I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 74 Part 2

Chapter 74.2 Chip Chip Chip Chip~

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Going northwest from Mount Yuan would lead directly to Jiao Kingdom. However, after descending the mountain, Huo Caiyu didn’t continue outward but instead returned to the nearby town.

Li Jinyu lay on a clean cushion, holding a delicious-smelling dried walnut, and watched as Huo Caiyu came in and out from time to time, feeling somewhat puzzled. “What have you been doing?”

“This official bought some things that Your Majesty currently needs,” Huo Caiyu entered with a box and opened it to show Li Jinyu.

Li Jinyu took a quick look, and his eyes instantly brightened.

It was a box of soft wood shavings!

He suppressed his strong urge to dive into it and calmly twitched his ears. “Hmm, it’s actually quite good.”

It was the first time Huo Caiyu interacted with Li Jinyu in hamster form. Unsure if Li Jinyu would like it, he bought it based on the supplies Li Jinyu had prepared for Dumpling. Even though Li Jinyu said it was “quite good,” his gaze was glued on the box of wood shavings, making Huo Caiyu feel a bit tempted to go over and give the little hamster a kiss.

Now he somewhat understood Chi Zhongming’s peculiarities.

“Does Your Majesty have any aversions in this form?” Huo Caiyu slowed down his voice, sat beside Li Jinyu’s cushion, lifted him up, and carefully observed his Majesty.

His Majesty appeared too fragile now.

Li Jinyu tilted his head and lightly scratched his ear with his hind paw, “Shouldn’t… there be no problem, probably similar to Dumpling?”

“What about food and drink?”

“As long as it’s grains and clean water.”

Huo Caiyu nodded, “Alright.”

Li Jinyu turned his head and glanced at him, suddenly feeling a bit embarrassed, “You don’t have to be so formal when we’re outside.”

In his current form, hearing Huo Caiyu say “this official” and “Your Majesty” repeatedly felt somewhat awkwardly embarrassing.

Huo Caiyu readily changed his address, “Alright, Jinyu.”

Li Jinyu uneasily twitched his ears, sensing his face growing warmer.

It was just a simple pair of words, but when spoken by Huo Caiyu, they carried a touch of gentle affection.

Huo Caiyu gently touched the hamster’s head with his fingertip, then turned around and placed the box of wood shavings on the bedside, “Will Your Majesty sleep here tonight?”

Li Jinyu nodded happily, “Naturally!”

It crawled into the box, rolling in the soft wood shavings and happily burying itself within them.

More than a year of joyful reunion!

Poking its head out from the wood shavings filled with the scent of fresh wood, Li Jinyu looked at Huo Caiyu, who sat on the edge of the bed, smiling at him. Suddenly, Li Jinyu made a firm decision and whispered, “Actually… I’m not Emperor Jingchang.”

There was no change in Huo Caiyu’s expression, his smile remained, and he simply nodded.

“I came from another world. Due to Chonky’s Heavenly Tribulation, I was involved and woke up in Emperor Jingchang’s body.” Li Jinyu lowered his head, unable to meet Huo Caiyu’s gaze, and revealed his biggest secret to him.

This included his origins, his purpose, his emotional journey over the past year, as well as the things that were misunderstood by Huo Caiyu, whether intentionally or not.

“The Single Whip Policy is from a novel I read in my world. The reformation you proposed is not my accomplishment.

“At first, I wasn’t genuinely trusting you when I followed your every command. I only wanted to place you on the throne to free myself from burdens.”

Li Jinyu didn’t know if Huo Caiyu would become angry or start disliking him after sharing these matters, but he didn’t want to keep anything hidden from Huo Caiyu.

When he realized his feelings for Huo Caiyu, he became even more unwilling for Huo Caiyu to have affection for a version of himself that was mixed with falsehoods.

As Huo Caiyu listened, the smile on his face gradually faded, ultimately leaving behind a calm and serene expression.

Li Jinyu finished his rambling and instinctively glanced at Huo Caiyu, his front paws unintentionally clasped together, expressing a pitiful plea.

Huo Caiyu locked eyes with Li Jinyu, and after a moment, he spoke, “Is that all?”

Li Jinyu felt a nervous tightness in his chest and inexplicably wanted to cry. He nodded, “Yes.”

“What Jinyu shared is really…” Huo Caiyu spoke slowly, tilting his head slightly, “What should I do now?”

Li Jinyu had prepared himself mentally, but those words almost brought him to tears. He fought hard to hold them back, quietly saying, “I’m sorry for hiding it from you for so long.”

Huo Caiyu gazed at the hamster whose eyes were starting to mist up and let out a gentle sigh. He reached out and caressed the hamster’s head, asking softly, “What are you afraid of?”

Sensing the warmth of Huo Caiyu’s palm on the top of his head, Li Jinyu’s eyes welled up with tears, unable to be restrained any longer.

“I’m afraid you won’t like me anymore.”

Had Huo Caiyu liked the real him or an imagined version of him before? If that imagined version no longer existed, would Huo Caiyu still have feelings for him?

Li Jinyu had never considered these questions before. However, after being with Huo Caiyu, he gradually began to experience this uneasiness and confusion.

Huo Caiyu lowered his head, looking at the tears streaming down the little hamster’s eyes. Suddenly, he leaned down and lightly kissed the hamster’s ear.

Li Jinyu’s ears trembled instinctively, and he lifted his head, staring at Huo Caiyu in a dazed manner.

Just like the two fleeting kisses they had before officially committing to each other, Huo Caiyu once again placed his kiss in the same spot.

“This official will be by Your Majesty’s side for his entire life,” Huo Caiyu’s voice carried a serious tone. His eyes met Li Jinyu’s, and his lips curved into a gentle smile. “No matter who Your Majesty is.”

This marked the third time he had spoken those words.

But it was the most reassuring time for Li Jinyu.

“But I’m not like the way you imagined…”

“How do you envision Your Majesty to be?”

Li Jinyu paused for a moment.

“I only encountered the previous Emperor once, during the Reed Flowers Festival, and since then, it has always been Jinyu,” Huo Caiyu spoke slowly, delicately wiping away the tears from Li Jinyu’s face with his index finger. “Even though there were misunderstandings initially, one should still be able to discern the true nature of a person they spend so much time with.”

Huo Caiyu couldn’t determine the exact moment when he first developed feelings for His Majesty. However, he was certain that regardless of when it occurred, the kindness, purity, and noble essence of the Emperor he loved would never change.

Even with the tarnish of a tyrant’s label on the outside, it could not overshadow the radiant brilliance of His Majesty.

Li Jinyu stared in a daze at Huo Caiyu, feeling a mixture of bitterness and sweetness welling up inside him, almost bringing him to the brink of tears again.

“And… you were supposed to be the future wise ruler,” Li Jinyu emphasized, apologizing softly, “It’s my fault.”

“Although you told me that you crossed over through a book, I don’t really have a tangible sense of it,” Huo Caiyu gently stroked the hamster’s head. “In that book, my mother suffered a tragic death, and my sister endured endless humiliation? If it were up to that version of me, he would choose to forgo the throne and instead secure the lifelong safety of his family.”

Huo Caiyu paused, his voice becoming softer, “But more importantly… this time, I have someone even more precious than the throne.” Li Jinyu’s ears quivered once again, and he buried his head beneath his paws.

This time, it was due to shyness.

“Since Jinyu comes from another world… can you tell me about it?” Huo Caiyu lay sideways on the bed, propping his head up with one hand while gently caressing Li Jinyu. Curiosity shone in his eyes. “What kind of world is it?”

What kind of people were there?

How did His Majesty look in that world?

Untangling the knot in his heart, Li Jinyu felt a bit embarrassed as he wiped his teary eyes. After contemplating for a moment, he felt somewhat ashamed. “Most of the time, I stayed in a cage, eating, sleeping, and running on a wheel, so I don’t know much… I can only give you a rough idea.”

Huo Caiyu stifled a chuckle.

It was indeed His Majesty’s style to stay at home and not go out.

“That world has television, schools, bicycles…”

Outside, the night grew deep, and inside the house, the candlelight flickered. The voices of the two people chatting filled the air, carrying a subtle warmth.


It was already the fourth lunar month, and the grass on the prairie should have grown lush. However, when Huo Caiyu and Li Jinyu set foot on the grassland, they discovered cracked earth and withered vegetation. Only a few grassland animals scurried around, searching for the remaining bits of green to nibble on.

Li Jinyu rested on Huo Caiyu’s shoulder, a tinge of surprise in his voice. “How did it become like this?”

“It seems like the drought in the Jiao Kingdom is even more severe than ours.” Huo Caiyu, too, expressed astonishment as he rode the horse forward slowly. “I hope we can still find a water source.”

Otherwise, not to mention themselves, even the horses wouldn’t endure.

On such a vast grassland, it was impossible to make progress without relying on horses.

Li Jinyu concentrated his spiritual energy in his eyes, raising his head to glance at the sky and making a soft clicking sound with his mouth.

Upon entering the borders of the Jiao Kingdom, he faintly sensed the Jiao Kingdom’s destiny rejecting him, the rightful Emperor of the Di Dynasty.

However, that force of rejection was extremely feeble, almost negligible.

Gazing towards the direction of the Jiao Kingdom palace, Li Jinyu could also see that the destiny there was fractured, dull, and visibly fading, like the setting sun on the horizon.

The fate of a nation and its rise and fall had a direct connection, mutually propelling and affecting each other.

In the past years, when the Jiao Kingdom was so powerful, one could assume that their national fortune was also glorious. However, observing the present state of the Jiao Kingdom’s destiny… it likely bore the signs of an impending downfall.

Because of Huo Caiyu’s formidable martial skills and Li Jinyu being a supernatural being, they acquired necessary supplies in the nearby town near Mount Yuan and proceeded directly through the mountain, entering the Jiao Kingdom’s territory.

Mount Yuan was steep and inhabited by wild beasts, making it feasible for only one or two people to pass if they were fortunate. An entire army would never be able to cross.

Thus, on the other side of Mount Yuan within the Jiao Kingdom’s territory, there should have been a gathering of tents and settlements. However, it now appeared deserted and desolate.

Li Jinyu remembered the words spoken by the Daoist before, “Destiny must manifest its influence in tangible matters,” and suddenly had a slight realization. “Perhaps this year’s severe drought is the result of the Jiao Kingdom’s mischief.”

Huo Caiyu was somewhat taken aback. “How so?”

“Jiao Kingdom wants to instigate a locust plague in our Di Dynasty, but a locust plague isn’t a certain outcome. Jiao Kingdom faces the risk of being forgotten, so how can they ensure their survival until our army withdraws?” Li Jinyu pondered while slowly analyzing the situation. “I suspect that Jiao Kingdom is manipulating their own destiny, creating a severe drought at the border as a precursor to the locust plague, and then allowing the drought to spread into the territory of the Di Dynasty.”

Just like how Li Jinyu caused a massive snowfall to eradicate the locusts in the Di Dynasty. After all, Jiao Kingdom could not directly bring about natural disasters in the Di Dynasty. They could only use such methods to create the conditions necessary for a locust plague and unleash those eerie blood locusts.

Huo Caiyu shook his head. “Inflicting a thousand casualties on the enemy while suffering thirty thousand of our own.”

It truly was a high-risk strategy. Why was Jiao Kingdom so reckless?

As they spoke, they arrived at an abandoned place that seemed to be a gathering spot for people from the Jiao Kingdom.

There were signs of human habitation and uneven ground from where tents had been pitched.

A place that served as a gathering spot for people from the Jiao Kingdom would naturally have a water source.

However, what had once appeared as a lake now only remained as a small pond.

Huo Caiyu allowed the horse to drink water on its own, and then they boiled water on a makeshift stove.

Li Jinyu transformed into human form and ran over to help. “Let me assist you.”

Since their identities were already revealed, Li Jinyu no longer hesitated. When transforming into human form, they still kept their tail and ears, conserving energy.

Huo Caiyu watched as Li Jinyu’s fluffy ears swayed before him and had to resist the strong urge to touch them— they were still boiling water and needed to prioritize safety.

Once the water was boiled and the tea was brewed, Huo Caiyu couldn’t hold back and reached out to gently touch Li Jinyu’s ears.

Li Jinyu’s ears instinctively twitched, and a slight blush appeared on their cheeks.

His ears were quite sensitive.

Huo Caiyu couldn’t resist the itch in his heart and leaned in to give a kiss.

Li Jinyu noticed that ever since his true form was discovered, Huo Caiyu had developed a special fondness for kissing his ears.

However, now that Li Jinyu could only remain in human form for a short time, even with his ears, any inappropriate thoughts that crossed Huo Caiyu’s mind had to be suppressed.

Huo Caiyu became more impatient than Li Jinyu to resolve the situation with Jiao Kingdom.

Just when their relationship was established, they were separated for a month. Now that they were reunited and all conflicts were resolved, the timing couldn’t be worse… Huo Caiyu didn’t want the intimacy to be interrupted by His Majesty suddenly turning back into a hamster.

Otherwise, regardless of whether His Majesty was in danger or not, it would surely be a terrifying experience.

Huo Caiyu embraced Li Jinyu from behind, rested his chin on Li Jinyu’s shoulder, and lightly rubbed against him. He let out a gentle sigh and said, “These days have been so difficult to endure.”

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