PCTG Chapter 60

Chapter 60

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When everyone retreated, Ni Ying finally couldn’t help but trot up from Ni Lie’s side. She lovingly took his arm, and whispered for her credit:

“Your Highness Gege, you have finally arrived! You must not know how mighty I was today. ”

Looking at the intertwined arms of the two, Ni Lie’s eyes darkened and he clenched his fists.

Ni Ying’s face was red, she had been staying in the barracks for some time to practice with Ni Lie, the skin that had been whitened had reverted to wheat, even darker than before. Li Yuanmin frowned. But seeing her full of joy, he couldn’t bear to pour cold water on her at the moment, and only pulled the corner of his lips and smiled faintly.

Ni Ying was excited, touched her nose and smiled. Then, she took off the candle dragon bow around her waist as if showing off. With a few pulled arrows, a series of brushing sounds, there were 3 scraping sounds making the wooden stake tied to the horse actually split in half by these three arrows with flying dust.

“ Your Highness, you saw that right, it was Elder brother who taught me! I figured it out now that archery is not only based on brute force. Hehe, I will see if those boys in the mansion would dare to not obey me!”

 Li Yuanmin had a fierce jump in between his forehead when he heard this. His heart originally wanted to openly glare at Ni Lie but he forced himself to endure it, he didn’t even look at him from the beginning. He didn’t even spare him a glance as if having a deep grudge with him. Naturally he couldn’t erupt and he only held his breath: “Well, you have been in the camp for a few days, it’s time to go back.”

Ni Ying also felt that Li Yuanmin was not in a good mood, she looked at him, and then looked at her elder brother who was standing coldly not far away. Her heart clicked, and suddenly remembered that her elder brother had not returned to the house for three days. Could it be that he had a quarrel with His Highness Gege?

She was surprised in her heart. For so many years, she had never seen the two of them have a temper tantrum even once. She couldn’t help but lean to Li Yuanmin’s ear and whisper, “Your Highness, did you quarrel with my elder brother?” 

Li Yuanmin’s fist hidden in his sleeve was clenched, his eyes were almost red, but all he did was try his best to suppress the sourness between his throat before making a gesture saying it’s fine: “Nothing of that sort. Don’t let your imagination run wild.”

Quarrel…… Even quarrels were better than this vague situation.

These three days, that youngster seemed to have disappeared. He had sent boy servants to ask, and all the answers were that he was busy. Originally, he had arranged to come to the army after tomorrow, but because of the worry in his heart, he had hurried over today while acting as if nothing had happened. It turned out the other party was busy in the army with Ah Ying fooling around, he really didn’t know what to be worried about now!

Ni Ying hurriedly collected the bow, she knew that she had really played too much in the past few days, His Highness Gege had always disliked her being so wanton like a man. She pinned the bow to her waist, pulled the corner of Li Yuanmin’s clothes, and flattered: “Ah Ying will go back with you.”

Li Yuanmin’s heart went soft, his throat was sour, and he only brushed away the messy hair that stuck to her face, “It’s not that I don’t want to let you play, but at least there must be a limit. Look at yourself, which young lady would stay in a barracks for a few days like this!”

“ Next time I will definitely pay attention,” Ni Ying stuck out her tongue, and shook his hand intimately. She thought of something before frowning and said:”Ah, I’m going to clean up first!”

 Before the words could be heard, she seemed to run away with a puff of smoke already.

There were only two people standing in front of the camp gate, and as night gradually fell, Li Yuanmin stood in place with his unchanged expression for half a day before he suddenly walked towards his main tent.

Ni Lie’s eyes moved before he also followed him.

 At this time, it was time for dinner so there were only two soldiers left in the main tent. As soon as Li Yuanmin entered the tent, he turned his face to the two people: “You two should go too.” 

The two soldiers were momentarily worried. They couldn’t help but look at Ni Lie, who nodded, and the two of them retreated.

Li Yuanmin looked back at him, opened the door of the tent and walked in.

He took three steps covering two regular steps to sit down at the desk where Ni Lie usually handled military affairs. He picked up the kettle on the table, poured water into the cup on the case, and made gurgling noises as he gulped down the water.

He gasped for breath and poured another cup, but the water in the kettle was empty. He put down the kettle with a snap, stood up with a loud bang, took a few steps forward quickly, and looked at the man in front of him with hatred, as if showing his fierceness. 

“Each and everyone of you only know how to cause trouble!” He gritted his teeth, “Look at Ah Ying, she’s already fourteen. It’s already hard to make her quiet, but you’re good, with a little bit of effort you made her run around like this. The pearl in the palm of our Guang’an mansion became this wild look now due to your teaching!”

His red lips trembled, “You’re proud that she can’t marry out, isn’t that right? I just racked my brain to connect her with a few favorable households. You look at the appearance of this female overlord, who else would dare to come? Do you want yourself as her brother to drag someone’s son to marry her?! ”

The man in front of him did not say a word, the corners of his lips were slightly squeezed. His eyes were dark making him unable to see it clearly.

Li Yuanmin’s eyes could not be more red. With two three steps forward, he viciously pushed him, but his wrist was tightly held. Li Yuanmin struggled to push him, “Each and everyone! Who made you guys be this worrisome!”

He struggled to push him like a rude child, but his voice choked: “Who told you to make me angry everyday!”

He bit his lip, finally choked up and said the sourness in his heart: “Come when you want to come, and leave without saying a word, what do you take my Guang’an mansion as!?”

After saying the last sentence, the tears almost fell, he could hardly control his emotions. If he stayed like this, he was afraid that he would not know what he would do that could be very annoying. 

Stumbling back a few steps, swallowing the pain in his throat hard, he looked at the man with red eyes, and then moved his leg and walked outside the tent.

“Songzhu, we’re going back!”

The night was hazy, so Songzhu couldn’t see Li Yuanmin’s expression clearly, but he could hear his anger, thus he stood up and immediately went to command the stable lad.

Ni Ying hurriedly came out of the other tent, looked at the fast-moving back, and then looked at the main tent that did not have any movement. Her heart had a terrible feeling. She immediately trotted over and followed the carriage.

She swallowed, “Your Highness Gege? ”

The person inside did not respond. Ni Ying patted her forehead in chagrin, she did not dare to get into the carriage at this time to annoy him, only hurriedly turned over on the horse and set off with the group of mansion soldiers.

The carriage was swaying, while Li Yuanmin was hiding inside with his head hanging down, half-shaking. There were two more drops of wetness on the hem of his thighs, then he hurriedly sucked in his nose. He wiped away the tears on his cheeks, raised his chin and breathed heavily, not letting himself shed such ridiculous tears again.

But the more he breathed, the more tears flowed. He pressed his eyes with his palm, but he couldn’t stop the big tears from dripping from his chin.

It’s so ugly, it’s really too ugly.

The only thing Li Yuanmin could do was to bite his lip and not let himself make even a whimper.

The wheels of the carriage pressed against the bluestone slab, leaving a clear glow, and soon disappeared into the distance.

What he did not know was that soon after the departure of his carriage, there was a faint sound of horses’ hooves in the empty street, and gradually the sound of horses’ hooves became louder. The steed ran quickly, the brows of the man on the horse were grave and stern. He leaned forward to quickly pursue.

The carriage stopped in front of the mansion gate. Li Yuanmin hurriedly got out of the carriage, ignored anyone, trotted all the way back to his main courtyard, and slammed the door shut.

He didn’t care if anyone else saw it, but he climbed onto the bed and buried his face in the warm futon. When everything was quiet, he allowed himself to let out a few low whimpers indulgently, carefully.

This twenty-three-year-old vessel state king was actually no different from the child in the Cold Palace of the West Palace.

He didn’t know how long he had been whimpering like this, but when he heard a squeak, he propped up his wet cheeks, and spoke in a low voice, “Everyone get out, without my order no one is allowed to come in!”

But the person who came was very bold, they did not listen to his orders at all. Li Yuanmin choked, thinking heartbrokenly, who else in the entire Guang’an mansion could be so bold. 

He suddenly sat up, didn’t care whether he was ugly or not, and proceeded to pick up the things around him and throw them at him. 

“What’s the use of coming back! I won’t let you in!”

He was as childish as a three-year-old child. He did not even wear shoes, but with a pair of snow-white feet, he rushed up and beat him endlessly.

“ This is my house, and you are not allowed to come in!”

He burst into tears, but still beat him hard, “Go away! Get lost! ”

His hands were controlled in a powerful palm, immediately his body was light, and the whole person was carried horizontally up from the ground and put on the bed. Li Yuanmin escaped from his hands and kneeled down to beat him up. 

“I will hit you! I will beat you to death!”

But he was held tightly in his arms.

The youth in front of him gasped and coarsely said, “I won’t go!”

He slowly said: “I won’t go….”

Li Yuanmin was tightly hugged, he didn’t want to pay attention to this man who didn’t even understand what comforting was. He wanted to scold him viciously, letting out a torrent of abuse using the most malicious words possible and using the most terrible of manners. However he opened his mouth and no words came out, only loud cries.

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