PCTG Chapter 73

Chapter 73

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The man in front of him had a fragility from weeping, his hands resting on his tense chest, his eyes full of pleading.

Ni Lie’s heart was filled with a strange heat, it became congested. Looking at this panicked jade man, it gave birth to some kind of bitter and sour feeling, which he had never had in his hard-hearted life. It was absurd, close to a… a sacrifice without reservation.

This should have made him fearful, but Ni Lie allowed himself to enter this kind of bewildered losing one head over lust.

“Be obedient.”

Ni Lie swallowed his saliva, his heart became more and more wonderfully astringent. His hard heart seemed to be pinched by someone that it almost crumpled.

This feeling was too uncomfortable, he couldn’t help but kiss him heavily, pinching his neck anxiously, as if he wanted Li Yuanmin to treat himself the same in order to relieve the unbearable feeling of sourness in his heart, but the other party choked and pushed him.

Tonight, Ni Lie had been rebelled by him several times in a row, but there was no trace of anger in his heart. He just pressed his forehead in dissatisfaction, complained a few words in an ominous manner, and took the other party in his bosom again, not forcing him as usual, but using a dense and gentle means that he was not familiar with.

The black hair and flowing water were scattered everywhere, the eyes were already dyed with the moisture of the spring rain, gathering into drops, and sliding down.

The heat wave was wrapped in moisture, washing away people’s reason.

The person in front of him was obviously extremely confused. Ni Lie was already sweating hotly and his brain was buzzing. He used such a gentle method for the first time, without using his familiar compulsion, nor did he use the strength of his hand, only with these kinds of careful coaxing and affectionate way, he enjoyed the most delicious fruit in the world. He was surprised, out of control, his heartbeat was unprecedented, the sourness in his heart had reached the point of collapse, in the end, he almost let out a terrifying low roar like a beast.

Ni Lie fell down heavily, still hugging the person under him tightly. The two of them sweated a lot, even the snow satin was soaked with a layer of water.

The candlelight was faint, it seemed that it can burn for eternity in this way.

Ni Lie’s lost gaze gradually condensed before it suddenly turned bloody and gloomy, he suddenly said angrily: “Who touched you before?” 

For a long time he did not hear his answer. He got up violently, braced his arms on the sides of his head, and held the person under him in his shadow. His teeth shrugged: “Tell me! Has anyone else touched you!? ”

He almost gritted his silver teeth until they broke and looked at him with extreme anger.

In the fierce roar, Li Yuanmin suddenly remembered that hot afternoon that seemed so ar away, a young man passionately and reverently kissing the place that brought him a lifetime of bad luck.

“ I’m the only one who has seen it, isn’t that right?”

At that time, he was asked with annoyance, shame, and infinite joy that was unknown to others.

As if it were a lifetime ago.

Li Yuanmin did not speak, only opened his lips slightly and sighed. His snow-white cheeks were covered with flush, which made him look like a spring flower stained with dew. He kept looking at him with those watery eyes.

“ Who is he?” Ni Lie pressed him sharply.

He blinked, but a huge tear rolled out, sliding down the slightly raised tail of his eye, landing on the snow-white pinna, soaking his hair.

Ni Lie was grasped by him again, his heart was so anxious that he didn’t know what to do. He rubbed the wet person into his bosoms, and only said viciously: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t say it, I’ll find it out sooner or later and kill him!”

He repeated fiercely and grimly: “I will kill them one by one!”

Li Yuanmin only closed his eyes, allowing him to domineeringly and rudely wrap him into his embrace.

Since then, the two seemed to have some kind of tacit understanding. Li Yuanmin had not the slightest resistance to his extraordinary needs, he was like a gorgeous porcelain doll, without a trace of his own thoughts, only following Ni Nie’s heart to enjoy as he pleases.

The daily morning light would shine on his eyes, also on all corners of the bedroom, the flowery long table, red sandalwood chair, the copper gold colored clean water bottle on the table, and the quietly blooming plum, he only felt that he was actually no different from those non-living things.

Life in the world is unpredictable and changeable, sometimes without thinking about anything, it will be much better. Li Yuanmin let his heart fall into an empty world.

Ni Lie was happy to do this, a soul that has passed the age of 30, but brimming full of enthusiasm like a hairy boy. These days, he was no longer the ambitious Red Tiger King, the world seemed to be only temporarily ranked second. He had become a believer who was addicted to him, he was really obsessed with him, but also had infinite patience with him, insisting on dragging him into that bewildered dead resting place.

Li Yuanmin was entangled by him. Whenever he saw him approaching, he instinctively trembled in his heart. No matter how he regarded himself as a non-living thing, it was still useless because he was forced to be unable to do so, being utterly defeated. 

But the man hugged him tightly, pressed his forehead to his forehead, held his face with both hands, and coaxed him without any integrity, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

But every time he forced Li Yuanmin to collapse and cry, he forced the person with such a good temper like him to become angry. He bit him indiscriminately, biting him so that the bite brought out blood, but the man in front of him only frowned. Nevertheless he smiled heartily the more wantonly he fell.

The futon was thrown on the floor in a lump.

Ni Lie jumped on the bed and crouched under him to carefully clean up for him, such a familiar scene made Li Yuanmin close his eyes compassionately, not daring to look again, but when he closed his eyes, he could also feel the caution under his clumsy movements.

This is even more terrifying than the death of a thousand cuts.

After a long time, the sweaty young man climbed up, very happy to come up and kiss him. He looked at him for a while before he jumped out of bed. Soon there was the sound of dripping water, a long time later, the lamp and candle were blown out. The bathed young man swooped into the newly changed bedding and hugged him tightly.

“ It didn’t hurt,” Ni Lie remembered the rash behavior just now, his heart was hot, “In the future, don’t be like this. If I become insane, won’t the person who suffers be you?”

With tears in his eyes, he wanted to cry but did not. He stared at him fiercely, seeing that he had no reason at all, only showing off fear blindly.

However, when he blurted it out, he was stunned all of a sudden. He felt that the body in his embrace gradually stiffened.

The darkness became infinitely scorching.

“ It’s the fifth day tomorrow…” Li Yuanmin suddenly said.

The hot body became cold for a while. Ni Lie swallowed his saliva, feeling that his whole body fell into an indescribable emptiness.

After a long time, he suddenly laughed at himself: “Don’t worry, I meant what I said.”

This is the variable of his fate, again and again, he has warned himself countless times, but he touched it again and again.

But this is the end of it.

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