PCTG Chapter 104

Chapter 104

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Before Ni Ying handed over her invitation, someone hurriedly greeted him and welcomed Li Yuanmin and his group in.

Before entering the inner courtyard, Ni Ying and a few entourages were stopped. Ni Ying’s face sank, she unsheathed the sword on her waist: “At least I have to follow.” 

The guard was very sincere: “The young marquis had ordered, besides King Guang’an, others are not to come in. Please don’t make things difficult and stay here.” 

Li Yuanmin sighed. He pulled Ni Ying, and whispered a few words to her. Although Ni Ying’s face was still worried, seeing Li Yuanmin’s determined appearance, she pursed her lips and stepped back.

Li Yuanmin patted Ni Ying’s shoulder soothingly, and followed the guard into the inner courtyard.

Bypassing the winding covered bridge, in a blink of an eye, he arrived at a bamboo forest, surrounded by shade. Hidden in a large quaint courtyard, there was a plaque at the door, carrying the word “Hanhai”. This is the library of the Marquis Zhenbei Mansion. Besides Danei, there were no other places that could match the quantity of books here in Bei’an.

In the previous life, Sima Yu often brought Li Yuanmin to stay here for half a day, which was a rare little peace for Li Yuanmin in his last life.

Li Yuanmin looked at the swaying bamboo forest in front of the small courtyard for a long time, before he finally walked in with his feet up.

Through the door and into the hall, a tall jade figure stood with his back to him. He turned around when he heard the movements.

Even with his current state of mind, Li Yuanmin had to admit that the demeanor of the person in front of him was indeed worthy of the title of “person with splendid prospects” approved by the Emperor Mingde’s imperial rescript. He was that dazzling, with him just standing there, people on the side can’t help but focus their eyes on him.

Of course, these gazes were by no means the kind of dirty prying eyes that fell on himself.

Li Yuanmin originally thought that it would be difficult for him to calm down, but miraculously, he was extremely peaceful in his heart.

The other party’s narrow phoenix eyes looked at him for a long time, before he finally strode up and took Li Yuanmin into his embrace, with surprisingly strong force.

“A Min.”

Li Yuanmin closed his eyes. In the end, he resisted the urge to push him away.

He cooperated with him, quietly pouring out his heart with rare excitement and hugged him back.

The green smoke on the incense burner gradually eroded into nothingness, leaving a light and elegant breath.

Sima Yu took his hand and sat on the futon, he looked him up and down, and let out a long sigh: “In this life, let us be well. I will never let you repeat the fate of the previous life.” 

Li Yuanmin closed his eyes that couldn’t help but glow coldly, but his voice was deliberately raised a little, revealing a sense of resentment: “I have changed my life, I don’t need you.”

Sima Yu had already expected his reaction, and he squeezed his fingers comfortably like in his previous life, softly coaxing: “Don’t say silly things, I underestimated the enemy in my last life, that’s why you got that ending, but since the heavens gave us another chance, then in this life, we will start anew properly.”

Li Yuanmin broke free from him, there seemed to be aggrieved tears in his eyes: “How to start anew?” 

Sima Yu’s Adam’s apple moved, the light on his handsome face gradually grew: “By helping you ascend the throne, but I promise you that the ending of the previous life will not happen again.” ”

Li Yuanmin lowered his head, which made him look a little vulnerable. Sima Yu’s heart was full of pity, he couldn’t help but want to take him into his embrace, however he saw him raising his head: “The night the crown prince wantonly entertained the Wala, where were you?” 

Sima Yu realized his intention when he asked this, his eyes were gloomy. His Adam’s apple moved: “That kind of moment… I can only endure. ”

Li Yuanmoin said softly, “But the Red Tiger King couldn’t endure it.” 

Sima Yu’s mood was faintly angry, but he forced himself to endure. He said, “He is not the Red Tiger King, he is just another man who was fascinated by you.” 

Li Yuanmin sighed almost inaudible: “Why are you so sure that he is not the Red Tiger King?”

Sima Yu chuckled, he remembered the fierce and murderous man in his previous life, his eyes were gloomy, and said, “I also had doubts. But A Min, in the banquet that day, under that circumstance, he was so reckless to stand up for you. If he were the Red Tiger King, he would never do this.”

On that occasion, even if Sima Yu was in such a position, he could not come out so rashly and risk provoking the crown prince on the spot to relieve him, let alone an insignificant general of two rivers. 

That beast, was without human nature, wicked like a treacherous person, sly and cruel. How could it be like this! 

Li Yuanmin listened, his face was expressionless, but he looked at him for a long time. There seemed to be a vast smoke wave in his eyes, making the person unable to see the depths.

In the end, he let out a long sigh, “Yes, he is indeed not the Red Tiger King, I took him with me since he was a child. I personally raised him, now, he only recognizes me, even if he switches to the crown prince’s side, he will only recognize me.”

He paused: “After all, I will never repeat the fate of my previous life again!” 

Sima Yu’s eyes hurt. He gritted his teeth, and took him into his embrace again: “You did a good job by domesticating this beast. In the future, this country will be in our palms.” 

Li Yuanmin swallowed the bitterness in his throat with extreme difficulty as he obediently buried it in Sima Yu’s embrace. He said softly: “In this life, you must not fail me.” 

Sima Yu was startled and rubbed him heavily in his embrace.

“Never…” He caressed his black hair, his voice became low: “A Min, you don’t know how much my heart had been in pain when I saw your corpse, how did you even do it! How could you!” 

He hugged him tightly, feeling the slight tremor of Li Yuanmin’s body, he patted his back soothingly: “Fortunately, God has mercy on us and gave us such an opportunity, A Min, you alone are far from enough, now that I am here, you can breathe a sigh of relief in the future.” 

Li Yuanmin listened and hugged him softly, but his face could not even support the last bit of the strong appearance he’s putting on.

Coming out of the Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, Li Yuanmin’s steps were a little superficial. Obviously he hadn’t felt like vomiting for a long time, but for some reason, when he stepped out of the gate of the majestic mansion, he had a desire to gag.

He secretly endured it, rubbed his chest, and with Ni Ying’s support, stepped into the carriage, but before the carriage started, the veil to the carriage was lifted open.

Ni Lie’s sharp face suddenly appeared in his face, he breathed a little shortly, and looked him up and down a few times, his eyes were a little gloomy, and a little restless.

However, Li Yuanmin smiled at him and patted the cushion beside him.

Ni Lie’s face was uncertain, but he finally sat down.

After sitting down, Li Yuanmin sighed faintly and rested his head on his shoulder.

Ni Lie looked down at the tiredness on his face, and his heart was even more depressed.

Since he received the letter report, he immediately came in disguise. Along the way, he only thought about what kind of words made Li Yuanmin take the initiative to visit the Marquis Zhenbei Mansion! He clearly told him not to leave the inn easily these days, but he went to visit at their door on his own because of a mere verse! After all, what does he want exactly! 

If he did not have any rationality left, he would have rushed into the mansion to capture the person directly. But in the end, he could only linger outside the Marquis gate like an anxious tiger waiting for him.

Ni Lie wanted to question him on the spot, but he was afraid of annoying him. The dignified Red Tiger King had such a time when he was intertwined repeatedly like a woman in her chamber. However, seeing Li Yuanmin like this, he closed his mouth and took him into his embrace dissatisfied.

After returning to the inn, Ni Ying and the rest of the entourage retreated. Ni Lie followed him into the room.

When the door closed, Li Yuanmin suddenly took his hand and pulled him into the inner room.

The sunset was setting, surrounded by a hoarse red glow. Li Yuanmin lowered his eyes, and pulled his coat’s belt. Ni Lie’s eyes straightened, his heart pounded. He looked at him a little helplessly, the person in front of him removed all his clothes little by little, until the snow-white body was revealed.

He slowly lifted his eyes and looked into his eyes.

Ni Lie was agitated, he leaned down and hugged him.

His mind roared, he could wait to ask later! He will ask him later! He took large strides and pressed him on the bed in that instant!

But the other party was very strange, he only allowed him to kiss everywhere, but refused to let him do unnecessary actions.

Ni Lie was really impatient, he coaxed him: “Jiaojiao, let me….” 

“I’m holding back too much. It hurts, it’s so painful.” He gritted his teeth against his forehead: “It’s killing me!”

But Li Yuanmin frowned, with some pleading water intent in his eyes. Seeing Ni Lie without rationality, although he did not want to do it directly, in the end he just followed his wishes. Scarlet red eyes, he just let him guide, and appease him with hot kisses.

The sky gradually darkened, the things in the room gradually blurred the outline.

There was the sound of splashing water outside, as if someone was cleaning. For a long time, the veil moved and Ni Lie came in with big strides. He lifted the bedding, and scrubbed Li Yuanmin’s side. He hugged him, and complained in a low voice: “You are a thief specially sent by God to take care of me, aren’t you!” 

Remembering his stupid appearance outside earlier, looking like he was deceived into doing something dirty, Ni Lie simply felt that he was a hopeless fool! 

“Sima Yu has been reborn.” Li Yuanmin said lightly.

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