and familiar touch planting a brief and delicate kiss.

Before Li Jinyu could fully grasp the meaning of those words, Huo Caiyu had already released him, his expression unchanged as he earnestly stated, “During this secret return to the capital, Your Majesty, please refrain from disclosing it to anyone.”

With that instruction delivered, Huo Caiyu performed a respectful bow, turned around, and stepped out of the palace.


What did Huo Caiyu’s parting words mean?

Li Jinyu lay on the dragon bed, carefully contemplating and analyzing the words. The more he thought about it, the more he sensed something wrong.

On the surface, the words appeared normal, but upon deeper reflection… “Regardless of Your Majesty’s identity——”

Does this mean that my identity has been exposed?

Li Jinyu sat up abruptly, clutching the blanket tightly, feeling a sense of unease in his heart.

Could it be that Huo Caiyu has somehow seen through the fact that he is not Emperor Jingchang himself?

Why would that be the case?

When did this happen exactly?

Could it be that while he was sleeping, he inadvertently revealed his tail and ears?!

But… if Huo Caiyu had discovered that he was a demon, wouldn’t the first course of action be to capture him and seek the guidance of esteemed monks or Daoist like what Prime Minister Ye did when he first encountered the black cat?

How could he still engage in such normal and unaffected communication?

The more Li Jinyu contemplated, the more uneasy he became. Without hesitation, he leaped off the bed and called for Chief Kang, “Go and retrieve Chonky from Concubine Lan’s place.”

The black cat had been havinga blast in Concubine Lan’s quarters for two days and hadn’t returned.

As Chief Kang carried it back on a golden tray, the black cat had a content and dazed expression on its face.

Li Jinyu furrowed his brow and observed it carefully. He motioned for Chief Kang to step aside, then hesitantly asked, “You better not be having kittens in my palace.”

Besides, would that be fair to Chi Zhongming?

The black cat shook its head to clear its mind and grumbled, “I merely indulged in some catnip. Who would want to mate with a group of cats lacking any spiritual wisdom?”

Li Jinyu felt relieved on behalf of Chi Zhongming.

“Why did you call me back?” The black cat impatiently twitched its nose and furrowed its brow suddenly. “Is there someone from outside?”

“Huo Caiyu returned briefly,” Li Jinyu replied.

Li Jinyu skipped the details of his close interactions with Huo Caiyu and briefly recounted Huo Caiyu’s final words, asking anxiously, “Did Huo Caiyu discover my secret?”

The black cat narrowed its eyes slightly and commented, “He knows how to prioritize his personal interests.”


“Does it really require a border general to come all the way back for such matters?” The black cat’s tone was sarcastic. “Sending a messenger pigeon would suffice, or at the very least, assigning a trustworthy subordinate.”

“Even with a trustworthy subordinate…” Li Jinyu subconsciously wanted to refute but suddenly paused, blurting out, “Are you thinking about Chi Zhongming?”

The black cat’s ears twitched, silently revealing its claws.

“…So did he actually discover my secret?”

The black cat snorted. However, whether or not Li Jinyu could secure the throne and regain his magical powers would also affect it. The black cat offered its suggestion based on personal experience, “In my personal experience… shallow humans, if they see through your identity, their first instinct is to touch your ears.”

Li Jinyu didn’t expect such an answer. “Huh?”

“Human fetishes are weird,” the black cat twitched its ears and continued, “Has Huo Caiyu touched your ears?”

Li Jinyu pondered for a moment. “No, but…”

However, on several occasions, Huo Caiyu’s kisses happened to land near his ears.

Does that count as something?

Li Jinyu was hesitant to share this with the black cat and ultimately decided not to say anything.

The black cat, growing impatient with his evasive behavior, mocked, “If you won’t be honest, how can I help you make a judgment? If he discovers that you’re not the real Emperor Jingchang and seizes the throne, wouldn’t that serve your intentions?”

Li Jinyu pondered and surprisingly thought, “If he doesn’t want to find someone to exorcise me, it might actually be a good thing.”

Initially, he avoided directly revealing his identity, fearing this very situation.

But now that Huo Caiyu had confessed his feelings… even if he knew he was a demon, he shouldn’t want to harm him, right?

“Tsh,” the black cat sneered, “You better pray he hasn’t discovered it. Otherwise, he might lock you up in a cage. Don’t cry then.”

“What’s wrong with a cage?” Li Jinyu looked up in confusion. “It has food, sandbath, and a hamster wheel.”

The black cat: “…”

It had nothing more to say to this kind of domesticated hamster.

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