I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 68 Part 2

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The Ziwei imperial aura remaining on Huo Caiyu had diminished to a tiny fraction, indicating that Huo Caiyu might only have one chance to ascend the throne and become the Emperor.

Li Jinyu wished he could grab Huo Caiyu by the neck and throw him directly on the dragon throne.

Now that all the unstable factors threatening the throne had been eliminated, the Empress Dowager remained quiet in the harem, returning to her state of daily prayer and Buddha chanting. She only brightened up and engaged in cautious conversation when Li Jinyu visited on his rest days.

Under Huo Caiyu’s control, the courtiers diligently served the country with divided powers, ensuring that there would never be another Prime Minister Ye.

The newly ennobled Prince Mao spent his days playing with cats in his mansion, even rejecting the beauties sent by other noble families. It was clear that he was an unreliable character.

The borderlands reported continuous victories, and the frontlines provided constant updates. The armies of the Di Dynasty were closing in on the capital of the Jiao Kingdom.

It was a time of prosperity and tranquility.

Both the court and the people unanimously praised the current Emperor, and Li Jinyu couldn’t find any examples of decrees that could cause trouble for him.

He had initially hoped for Huo Caiyu to be passionately in love with him. However, after the Reed Flowers Festival coup, Huo Caiyu suddenly became polite and stopped expressing his feelings. There was no dramatic “fallen into darkness and seized the throne” scenario as he had imagined…

What is going on? Could it be that Huo Caiyu no longer likes me?

Li Jinyu felt a slight sense of disappointment in his heart.

After confirming that he had his own human form, he seriously pondered his relationship with Huo Caiyu.

Previously, he worried about the constraints of Heavenly Dao and whether Huo Caiyu would still have feelings for him once he returned to being a hamster after the constraints were lifted.

At least Li Jinyu had never witnessed Huo Caiyu showing any particular interest in Dumpling.

Now that this issue was resolved, as long as Huo Caiyu successfully took the throne, he could remain by Huo Caiyu’s side as the Empress.

But… what should he do now?

Should he directly ask Huo Caiyu to seize the throne and become Emperor?

What should he say if Huo Caiyu asked for the reason?

Li Jinyu was so worried that he felt his hair was nearly falling out.

On that day, Huo Caiyu came to discuss state affairs with Li Jinyu, holding a document. “Your Majesty, General Huo has sent a war report.”

Li Jinyu already knew that the one leading the army to attack Jiao Kingdom from Beiyue Pass was actually the Ghost-Faced General Huo Caijin.

He was about to subtly hint to Huo Caiyu and had to find something to say, “Huo Aiqing, was it you who was by Zhen’s side as Huo Caijin?”

Huo Caiyu paused for a moment and coughed: “Yes, it was this official. To deceive the Empress Dowager and the noble families, this official had to disguise himself. Your Majesty, please don’t be upset.”

“Why did you keep it a secret from Zhen as well?”

“At that time, this official was uncertain if Your Majesty wished to know about this matter.” Huo Caiyu pressed his lips together and spoke softly, “Initially, this official only suspected that Your Majesty had been switched, but this official hadn’t fully confirmed it. This official didn’t want to reveal it and disturb Your Majesty’s thoughts.”

Li Jinyu accepted this explanation. He scratched his ear and suddenly remembered something.

When the Reed Flowers Festival left the capital, he specifically observed “Huo Caijin” and found no trace of Ziwei imperial aura on him.

But later, when Huo Caiyu made his official appearance, there was no decrease in the Ziwei imperial aura on him. It was only after quelling the rebellion that it transferred to himself… What was going on?

Li Jinyu thought for a moment and cautiously asked, “Wasn’t it Huo Caijin who escorted me out of the capital back then?”

“It was Brother Chi,” Huo Caiyu’s lips slightly curved, and he suddenly appeared a bit joyful, his tone becoming lighter, “At that time, this official arranged for him in the Imperial Guards because this official was concerned that the Empress Dowager might harm Your Majesty. So this official asked Brother Chi for Your Majesty’s protection. When Your Majesty arrived at the Imperial Mausoleum, this official switched places with Brother Chi.”

Li Jinyu understood.

The Imperial Mausoleum itself had a significant amount of Ziwei imperial aura. No wonder he couldn’t detect any abnormalities when observing “Huo Caijin” inside the mausoleum.

“Why did Your Majesty suddenly remember these things today?”

Li Jinyu paused, trying to make his voice sound somewhat profound, “Huo Aiqing, it has been nearly a year since you became the Regent Prince, hasn’t it?”


“Now the Great Di dynasty is stable and peaceful, with the Regent Prince contributing to nine-tenths of its success,” Li Jinyu cautiously probed, “Huo Aiqing, after being the Regent Prince for so long, don’t you wish for a change of position?”

Huo Caiyu gazed at Li Jinyu, and there was a faint hint of alluring flame in his eyes.

His lips slightly curved, and there seemed to be a suppressed emotion in his voice as he whispered, “This official is devoted to Your Majesty, as evident as the sun and moon.”

Li Jinyu grew a bit anxious, “Aiqing, don’t you have any wishes?”

“If Your Majesty insists on knowing…” Huo Caiyu stared at Li Jinyu without blinking, his voice slowing down, “This official wishes to sleep on the dragon bed.”

Whether it was the dragon throne or the dragon bed, both symbolized the Emperor’s supreme authority. If someone said they wanted to “sit on the dragon throne” to the Emperor, it would be a direct challenge to imperial power.

Could this be Huo Caiyu’s last opportunity to seize power?

Li Jinyu felt a surge of joy in his heart and said without hesitation, “Then, sleep tonight!”

Sleeping on the dragon bed tonight meant wearing the Emperor’s yellow robe tomorrow!


It wasn’t the first time Li Jinyu shared a bed with Huo Caiyu.

However, the last time they slept together was when Huo Caiyu hurried back to celebrate the New Year with him on New Year’s Eve.

That night, Huo Caiyu was extremely exhausted and fell asleep as soon as he took off his dirty armor and laid his head on the pillow.

This time, Huo Caiyu had already bathed in advance and changed into clean undergarments specially prepared for the occasion, lying properly on the dragon bed.

As Li Jinyu lay inside, he could still catch a faint scent of orchids from Huo Caiyu, who had just bathed.

The fragrance that filled the air was Lan Tang’s own, unlike anything Huo Caiyu had known before. As the palace lights were put out for the night, a sense of intrigue lingered in the air, creating a subtly ambiguous atmosphere.”

Li Jinyu lay inside the dragon bed, with a thin layer of silk separating his left arm from Huo Caiyu, and he inexplicably felt a bit nervous.

There was no drowsiness at all.

After this sleep, would there be a bit more Ziwei imperial aura on Huo Caiyu’s body?

Would it awaken his inner desires and make him consider seizing the throne?

Lost in his thoughts, Li Jinyu suddenly noticed that Huo Caiyu beside him shifted slightly, now facing him directly.

His heartbeat instantly quickened for a moment.

“Is Your Majesty asleep?”

“N-No, not yet.”

“The moonlight is perfect…” Huo Caiyu’s voice seemed to carry a gentle warmth in the dark, “If Your Majesty can’t sleep, perhaps we can have a chat?”

“About what?”

“Your Majesty can talk about anything.”

Li Jinyu wanted to ask Huo Caiyu when and how he would be willing to become Emperor… but he couldn’t say it directly.

Apart from that topic… Li Jinyu couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“If Your Majesty doesn’t know what to say, then allow this official to ask Your Majesty a question.”

Huo Caiyu seemed to sense Li Jinyu’s hesitation, chuckled softly, slowed down his speech, and asked, word by word, “When does Your Majesty plan to accept this official?”

This question seemed somewhat unexpected, but Li Jinyu understood its meaning.

His face instantly turned red.

Thankfully, it was late at night, and there were only a few dimly lit candles on the walls in the sleeping chamber, so it would be hard to notice.

Huo Caiyu had confessed to him half a year ago.

In the past six months, they had spent very little time together. Most of the time was occupied with defending against Jiao Kingdom’s attacks and dealing with the Empress Dowager’s political upheaval.

Now that everything had settled, they finally had the opportunity to have a serious discussion about it.

Huo Caiyu’s tone was very gentle, seemingly providing Li Jinyu with enough room for consideration.

However, Li Jinyu couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Even if he didn’t understand humans well, he knew that accepting Huo Caiyu’s confession meant something significant.

It meant that they would be closely bonded, intimately connected, and together they would face new experiences and overcome all barriers.

The unknown future both excited and frightened Li Jinyu.

Seeing Li Jinyu remain silent, Huo Caiyu let out a soft sigh and said, “Is Your Majesty not interested in this official?”

Li Jinyu was taken aback, recalling the time when Huo Caiyu went to the border after feeling heartbroken. He quickly explained, “No, Zhen… Zhen actually really likes you.”

As he spoke, Li Jinyu’s voice suddenly grew softer.

He genuinely liked being with Huo Caiyu, enjoyed his company.

“But… Zhen is not sure if this liking is what you’re looking for.”

His previous life before transmigrating into this world was incredibly simple, and he had never experienced a relationship like the one he had with Huo Caiyu. He couldn’t discern the exact nature of his feelings for Huo Caiyu.

Huo Caiyu fell silent for a moment, then suddenly let out a gentle laugh and said, “If Your Majesty can’t figure it out, shall this official help you?”

Li Jinyu asked, somewhat confused, “How can you help Zhen?”

“Your Majesty, just imagine for a moment. How would you feel if this official were to marry and have children in the future?”

Li Jinyu followed Huo Caiyu’s train of thought and let his imagination wander.

Huo Caiyu becoming the Emperor, having a palace full of wives and children—this was the life Li Jinyu thought Huo Caiyu deserved.

However, as he contemplated it now, Li Jinyu felt a deep sense of unease.

Even picturing someone else beside Huo Caiyu was something he couldn’t accept.

After a brief pause, Li Jinyu whispered, “Zhen doesn’t like that.”

Huo Caiyu’s smile grew more apparent as he earnestly said, “Rest assured, this official belongs to Your Majesty alone in this lifetime.”

Without waiting for Li Jinyu’s response, Huo Caiyu continued, “If Your Majesty were to go to an unfamiliar place and could only bring one person, who would Your Majesty choose?”

There was no hesitation required for this question, and Li Jinyu immediately replied, “You.”

His trust in Huo Caiyu had remained steadfast from the moment they crossed into this world until now.

Huo Caiyu didn’t anticipate Li Jinyu’s swift response to this question. He paused for a moment, then let out a soft chuckle, “Your Majesty, when it comes to love, it involves exclusivity and trust. But if we delve deeper, there’s actually another key aspect that distinguishes love from other friendships and family bonds.”

“What is it?”

Huo Caiyu propped himself up, his brown eyes appearing exceptionally bright in the darkness of the night. They held a tender shimmer, similar to water gently rippling, and a flickering fire within.

His voice suddenly grew hoarser.

“There are certain things that only two people in love would do… Would Your Majesty like to give it a try?”

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