PCTG Chapter 102

Chapter 102

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Ni Lie didn’t speak, but the hand that held his waist increased a little harder.

Li Yuanmin was tightly clasped in his arms, his skin and flesh pasted to him. While leaning against him, he put his hands on his chest, sighed helplessly, and said, “You shouldn’t delay yourself here.”

This was the most turbulent time. In two days, Ye Xian will be violently killed in the palace. One after another, the crown prince Li Yuanqian will also be deposed. The ambitious Sima father and son were about to move, how can he keep delaying by staying here?

Li Yuanmin didn’t know what he was planning, but even if he got a glimpse of the key opportunity, he’s nothing but just a general of two rivers. Although he commanded one side of the troops, but for the whole world, this strength was not enough.

And that’s why… He shouldn’t be distracted here.

Seeing his expression fluctuating, Ni Lie’s adam’s apple moved. He propped himself up, and looked at Li Yuanmin from top to bottom, then he lowered his head and gently pressed his forehead: “Li Yuanmin, you have to look forward.”

He touched his face and softly emphasized, “You have to look forward.”

Li Yuanmin was silent for a long time, but he curled up and leaned into his arms, such an action made Ni Lie’s heart sour, he was a little at a loss, and he really didn’t know how to spoil him. 

But coming from his lips, he accused indiscriminately: “Look at how many people you have provoked in your life, there are more than a thousand people up and down in the King Guang’an Mansion, which one of them is not relying on you. And you still dared to rely on me, i’m not that spendthrift and foolish, and there is still this little beast!”

He poked his finger and flicked the cat, and said viciously: “Since you took care of them, what’s your qualification to give them up so easily!” 

Li Yuanmin still didn’t answer him. He lowered his eyes, his forehead touched Ni Lie’s chest, not knowing what he was thinking.

Ni Lie couldn’t see his face clearly, thinking of the heart-wrenching feeling two days ago, there was another cold sweat behind him. He quickly added: “If you have such thoughts again, I…”

He wanted to say something threatening, but in the end he pushed his chest against him, “You’re not allowed to!” 

The night was gentle, the moonlight poured in, making a lot of light and shadow fall on the curtain, tranquility fell in between the bed for no reason.

Li Yuanmin suddenly looked up and asked him, “You… When did you get reborn? ”

Ni Lie was stunned, he didn’t know what he meant by asking this. He looked at Li Yuanmin’s dark eyes for a long time, and then said: “The day Xue Zaixing died.” 

Ni Lie obviously felt him tremble slightly, and heard him ask: “His death… Did he do it, or did you? ”

It was obviously only one person, but the other party clearly used “he” and “you” to refer to him. An unknown feeling surged in Ni Lie’s heart, both sour and astringent. After a while, he sighed: “You should have guessed.” 

A sense of weakness instantly invaded Li Yuanmin’s heart, making him tremble slightly. That eighteen-year-old boy really did such a dangerous thing behind his back.

The corners of his eyes couldn’t help but get wet, he gritted his teeth: “He’s simply impossibly stupid!” 

Hearing the trembling “impossibly stupid”, Ni Lie should have agreed originally, but he laughed at himself: “It’s impossibly stupid, but if he didn’t do it, then I would.” 

Ni Lie drooped his neck, fiddled with Li Yuanmin’s snow-white ear with the tip of his nose, and sniffed the peaceful cold fragrance, nevertheless he gloomily said: “I didn’t understand it before, but now I do.”

How could he tolerate it! How can he tolerate others intruding on Li Yuanmin like this! Just thinking about it a little, and it could make him crazy!

The atmosphere suddenly quieted down as the sound of beating outside came from afar, one after another, seemingly as hazy as the fireworks on the other side.

After a long time, Li Yuanmin, who was in silence, finally raised his head, and he looked at the man with a gloomy look: “I haven’t been touched by him.”

He looked into his eyes and took a deep breath: “There is also no one else. ”

Ni Lie’s head suddenly exploded, he suddenly stood up and stammered: “What… What?”

Li Yuanmin avoided his hot gaze and said lightly: “It’s not like i dont have the ability to protect myself.” 

Before the words fell, Ni Lie suddenly got into the futon, Li Yuanmin wanted to say something to him, but the other party didn’t listen at all, he was like a restless beast, suddenly rushing in, Li Yuanmin gasped.

“It hurts…”

Li Yuanmin didn’t know why Ni Lie suddenly went crazy, gnawing on endlessly, even using his teeth to nibble on him like this.

Li Yuanmin was in so much pain that tears came out. Ni Lie came out of the futon again, his hair was disheveled, his eyes were red, he was stimulated like a madman.

“Jiaojiao…” Ni Lie blocked his lips and rubbed him excitedly, “How can my Jiaojiao be so clever.”

Li Yuanmin pushed him away in annoyance, “I’m not telling you this to make you become crazy.”

He slowed down: “I wanted to say…”

But before the words fell, Ni Lie got into it again, he didn’t have the heart to listen to him at all, all he knew was to endlessly troubled him. The annoyed Li Yuanmin used his hand and feet to kick him, he even learned from Ni Lie to bite him back. Compared to Ni Lie, he was obviously merciless, he kept biting Ni Lie’s wheat-colored rough skin until it was bruised, but Ni Lie was very happy, that he did him even more.

The little kitty jumped out of bed in shock, it nestled in the curtain and stared warily at the moving bed.

The bed curtain swayed, from time to time there was a muffled groan, mixed with Li Yuanmin’s angry rebuke, however, it was more of Ni Lie’s incomparably carefree, clear and bright laugh. 

Moreover, the moonlight still illuminated on eternally. 

It was already late at night, Ni Lie untied his hands and went to bed, he frowned and leaned over, “Jiaojiao? ”

In the dark night, Li Yuanmin ignored him. Ni Lie was worried in his heart, he carefully took him in his arms, kissed his forehead flatteringly, and whispered: “I won’t mess with you like this next time.” 

His voice became lower and lower: “I’m really happy.” 

Li Yuanmin sighed helplessly, and finally stopped dealing with him: “I told you this, just to make you understand that I am not a person who uses my looks to serve others. And I am not without the ability to protect myself.” 

A burst of heat entered Ni Lie’s heart, he came closer to him: “I know.”

Li Yuanmin glanced at him angrily. When Ni Lie, whose heart was beating wildly, saw this, he couldn’t help but want to pinch his face. It was best to bite lightly with his teeth. But he was afraid that Li Yuanmin would be angry, so he could only press down that restlessness.

He heard Li Yuanmin say: “So, you go do your work, you don’t have to worry about my side.”

Countless fireworks suddenly exploded in Ni Lie’s heart, the big stone in his heart finally was put down heavily now that he no longer had the idea of death! Ni Lie was really happy but he didn’t know how to be good, so he only touched his beautiful face, and said excitedly: “Okay, I’ll go back tomorrow, but you don’t even think of drawing a line with me.” 

He smiled: “Don’t worry, my wrist is powerful. During this time, you just stay in the inn, don’t go anywhere. In two days, I’m afraid that even if someone looks for you, you don’t have to care about them.”

As the last word fell, a chill appeared on his face.

After a long time, he heard Li Yuanmin spoke in a low muffled voice: “Got it.” 

The chill on Ni Lie’s face suddenly disappeared, and he hugged him tightly into his arms.

“Jiaojiao,” he said urgently, sniffing his ears, “you help me remember, you must help me remember these eight years.”

He was too curious about how the innocent pure him of that year got together with Li Yuanmin. Clearly, he was a person who would cry until he trembled of shame even from feces and urination, how could he allow him to cruelly indulge in his body like that. 

The person who took away his innocence was obviously this body, but in this matter, he was like an outsider.

This made him agitated, holding his forehead against him, “Make me remember it.”

Li Yuanmin was a little confused, and he was even more confused by that impatient head that kept drilling in to sniff. 

Ni Lie looked at him a little at a loss, his heart was so soft that he was about to explode.

But at the same time, he also clearly knew that in his heart, he was not special, and the helplessness of the other party, these concessions, these seemingly compromised acceptances, all depended on the eighteen-year-old youth. The only way he could get close to him completely was to remember those eight years.

Ni Lie was sour and astringent as he buried his face deep into his thin chest.


Qiu Chan stroked her face against the carved copper mirror, the face inside gradually recovered some color, closer to the face of the past.

She was happy in her heart as she applied on some powder.

Just as she was faintly applying the powder with her fingertips, there was a creak at the door, and in came a fifteen or sixteen imperial attendant, who carried a food box in his hand and placed it respectfully on the table, “Aunt, this is yours.” 

Qiu Chan put down the copper mirror, opened the box and took a look. It’s the food that she usually eats again, her brows couldn’t help frowning.

It has been a few days since she was transferred from the washing division to the garden supervisor. Although she had escaped the dark days under that old woman, she’s still trapped in this small garden division, not knowing when she will be able to go out.

However, this time, she finally gambled right, fate finally opened a way for her again, but she wanted far more than that.

She looked at the attendant annoyingly: “When can I leave the palace?” 

The imperial attendant was shocked, he looked around, and said in a low voice: “Don’t worry, aunt, Daren asked you to wait for the time being. After a while, I will find a time to arrange for you to leave the palace.” 

Seeing her depressed appearance, the imperial attendant smiled: “Although this garden division is despicable, everything is taken care of, isn’t it safe here. Aunt should go rest.”

Hearing that peaceful word, Qiu Chan put down the food box with a bang: “I don’t want this meager peaceful talk, I just want real words. How long do I have to wait!” 

That imperial attendant was sluggish for a while, during this moment, it’s difficult to get a palace maid out of the palace. She has to wait for the opportunity, although this garden division is not a good place, but there are not many people, the work is also easy, most of the work in the hands of this person in front of him has been replaced. It is not an exaggeration to say she’s already the little master of this garden division. She just has to wait a little more, how could it be this difficult?

But how could he dare to say it, he only smiled and said something comforting to her.

Qiu Chan rubbed the corners of his forehead, his eyes moved as she said to the imperial attendant: “You bring my word to Daren.”

She whispered something in his ear.

The imperial attendant hesitated for a moment, his face hesitant, but he agreed and left.

The author has something to say: Ah, Old Ni, you don’t have to be presumptuous. In the future, you are also a special existence in the heart of His Highness, you don’t have to rely on Little Ni.

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