I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 74

Chapter 74.1 Chip Chip Chip Chip~

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Li Jinyu opened his mouth, unsure of what to say, feeling a hint of regret and guilt.

He strongly sensed Huo Caiyu’s affection for him, going beyond social standing and position, embracing his entire being.

If only he knew, he would have confessed to Huo Caiyu sooner.

Why had he been so foolish?

Li Jinyu twitched his ears and suddenly looked up, softly kissing Huo Caiyu’s fingertips, whispering, “I’m sorry.”

Huo Caiyu felt the warmth and dampness on his fingertips, slightly taken aback, and a smile gradually appeared on his lips.

He used another finger to gently rub Li Jinyu’s head and said, “Your Majesty, there’s no need to apologize… This official has already mentioned that if there’s something Your Majesty don’t want him to know, he won’t pry. Your Majesty don’t need to feel any pressure.”

Chi Zhongming, standing nearby, shivered and jokingly remarked, “Regent Prince, isn’t that going a bit too far?”

It made him cringe to hear it.

The black cat nestled in his arms, glanced at Chi Zhongming, and spitefully bit him.

Look at that! This jerk was always finding ways to manipulate its words and pry into its affairs!

Chi Zhongming yelped in pain, “Wow, do you actually enjoy this?”

Interrupted by Chi Zhongming, Huo Caiyu and Li Jinyu felt somewhat awkward to continue speaking. They exchanged a knowing glance and shifted the conversation to another aspect.

“How did you manage to find your way here?”

“After receiving the letter from Your Majesty, this official immediately rode a fast horse to Qingshui Prefecture and went to the small village in Long’an County.” Huo Caiyu smiled and helped Li Jinyu scratch his back. “Upon learning that Your Majesty was heading in the northeast direction, this official pursued you all the way. Later, a strange sight was seen on the horizon.”

Li Jinyu recalled the huge whirlpool and uneasily scratched his ear with his hind leg.

“Later, Brother Chi and I saw a suspicious person from the Jiao Kingdom on the road. We thought he might be connected to the strange phenomenon in the sky and Your Majesty’s whereabouts, so we followed him all the way to Mount Yuan.”

“What happened to that person afterward?”

“When we reached the foot of Mount Yuan, he suddenly dropped dead, and then many of these blood-red locusts gushed out from his abdomen.” Huo Caiyu’s eyes flickered with disgust. “This official immediately killed those locusts and hurried up the mountain.”

Explaining Li Jinyu’s confusion, Huo Caiyu finally asked, “Your Majesty, what is happening?”

Li Jinyu had already made up his mind to reveal all his secrets to Huo Caiyu. Without hesitation, he narrated the events of turning into a hamster on the bed that day, running away with the black cat, and sensing the origin of the locust disaster.

“I made it snow across the entire empire. Initially, I wanted to use my consciousness to fly to the capital and see you, but I ran out of spiritual power, so I had to stop. When I opened my eyes again, I saw you directly.”

Upon hearing the whole story, Huo Caiyu felt as if he had been given a spoonful of honey, almost wanting to kiss His Majesty once more.

However, considering that Chi Zhongming was right there, he restrained his impulse.

In the end, he merely used his finger to nudge Li Jinyu’s little ear, then shifted his gaze towards the square cauldron standing tall in the middle of the altar.

Sitting atop the cauldron, the person seemed delighted. When Huo Caiyu’s gaze met his, he even clapped his hands and said, “Continue, continue!”

Huo Caiyu discreetly observed the person and courteously bowed slightly, saying, “Thank you, Master, for aiding His Majesty.”

The person waved his hand, saying, “No need to be polite. This Daoist Elder hasn’t contributed much. He only provided a little guidance. The real effort lies with all of you.”

After serving as the Regent Prince for a year and dedicating twenty years to studying books, Huo Caiyu was astonished to discover that there was an enlightened individual concealed within the Tianta Pagoda.

He cautiously inquired, “Master, with such exceptional talent, why do you choose to reside in such a harsh and frigid place? If you desire, you can accompany His Majesty down the mountain and enjoy the wealth and splendor of the Di Dynasty.”

“No need,” the person hastily waved his hand. “This official is trapped within this cauldron. It’s a snare set by the former Emperor.”

It seemed that he was unwilling to dwell on this matter. He glanced at the small hamster in Huo Caiyu’s palm and suddenly smiled, saying, “However, this Daoist Elder have a connection with this little creature. If you wish to repay me, help me relocate the cauldron.”

“Where would the Master like to relocate it to?”

“Before I entered the cauldron to sleep, it was still in the palace of the Mang Dynasty,” the person complained. “But when I woke up, I found myself in this freezing place—what happened to the dynasty after the Mang Dynasty?”

Huo Caiyu recalled the records of the previous dynasty he had read and speculated, “Perhaps the founding ancestor of the previous dynasty thought this grand and majestic cauldron in the palace should be lifted to Tianta Pagoda for praying to the heavens.”

“That’s an absurd idea,” the person grumbled discontentedly. “If you have the intention, help me move it to a warmer place. It would be more comfortable for me to sleep.”

It wasn’t too difficult a task. Although the cauldron appeared incredibly heavy, moving it downward was more convenient than lifting it upward.

Huo Caiyu and Li Jinyu exchanged a glance and readily agreed.

The person was highly satisfied. He leaned back and plunged his whole body into the cauldron, saying, “Then, I shall sleep first. Goodbye!”

The fallen lid of the cauldron suddenly soared into the air and landed back on the cauldron, sealing him inside once again. This weird person was thus plunged back into deep slumber.

The rest of them stood there, bewildered, for a while. Chi Zhongming suddenly stomped his foot and said, “It’s too cold here. Let’s head back first.”

Huo Caiyu gently touched Li Jinyu’s head and inquired, “Is there anything else Your Majesty need to complete?”

Li Jinyu hesitated for a moment and softly murmured, “I came out this time hoping to absorb more spiritual energy… Otherwise, when we return, I won’t be able to assume my human form anymore.”

Unable to transform into a human form?

This matter carried significant implications.

Huo Caiyu composed his expression and asked, “Is there any solution?”

“Initially, I thought of coming to Tianta Pagoda to absorb the remaining cosmic energy, but now all that energy is being utilized to eliminate the locusts,” Li Jinyu expressed regretfully. “If we want to absorb a substantial amount of spiritual energy, we can only choose another location.”

Although Huo Caiyu didn’t fully comprehend the spiritual creature’s cultivation methods, he immediately thought of the most convenient and justifiable place. “Jiao Kingdom.”

The little hamster nodded with a look of helplessness.

Considering the importance of the matter concerning Your Majesty, Huo Caiyu carefully pondered for a moment and firmly stated, “This official will personally escort Your Majesty to the Jiao Kingdom.”

Li Jinyu’s eyes brightened up.

He definitely preferred being together with Huo Caiyu. The last time they embarked on a journey together was when they visited Qingshui Prefecture.


“What about the affairs of the court?”

Huo Caiyu turned to Chi Zhongming and said, “Prince Mao, as a prince who enjoys the benefits and salary of the court, should also bear some responsibilities.”

Chi Zhongming, who was busy trying to give kisses to the black cat, was taken aback upon hearing this statement and immediately responded without thinking, “No, I never understand such matters.”

“It’s alright,” Huo Caiyu shifted his gaze to the black cat, which was using its paws to block Chi Zhongming’s attempt to kiss, and smiled faintly, “With the Prime Minister’s presence, I believe there won’t be any mishaps.”

The black cat and Chi Zhongming were both startled.

The black cat narrowed its eyes and spoke in a less pleasant tone, “You’re actually smart.”

Huo Caiyu smiled without replying.

By tracing the thread of Chi Zhongming’s beloved, many truths could be unraveled. Previously, he had refrained from actively pondering His Majesty’s secrets, but now that His Majesty had confided in him, he could swiftly confirm the true identity of the black cat.

“At that time, the Prime Minister and Your Majesty were in conflict, and their respective paths were unavoidable,” Huo Caiyu spoke with great candor, “Now that Your Majesty and the Prime Minister have reconciled, hopefully, the Prime Minister won’t harbor grudges.”

The black cat stared at him. Although feeling somewhat annoyed, it was well aware that it had brought most of the trouble upon itself when it was struck by a sword and reverted to its original form. Besides, Chi Zhongming couldn’t defeat Huo Caiyu either.

Finally, it snorted, “As long as you’re not afraid that I’ll disrupt the affairs of the court.”

Although Huo Caiyu had harbored strong animosity towards Prime Minister Ye in the past, deep down, he acknowledged the Prime Minister’s talent.

If Prime Minister Ye were just an average individual, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to create such chaos in the political landscape of the Di Dynasty.

Besides, having Chi Zhongming around, he had even less reason to worry.

After briefly discussing some political matters, Huo Caiyu gently stroked the little hamster in his hand and glanced at the sky, realizing it was getting late. “It’s getting late. Your Majesty and I will leave first.”

After finishing his statement, he pushed off his tiptoes and quickly leaped off the pagoda.

Chi Zhongming still had some doubts about why the Regent Prince had left so hastily this time, but when he turned his head and took a look, he suddenly understood.

They had just agreed to the request of the mysterious Daoist to move the cauldron to a warmer location.

Huo Caiyu had run off. Did it mean that he had to move such a heavy cauldron all by himself?!

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