PCTG Chapter 62

Chapter 62

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Stepping out of the gate of the King Guang’an Mansion, Ni Lie paused for a moment, looked back at the four vigorous characters of the King Guang’an Mansion that looked like a dragon serpant, and the corners of his mouth pulled slightly.

He fastened his wrist guard and stomped away rather leisurely.

Soon, Cao Gang, who was waiting at the stone lion, led a tall horse up. He peeked at Ni Lie’s expression and breathed a sigh of relief.

Last night, the Red Tiger King, regardless of his dark and calm face, galloped out of the camp on horseback, scaring him into following all the way. He did not think that he had actually returned to the mansion. Tonight, he was almost sleepless in the remote courtyard, afraid of hearing some bad news.

Although he didn’t understand what happened, fortunately, this threshold had passed.

Ni Lie looked at the blue and black color under Cao Gang’s eyes and frowned but he did not say anything before turning over on his horse.

Turning the horse’s head around, he thought of something, and said sideways, “I’ll live in the mansion from now on.”

Cao Gang’s eyebrows shook and he hurriedly brought up his fist: “Yes.” 

He hesitated for a moment: “Daren…does the commander house still need to continue with the construction?” 

Ni Lie’s face darkened. He was angry and wanted to rebuke but seeing his sincere and fearful look, he could only endure it: “Of course, why not?”

Cao Gang hurriedly bowed his head, “I understand. ”

Ni Lie touched his nose and looked at him in a bad mood: “There is no hurry, slowly polishing it is fine. We can save some manpower this way.” 

Without waiting for Cao Gang to respond, he pulled the reins and set out for the suburban camp.


In less than two days, Chinese New Year’s Eve arrived.

Bamboo firecrackers blew and music and song filled the courtyard.

Ni Lie settled down the camp and immediately rode his horse to King Guang’an Mansion.

Stepping onto the long street, twilight had sunk, and there were already many young children in pairs around the street corner setting off firecrackers. The street floated with some fireworks, occasionally mixed with the aroma of dishes, and bustling with noises from the firecrackers. 

Under such a pyrotechnic atmosphere, Ni Lie somehow suddenly remembered that in the morning, while that man was sorting out his belt, he was telling him to come back quickly.

His eyes moved and he no longer delayed. With a shout, he harshly pressed into the horse’s belly, and quickly went to the mansion.

The gate of the King Guang’an mansion was open, the brand-new red lantern had obviously just been replaced, and the door joint was also pasted with a new one. Looking at the newly written handwriting, Ni Lie knew that it was written by Ah Ying. He did not know how that man could tolerate her to behave so recklessly, the corners of his lips could not help but bring a little helpless smile; he could not wait to go to the stables, directly tie the reins to the pillar stones on the side, and hurriedly step into the mansion gate.

As soon as he entered the hall, he saw a group of people crowded inside. Chinese New Year’s Eve night was a reunion night, all those who had families had gone back, and those unmarried soldiers stayed in the house along with the orphans adopted by Li Yuanmin.

At today’s family banquet, Li Yuanmin tied his hair and did not wear a crown, wearing a moon-white cardigan embroidered with the dark pattern of Xiangyun, and a snow-colored fox fur scarf around his neck, lining the beautiful face to be even more beautiful.

Ni Lie’s throat moved, he unconsciously licked his lips, and slowly walked in.

Li Yuanmin was giving money to the youngsters, these orphans taking turns to kowtow to Li Yuanmin. The head of the group smiled and said some words of blessing to them, then handed a bag of prepared red envelopes. The youngsters who got it happily went back to their desks, and those who were in the back of the row stretched their necks and stared anxiously at the front. The crowd turned their heads and ears, chattering, the excitement was extremely lively.

Ni Ying’s eyes were sharp. She saw Ni Lie at a glance before she immediately ran up, pulled him over, and complained: “Why did you come back so late? You almost missed the dumplings, today Wang Ma has taken great pains to make eight kinds of fillings! ”

“Oh?” Ni Lie lifted up his eyebrows, but he didn’t care much, his eyes fell on the body of the person who was giving out red packets. The beauty seemed to have sensed something, he raised his eyes and looked at him but only a light glance, before moving away. He leaned down and touched the head of the five or six-year-old youngster in front, seemingly speaking some auspicious words as a blessing.

He seemed to have this everlasting unchanged appearance of extraordinary beauty. The noble image made it difficult for people to give birth to sinful thoughts, that was his normal appearance. But the same person had once cried in his arms making his chest full of his tears, just like an unreasonable child.

They’re totally different as if not the same person at all.

Alas, this look was probably not visible to bystanders. It’s probably only him who got to see that. He licked his teeth, grumbling, but was rather relaxed while following Ah Ying inside. 

Soon, the dumplings came up. The youngsters at the bottom roared while rushing over to take it, even the plates were rubbed against the table. This made Wang Ma ignore Li Yuanmin’s presence and scold: “What are you guys panicking for, there are more!” 

Li Yuanmin smiled but didn’t get up, he asked Ni Ying to go down and help serve. Plate after plate of dumplings came in like running water, and after three rounds of clearance, the youngsters in the hall slowed down.

 Li Yuanmin quietly instructed Songzhu to go to the warehouse to move the fireworks and firecrackers that had been prepared to the courtyard.

Some youngsters ate until their bellies became round so they left early. The courtyard of the mansion became lively and the rest of the youngsters were attracted by the bustle outside. They hurriedly took in a few mouthfuls of dumplings, and also rushed out to play with fireworks.

The hall was suddenly quiet, Li Yuanmin took out a bag of obviously heavy sachets from his arms and handed it to Ah Ying, who smiled and giggled.

“Thank you Your Highness Gege.”

She laughed and turned her head. Giving a secret look to Ni Lie, who sobered up with some embarrassment, before she could open her mouth, she saw that Li Yuanmin had already taken out another bag and handed it to her, “This is your brother’s, let me leave it with you.”

How could Ni Ying not see that her elder brother had completely forgotten about this? She did not expose it, only looked at the appearance of these two people who had obviously reconciled. She could not help but be happy, so she immediately took it, carried it in her arms, moved away a few steps, rubbed the futon in front of the table, and also kowtowed to the two.

“I wish elder brother and Your Highness Gege the best, thousands blessings to your love life.”

Li Yuanmin’s eyes unconsciously revealed a pampering feeling. Recalling that when this child was sent to Lingnan, she was only four years old, as thin as a monkey and almost unable to stay alive; yet she passed through that. Now she had grown into such a big girl, time truly did fly by.

The corners of his lips couldn’t help but smile and praise her: “The pearl of our Guang’an mansion will soon be a fifteen-year-old girl, she’s grown up now.”

“Of course! ”

Ni Ying grinned, climbed up again, and squeezed into the middle of Li Yuanmin and Ni Lie, to drink the peach blossom wine.

Ni Lie never spoke from beginning to end, as if opening his mouth would destroy the atmosphere in front of him.

He just kept looking at him, looking at his beautiful eyebrows, looking at his shallow and gentle smile, watching his unconscious doting on Ah Ying… Ni Lie didn’t want to interrupt at all.

The Chinese New Year’s Eve in the Lingnan region did not keep vigil. Before 11 pm, the crowd dispersed.

In the darkness of the night, he followed him, quietly, frivolously, as if he were a disciple. In those slight footsteps, he could hear his own heavy breathing.

Tonight was very special. As if he were inexplicably jealous, he also wanted to enjoy his tenderness. He also wanted him to keep looking at himself with those watery and gentle eyes.

After avoiding all the people, he squeezed his wrist and strode towards the inner chamber, impatiently. The person behind him staggered, only to be pulled all the way in.

Closing the door and locking it, he pressed his hand to his head and tugged sharply at his belt.

When the underclothes and pants that were glowing with soft light were left, he was not in a rush anymore, he only hung his head down and sniffed, but it was not enough. He rubbed up and down, sniffing hard before he picked him up and walked over.

Since he had tasted him, then Li Yuanmin has to give Ni Lie his all, including his tenderness.

The heat wave finally subsided. Ni Lie’s forehead was filled with hot sweat, but it got rid of the pressure on his body. He hated to part with that skin and flesh. 

The fireworks outside suddenly exploded, and the curtain was printed with a brilliant light and shadow.

The New Year has arrived.

The gasping man beneath him laughed softly. He softly held his head to his chest like a baby, rubbed the top of his hair with his chin, stroking his hair like a baby.

“I wish my Ah Lie peace and joy in the new year. ”

Ni Lie did not speak. He closed his eyes, and indulged himself to sink into the gentle net LI Yuanmin had woven for him.

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