I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 69

Chapter 69.1 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip~

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Li Jinyu felt hot.

The fire in Huo Caiyu’s eyes surged like gentle water, completely overwhelming him.

He didn’t know how he became lightheaded, but he nodded and agreed.

Despite having a gut feeling, he wondered what Huo Caiyu was referring to.

However, he still accepted.

The golden silk dragon robe came off, revealing smooth skin beneath.

In the dark night, his limited vision made him more aware of the sensations on his body.

Li Jinyu could clearly feel the rough calluses on Huo Caiyu’s palm from gripping a weapon. When they brushed against his body, it caused a slight stinging sensation, sending a shiver through him.

It made him instinctively tighten his fingers.

Huo Caiyu’s head gently leaned closer, gradually approaching him. Between their lips, he solemnly whispered, “If Your Majesty doesn’t want it, just refuse me.”

Li Jinyu gazed into Huo Caiyu’s eyes, which were just inches away. Without knowing why, he impulsively leaned forward and gave Huo Caiyu’s lips a quick kiss.

Huo Caiyu’s lips felt slightly cool, reminiscent of sweet candy.

Unexpectedly, it was His Majesty who made the first move. Huo Caiyu paused for a moment, then let out a low chuckle from his chest and leaned in to kiss Li Jinyu’s lips.

In a dazed state, Li Jinyu heard Huo Caiyu softly ask, “Has Your Majesty thoroughly studied the ‘Secret Techniques of Long Yang’?”

It took a while for Li Jinyu’s sluggish mind to catch up. It burst open with a “boom” causing his face to instantly turn as red as a peach.

Huo Caiyu actually noticed!

Huo Caiyu loved seeing his shy Majesty like this. Being together without any barriers filled him with great joy, especially when he could witness His Majesty’s blushing face.

It was best not to go too far. Huo Caiyu was genuinely afraid that he might tease too much and end up being pushed off the bed by Li Jinyu.

Before Li Jinyu could explain with a flushed face, Huo Caiyu kissed him again, and in their mingled breaths, he softly said, “This official is here to help Your Majesty test the old techniques and discover new ones…”

Flames flowed, carrying the mixed scent of dragon saliva and orchids, filling the entire palace.


The next day, Li Jinyu lay in Huo Caiyu’s arms, feeling the soreness in his body, and his head still felt numb.

He had once again engaged with Huo Caiyu.

What was more, this time he was fully aware and gave his explicit consent.


Did his head get bitten off by Dumpling last night?

And… clearly, his idea of “sleeping on the dragon bed” was not what he had intended!

Li Jinyu propped himself up, feeling a slight ache in a sensitive area, causing a faint frown.

Thankfully, Huo Caiyu had taken care of him last night and applied some ointment, so it wasn’t too uncomfortable.

The man behind him, still undressed, sat up and his slightly husky voice made Li Jinyu’s heart race. He asked in a hoarse voice, “Is Your Majesty feeling unwell?”

As Li Jinyu listened to that voice, he couldn’t help but remember Huo Caiyu’s emotional confession from last night, and it brought to mind those unfamiliar, uncontrollable, and captivating images. His ears turned red in an instant. He stammered, “I-It’s nothing…”

After last night, Huo Caiyu and Li Jinyu had silently agreed and understood each other’s feelings.

Finally receiving the acknowledgment of his beloved and sharing a wonderful night with His Majesty, Huo Caiyu felt immensely satisfied. He held His Majesty, allowing him to lean against the dragon bed, and even placed a soft cushion behind Li Jinyu’s waist.

Li Jinyu wrapped himself in the blanket, blushing as he watched Huo Caiyu, who was only wearing undergarment, approach with a cup of tea he had personally brewed.

Last night, he was engulfed in pleasure by Huo Caiyu, losing himself completely. He only vaguely remembered shedding tears, while Huo Caiyu seemed to grow even more passionate. Recalling it now still made him blush and his heart race.

Back when he had been affected by the aphrodisiac, he had also engaged in a relationship with Huo Caiyu, but his awareness had been intermittent, and he didn’t have such a profound experience.

Li Jinyu accepted the tea that Huo Caiyu handed to him, blushing, he drank it slowly, and then returned the cup.

With his hair simply tied back, Huo Caiyu watched His Majesty sipping the tea, a constant smile on his face.

Li Jinyu couldn’t handle Huo Caiyu’s direct gaze, so he looked away slightly and said, “Stop staring. There’s nothing remarkable about Zhen.”

Huo Caiyu smiled, understanding His Majesty’s shyness, and placed the teacup aside. “This official can never tire of Your Majesty.”

Last night’s events solidified their relationship, but Li Jinyu wanted to continue advocating for the issue of seizing the throne.

He gathered his courage, looked into Huo Caiyu’s gentle eyes, and said, “Huo Aiqing, have you ever considered… that your abilities make you fully qualified to be the Emperor?”

Although Huo Caiyu didn’t fully grasp Li Jinyu’s meaning, he could sense Li Jinyu’s approval.

What better reward than praise from one’s beloved?

“To this official, there is no one or nothing more valuable in this world,” he earnestly stated while looking into Li Jinyu’s eyes, “In this official’s heart, Your Majesty is truly the deserving Great Di Emperor.”

Li Jinyu looked into Huo Caiyu’s eyes and saw genuine sincerity without any trace of falsehood. He knew that Huo Caiyu truly felt that way from the bottom of his heart.

He attempted to provoke Huo Caiyu’s ambition, “If you were the Emperor and Zhen didn’t love you, would you use your imperial power to forcefully keep Zhen by your side?”

“If Your Majesty doesn’t feel the same way towards this official…” Huo Caiyu’s voice remained steady, without any hesitation, “This official would never force it. He would only protect Your Majesty for a lifetime.”

Li Jinyu stared at him in a daze.

The mixture of gratitude and bitterness in his heart almost brought tears to his eyes.

Before he could say anything, there was a subtle shift in the air.

Li Jinyu instinctively focused his gaze, clearly witnessing the shimmering Ziwei imperial aura swirling in the air.

The last remaining trace of Ziwei imperial aura around Huo Caiyu became almost invisible, like dandelion seeds blown by the wind, transforming into faint glimmers of fireflies and flowing into Li Jinyu’s body without hesitation.

Helplessly, Li Jinyu watched as the final firefly circled and departed, leaving no trace of Ziwei imperial aura near Huo Caiyu.

He felt a sudden darkness before his eyes, almost on the verge of fainting onto the dragon bed.

What did this mean?

It meant that he had wasted every opportunity to promote Huo Caiyu’s ascension, and that Huo Caiyu had no possibility left of seizing the throne!

Li Jinyu lifted his head and locked eyes with Huo Caiyu, who still gazed at him affectionately. Suddenly, an overwhelming sense of guilt and grievance surged within him. With a cry, he threw himself into Huo Caiyu’s arms.

It had been over a year since he transmigrated to this world, and he had been tirelessly working to elevate Huo Caiyu to the imperial throne. However, for some reason, things never unfolded as he had anticipated.

It was his fault that Huo Caiyu would forever lose the position of Emperor.

Li Jinyu felt both aggrieved for the efforts he had fruitlessly expended over the past year and guilty for inadvertently causing Huo Caiyu to lose an entire empire.

However, he couldn’t express any of these emotions to Huo Caiyu. Ultimately, they all transformed into sobs and tears, soaking Huo Caiyu’s embrace.

Huo Caiyu was perplexed by the sudden tears of the previously composed emperor. He extended his arms and embraced Li Jinyu, feeling somewhat anxious and concerned. “Your Majesty, what’s wrong?”

Li Jinyu nestled in Huo Caiyu’s embrace and shook his head, holding onto Huo Caiyu’s waist tightly.

Huo Caiyu felt the Emperor’s head rubbing against his chest, and he could hear the occasional sob, which made him feel a bit restless.

His Majesty couldn’t help but cry like this last night too…

Realizing his disrespectful thoughts, Huo Caiyu internally rebuked himself and cleared his mind of those jumbled thoughts. He gently patted His Majesty’s back, silently soothing Li Jinyu’s emotions.

Once Li Jinyu finished crying, Huo Caiyu lifted his shoulders and lowered his head to meet Li Jinyu’s gaze. He earnestly asked, “Does Your Majesty regret it?”

If being with him didn’t make His Majesty, Huo Caiyu would never force him.

As Li Jinyu’s emotions gradually calmed down, he rubbed his eyes and was slightly taken aback by Huo Caiyu’s words. Soon, he realized the implications and felt even more guilty.

He had caused Huo Caiyu to lose the throne and disregarded Huo Caiyu’s feelings by directly throwing himself into his arms and crying.

How could he forget that Huo Caiyu tended to overthink things like this?

Li Jinyu quickly wiped away his tears and explained, “No, Zhen was just thinking… about something sad.”

Huo Caiyu let out a sigh of relief and asked, “What sad thing? Can this official help?”

“There’s nothing you can do now,” Li Jinyu’s expression drooped. “Zhen can only continue being the Emperor.”

Huo Caiyu: “?”

With things having come to this point, Li Jinyu didn’t want to dwell on it. He silently resolved to be even better to Huo Caiyu in the future, to make up for the losses he had caused.

Once changed, there was no going back.

Seeing Li Jinyu’s slightly swollen, teary eyes, Huo Caiyu leaned in and gently kissed him. He then noticed Li Jinyu’s cheeks turning red as well.

Huo Caiyu felt pleased and smiled. “In the future, if there’s anything troubling Your Majesty, this official will always be here to listen.”

Apart from matters of identity, there wasn’t much Li Jinyu was hiding from Huo Caiyu.

But upon hearing Huo Caiyu’s words, he couldn’t help but feel a warm sweetness in his heart.

After confirming his relationship with Huo Caiyu, the previously anticipated and feared unknown became a reality for Li Jinyu, but he realized there was nothing to be afraid of.

Huo Caiyu was still the same Huo Caiyu.

He was still the same person he had always been.

Their relationship became closer, but… Li Jinyu actually quite liked it.

If possible, being able to walk hand in hand with Huo Caiyu for a lifetime seemed like a wonderful thing.

Li Jinyu lifted his gaze and looked at Huo Caiyu’s handsome face. Suddenly, he leaned in and gently kissed Huo Caiyu.

Huo Caiyu was momentarily surprised but then smiled and responded tenderly.

After a while of entanglement, Huo Caiyu had to stop, his breathing became heavy, and his voice turned hoarse. “Your Majesty, if we don’t stop now, we won’t be able to get out of bed today.”

Li Jinyu immediately remembered everything from last night and could still feel a slight pain in his lower body. He timidly retreated back into the covers.

Huo Caiyu found Li Jinyu’s cuteness almost amusing enough to burst into laughter.

He stood up, grabbed the nearby clothes, and tried to calm down his impulse. “Would Your Majesty like to have breakfast?”

After working hard late into the night yesterday and crying again this morning, Li Jinyu was indeed feeling a bit hungry. “Yes.”

Huo Caiyu’s lips curved up. “This official will go and have Chief Kang prepare it.”

He had already harbored some improper thoughts last night, so he had sent Chief Kang away a little earlier.

Li Jinyu’s gaze lingered on Huo Caiyu’s delicate figure. It was only after Huo Caiyu left the room that he blushed and withdrew his head back under the covers.

Since the plan to elevate Huo Caiyu to the throne had completely failed, Li Jinyu accepted it.

Putting aside the obsession that had been carried over since his transmigration, life seemed to be quite enjoyable now.

With this thought, Li Jinyu suddenly felt that it wasn’t so bad to be bound by his physical constraints.


Something he had never imagined in his previous life, but now, as he tasted it, it seemed exceptionally sweet.

As Li Jinyu was thinking about Huo Caiyu, he suddenly felt a sudden palpitation in his chest!

Then his vision blurred, and when it became clear again, the whole world seemed to have changed.

The dragon throne gradually transformed into a palace, and the bedding turned into mountains. The palace lamps on the walls appeared distant like the sun and moon.

No, something was not right. It wasn’t that the world had become bigger, it was that he had become smaller!

Li Jinyu suddenly realized this situation and instinctively extended his hands, lowering his head to take a look.

His once slender and fair hands had now turned into the paws of a hamster, which he hadn’t seen for over a year.

His ears twitched and his eyes widened.

He had turned back into a hamster?!

Before he could fully comprehend what had happened, the little hamster huddled under the covers suddenly heard Huo Caiyu’s voice from outside, “Your Majesty, breakfast is here.”

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