PCTG Chapter 61

Chapter 61

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 Ni Lie recalled this night, there was definitely no other day that was more torn than this day.

He had lost his head.

His mind was chaotically cursing himself. He didn’t know why he was chasing after him. Seeing the person in front of him cry, agitated him, he rushed over anxiously and fiercely shouted: “Don’t cry! ”

But he cried until his whole body shook all over, shaking Ni Lie’s dry heart. He frowned, and thought annoyedly that he was exerting too much force. Did he hurt him? He was so slender, his whole body was just a few dozen grams, how could he withstand half of his strength!

Thinking of this, his heart boiled in anger for no reason. He can’t help but curse under his breath, this useless spoiled beauty! Really useless! He wanted to lay him down, but he was a little inexplicably reluctant to do so, just like a headless fly!

He lowered his head and went to look for his lips, biting it twice as if punishing him. But when he touched it, he couldn’t help but be sucked in. His mind was hot, then he recklessly and excitedly blocked his lips.

The man in his arms struggled, trying to avoid him. He cried until he was out of breath: “I won’t let you…..won’t let you kiss!”

Why won’t you allow it! It’s all me anyway!

Note: he means the old Ni Lie and the current Red Tiger King who is also Ni Lie but assho*e Ni Lie.

Ni Lie’s clamourous mind suddenly was struck by a thunder and lightning bolt. Suddenly it became clear, yes, how could it not be his! Maybe it was because of that familiar face in his memory, maybe it was because his anxiety about Ah Ying’s marriage has touched him, or maybe his crying look was too uncomfortable for him… No, it’s just because he was too splendid. He seduced him like a witch! In short, he was different, he was different from the women in his harem, only he had seduced him!

So what if he’s a spoiled beauty? Does that mean he can’t be his?

Li Yuanmin changed his fate of ascending the throne, compensating his body was already a cheap price for him to pay!

Ni Lie was suddenly at ease. He easily suppressed him with his strong body.

He blocked his lips and bit down twice, his voice softened a little for no reason, with a hoarseness: “Don’t cry.”

After he was at ease, he was a little troubled again. He thought he was crying too sadly, he didn’t like to look at him like this, or maybe it’s just that the last time he was in bed he looked prettier.

He rubbed that wet face, lowering his honored thought, it should be fine as long as he was happy. The chaotic night in the memory gradually became clear, he let go of those soft and wet lips before wandering below.

Li Yuanmin screamed and stomped his legs, but he was grabbed by his ankles.

“ It hurts…” Li Yuanmin’s cries changed, and he trembled: “It hurts…”

Ni Lie was so angry that he withdrew his tongue. The corners of his mouth were wet and he almost wanted to scold him. What the h*ll does he want to do, afterall what else can he do in this situation?! He simply wanted to break the neck of the man beneath him, but the rough palm went to his waist, holding the sobbing man in his arms with a darkened face.

“Don’t cry anymore.” He was both anxious and annoyed, but he pressed his forehead with his forehead, dryly saying: “Don’t cry! ”

In a moment of unknown anxiety, the person beneath him raised his arms and wrapped his arms around his neck, burying his wet face into his neck.

Ni Lie’s heart was slightly numb, he froze in place for a long time. For half a day, his adam’s apple moved, and his palm gently pressed the back of Li Yuanmin’s head.

The crying gradually turned to sobbing.

He didn’t know how long it took before Ni Lie heard him choke and intermittently say, “Next time… Will you dare to do this next time? ”

Ni Lie suddenly blackened his face and clenched his teeth, if he could see his face at this time, it must be extremely ugly, but in the end he hugged the person in his arms tightly and swallowed the saliva between his throat with difficulty.

“I won’t….dare.”

Receiving his reply, the sobs in his ears gradually stopped, slowly only one or two tear hiccups remained. His breathing slowly became evenly lengthened, and his body became softer and softer, clinging to his arms.

Ni Lie gradually let go of him.

Under the moonlight, he fell asleep. His eyelids and the tip of his nose were still red, but he looked very peaceful in his sleep.

Ni Lie looked at him in shock for half a moment before letting go of him and standing up. His face was cold, his chest rose and fell violently, but finally he walked back and sat on the edge of the bed, flexing his fingers and gently caressing Li Yuanmin’s white face.

A wisp of cold incense burrowed into his nose, that’s when he finally gave up the struggle.

Soon, he laid down beside him. His head leaned over, sniffed his cheek, then as if it were not enough, untied his clothes, revealing the soft silk coat inside. He went to his neck again, and the cold fragrance was a little stronger.

He sniffed peacefully for a while, then he pulled on the futon, covered the two together, and took the man into his arms. His dry heart finally calmed down after many days.


The night was dark and sweet.

Ni Lie rarely slept such a good night’s sleep. He flipped his body, opened his eyes, and suddenly encountered another pair of dark gentle eyes. Ni Lie rarely looked at people so closely, perhaps it was that pair of watery eyes that were irresistible, but unexpectedly, it made him unable to say anything.

Ni Lie’s adam’s apple moved.

When the other party saw him wake up, his eyelashes fluttered and hung down, and left his view. Ni Lie was a little displeased. He propped his arms and leaned down to look at him. The person below sighed, wrapped a pair of lotus arms around his neck, raised his chin and kissed him on the forehead.

“Don’t make me angry…”

He hugged the tall man in front of him tightly, as if he were holding a life-saving ring of his own.

He bowed weakly and sadly, “Don’t make me sad again…”

The sun shone in through the window, a few strands of lights passing through the cotton curtain.

Ni Lie did not know how to describe the mood of that moment, he was in a burst of indescribable sourness. He astutely felt a crisis enough to suffocate himself, his body shouting and dodging, but as if he had fainted, he leaned down, wrapped his arms around his head, and pressed it tightly into his neck.

——It’s okay, what’s the harm of accommodating him? Afterall, he’s just a person. After all, when people get a taste, they won’t want to be rigid in their life, what’s the problem with occasional indulgence, he persuaded himself faintly.

So his muddleness paid off.

Fireworks were falling making it extremely hot and hard to endure. 

His mind was groggy that finally he couldn’t stand it, so he pulled up the man who was trying so hard to serve him. He turned over, and served him as hard as he did.

Such a dog-like behavior made him faint, and his eyes were red.

The witch under him cried again, he always shed so many tears, why did he always shed so many tears? His brain was chaotic, it was estimated that he was a water demon, that’s why he was so moist, fragrant, sweet, rich. He wet the corners of his mouth, it soaked his dry throat a little, even his body was moistened submissively.

 In a burst of uncontrolled light, the blood-red eyes of Ni Lie’s eyes let out a low roar similar to that of a beast.

He is his, he can only be his.

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