I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 73 Part 2

Chapter 73.2 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip~

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The sky above a particular village became obscured by an endless swarm of locusts, stretching as far as the eye could see.

Men, women, and children in the village stood on the field ridges, staring helplessly as the locusts consumed their crops for this year. They stood motionless, overwhelmed by despair.

An angry young man tried to drive away the locusts with a torch and a net, but his efforts were in vain. How much area can a person’s body cover? The locusts penetrated every space. If it weren’t for the fact that locusts didn’t eat meat, there would be nothing left of the people.

Suddenly, the weather turned cold.

It began to snow from the sky.

The snow fell heavily, causing people to shiver uncontrollably.

Was this a return of late spring chill?

In previous years, if they encountered a return of late spring chill, they would hurriedly take measures to protect and warm their crops. But this year…

After the locust plague, what would be left?

Suddenly, someone noticed something was amiss and curiously said, “Are there fewer locusts?”

Others instinctively looked in the same direction, and to their astonishment, the swarming locusts in the air seemed to have indeed diminished.

Looking more closely…

The snowflakes landed on a locust, causing it to immediately fall as if scorched by fire. With just two more snowflakes, it plummeted to the ground, lifeless.

After the heavy snowfall lasted for a while, the swarm of locusts that had filled the sky just moments ago had all died, covering the ground with their motionless bodies.

The snowflakes continued to fall, gradually burying the bodies of the locusts.

Everyone stood there, unable to snap out of their daze.

The locusts… were gone?

Their crops were saved?!

Although they suffered some losses, they managed to save them in the end!

Several excited men immediately embraced each other and cheered.

A daring person went to the spot where the locusts had fallen. They kicked away the snow and were amazed to find that the snow had turned the locusts into ice. A gentle step caused them to crumble into ice chips.

This… this was…

An elderly person looked at the sky, where snowflakes continued to fall, and knelt down, tears streaming down their face. “Thank the Blessed Heavens, thank the Blesses Heavens…”


Similar situations occurred in various counties and regions.

The rampant locusts died one after another after the heavy snowfall. None of them escaped. However, the crops and vegetables in the ground seemed completely unaffected by the snow. Even the delicate young sprouts remained green under the snowflakes.

It seemed as if the heavy snowfall had come specifically to eradicate the locust plague.

Who could deny that it was the wrath of the Heavens?

However, Li Jinyu, the one who had caused the heavy snowfall, faced another layer of crisis.

The top of the Tianta Pagoda was engulfed in flames.

The wall of fire protected Li Jinyu, completely separating them from the blood-red locusts outside.

These locusts were completely red, resembling dripping blood. Disgusting flesh clung to their bodies, and it was unclear where they had come from. As soon as they appeared, they pounced straight at Li Jinyu.

Such strange creatures couldn’t be allowed near them.

The black cat didn’t believe these cursed locusts were vegetarian. Without hesitation, it lit the wood surrounding the altar, creating a barrier of flames to keep the locusts at bay.

It remained vigilant, crouching beside Li Jinyu. Whenever a locust approached from above or through the gaps in the flames, it swiftly killed them with its claws.

There were too many of these locusts.

Moreover, contrary to their expectations, although these locusts instinctively feared fire, they weren’t particularly afraid of the flames’ burning.

According to the black cat’s intuition, the bloodthirsty locusts that managed to pass through the flames were just as fierce and challenging to handle.

Currently, the firewood served as a barrier, but what would they do once the wood burned out?

The black cat couldn’t help but look up at the sky.

It was snowing here in Mount Yuan as well.

The snowflakes landed on the bloodthirsty locusts, igniting a vivid red glow. Each locust touched by the snowflake slowed down, and with repeated touches, they fell to the ground, transforming into a pool of filthy blood.

However, it was too slow. It took a long time for a bloodthirsty locust to die under the heavy snowfall!

The black cat had only recently recharged, and it already felt its spiritual power nearly depleted.

However, that foolish hamster continued to sustain its luck.

It couldn’t retreat!

The black cat gritted its teeth and yelled, “Damned human! Aren’t you going to help?!”

The Daoist’s voice came across as resentful, “If this Daoist Elder could intervene in the world’s fate, do you think the Di Dynasty could have been established?”

It had heard before that cultivators faced many limitations, but in this situation, the black cat couldn’t help but silently curse.

It was really reaching its limit.

It was just a wandering cat, a demon in training, cautious and wary of both humans and its own kind. It firmly believed that there was no one in this world worth trusting besides itself.

No, that included itself as well.

If there was someone who believed in a cynical cat demon like itself, they must be a fool, right?

But at least until now, it had encountered two big fools.

They were so foolish that it couldn’t help but start to fantasize, wondering if it could also attempt to trust others.

The black cat’s green eyes stared at Li Jinyu, who stood trembling in the center of the altar, his face turning pale. It clenched its teeth, took a deep breath, and suddenly leaped out of the flames.

The remaining spiritual power spread throughout its body, turning it into a spiked ball, forcefully crashing and ramming through the bloodthirsty locusts!

The impact was powerful enough to clear a swarm of bloodthirsty locusts in just a few strikes.

However, the black cat soon couldn’t sustain its spiritual and physical strength any longer. No matter how hard it tried, it couldn’t continue and fell from mid-air.

It had expected to plummet straight down from the pagoda, torn apart by the ferocious bloodthirsty locusts before meeting its demise. It couldn’t help but feel a bit self-derisive:

Who would have thought that one day it would give its all for a momentary burst of passion?

Though it did feel really satisfying.

However, the anticipated pain didn’t come. Instead, it found itself falling into a familiar and warm hand.

The black cat blinked open its eyes in confusion, and Chi Zhongming’s worried baby face came into view. “Chonky, are you alright?”

“What are you doing here?” The black cat was momentarily taken aback, then raised its head and cautiously straightened its body. “It’s dangerous here, you should leave—huh?”

It was amazed to see Chi Zhongming standing amidst a group of bloodthirsty locusts. He held the black cat in his left hand and wielded a folding fan in his right, gracefully cutting through the bloodthirsty locusts, causing them to split in two and fall to the ground.

It was much easier for him than using spiritual power.

Chi Zhongming perceived the black cat’s initial worry, which warmed his heart. He had a beaming smile on his face and said, “Don’t worry, those creepy bugs can’t harm me.”

The black cat felt as if it was being mocked by this human.

However, the battle in Wuyi Lane made it realize that humans at the pinnacle of martial arts were even stronger than ordinary demons like itself. Moreover, Chi Zhongming, as the defender of the Great Di Dynasty, possessed the aura of a warrior and the power of merits, making it easier for him to deal with the evil forces sent by external enemies.

Since Chi Zhongming was handling things effortlessly, the black cat turned its head towards the altar and urged, “Go help the foolish hamster—The Emperor is still there!”

Chi Zhongming held it more tightly and walked forward with a relaxed smile. He said, “Don’t worry, our Regent Prince has already gone over.”


Li Jinyu’s consciousness continued to reverberate across the land of the Di Dynasty.

When there was no trace of the evil locusts left in the entire land, his spiritual power couldn’t hold on any longer.

He had originally planned to prioritize personal matters and take a look at Huo Caiyu in the capital city, but he could no longer continue.

The remaining fortune at the Tianta Pagoda was scarce, barely enough to support the heavy snowfall he brought. He couldn’t hold on any longer and quickly returned to his own body.

As his consciousness returned, Li Jinyu opened his eyes and saw the familiar face of Huo Caiyu.

At first, he thought his consciousness hadn’t fully returned.

Otherwise, how could he see Huo Caiyu, who should have been in the capital city ruling the land at that moment?

However, in the next instant, the blood-red locusts attacking from behind Huo Caiyu made him blurt out, “Be careful!”

Li Jinyu instinctively rushed forward, only to see Huo Caiyu gracefully wielding a beautiful sword flower in his right hand, instantly shattering those ferocious blood locusts, which fell to the ground and turned into filthy blood.

With lingering concern, Huo Caiyu embraced the pouncing Li Jinyu in his left arm.

Li Jinyu paused for a moment, as he could smell the familiar scent of Huo Caiyu in his breath. He felt a sense of relief deep within his heart.

As long as Huo Caiyu was there, he feared nothing, no matter what happened.

However, in the next instant, he widened his eyes in terror.

The sensation of depleting spiritual power rose steadily in his body. Li Jinyu couldn’t even turn around to escape before he transformed into a hamster the size of a palm right in front of Huo Caiyu.


The chubby little hamster fell and was quickly scooped up by Huo Caiyu.

Li Jinyu covered his face with his front paws, curling into a furry hamster ball, too afraid to meet Huo Caiyu’s gaze.

Huo Caiyu looked at the small furball in his hand, wanting to say something but refrained. Seeing how timid Li Jinyu was, unable to even look at him, he found it somewhat amusing. He lowered his head and gently kissed the furball.

Startled, Li Jinyu jumped up and stared at Huo Caiyu.

Huo Caiyu held him carefully and whispered, “Your Majesty, let this official eliminate these evil creatures first.”

He wielded his long sword, dancing in the air, and together with Chi Zhongming, quickly cleared away the blood-red locusts.

Only large patches of blood stains remained on the ground.

After slaying the last locust, the two men who had been fighting for half a day finally took a slight breath and found clean spots to rest.

Huo Caiyu hung the sword at his waist and carefully held the little hamster he had been protecting in both hands. After looking at it for a while, he suddenly smiled and said, “This official never thought he could hold Your Majesty in the palm of his hand.”

Li Jinyu cautiously stuck his head out and carefully observed Huo Caiyu’s expression. Seeing no surprise, rejection, or disgust on his face, he spoke cautiously, “You… don’t mind?”

Huo Caiyu had already prepared himself mentally, but hearing a hamster speak still felt strange to him. He couldn’t help but laugh again.

Immediately, he composed his expression and gently rubbed Li Jinyu’s head with a finger, sighing, “This official said it before, no matter who Your Majesty is, this official will always stand by Your Majesty’s side. That statement will always hold true.”

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