PCTG Chapter 103

Chapter 103

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The 23rd day of the second month of the 29th year of the Wu dynasty, the lord of the Wala Kingdom Ye Xian was violently killed in the capital of Bei’an, the government and the public were in shock.

That night, martial law was imposed in the capital. The crown prince ordered officials of the Criminal Court to cooperate with the Investigation Court Left and Right to control all the officials to strictly investigate all night. For two days in a row, the imperial army was taking people everywhere, for a while, the capital was in a rage.

Ye Xian died on the bed, there were two women beside him when he died. The two women were the crown prince’s female entertainers that were noticed by Ye Xian during the banquet. The crown prince naturally pushed the boat along the water, so they were sent to his bed that night, but the crown prince didn’t think that this action would hasten Ye Xian’s life. All the seven apertures of his head bled on the spot and he died violently.

The two female entertainers were naturally the first to be captured. Under the torture, they confessed that a palace servant offered a bowl of seahorse soup that night.

After going through the coroner’s investigation, Ye Xian died of the bursting of the five veins. The root cause was this bowl of seahorse soup. Seahorse soup originally had the function of warming the kidneys and boost male s*x drive. There was Epimedium added in the soup, morinda root, and other yang-inducing ingredients. Ye Xian wallowed in alcohol and s*x for many years, his inside has long been in deficit. He also had the habit of taking the Five Dragon Pills of Xingyang essence. When he did the two female entertainers, he even drank the strong boosting medicine, his body could not withstand it and he died on the spot.

The Left Investigation Court hurriedly ordered the arrest of that palace servant overnight, but before they could be arrested, the palace servant had already swallowed the poison and died.

The dishonorable death of the lord of the Wala country in the palace was related to the people of the inner court. This case could not end well, the entire Wala delegation was even more indignant. The anger was fierce, they all said that they would seek justice.

On this eventful day, in order to calm the people, the crown prince found an insignificant person to come out to take the blame. But how could the Wala delegation be so easily deceived. On the third day, the Wala general Liang Haduo led his people to rush into the heavily guarded Dajing Temple in one fell swoop, snatched Ye Xian’s body back and prepared his body inside the coffin and brought back his corpse to the capital of Wala.

In late spring, a layer of clouds hung over the capital.

Inside the missionary, under the bright light, Ni Lie took up the brush to write down a few words.

Cao Gang hurriedly came in from outside, he was originally a person who was not alarmed, but this time, his face had a rare panic, he closed the door with his backhand as soon as he stepped into the hall.

Ni Lie glanced at him, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he immediately knew why he came: “What happened to the Marquis Zhenbei Mansion?” 

Cao Gang was impressed by his thoughts, and immediately frowned: “It was just as Daren had expected, a few days ago, the Sima father and son changed Fu Yan, the general of Chenzhou. ”

The air instantly solidified.

Cao Gang originally thought that Ni Lie would be greatly shocked, but then he took a long breath on his face. A smile of unknown meaning appeared on his lips: “It seems that at least one of this Sima father and son has been reborn like us. ”

Cao Gang’s face tensed slightly: “Daren, then let’s take the next step…”

“Hold still.”

Cao Gang’s heart couldn’t help but feel anxious.

Ni Lie threw his brush on the case, his eyes burning: “If something knows the truth, it is not the worst case. The worst thing is that it happened, but we don’t know anything.”

He rubbed his fingertips and asked Cao Gang, “If you were Sima father and son, what would you do?”

Cao Gang was silent for a long time, and said, “Cut the grass and remove the roots.”

Ni Lie smiled loudly, his eyes were gloomy: “Then it depends on whether the Sima family has this ability.”

He slowly closed his eyes. After a moment’s effort, he suddenly opened it. He made a decision in his heart, he picked up the brush, hurriedly wrote a few lines on it, and casually took the envelope wax, then handed it to Cao Gang, “Send this secret letter to old General Xie, asking him to prepare to overturn my father’s case.” 

Old General Xie had found a new lead about Ni Yan’s affairs that year. He wanted to present the case to the Emperor Mingde to overturn the old court case but he was stopped by Ni Lie, and only let him put it aside first.

He would not hope for Emperor Mingde to admit that he had wrongly killed a loyal general, otherwise he would not have had to wait until he seized the country to rehabilitate his father.

Thinking of the turmoil in the previous life, Ni Lie sneered. He whispered a few words with Cao Gang at the moment. Cao Gang accepted the order.

Ni Lie’s face slowed slightly, and he moved away from the conversation: “Liang Haduo is out of the city?”

Cao Gang said, “Liang Haduo and his party carried Ye Xian’s coffin out of the Yumen Pass. It’s said that he cried and fainted halfway. ”

A mocking smile appeared on his lips: “This Liang Haduo is good at fighting, but he is also good at acting.”

In his last life, he had underestimated him, which led to the three-year war that year. But now that he thought about it, there are many suspicious things. In this life, after following the clues of the previous life several times, it turned out that the guy’s lackeys had already made their way into the  Bei’an Imperial Palace. It was strange that the Wala and Tatar armies actually effortlessly broke through Liangzhou, Shanbei, Zushu, these three regions and nearly broke through the capital. 

Cao Gang asked, “What about the man who Liang Haduo planted in the inner court?” 

Ni Lie waved his hand: “There is no need to worry, since it is his pawn, then let it be. We always know his details, so we are not in a hurry to deal with it.”

His eyes narrowed slightly: “Now in this situation, the more chaotic the better, with their restraint, the Sima family is also somewhat afraid of us.” 

Cao Gang understood his intentions, and finally relaxed a little in his heart: “Daren is wise.” 

Ni Lie tapped his finger twice on the table and ordered: “Speak to Wang Xi, have him urgently protect Liang Haduo’s chess piece. No matter what, don’t let anyone get rid of him.” 

“I understand.” 

Cao Gang was about to retreat, when he remembered something. He hesitated for a moment, before glancing at Ni Lie: “Daren, this Miss Qiu Chan…she wanted to leave the palace.”

Ni Lie frowned, his voice instantly lowered: “She was mistreated? ”

“Daren, rest assured.” Cao Gang hurriedly said, “She is currently placed in the garden supervision. Although she is not considered to be pampered, she’s still idle… Because it’s still in troubled times now, there is not a good time to get her out.”

“And…” Cao Gang peeked at his expression, “Her origin has been clarified, she entered the palace at the age of eight. At first, she worked at the Ronghua Palace, before she was pushed out by others and transferred to the West Palace…”

He hesitated for a moment: “She was a palace maid in the residence of King Guang’an…”

Before the words fell, Ni Lie stood up abruptly: “What?!”

When Cao Gang saw him react like this, it seemed as if this news affected his heart more than when he had heard about the strange situation of Sima’s father and son. Cao Gang’s heart couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive.

He didn’t dare to hide it, and he spoke of everything he had heard from tipping off within the palace immediately. 

The candlelight flickered, and the room fell into silence.

Ni Lie hadn’t spoken for a long time, after a long time, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes: “Cao Gang, listen to me, within three days, try everything you can, I want to see her.”

Cao Gang’s Adam’s apple moved, and he solemnly bowed: “I will arrange this.” 

The news of the violent death of Ye Xian soon reached Li Yuanmin’s ears. He was not surprised, but just gave a hum in agreement before letting the entourage withdraw. 

With a creak at the door, Ni Ying came in and brought him breakfast.

It wasn’t known what Ni Lie told her, but after that night, Ni Ying treated him as if nothing had happened, the same as usual.

Li Yuanmin saw her appearance, his heart sour, it was hard to endure. But he could only be like her, pretending like nothing happened. 

He thought he carried too much burden that he could not be selfish.

In the past few days, Li Yuanmin had picked up his spirits and planned the following arrangements. What he didn’t expect, however, was that soon someone will disrupt his plans.

It was an afternoon when a piece of letterhead appeared in front of him.

There was a verse on top.

“Amongst tall mountains and flowing rivers, it’s only you I see..”

He shook on the spot, and the letterhead fell to the ground.

Startled, he leaned over again and picked up the letterhead.

There were impressive, and astonishing ten characters written on top of it. 

In the last life, he wrote this poem with hidden intentions in a book and secretly put it into that person’s huge library. Among tens of thousands of books, he thought that the other party would never obtain it in his life, but he still humbly had a hope.

It turned out that he had already seen it.

Li Yuanmin sat on the edge of the bed for a long time, a sneer gradually floated up, and finally, he called Ni Ying, “Prepare a carriage to go to Marquis Zhenbei Mansion.”

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