PCTG Chapter 105

Chapter 105

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Ni Lie was dissatifyingly trying to taste some sweetness by arching his nose around Li Yuanmin’s neck. Without hesitation, he listened to him say this, after a moment, his face gradually returned to calm, and his Adam’s apple moved, saying:

“He wants to have you ascend the throne?”

Li Yuanmin looked at his eyes that had regained sharpness, and his heart suddenly jumped. As long as he showed this look, Li Yuanmin felt that he had nothing to hide in front of him, and he couldn’t hide anything from him.

This was the Red Tiger King he knew, not the eighteen-year-old boy that had become a blurry figure to him now.

Wicked and treacherous, ruthless and cruel.

This was Sima Yu’s evaluation of him.

Sima Yu was not a stupid person, how could he easily be sure that he was not the Red Tiger King, unless this matter is too unimaginable.

Even if it was Li Yuanmin, he also occasionally got into a trance.

Li Yuanmin looked at him silently for a long time, and opened his lips to say: “Yes.”

Ni Lie said, “What are you going to do?” 

Li Yuanmin secretly grabbed the quilt angle, but said fishily:”I will never live in your harem.” 

Ni Lie’s eyes were even deeper, after a long time, he said: “I once told you that I can tolerate you when you cause trouble for me but I definitely can’t tolerate half of your hypocrisy. I still abide by this today.”  

Li Yuanmin listened, his heart trembled. He was always the Red Tiger King, he was always the extremely keen beast, having keen insight into people’s hearts, all the speculation for self interest was visible in front of him.

Li Yuanmin was ashamed of being seen through. But a wild hope of cutting off his means of retreat suddenly rose, making his body heated up. His heart beat violently, he thought, he only had this chance, he wanted to gamble! This could be considered the biggest gamble of his two lifetimes! With a fierce heart, he met his eyes.

“I want you to help me ascend the throne!”

There was silence in the air.

Li Yuanmin stared at him tightly, his chest heaving, this life’s grand bet had finally been laid. 

For a long time, he didn’t hear the other party’s answer. Li Yuanmin’s body gradually cooled down. But then he saw Ni Lie smiling, his eyebrows were very cold, such a smile softened a little of his fierceness, making his handsome face a little more tender. Seeing him hang his head, he patted Li Yuanmin’s with his hot lips.

He said, “Okay, I’ll help you, Li Yuanmin, ascend the throne.”

This result went smoothly that it made Li Yuanmin surprised. It made him look at Ni Lie blankly for a while.

However, the other person seemed to respond as if agreeing to a small request. The seriousness on their face faded away, and they lowered their head slightly, slowly bringing their lips closer to his. Li Yuanmin was unsure why, feeling a bit flustered. He pushed against their chest, trying to avoid their kiss.


Ni Lie bit his lip: “I promised you, to not let the people of the world dare to covet you with half a disrespect, since you don’t want to be my only wife…”

He rubbed his nose against him, and his eyes looked deeply at him: “Then we can change it to another way…”

“I didn’t think that I, Ni Lie, would be willing to throw my life away for someone one day. This is really what they called losing one’s head to lust.” He laughed softly and self-deprecatingly, but his eyes were full of brilliance: “I hope that this life, I won’t end up losing my value and be killed afterward.”

Li Yuanmin jerked his arms around his neck.

At that moment, Li Yuanmin suddenly remembered why he urgently needed his kiss and his breath to forget his physical contact with Sima Yu when he returned from the Marquis Zhenbei Mansion. This was the way for him and the eighteen-year-old boy, he originally thought that he just needed this face, but no, at that moment, he suddenly realized that they were one person.

Stripped of the layers of shells, they were essentially the same person, the soul he knew.

At that moment, Li Yuanmin’s eyes suddenly turned red.

Ni Lie saw it, and his heart was not calm again, “Why are you crying again.” 

He hugged him: “Don’t cry, I’ve stripped my life and gave it to you. Why aren’t you happy but cry again, I won’t agree to this now.” 

But Li Yuanmin shook his head. He hugged him tightly, and buried his body in his arms.

He begged him, “Kiss me again, kiss me for a long time.” 

The inn gradually started lighting up, with dim lights shimmering here and there.

Loving whispers echoed in the room. Ni Ying waited outside the door for a long time. Since returning from the Zhenbei Marquis Mansion, His Highness Gege and her older brother have not eaten yet, and it is already dark at this time, she didn’t know how long they will delay their meal time.

However, Ni Ying shouldn’t knock on the door at this time, for fear of disturbing the two. But thinking that His Royal Highness Gege was weak, how could he miss dinner like this. Before she could think of any way, the door creaked, and Ni Lie walked out.

When he saw A Ying, his face relaxed: “A Ying, get some food for two people.”

Ni Ying was relieved, she hurriedly nodded and immediately withdrew. 

Ni Lie went back and saw the man on the bed was lying with his back to him, he approached, “Get up and eat something.” 

Li Yuanmin was thinking about something, when he was caught off guard by his touch, trembling slightly, as if startled by him. Ni Lie frowned strangely, but he didn’t say anything.

After a while, the servant woman brought up a few food boxes one by one. Li Yuanmin sat down, and ate with him. But he did not have a very good appetite, so only half a bowl of rice was eaten. Under Ni Lie’s persuasion, he also drank another bowl of medicinal soup before putting down his chopsticks.

Ni Lie was different, he ate a lot. In a blink of an eye, he added three bowls of rice, ate the prepared meal like a windswept cloud, and drank another bowl of chicken soup in one breath before he let the servant woman prepare a cloth and wiped his mouth.

“I have to go back,” Ni Lie said. He remembered what Cao Gang said, his heart moved, but he pressed it again as he smiled, “I’m going now.” 

Li Yuanmin followed him a few steps, before Ni Lie stopped and turned around, “Sima Yu thinks that I have not been reborn, then if what he said is true, we have won at the beginning, and now, let’s bide our time and wait, do you understand?”

Li Yuanmin nodded, when Ni Lie saw him like this, his heart softened, and he immediately lowered his head and pressed it to his lips.

Holding his face with both hands, “Okay, my master, we will work for you in the future.” 

He put Li Yuanmin’s forehead on his forehead.

However, Li Yuanmin grabbed his wrist and wrapped his arm around his slender waist. Ni Lie felt a pleasant sensation and couldn’t help but pinch his waist. He saw Li Yuanmin guiding his hand slowly, placing it on his abdomen.

Ni Lie touched it, and a little smile appeared on his face: “Finally it fattened a little.”

He approached Li Yuanmin closely: “In the past, you were too thin, and on the bed, I was afraid of breaking you apart accidentally.” 

As soon as the words fell, he saw the shame in the eyes of the person in front of him.

Ni Lie chuckled in his heart, thinking that his words had annoyed him again, so he hurriedly shut up and kissed him pleasantly: “I said the wrong thing again, don’t get angry.”

But the other party only sighed faintly: “Don’t worry, you go back, I have to go to rest.” 

Ni Lie looked at his face and frowned, “Then I’ll go back.”

“Mmm.” Li Yuanmin replied softly.

After bathing, Li Yuanmin changed into a new soft silk undergarment. He waited for the wind to dry his black hair before going to bed. He lifted the futon, and silently stared at his slightly raised lower abdomen for a long time, before he finally covered it again.

He sighed and was about to lie down, when he heard the door slam,

A black shadow rushed in with lightning speed.

Li Yuanmin sat up immediately in a panic, and with a strong wind, the bed curtain withered on the ground with a tear as Li Yuanmin saw Ni Lie’s red eyes.

He jumped on the bed like a tiger: “Mine? ”

Li Yuanmin trembled, his black hair hanging pitifully. He moved back a few steps and leaned against the corner of the bed.

Ni Lie fell on all fours, surrounded him like a fierce beast on the hunt. A smug appeared on his face: “It’s mine.”

Li Yuanmin suddenly felt a disgrace that came from nowhere: “It’s my A Lie’s… Not yours. ”

Ni Lie squinted his eyes slightly, refusing to miss a trace of the expression on Li Yuanmin’s face. For a long time, he smiled again, his eyes shining: “No, you’re not sure at all, aren’t you.” 

He smiled so happily that even his chest was shaking. For a long time, he smiled, slowly hooked his head, and gently grabbed his snow-white toes exposed on the futon with his teeth.

Li Yuanmin shook, his face slowly steamed red as he retracted his feet.

Ni Lie crawled up, wrapping him between his strong arms.

He kissed him on the lips, then lowered his head and buried it deep into his lower abdomen.

The author has something to say: attention to the reviewers!!!!!!!!!! He didn’t bury in his lower abdomen for s*x !!!!!!! It’s because there are his child inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is important to pay attention to reason !!!!!!!! Early warning from a locked crazy author!!!!!!!

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